Alphabetical list of ABAP runtime errors


ABAP_ASSERT – abap assert

ABAP_PADFILE_NOT_PRESENT – abap padfile not present

AB_EXT_INVOKE – ab ext invoke

ADDF_INT_OVERFLOW – addf int overflow

ADD_FIELDS_ILLEGAL_ACCESS – add fields illegal access

ADD_FIELDS_NOT_IN_RANGE – add fields not in range

AMC_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – amc illegal statement

ANALYZE_COREDUMP_1 – analyze coredump 1

APC_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – apc illegal statement

APC_NO_MEMORY – apc no memory

ASSERTION_FAILED – assertion failed

ASSIGN_BASE_TOO_SHORT – assign base too short

ASSIGN_BASE_WRONG_ALIGNMENT – assign base wrong alignment

ASSIGN_CASTING_ILLEGAL_CAST – assign casting illegal cast

ASSIGN_CASTING_UNKNOWN_TYPE – assign casting unknown type

ASSIGN_CAST_COMPLEX_TYPE – assign cast complex type

ASSIGN_CAST_P_TOO_LARGE – assign cast p too large

ASSIGN_CAST_WRONG_ALIGNMENT – assign cast wrong alignment

ASSIGN_CAST_WRONG_LENGTH – assign cast wrong length

ASSIGN_CAST_WRONG_TYPE – assign cast wrong type

ASSIGN_DECIMALS_TOO_HIGH – assign decimals too high

ASSIGN_DECIMALS_WRONG_TYPE – assign decimals wrong type

ASSIGN_FIELD_NOT_IN_RANGE – assign field not in range

ASSIGN_LENGTH_0 – assign length 0

ASSIGN_LENGTH_NEGATIVE – assign length negative

ASSIGN_OFF+LENGTH_ILLEGAL_CAST – assign off+length illegal cast

ASSIGN_OFFSET+LENGTH_TOOLARGE – assign offset+length toolarge

ASSIGN_OFFSET_NEGATIVE – assign offset negative

ASSIGN_OFFSET_NOTALLOWED – assign offset notallowed

ASSIGN_OFFSET_TOOLARGE – assign offset toolarge

ASSIGN_REFERENCE_EXPECTED – assign reference expected

ASSIGN_STRUCTURE_ILLEGAL_CAST – assign structure illegal cast

ASSIGN_SUBSTRING_NOT_ALLOWED – assign substring not allowed

ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT – assign type conflict

ASSIGN_TYPE_ILLEGAL_CAST – assign type illegal cast

ASSIGN_UC_STRUCT_CONFLICT – assign uc struct conflict

ATRA_CANT_OPEN – atra cant open

ATRA_SEEK_ERROR – atra seek error

ATRA_SEMREL_ERROR – atra semrel error

ATRA_SEMREQ_ERROR – atra semreq error

ATRA_SHARED_MEMORY_ERROR – atra shared memory error

ATRA_WRITE_ERROR – atra write error

AT_BAD_PARTIAL_FIELD_ACCESS – at bad partial field access

AT_ITAB_FIELD_INVALID – at itab field invalid

BADI_DEFINITION_INCONSISTENT – badi definition inconsistent

BCD_BADDATA – bcd baddata

BCD_FIELD_OVERFLOW – bcd field overflow

BCD_ILLEGAL_SORT_FORMAT – bcd illegal sort format

BCD_NO_SIGN – bcd no sign

BCD_OVERFLOW – bcd overflow

BCD_UNKNOWN – bcd unknown

BCD_ZERODIVIDE – bcd zerodivide

BITS_WRONG_TYPE – bits wrong type

BIT_NO_ZERO_OR_ONE – bit no zero or one

BIT_OFFSET_NOT_POSITIVE – bit offset not positive

BLOCKED_COMMIT – blocked commit

BOXED_BAD_REF – boxed bad ref

CALL_BACK_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND – call back entry not found

CALL_C_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND – call c function not found

CALL_C_FUNCTION_NO_AUTHORITY – call c function no authority

CALL_C_FUNCTION_PARM_MISSING – call c function parm missing

CALL_DATABASE_NOT_SUPPORTED – call database not supported

CALL_DIALOG_CONNREAD_FAILED – call dialog connread failed

CALL_DIALOG_CONTAINER_MISSING – call dialog container missing

CALL_DIALOG_DATAAREA_NOT_EMPTY – call dialog dataarea not empty

CALL_DIALOG_ILLEGAL_CODE – call dialog illegal code

CALL_DIALOG_ILLEGAL_EXPORTMODE – call dialog illegal exportmode

CALL_DIALOG_MFREE_FAILED – call dialog mfree failed

CALL_DIALOG_MNNEXT_FAILED – call dialog mnnext failed

CALL_DIALOG_NAMELIST_EMPTY – call dialog namelist empty

CALL_DIALOG_NAME_TOO_LONG – call dialog name too long

CALL_DIALOG_NOT_FOUND – call dialog not found

CALL_DIALOG_NO_CONTAINER – call dialog no container

CALL_DIALOG_SCREEN/PROGRAM – call dialog screen-fs-program

CALL_DIALOG_WRONG_TDCT_MODE – call dialog wrong tdct mode

CALL_FCT_ILLEGAL_OBJECT_SIZE – call fct illegal object size

CALL_FUNCTION_ACCEPT_ERROR – call function accept error

CALL_FUNCTION_ACCEPT_FAILED – call function accept failed

CALL_FUNCTION_BACK_REJECTED – call function back rejected

CALL_FUNCTION_BLOB_CLASS – call function blob class

CALL_FUNCTION_BLOB_NO_MEMORY – call function blob no memory

CALL_FUNCTION_BLOB_TYPE – call function blob type

CALL_FUNCTION_CANNOT_REGISTER – call function cannot register

CALL_FUNCTION_CANT_SET_USERKEY – call function cant set userkey

CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_GEN_TYP – call function conflict gen typ

CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_LENG – call function conflict leng

CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_TAB_TYP – call function conflict tab typ

CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_TYPE – call function conflict type

CALL_FUNCTION_CONNECT_ERROR – call function connect error

CALL_FUNCTION_CPICTERMIO_ERROR – call function cpictermio error

CALL_FUNCTION_CREATE_TABLE – call function create table

CALL_FUNCTION_DEEP_MISMATCH – call function deep mismatch

CALL_FUNCTION_DELTA_LENGTH – call function delta length

CALL_FUNCTION_DESTINATION_NO_T – call function destination no t

CALL_FUNCTION_DEST_OPT – call function dest opt

CALL_FUNCTION_DEST_SCAN – call function dest scan

CALL_FUNCTION_DEST_TYPE – call function dest type

CALL_FUNCTION_GET_NAME_FAILED – call function get name failed

CALL_FUNCTION_ILLEGAL_CODE – call function illegal code

CALL_FUNCTION_ILLEGAL_DATA_TYP – call function illegal data typ

CALL_FUNCTION_ILLEGAL_INT_LEN – call function illegal int len

CALL_FUNCTION_ILLEGAL_LEAVE – call function illegal leave

CALL_FUNCTION_ILLEGAL_PARMLIST – call function illegal parmlist

CALL_FUNCTION_ILLEGAL_P_TYPE – call function illegal p type

CALL_FUNCTION_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – call function illegal switch

CALL_FUNCTION_ILL_DECFLOAT_LEN – call function ill decfloat len

CALL_FUNCTION_ILL_FLOAT_FORMAT – call function ill float format

CALL_FUNCTION_ILL_FLOAT_LENG – call function ill float leng

CALL_FUNCTION_ILL_INT2_LENG – call function ill int2 leng

CALL_FUNCTION_LZ_EXPAND_ERROR – call function lz expand error

CALL_FUNCTION_LZ_WRONG_LENGTH – call function lz wrong length

CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_ACTIVE – call function not active

CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND – call function not found

CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_REMOTE – call function not remote

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_AUTH – call function no auth

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_DEST – call function no dest

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_GUI_BUFFER – call function no gui buffer

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_LB_DEST – call function no lb dest

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_RECEIVER – call function no receiver

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_SENDER – call function no sender

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_USER_KEY – call function no user key

CALL_FUNCTION_NO_VB – call function no vb

CALL_FUNCTION_OBJECT_ID – call function object id

CALL_FUNCTION_OPEN_ERROR – call function open error

CALL_FUNCTION_OPTION_OVERFLOW – call function option overflow

CALL_FUNCTION_OVERFLOW – call function overflow

CALL_FUNCTION_PARAMETER_TYPE – call function parameter type

CALL_FUNCTION_PARM_MISSING – call function parm missing

CALL_FUNCTION_PARM_UNKNOWN – call function parm unknown

CALL_FUNCTION_READ_ERROR – call function read error

CALL_FUNCTION_RECEIVE_ERROR – call function receive error

CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR – call function remote error

CALL_FUNCTION_RETURN_ERROR – call function return error

CALL_FUNCTION_SECSTORE_ERROR – call function secstore error

CALL_FUNCTION_SEND_ERROR – call function send error

CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_INCOMPL – call function signon incompl

CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_INTRUDER – call function signon intruder

CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_INVALID – call function signon invalid

CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_REJECTED – call function signon rejected

CALL_FUNCTION_SINGLE_LOGIN_REJ – call function single login rej

CALL_FUNCTION_SNC_ERROR – call function snc error

CALL_FUNCTION_SNC_NAME_NOT_FND – call function snc name not fnd

CALL_FUNCTION_SNC_REQUIRED – call function snc required

CALL_FUNCTION_SYNTAX_ERROR – call function syntax error

CALL_FUNCTION_SYSCALL_ONLY – call function syscall only

CALL_FUNCTION_TABINFO – call function tabinfo

CALL_FUNCTION_TABLE_NO_MEMORY – call function table no memory

CALL_FUNCTION_TASK_EMPTY – call function task empty

CALL_FUNCTION_TASK_IN_USE – call function task in use

CALL_FUNCTION_TASK_YET_OPEN – call function task yet open

CALL_FUNCTION_UC_STRUCT – call function uc struct

CALL_FUNCTION_VIEW_DRIVER – call function view driver

CALL_FUNCTION_VIEW_TOO_MUCH – call function view too much

CALL_FUNCTION_WAIT_ERROR – call function wait error

CALL_FUNCTION_WCHAR_SIZE – call function wchar size

CALL_FUNCTION_WRONG_ALIGNMENT – call function wrong alignment

CALL_FUNCTION_WRONG_VALUE_LENG – call function wrong value leng

CALL_METHOD_CONFLICT_GEN_TYPE – call method conflict gen type

CALL_METHOD_CONFLICT_TAB_TYPE – call method conflict tab type

CALL_METHOD_CONFLICT_TYPE – call method conflict type

CALL_METHOD_ILLEGAL_CODE – call method illegal code

CALL_METHOD_ILLEGAL_VTABID – call method illegal vtabid

CALL_METHOD_NOT_ACCESSIBLE – call method not accessible

CALL_METHOD_NOT_IMPLEMENTED – call method not implemented

CALL_METHOD_PARMS_ILLEGAL – call method parms illegal

CALL_METHOD_RETURN_ERROR – call method return error

CALL_RPERF_SLOGIN_AUTH_ERROR – call rperf slogin auth error

CALL_RPERF_SLOGIN_READ_ERROR – call rperf slogin read error

CALL_SYSTEM_DISABLED – call system disabled

CALL_TRANSACTION_FAILED – call transaction failed

CALL_TRANSACTION_IS_MENU – call transaction is menu

CALL_TRANSACTION_LOCKED – call transaction locked

CALL_TRANSACTION_MSG_NO_PAGING – call transaction msg no paging

CALL_TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND – call transaction not found

CALL_TRANSACTION_USING_NESTED – call transaction using nested

CALL_USING_MNNEXT_FAILED – call using mnnext failed

CALL_XMLRFC_BACK_REJECTED – call xmlrfc back rejected

CATCH_CATC_WRONG_OFFSET – catch catc wrong offset

CATCH_ECAT_MISSING – catch ecat missing

CATCH_ILLEGAL_STATE – catch illegal state

CATCH_STACK_ILLEGAL_MODE – catch stack illegal mode

CHADDR_NOT_ALLOC – chaddr not alloc

CHECK_ADDR_NOT_ALLOC – check addr not alloc

CHECK_ILLEGAL_CODE – check illegal code

CHECK_SELOPT_ILLEGAL_OPTION – check selopt illegal option

CHECK_SELOPT_ILLEGAL_SIGN – check selopt illegal sign

CLEAR_VALUE_BYTEMODE_WRONG_LEN – clear value bytemode wrong len

CLEAR_VALUE_WRONG_LENGTH – clear value wrong length

CODEPAGE_NOT_FOUND_ON_HARDDISK – codepage not found on harddisk

CODE_ILLEGAL_MODULECOMPONENT – code illegal modulecomponent

CODE_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – code illegal switch

CODE_NOTIMPLEMENTED – code notimplemented

COLLECT_OVERFLOW – collect overflow

COLLECT_OVERFLOW_TYPE_P – collect overflow type p

COMMIT_IN_PERFORM_ON_COMMIT – commit in perform on commit

COMMIT_IN_POSTING – commit in posting

COMMIT_STREAM_ERROR – commit stream error

COMMON_PART_HOOK_OVERFLOW – common part hook overflow

COMMUNICATION_ACCEPT_NO_AUTH – communication accept no auth

COMMUNICATION_INIT_NO_AUTH – communication init no auth

COMPARE_NOT_SUPPORTED – compare not supported

COMPRESS_FAILED – compress failed

COMPUTE_ACOS_DOMAIN – compute acos domain

COMPUTE_ASIN_DOMAIN – compute asin domain

COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW – compute bcd overflow

COMPUTE_COSH_OVERFLOW – compute cosh overflow

COMPUTE_COS_DOMAIN – compute cos domain

COMPUTE_COS_LOSS – compute cos loss

COMPUTE_DECFLOAT_ADD_OVERFLOW – compute decfloat add overflow

COMPUTE_DECFLOAT_DIV_OVERFLOW – compute decfloat div overflow

COMPUTE_DECFLOAT_MUL_OVERFLOW – compute decfloat mul overflow

COMPUTE_DECFLOAT_SUB_OVERFLOW – compute decfloat sub overflow

COMPUTE_DECFLOAT_ZERODIVIDE – compute decfloat zerodivide

COMPUTE_EXP_RANGE – compute exp range

COMPUTE_FLOAT_DIV_OVERFLOW – compute float div overflow

COMPUTE_FLOAT_MINUS_OVERFLOW – compute float minus overflow

COMPUTE_FLOAT_PLUS_OVERFLOW – compute float plus overflow

COMPUTE_FLOAT_TIMES_OVERFLOW – compute float times overflow

COMPUTE_FLOAT_ZERODIVIDE – compute float zerodivide

COMPUTE_INT_ABS_OVERFLOW – compute int abs overflow

COMPUTE_INT_DIV_OVERFLOW – compute int div overflow

COMPUTE_INT_MINUS_OVERFLOW – compute int minus overflow

COMPUTE_INT_PLUS_OVERFLOW – compute int plus overflow

COMPUTE_INT_TIMES_OVERFLOW – compute int times overflow

COMPUTE_INT_ZERODIVIDE – compute int zerodivide

COMPUTE_IPOW_OVERFLOW – compute ipow overflow

COMPUTE_LOG10_ERROR – compute log10 error

COMPUTE_LOG_ERROR – compute log error

COMPUTE_POW_DOMAIN – compute pow domain

COMPUTE_POW_RANGE – compute pow range

COMPUTE_ROUND_RESCALE_OVERFLOW – compute round rescale overflow

COMPUTE_SINH_OVERFLOW – compute sinh overflow

COMPUTE_SIN_DOMAIN – compute sin domain

COMPUTE_SIN_LOSS – compute sin loss

COMPUTE_SQRT_DOMAIN – compute sqrt domain

COMPUTE_TAN_DOMAIN – compute tan domain

COMPUTE_TAN_LOSS – compute tan loss

COMPUTE_UNSUPPORTED_DECF_FUNC – compute unsupported decf func

CONNE_COMPRESS_FLAG_INVALID – conne compress flag invalid

CONNE_CONTAINER_TOO_SHORT – conne container too short

CONNE_DESCRIPTION_FLAG_INVALID – conne description flag invalid

CONNE_EXPORT_ILLEGAL_TYPE – conne export illegal type

CONNE_ILLEGAL_TRANSPORT_HEADER – conne illegal transport header

CONNE_ILLEGAL_TRANSPORT_VERS – conne illegal transport vers

CONNE_IMPORT_CONVERSION_ERROR – conne import conversion error

CONNE_IMPORT_FLOAT_CONV_ERROR – conne import float conv error

CONNE_IMPORT_ILLEGAL_TYPE – conne import illegal type

CONNE_IMPORT_ILL_DESCRIPTION – conne import ill description

CONNE_IMPORT_ILL_OBJECT_TYPE – conne import ill object type

CONNE_IMPORT_NO_DESCRIPTION – conne import no description

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_DECS – conne import wrong comp decs

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_LENG – conne import wrong comp leng

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_TYPE – conne import wrong comp type

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_FIELD_DECS – conne import wrong field decs

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_FIELD_LENG – conne import wrong field leng

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_FIELD_TYPE – conne import wrong field type

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_OBJECT_TYPE – conne import wrong object type

CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_STRUCTURE – conne import wrong structure

CONTROL_INVALID_HANDLE – control invalid handle

CONTROL_NAME_TOO_LONG – control name too long

CONTROL_NOT_FOUND – control not found

CONTROL_NO_PROPERTIES – control no properties

CONTROL_WRONG_ID – control wrong id

CONTROL_WRONG_STRUCTURE – control wrong structure

CONVERSION_CODEPAGE_UNKNOWN – conversion codepage unknown

CONVERSION_NOT_ONE_TO_ONE – conversion not one to one

CONVERSION_NOT_POSSIBLE – conversion not possible

CONVERSION_NO_MEMORY – conversion no memory

CONVERSION_TABLE_TOO_LONG – conversion table too long

CONVERT_ILLEGAL_CONVERSION – convert illegal conversion

CONVERT_TEXT_BAD_OP – convert text bad op

CONVERT_TEXT_BAD_SRC – convert text bad src

CONVERT_TEXT_DEST_TOO_SHORT – convert text dest too short

CONVERT_TSTMP_INCONSISTENT_TAB – convert tstmp inconsistent tab

CONVT_CALL_ERROR – convt call error

CONVT_CHARACTER – convt character

CONVT_CODEPAGE – convt codepage

CONVT_CODEPAGE_GEN_ERR – convt codepage gen err

CONVT_CODEPAGE_INIT – convt codepage init

CONVT_DATA_LOSS – convt data loss

CONVT_EXACT_SRC_TOO_SHORT – convt exact src too short

CONVT_INEXACT_FLTP – convt inexact fltp

CONVT_LOST_DECIMALS – convt lost decimals

CONVT_NOT_IN_HEX_FMT – convt not in hex fmt

CONVT_NOT_SUPPORTED – convt not supported

CONVT_NO_BOOLEAN – convt no boolean

CONVT_NO_CONVERSION_OBJ – convt no conversion obj

CONVT_NO_DATE – convt no date

CONVT_NO_DATETIME – convt no datetime

CONVT_NO_DURATION – convt no duration

CONVT_NO_NUMBER – convt no number

CONVT_NO_QNAME – convt no qname

CONVT_NO_RAW – convt no raw

CONVT_NO_TIME – convt no time

CONVT_NO_UUID – convt no uuid

CONVT_OVERFLOW – convt overflow

CONVT_REPL_CHAR – convt repl char

CONVT_ROUNDING – convt rounding

CONVT_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED – convt type not supported

CONVT_UNKNOWN_LANGUAGE – convt unknown language

CONV_EXIT_FIELD_TOO_SHORT – conv exit field too short

CONV_EXIT_ID_NOT_FOUND – conv exit id not found

CONV_EXIT_NAME_TOO_LONG – conv exit name too long

CREATE_DATA_ILLEGAL_DECIMALS – create data illegal decimals

CREATE_DATA_ILLEGAL_INIT_SIZE – create data illegal init size

CREATE_DATA_ILLEGAL_LENGTH – create data illegal length

CREATE_DATA_LEN_NOT_ALLOWED – create data len not allowed

CREATE_DATA_NOT_ALLOWED_TYPE – create data not allowed type

CREATE_DATA_REFERENCE_EXPECTED – create data reference expected

CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE – create data unknown type

CREATE_OBJECT_CLASS_ABSTRACT – create object class abstract

CREATE_OBJECT_CLASS_NOT_FOUND – create object class not found

CREATE_OBJECT_CONSTR_MISMATCH – create object constr mismatch

CREATE_OBJECT_CREATE_PACKAGE – create object create package

CREATE_OBJECT_CREATE_PRIVATE – create object create private

CREATE_OBJECT_CREATE_PROTECTED – create object create protected

CREATE_OBJECT_NO_REFTYPE – create object no reftype

DATASET_CANT_CLOSE – dataset cant close

DATASET_CANT_OPEN – dataset cant open

DATASET_CONFLICTING_OPTIONS – dataset conflicting options

DATASET_INCOMPATIBLE_MODE – dataset incompatible mode

DATASET_NOT_OPEN – dataset not open

DATASET_NO_PIPE – dataset no pipe

DATASET_NO_POSITION – dataset no position

DATASET_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE – dataset offset too large

DATASET_PIPE_CLOSED – dataset pipe closed

DATASET_PIPE_CMD_TOO_LONG – dataset pipe cmd too long

DATASET_PIPE_COMMAND – dataset pipe command

DATASET_PIPE_POSITION – dataset pipe position

DATASET_READ_ERROR – dataset read error

DATASET_READ_ONLY – dataset read only

DATASET_REOPEN – dataset reopen

DATASET_SEEK_ERROR – dataset seek error

DATASET_TELL_ERROR – dataset tell error

DATASET_TOO_MANY_FILES – dataset too many files

DATASET_TRUNCATE_ERROR – dataset truncate error

DATASET_TRUNCATE_PIPE – dataset truncate pipe

DATASET_WRITE_ERROR – dataset write error

DATA_BAD_REFERENCE – data bad reference

DATA_LENGTH_0 – data length 0

DATA_LENGTH_NEGATIVE – data length negative

DATA_LENGTH_TOO_LARGE – data length too large

DATA_OFFSET_LENGTH_NOT_ALLOWED – data offset length not allowed

DATA_OFFSET_LENGTH_TOO_LARGE – data offset length too large

DATA_OFFSET_NEGATIVE – data offset negative

DATA_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE – data offset too large

DATA_UC_STRUCT_C_LENGTH – data uc struct c length

DATA_UC_STRUCT_C_OFFSET – data uc struct c offset

DATA_UC_STRUCT_C_OFFSET_LENGTH – data uc struct c offset length

DATA_UC_STRUCT_NOT_CHAR_LIKE – data uc struct not char like

DATA_UC_STRUCT_OFFSET_LENGTH – data uc struct offset length

DATREF_NOT_ASSIGNED – datref not assigned

DBIF_DSQL2_CONNECTERR – dbif dsql2 connecterr

DBIF_DSQL2_CONNECTSTR_ERROR – dbif dsql2 connectstr error

DBIF_DSQL2_DEFAULT_CR_ERROR – dbif dsql2 default cr error

DBIF_DSQL2_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif dsql2 internal error

DBIF_DSQL2_INVALENV_ERROR – dbif dsql2 invalenv error

DBIF_DSQL2_INVALID_CURSOR – dbif dsql2 invalid cursor

DBIF_DSQL2_INVALID_REQUEST – dbif dsql2 invalid request

DBIF_DSQL2_KEY_ALREADY_EXISTS – dbif dsql2 key already exists

DBIF_DSQL2_KEY_NOT_FOUND – dbif dsql2 key not found

DBIF_DSQL2_MIXED_CR_ERROR – dbif dsql2 mixed cr error

DBIF_DSQL2_NATIVE_CR_ERROR – dbif dsql2 native cr error

DBIF_DSQL2_NO_MEMORY – dbif dsql2 no memory

DBIF_DSQL2_OBJ_EXISTS – dbif dsql2 obj exists

DBIF_DSQL2_OBJ_UNKNOWN – dbif dsql2 obj unknown

DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR – dbif dsql2 sql error

DBIF_DSQL2_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif dsql2 unexpected code

DBIF_INCL_DDIC_INCONSISTENT – dbif incl ddic inconsistent

DBIF_INCL_INTERNAL_CALL_CODE – dbif incl internal call code

DBIF_INCL_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif incl internal error

DBIF_INCL_INVALID_CURSOR – dbif incl invalid cursor

DBIF_INCL_INVALID_DESCR – dbif incl invalid descr

DBIF_INCL_JUDGE – dbif incl judge

DBIF_INCL_NTAB – dbif incl ntab

DBIF_INCL_SEE_SYSLOG – dbif incl see syslog

DBIF_INCL_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif incl unexpected code

DBIF_JUDGE_ILLEGAL_CALL – dbif judge illegal call

DBIF_JUDGE_NO_MEMORY – dbif judge no memory

DBIF_JUDGE_PARAMETER_MISSING – dbif judge parameter missing

DBIF_JUDGE_SQL_ERROR – dbif judge sql error

DBIF_NTAB_BUFFER_TOO_SHORT – dbif ntab buffer too short

DBIF_NTAB_FIELD_NOT_FOUND – dbif ntab field not found

DBIF_NTAB_ILLEGAL_CALL – dbif ntab illegal call

DBIF_NTAB_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif ntab internal error

DBIF_NTAB_NO_MEMORY – dbif ntab no memory

DBIF_NTAB_PARAMETER_MISSING – dbif ntab parameter missing

DBIF_NTAB_SQL_ERROR – dbif ntab sql error

DBIF_NTAB_TABLE_NOT_FOUND – dbif ntab table not found

DBIF_NTAB_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif ntab unexpected code

DBIF_PGNT_BUFFER_TOO_SHORT – dbif pgnt buffer too short

DBIF_PGNT_END_OF_DATA – dbif pgnt end of data

DBIF_PGNT_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif pgnt internal error

DBIF_PGNT_INVALID_ARGUMENTS – dbif pgnt invalid arguments

DBIF_PGNT_PARAMETER_MISSING – dbif pgnt parameter missing

DBIF_PGNT_SQL_DEADLOCK – dbif pgnt sql deadlock

DBIF_PGNT_SQL_ERROR – dbif pgnt sql error

DBIF_PGNT_SYNC_FAILED – dbif pgnt sync failed

DBIF_PGNT_TABLE_NOT_FOUND – dbif pgnt table not found

DBIF_PGNT_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif pgnt unexpected code

DBIF_REPO_ALREADY_ACTIVE – dbif repo already active

DBIF_REPO_BUFFER_TOO_SHORT – dbif repo buffer too short

DBIF_REPO_END_OF_DATA – dbif repo end of data

DBIF_REPO_ILLEGAL_CALL – dbif repo illegal call

DBIF_REPO_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif repo internal error

DBIF_REPO_NO_MEMORY – dbif repo no memory

DBIF_REPO_PART_ALREADY_EXISTS – dbif repo part already exists

DBIF_REPO_PART_NOT_FOUND – dbif repo part not found

DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR – dbif repo sql error

DBIF_REPO_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif repo unexpected code

DBIF_RSQL_BUFFER_ERROR – dbif rsql buffer error

DBIF_RSQL_BUFFER_TOO_SHORT – dbif rsql buffer too short

DBIF_RSQL_DDIC_INCONSISTENT – dbif rsql ddic inconsistent

DBIF_RSQL_END_OF_DATA – dbif rsql end of data

DBIF_RSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif rsql internal error

DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_CURSOR – dbif rsql invalid cursor

DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_LOCATOR – dbif rsql invalid locator

DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUEST – dbif rsql invalid request

DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL – dbif rsql invalid rsql

DBIF_RSQL_KEY_ALREADY_EXISTS – dbif rsql key already exists

DBIF_RSQL_KEY_NOT_FOUND – dbif rsql key not found

DBIF_RSQL_KEY_NOT_SPECIFIED – dbif rsql key not specified

DBIF_RSQL_NO_MEMORY – dbif rsql no memory

DBIF_RSQL_SORT_ORDER – dbif rsql sort order

DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR – dbif rsql sql error

DBIF_RSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN – dbif rsql table unknown

DBIF_RSQL_TOO_MANY_LOB_HANDLES – dbif rsql too many lob handles

DBIF_RSQL_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif rsql unexpected code

DBIF_RTAB_BUFFER_TOO_SHORT – dbif rtab buffer too short

DBIF_RTAB_DDIC_INCONSISTENT – dbif rtab ddic inconsistent

DBIF_RTAB_END_OF_DATA – dbif rtab end of data

DBIF_RTAB_ILLEGAL_CALL – dbif rtab illegal call

DBIF_RTAB_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif rtab internal error

DBIF_RTAB_INVALID_CURSOR – dbif rtab invalid cursor

DBIF_RTAB_KEY_ALREADY_EXISTS – dbif rtab key already exists

DBIF_RTAB_KEY_NOT_FOUND – dbif rtab key not found

DBIF_RTAB_KEY_NOT_SPECIFIED – dbif rtab key not specified

DBIF_RTAB_NO_MEMORY – dbif rtab no memory

DBIF_RTAB_OUT_OF_CURSORS – dbif rtab out of cursors

DBIF_RTAB_SQL_ERROR – dbif rtab sql error

DBIF_RTAB_TABLE_UNKNOWN – dbif rtab table unknown

DBIF_RTAB_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif rtab unexpected code

DBIF_RTAB_WA_INCOMPLETE – dbif rtab wa incomplete

DBIF_SETG_ARGUMENT_TOO_SHORT – dbif setg argument too short

DBIF_SETG_BUFFER_TOO_SHORT – dbif setg buffer too short

DBIF_SETG_DDIC_INCONSISTENT – dbif setg ddic inconsistent

DBIF_SETG_DUPLICATE_KEY – dbif setg duplicate key

DBIF_SETG_END_OF_DATA – dbif setg end of data

DBIF_SETG_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbif setg internal error

DBIF_SETG_INVALID_ARGUMENTS – dbif setg invalid arguments

DBIF_SETG_INVALID_CURSOR – dbif setg invalid cursor

DBIF_SETG_INVALID_KEY – dbif setg invalid key

DBIF_SETG_NO_MEMORY – dbif setg no memory

DBIF_SETG_OUT_OF_CURSORS – dbif setg out of cursors

DBIF_SETG_SQL_ERROR – dbif setg sql error

DBIF_SETG_TABLE_NOT_FOUND – dbif setg table not found

DBIF_SETG_UNEXPECTED_CODE – dbif setg unexpected code

DBPROC_CONNECTION – dbproc connection

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_IN_OUT1 – dbproc dynamic in out1

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_IN_OUT2 – dbproc dynamic in out2

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_MISSING – dbproc dynamic missing

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_NOT_FOUND – dbproc dynamic not found

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_NO_INOUT – dbproc dynamic no inout

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_NO_SCALAR – dbproc dynamic no scalar

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_NO_TABLE – dbproc dynamic no table

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_REF_INITIAL – dbproc dynamic ref initial

DBPROC_DYNAMIC_UNKNOWN_KIND – dbproc dynamic unknown kind

DBPROC_ILLEGAL_TYPE – dbproc illegal type

DBPROC_OUTPUT_PARAMETER_MTDA – dbproc output parameter mtda

DBPROC_OUT_NOT_WRITABLE – dbproc out not writable

DBPROC_OVERFLOW – dbproc overflow

DBPROC_PROXY_NOT_FOUND – dbproc proxy not found

DBPROC_SQL_ERROR – dbproc sql error

DBSQL_ASSERT – dbsql assert

DBSQL_BUFFER_ERROR – dbsql buffer error

DBSQL_BUFFER_RESET – dbsql buffer reset

DBSQL_BUF_CONVERSION_ERROR – dbsql buf conversion error

DBSQL_DBPRT_NO_MEMORY – dbsql dbprt no memory

DBSQL_DBPRT_UNSUPPORTED_TABLE – dbsql dbprt unsupported table

DBSQL_DBSL_CONVERSION_ERROR – dbsql dbsl conversion error

DBSQL_DBSL_LENGTH_ERROR – dbsql dbsl length error

DBSQL_DBSL_NO_MEMORY – dbsql dbsl no memory

DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR – dbsql duplicate key error

DBSQL_FAE_STATEMENT_TO_BIG – dbsql fae statement to big

DBSQL_FETCH_FIELD_INCOMPATIBLE – dbsql fetch field incompatible

DBSQL_HINT_INVALID_SUBST – dbsql hint invalid subst

DBSQL_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – dbsql illegal switch

DBSQL_INTERNAL_CONV_ERROR – dbsql internal conv error

DBSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR – dbsql internal error

DBSQL_INVALID_CONNECTION – dbsql invalid connection

DBSQL_INVALID_CURSOR – dbsql invalid cursor

DBSQL_INVALID_LIKE – dbsql invalid like

DBSQL_LOAD_LIBRARY_ERROR – dbsql load library error

DBSQL_NO_MORE_CONNECTION – dbsql no more connection

DBSQL_NO_PERM_MEMORY – dbsql no perm memory

DBSQL_SEMREQ_ERROR – dbsql semreq error

DBSQL_SQL_ERROR – dbsql sql error

DBSQL_STMNT_TOO_LARGE – dbsql stmnt too large

DBSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN – dbsql table unknown

DBSQL_TOO_MANY_LOB_HANDLES – dbsql too many lob handles

DBSQL_TOO_MANY_OPEN_CURSOR – dbsql too many open cursor

DBSQL_UNKNOWN_CONNECTION – dbsql unknown connection

DBSQL_UNSUPPORTED_CONNECTION – dbsql unsupported connection

DBTAB_UC_CONVERT_ERROR – dbtab uc convert error

DBTAB_UC_KEY_ERROR – dbtab uc key error

DB_ERR_ORA_00052 – db err ora 00052

DB_ERR_ORA_00056 – db err ora 00056

DB_ERR_ORA_00057 – db err ora 00057

DB_ERR_ORA_00058 – db err ora 00058

DB_ERR_ORA_00060 – db err ora 00060

DB_ERR_ORA_00255 – db err ora 00255

DB_ERR_ORA_00470 – db err ora 00470

DB_ERR_ORA_00471 – db err ora 00471

DB_ERR_ORA_00472 – db err ora 00472

DB_ERR_ORA_00473 – db err ora 00473

DB_ERR_ORA_00474 – db err ora 00474

DB_ERR_ORA_00600 – db err ora 00600

DB_ERR_ORA_00904 – db err ora 00904

DB_ERR_ORA_00942 – db err ora 00942

DB_ERR_ORA_01001 – db err ora 01001

DB_ERR_ORA_01007 – db err ora 01007

DB_ERR_ORA_01089 – db err ora 01089

DB_ERR_ORA_01406 – db err ora 01406

DB_ERR_ORA_01438 – db err ora 01438

DB_ERR_ORA_01547 – db err ora 01547

DB_ERR_ORA_01556 – db err ora 01556

DB_ERR_ORA_01562 – db err ora 01562

DB_ERR_ORA_01756 – db err ora 01756

DB_ERR_ORA_03114 – db err ora 03114

DB_ERR_ORA_06108 – db err ora 06108

DB_ERR_ORA_06109 – db err ora 06109

DB_ERR_ORA_06110 – db err ora 06110

DB_ERR_ORA_1007 – db err ora 1007

DB_ERR_ORA_OTHER – db err ora other

DB_ERR_RSQL_00001 – db err rsql 00001

DB_ERR_RSQL_00002 – db err rsql 00002

DB_ERR_RSQL_00003 – db err rsql 00003

DB_ERR_RSQL_00004 – db err rsql 00004

DB_ERR_RSQL_00005 – db err rsql 00005

DB_ERR_RSQL_00006 – db err rsql 00006

DB_ERR_RSQL_00007 – db err rsql 00007

DB_ERR_RSQL_00008 – db err rsql 00008

DB_ERR_RSQL_00009 – db err rsql 00009

DB_ERR_RSQL_00010 – db err rsql 00010

DB_ERR_RSQL_00011 – db err rsql 00011

DB_ERR_RSQL_00012 – db err rsql 00012

DB_ERR_RSQL_00013 – db err rsql 00013

DB_ERR_RSQL_00014 – db err rsql 00014

DB_ERR_RSQL_00015 – db err rsql 00015

DB_ERR_RSQL_00016 – db err rsql 00016

DB_ERR_RSQL_00017 – db err rsql 00017

DB_ERR_RSQL_00018 – db err rsql 00018

DB_ERR_RSQL_00019 – db err rsql 00019

DB_ERR_RSQL_00020 – db err rsql 00020

DB_ERR_RSQL_00021 – db err rsql 00021

DB_ERR_RSQL_00022 – db err rsql 00022

DB_ERR_RSQL_00023 – db err rsql 00023

DB_ERR_RSQL_00024 – db err rsql 00024

DB_ERR_RSQL_00025 – db err rsql 00025

DB_ERR_RSQL_00026 – db err rsql 00026

DB_ERR_RSQL_00027 – db err rsql 00027

DB_ERR_RSQL_00028 – db err rsql 00028

DB_INCL_CONTACT_DBA – db incl contact dba

DB_INCL_ORA_EXTENTS – db incl ora extents

DB_INCL_ORA_INFORMATION – db incl ora information

DB_INCL_ORA_PROCS – db incl ora procs

DB_INCL_RESTART_SYSTEM – db incl restart system

DDIC_CATEGORY_INCONSISTENT – ddic category inconsistent

DDIC_COMP_COUNT_WRONG – ddic comp count wrong

DDIC_FIELDS_NO_ACCESS – ddic fields no access

DDIC_GENERIC_STRUC_COMP – ddic generic struc comp

DDIC_GROUP_ERROR – ddic group error

DDIC_ILLEGAL_KEY_COMP_NAME – ddic illegal key comp name

DDIC_ILLEGAL_ROWTYPE_KIND – ddic illegal rowtype kind

DDIC_ILLEGAL_SCND_KEY_NAME – ddic illegal scnd key name

DDIC_ILLEGAL_TABACCESS_KIND – ddic illegal tabaccess kind

DDIC_ILLEGAL_TABKEYDEF_KIND – ddic illegal tabkeydef kind

DDIC_ILLEGAL_TABUNIQUE_KIND – ddic illegal tabunique kind

DDIC_REFTYPE_INCONSISTENT – ddic reftype inconsistent

DDIC_STRUCLENG_INCONSISTENT – ddic strucleng inconsistent

DDIC_TYPELENG_INCONSISTENT – ddic typeleng inconsistent

DDIC_TYPES_INCONSISTENT – ddic types inconsistent

DDIC_TYPE_INCONSISTENCY – ddic type inconsistency

DDIC_TYPE_NOT_FOUND – ddic type not found

DDIC_TYPE_RECURSION – ddic type recursion

DDIC_TYPE_REF_ACCESS_ERROR – ddic type ref access error

DEBUGGER_ADI_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER – debugger adi illegal parameter

DEBUGGER_ILLEGAL_VALUE – debugger illegal value

DEBUGGER_IT_ERROR – debugger it error

DEBUGGER_NO_ROLL – debugger no roll

DEBUGGER_SEMREL_ERROR – debugger semrel error

DEBUGGER_SEMREQ_ERROR – debugger semreq error

DEBUGGER_TPDA_ILLEGAL_STATE – debugger tpda illegal state

DEBUGGING_IMPOSSIBLE – debugging impossible

DEBUG_CANT_SEND – debug cant send

DEBUG_MULTIPLE_LEVELS – debug multiple levels

DEBUG_RFC_GET_DATA – debug rfc get data

DECFLOAT_NO_MEMORY – decfloat no memory

DECOMPRESS_FAILED – decompress failed

DELETE_BUFFER_EXTERNAL_ERROR – delete buffer external error

DELETE_BUFFER_FAILED – delete buffer failed

DELETE_BUFFER_INTERNAL_ERROR – delete buffer internal error

DELETE_BUFFER_INVALID_PARAMS – delete buffer invalid params

DELETE_BUFFER_KEY_NOT_FOUND – delete buffer key not found

DELETE_BUFFER_RESET – delete buffer reset

DELTA_INVALID_LINE – delta invalid line

DELTA_NOMEM – delta nomem

DELTA_NO_OBJECT – delta no object

DELTA_NO_RFC_HANDLE – delta no rfc handle

DIAG_RFC_EXCEPTION – diag rfc exception

DIALOG_CONNWRITE_FAILED – dialog connwrite failed

DIALOG_DATAAREA_NOT_EMPTY – dialog dataarea not empty

DIALOG_MEMDEL_FAILED – dialog memdel failed

DIALOG_MFREE_FAILED – dialog mfree failed

DO_WHILE_VARY_ILLEGAL_ACCESS – do while vary illegal access

DO_WHILE_VARY_NOT_IN_RANGE – do while vary not in range

DSTEP_ILLEGAL_EVENT_ENTRY – dstep illegal event entry

DSTEP_ILLEGAL_MODULE_INDEX – dstep illegal module index

DSTEP_ILLEGAL_PROGRAM_STATE – dstep illegal program state

DSTEP_NO_MODULE – dstep no module

DSTEP_WRONG_PROGRAM – dstep wrong program

DYNPRO_CONTAINER_NO_CONTROL – dynpro container no control

DYNPRO_CONTROL_WRONG_TYPE – dynpro control wrong type

DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION – dynpro field conversion

DYNPRO_FIELD_NOT_FOUND – dynpro field not found

DYNPRO_HEADER_ERROR – dynpro header error

DYNPRO_ITAB_ERROR – dynpro itab error

DYNPRO_LOAD_FAILED – dynpro load failed

DYNPRO_MODULE_NOT_FOUND – dynpro module not found

DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP – dynpro msg in help

DYNPRO_NOT_FOUND – dynpro not found

DYNPRO_READ_FAILED – dynpro read failed

DYNPRO_READ_WRONG_DYNPRO – dynpro read wrong dynpro

DYNPRO_SAPDEXT_LOOP – dynpro sapdext loop

DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND – dynpro send in background

DYNPRO_SPA_OVERFLOW – dynpro spa overflow

DYNPRO_SYNTAX_ERROR – dynpro syntax error

DYNPRO_UNKNOWN_VERSION – dynpro unknown version

DYNPRO_WRITE_FAILED – dynpro write failed

DYNP_COMPRESS_ILLEGAL_VALUE – dynp compress illegal value

DYNP_COMPRESS_IT_ERROR – dynp compress it error

DYNP_COMPRESS_NO_ROLL – dynp compress no roll

DYNP_NO_ROLL – dynp no roll

DYNP_RESIZE_ADMIN_EXHAUSTED – dynp resize admin exhausted

DYNP_TOO_MANY_CALL_SCREENS – dynp too many call screens

DYNP_TOO_MANY_RADIOBUTTONS_ON – dynp too many radiobuttons on

DYNP_WRONG_SCREEN_TYPE – dynp wrong screen type

DYN_CALL_METH_CLASSCONSTRUCTOR – dyn call meth classconstructor

DYN_CALL_METH_CLASS_NOT_FOUND – dyn call meth class not found

DYN_CALL_METH_CONSTRUCTOR – dyn call meth constructor

DYN_CALL_METH_EXCP_NOT_FOUND – dyn call meth excp not found

DYN_CALL_METH_NOT_FOUND – dyn call meth not found

DYN_CALL_METH_NOT_IMPLEMENTED – dyn call meth not implemented

DYN_CALL_METH_NO_CLASS_METHOD – dyn call meth no class method

DYN_CALL_METH_PARAM_KIND – dyn call meth param kind

DYN_CALL_METH_PARAM_LITL_MOVE – dyn call meth param litl move

DYN_CALL_METH_PARAM_MISSING – dyn call meth param missing

DYN_CALL_METH_PARAM_NOT_FOUND – dyn call meth param not found

DYN_CALL_METH_PARAM_TAB_TYPE – dyn call meth param tab type

DYN_CALL_METH_PARAM_TYPE – dyn call meth param type

DYN_CALL_METH_PARREF_INITIAL – dyn call meth parref initial

DYN_CALL_METH_PRIVATE – dyn call meth private

DYN_CALL_METH_PROTECTED – dyn call meth protected

DYN_CALL_METH_REF_IS_INITIAL – dyn call meth ref is initial

DYN_COMP_DUPLICATE – dyn comp duplicate

DYN_COMP_EMPTY – dyn comp empty

DYN_COMP_ILLEGAL – dyn comp illegal

DYN_IMEX_DS_NAME_ERROR – dyn imex ds name error

DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NAME_EMPTY – dyn imex obj name empty

DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NAME_TWICE – dyn imex obj name twice

DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NOT_FOUND – dyn imex obj not found

DYN_KEY_DUPLICATE – dyn key duplicate

DYN_TABLE_ILL_COMP_VAL – dyn table ill comp val

DYN_TABLE_ILL_LINE_TYPE – dyn table ill line type

DYN_WHERE_PARSE_ERROR – dyn where parse error

DYN_WHERE_STACK_OVERFLOW – dyn where stack overflow

EDITOR_CALL_ILLEGAL_FLAGS – editor call illegal flags

EDITOR_CALL_NOT_SUPPORTED – editor call not supported

ENTRY_EXCP_CLEANUP_LEFT – entry excp cleanup left

ES_ADD_CHAIN_TO_SAME_CHAIN – es add chain to same chain

ES_CHAIN_DEFECT – es chain defect

ES_CHAIN_FIRST_NOT_FOUND – es chain first not found

ES_EXTRACT_INVALID_CHAIN – es extract invalid chain

ES_EXTRACT_NO_BLOCK – es extract no block

ES_SEMREQ_ERROR – es semreq error

ES_SPIN_LOCK_ERROR – es spin lock error

ES_SPIN_LOCK_INIT – es spin lock init

EXCP_HANDLER_FAILED_TO_UNWIND – excp handler failed to unwind

EXCP_INTERNAL_ERROR – excp internal error

EXCP_SY_CLASS_ERROR – excp sy class error

EXPORT_BUFFER_DUPLICATE_KEY – export buffer duplicate key

EXPORT_BUFFER_EXTERNAL_ERROR – export buffer external error

EXPORT_BUFFER_FAILED – export buffer failed

EXPORT_BUFFER_INTERNAL_ERROR – export buffer internal error

EXPORT_BUFFER_INVALID_PARAMS – export buffer invalid params

EXPORT_BUFFER_NO_MEMORY – export buffer no memory

EXPORT_BUFFER_RESET – export buffer reset

EXPORT_COMPRESS_ALLOC_FAILED – export compress alloc failed

EXPORT_COMPRESS_ERROR – export compress error

EXPORT_COMPRESS_FAILED – export compress failed

EXPORT_DATASET_CANNOT_OPEN – export dataset cannot open

EXPORT_DATASET_WRITE_ERROR – export dataset write error

EXPORT_ILLEGAL_EXPORT_MODE – export illegal export mode

EXPORT_ILLEGAL_MODULE_COMP – export illegal module comp

EXPORT_INCL_TABLE_STRUCTURE – export incl table structure

EXPORT_INCONSISTENT_STRUCTURE – export inconsistent structure

EXPORT_INIT_COMPRESS_FAILED – export init compress failed

EXPORT_LOGFILE_KEY_TOO_SHORT – export logfile key too short

EXPORT_LOGFILE_TABLE_UNKNOWN – export logfile table unknown

EXPORT_LOGFILE_WRONG_FIELD_CNT – export logfile wrong field cnt

EXPORT_LOGFILE_WRONG_KEY_POS – export logfile wrong key pos

EXPORT_LOGFILE_WRONG_VBBLKNO – export logfile wrong vbblkno

EXPORT_LOGFILE_WRONG_VBDATA – export logfile wrong vbdata

EXPORT_LOGFILE_WRONG_VBLEN – export logfile wrong vblen

EXPORT_LOGFILE_WRONG_VBMODCNT – export logfile wrong vbmodcnt

EXPORT_NAMETAB_WRONG_ID – export nametab wrong id

EXPORT_NO_CONTAINER – export no container

EXPORT_NO_SHARED_MEMORY – export no shared memory

EXPORT_TABLE_CLUSTD_TOO_SHORT – export table clustd too short

EXPORT_TABLE_CLUSTD_WRONG_TYPE – export table clustd wrong type

EXPORT_TABLE_CLUSTR_WRONG_TYPE – export table clustr wrong type

EXPORT_TABLE_MANDT_NOT_FIRST – export table mandt not first

EXPORT_TABLE_NO_RELID – export table no relid

EXPORT_TABLE_NO_USER_KEY – export table no user key

EXPORT_TABLE_SRTF2_WRONG_TYPE – export table srtf2 wrong type

EXPORT_TABLE_TOO_FEW_FIELDS – export table too few fields

EXPORT_TABLE_UNKNOWN – export table unknown

EXPORT_TABLE_UPDATE_CONFLICT – export table update conflict

EXPORT_TABLE_WRONG_KEY_POS – export table wrong key pos

EXPORT_TABLE_WRONG_LENGTH – export table wrong length

EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA – export too much data

EXPORT_WRONG_CODE – export wrong code

EXPO_WRONG_MODULE_COMPONENT – expo wrong module component

EXSORT_BUFFER_NOT_EMPTY – exsort buffer not empty

EXSORT_CLOSE_SORTFILE_REMOVE – exsort close sortfile remove

EXSORT_ERROR – exsort error

EXSORT_ERROR_IN_BUFFER – exsort error in buffer

EXSORT_FCLOSE_FAILED – exsort fclose failed

EXSORT_FILE_PTR_NOT_EMPTY – exsort file ptr not empty

EXSORT_FTELL_FAILED – exsort ftell failed

EXSORT_FWRITE_FAILED – exsort fwrite failed

EXSORT_GET_SEEK – exsort get seek

EXSORT_HEAP_COND_VIOLATED – exsort heap cond violated

EXSORT_ILLEGAL_STATE_FOLLOWS – exsort illegal state follows

EXSORT_INIT_BASE36_CONVERSION – exsort init base36 conversion

EXSORT_INIT_COMPOSE_DSN – exsort init compose dsn

EXSORT_INIT_DIR_SORTTMP – exsort init dir sorttmp

EXSORT_INIT_ERROR – exsort init error

EXSORT_INIT_FILEMASK_INVALID – exsort init filemask invalid

EXSORT_INIT_FILEMASK_TOO_LARGE – exsort init filemask too large

EXSORT_INIT_FN_SORT_FILE – exsort init fn sort file

EXSORT_INIT_HOSTADDR – exsort init hostaddr

EXSORT_INIT_HOSTNAME – exsort init hostname

EXSORT_INIT_WPID_INVALID – exsort init wpid invalid

EXSORT_INTERNAL_ERROR – exsort internal error

EXSORT_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY – exsort not enough memory

EXSORT_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE – exsort not enough space

EXSORT_NO_MORE_RUNS – exsort no more runs

EXSORT_OPEN_SORTFILE_OPEN – exsort open sortfile open

EXSORT_READ_ERROR – exsort read error

EXSORT_RUNTIME_ERROR – exsort runtime error

EXSORT_RUN_NOT_EMPTY – exsort run not empty

EXSORT_SETVBUF_FAILED – exsort setvbuf failed

EXSORT_SORTFILE_REOPEN – exsort sortfile reopen

EXSQL_CANT_SET_STATEMENT_ID – exsql cant set statement id

EXSQL_CONNECTION_LIMIT – exsql connection limit

EXSQL_DSQL_CURSOR_LIMIT – exsql dsql cursor limit

EXSQL_DSQL_CURSOR_NOT_FOUND – exsql dsql cursor not found

EXSQL_DSQL_DUPLICATE_CURSOR – exsql dsql duplicate cursor

EXSQL_DSQL_NOROLL – exsql dsql noroll

EXSQL_DSQL_WRONG_IVAR_TYPE – exsql dsql wrong ivar type

EXSQL_FETCH_DSQL_STACK_EMPTY – exsql fetch dsql stack empty

EXSQL_ILLEGAL_CONNECTION – exsql illegal connection

EXSQL_ILLEGAL_DISCONNECTION – exsql illegal disconnection

EXSQL_TOO_MANY_VARS – exsql too many vars

EXSQL_UNKNOWN_CONNECTION – exsql unknown connection

EXSQL_UNSTRUCTURED_INTO – exsql unstructured into

EXSQL_VARIABLE_TOO_BIG – exsql variable too big

EXSQL_WRONG_TYPE_FOR_LOB – exsql wrong type for lob

EXSQL_WRONG_TYPE_FOR_LOCATOR – exsql wrong type for locator

EXTRACT_AFTER_SORT/LOOP – extract after sort-fs-loop

EXTRACT_BUFFER_NO_ROLL – extract buffer no roll

EXTRACT_FCLOSE_FAILED – extract fclose failed

EXTRACT_FIELD_TOO_LARGE – extract field too large

EXTRACT_FILE_PTR_NOT_EMPTY – extract file ptr not empty

EXTRACT_FWRITE_FAILED – extract fwrite failed

EXTRACT_HEADER_NOT_UNIQUE – extract header not unique

EXTRACT_INIT_BASE36_CONVERSION – extract init base36 conversion

EXTRACT_INIT_COMPOSE_DSN – extract init compose dsn

EXTRACT_INIT_DIR_EXTRACT – extract init dir extract

EXTRACT_INIT_FILEMASK_INVALID – extract init filemask invalid

EXTRACT_INIT_FILEMASK_TOO_LARG – extract init filemask too larg

EXTRACT_INIT_FN_EXTRACT – extract init fn extract

EXTRACT_INSERT_LOCAL_DATA – extract insert local data

EXTRACT_LINE_NUMBER_DIFF – extract line number diff

EXTRACT_MATRIX_ERROR – extract matrix error

EXTRACT_MATRIX_ERROR_FREE – extract matrix error free

EXTRACT_NO_MATRIX – extract no matrix

EXTRACT_NO_ROLL_OLD_KEY – extract no roll old key

EXTRACT_OPEN_EXTRACTFILE_OPEN – extract open extractfile open

EXTRACT_READ_ERROR – extract read error

EXTRACT_RESOURCEHANDLER_FAILED – extract resourcehandler failed

EXTRACT_SETVBUF_FAILED – extract setvbuf failed

EXTRACT_SET_SEEK – extract set seek

EXTRACT_TOO_LARGE – extract too large

FIND_INFINITE_LOOP – find infinite loop

FLDREF_ACCESS_TO_DELETED – fldref access to deleted

FORM_PARM_IS_NOT_SEQUENCE_OF_C – form parm is not sequence of c

FREE_BUFFER_ILLEGAL_HEADER – free buffer illegal header

FREE_BUFFER_ILLEGAL_POINTER – free buffer illegal pointer

FUNC_PARM_IS_NOT_SEQUENCE_OF_C – func parm is not sequence of c

GENERAL_ENVIRONMENT – general environment

GENERAL_EXC_APPL_IN_ABAP_EVENT – general exc appl in abap event

GENERAL_EXC_CLEANUP_LEFT – general exc cleanup left

GENERAL_EXC_COMMIT_INTERRUPTED – general exc commit interrupted

GENERAL_EXC_MISSING_CLASS_DEF – general exc missing class def

GENERAL_EXC_NO_HANDLER – general exc no handler

GENERAL_EXC_RPERF_LEFT – general exc rperf left

GENERAL_EXC_STMT_NOT_SUPPORTED – general exc stmt not supported

GENERAL_EXC_SYSTEM_NO_HANDLER – general exc system no handler

GENERAL_EXC_TRIG_LEFT – general exc trig left

GENERAL_EXC_WITHOUT_RAISING – general exc without raising

GENERAL_INFO – general info

GENERAL_INFO_BATCH – general info batch

GENERAL_INFO_GEN – general info gen

GENERAL_INFO_GEN_TMP – general info gen tmp

GENERAL_INFO_INIT – general info init

GENERAL_INFO_INTERNAL – general info internal

GENERAL_INFO_MEMORY – general info memory

GENERAL_INFO_ST – general info st

GENERAL_INFO_TMP – general info tmp

GENERAL_INFO_VB – general info vb

GENERAL_INFO_WARNING – general info warning

GENERAL_INFO_XSLT – general info xslt

GENERAL_SHORT_ONLINE_DISPLAY – general short online display

GENERAL_SYS_ERR – general sys err

GENERAL_TRANSACTION – general transaction

GENERAL_TRANSACTION_AMC – general transaction amc

GENERAL_TRANSACTION_APC – general transaction apc

GENERAL_TRANSACTION_PLUGIN – general transaction plugin

GENERAL_TRANSACTION_RFC – general transaction rfc

GENERAL_TRANSACTION_RFC_CLIENT – general transaction rfc client

GENERAL_VALUE_DUMP – general value dump

GENERATE_ILLEGAL_CODE – generate illegal code

GENERATE_SUBPOOL_DIR_FULL – generate subpool dir full

GENERATE_SUBPOOL_NO_ROLL – generate subpool no roll

GEN_BAD_MACRO_SOURCE – gen bad macro source

GEN_BAD_TEXT_SOURCE – gen bad text source

GEN_BRANCHOFFSET_LIMIT_REACHED – gen branchoffset limit reached

GEN_BUFFER_OVERFLOW – gen buffer overflow

GEN_CLASS_NOT_EXISTS – gen class not exists

GEN_CODE_LABEL_ILLEGAL_STATE – gen code label illegal state

GEN_D0GEN_INCONSISTENT – gen d0gen inconsistent

GEN_DATA_LENGTH_NULL – gen data length null

GEN_DUPLICATE_ENTRY – gen duplicate entry

GEN_ERROR_COVERAGE_EXPORT – gen error coverage export

GEN_EXPRESSION_ILLEGAL_KIND – gen expression illegal kind

GEN_FRAGVIEW_EMPTY – gen fragview empty

GEN_FUNCPAR_ATTRIBUTES_MISSING – gen funcpar attributes missing

GEN_GENERAL_ERROR – gen general error

GEN_GENERATION_LOCKED – gen generation locked

GEN_GLOBAL_CLASS_ERROR – gen global class error

GEN_GLOBAL_INTERFACE_ERROR – gen global interface error

GEN_ILLEGAL_BLOCK_ID – gen illegal block id

GEN_ILLEGAL_RUDI_KIND – gen illegal rudi kind

GEN_ILLEGAL_SEGMENT_ID – gen illegal segment id

GEN_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – gen illegal switch

GEN_ILLEGAL_SWITCH_VALUE – gen illegal switch value

GEN_ILLEGAL_SYNCINFO – gen illegal syncinfo

GEN_INCLUDE_NOT_EXEC – gen include not exec

GEN_INCLUDE_NOT_FOUND – gen include not found

GEN_INHERITANCE_LOOP – gen inheritance loop

GEN_INIT_ERROR – gen init error

GEN_INTERFACE_LOOP – gen interface loop

GEN_INTERNAL_ERROR – gen internal error

GEN_LITERAL_OVERFLOW – gen literal overflow

GEN_LITL_INVALID_LITN – gen litl invalid litn

GEN_LITL_MEMOINIT_FAILED – gen litl memoinit failed

GEN_LITL_MEMOPUT_FAILED – gen litl memoput failed

GEN_MEMO_ACT_INVALID – gen memo act invalid

GEN_MEMO_ID_MISSING – gen memo id missing

GEN_NO_BRANCH_CB – gen no branch cb

GEN_NO_GENINFO_FOR_DATID – gen no geninfo for datid

GEN_NO_MEMORY – gen no memory

GEN_NO_PERM_STORAGE – gen no perm storage

GEN_NO_REFERENCE_FIELD – gen no reference field

GEN_NO_ROOT_GEN_INFO – gen no root gen info

GEN_NO_ROOT_INFO – gen no root info

GEN_OBJECTS_COMPID_OVERFLOW – gen objects compid overflow

GEN_PBAG_OVERFLOW – gen pbag overflow

GEN_PEXT_DESTROYED – gen pext destroyed

GEN_PROGRAM_NOT_EXISTS – gen program not exists

GEN_RSYN_COMBI – gen rsyn combi

GEN_RSYN_DATLD_INTERNAL_ERROR – gen rsyn datld internal error

GEN_RSYN_ERROR – gen rsyn error

GEN_RSYN_HANDLE_ABORT – gen rsyn handle abort

GEN_RSYN_ILLEGAL_ATTRIBUTE – gen rsyn illegal attribute

GEN_RSYN_ILLEGAL_CBINDEX – gen rsyn illegal cbindex

GEN_RSYN_ILLEGAL_ID_KIND – gen rsyn illegal id kind

GEN_RSYN_ILLEGAL_KIND – gen rsyn illegal kind

GEN_RSYN_ILLEGAL_STRAT_VALU – gen rsyn illegal strat valu

GEN_RSYN_JRT – gen rsyn jrt

GEN_RSYN_PATTE – gen rsyn patte

GEN_RSYN_PATTE_ILLEGAL_SYMBOL – gen rsyn patte illegal symbol

GEN_RSYN_PATTE_INIT – gen rsyn patte init

GEN_RSYN_POSIT – gen rsyn posit

GEN_RSYN_PVAR_UNDEF – gen rsyn pvar undef

GEN_RSYN_SYMB_ILLG_CODE – gen rsyn symb illg code

GEN_RSYN_SYMB_ILLG_ERR_KIND – gen rsyn symb illg err kind

GEN_RSYN_VPUSH_BAD_INTERVAL – gen rsyn vpush bad interval

GEN_RUNTIME_RUDI_USED – gen runtime rudi used

GEN_SAPDEXT_CALLED – gen sapdext called

GEN_SAPSQL_BIND_OVERFLOW – gen sapsql bind overflow

GEN_SAPSQL_STATEMENT_TOO_LONG – gen sapsql statement too long

GEN_SAPSQL_TOO_MANY_ITABS – gen sapsql too many itabs

GEN_SELECTION_SCREEN_ERROR – gen selection screen error

GEN_SOURCE_FORMAT – gen source format

GEN_SOURCE_TOO_WIDE – gen source too wide

GEN_SSELC_NO_DATID – gen sselc no datid

GEN_STACK_ERROR – gen stack error

GEN_STOR_LIMIT_REACHED – gen stor limit reached

GEN_STRUCTURE_STACK_OVERFLOW – gen structure stack overflow

GEN_STRUCTURE_TOO_MANY_COMPS – gen structure too many comps

GEN_STRUCTURE_WITHOUT_COMPS – gen structure without comps

GEN_SYMB_ALLOC_NO_ROLL – gen symb alloc no roll

GEN_SYMB_NTAB_ERROR – gen symb ntab error

GEN_SYMB_REALLOC_NO_ROLL – gen symb realloc no roll

GEN_TABLE_NOT_EXISTS – gen table not exists

GEN_TEXT_BUFFER_OVERFLOW – gen text buffer overflow

GEN_TOO_MANY_BASE – gen too many base

GEN_TOO_MANY_CBS – gen too many cbs

GEN_TOO_MANY_DATA – gen too many data

GEN_TOO_MUCH_EVENTS – gen too much events

GEN_TOO_MUCH_STORAGE – gen too much storage

GEN_TYPE_NOT_ALLOCATED – gen type not allocated

GEN_UNKNOWN_BASE_ID – gen unknown base id

GEN_UNKNOWN_DATA_ID – gen unknown data id

GEN_UNKNOWN_SCONT_ID – gen unknown scont id

GETDSEG_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – getdseg illegal switch

GETWA_CANT_CLEAR – getwa cant clear

GETWA_NOT_ALLOC – getwa not alloc

GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED – getwa not assigned

GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE – getwa not assigned range

GETWA_NO_MEM – getwa no mem

GETWA_NO_MEM_FOR_TABLE – getwa no mem for table

GETWA_TABLE_NOT_EXISTS – getwa table not exists

GETWA_TOO_MANY_TEXTPOOLS – getwa too many textpools

GETWA_WRONG_LENGTH – getwa wrong length

GET_REF_REFERENCE_EXPECTED – get ref reference expected

GET_REF_SUBSTRING_NOT_ALLOWED – get ref substring not allowed

GET_STRUC_VIEW_ILLEGAL_CALL – get struc view illegal call

GET_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT – get timestamp format

HIDE_BAD_INDEX – hide bad index

HIDE_FIELD_TOO_LARGE – hide field too large

HIDE_ILLEGAL_ITAB_SYMBOL – hide illegal itab symbol

HIDE_NOT_GLOBAL – hide not global

HIDE_NO_LOCAL – hide no local

HIDE_ON_EMPTY_PAGE – hide on empty page

HIDE_READ_ERROR – hide read error

HIDE_REFRESH_ERROR – hide refresh error

HIDE_TOO_MANY_HIDES – hide too many hides

HTTPIO_UNKNOWN_HANDLER – httpio unknown handler

HTTP_INVALID_PLUGIN_ACTION – http invalid plugin action

HTTP_NO_HANDLE – http no handle

HTTP_NO_MEMORY – http no memory

HTTP_NO_SERVER_RECORD – http no server record

HTTP_SEND_ERROR – http send error

ICF_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – icf illegal statement

ILLEGAL_FRAME_CHARACTER – illegal frame character

ILLEGAL_FRAME_CHARACTERS – illegal frame characters

ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – illegal statement

ILLEGAL_SUBSTRING_MODIFICATION – illegal substring modification

ILLEGAL_SUBSTRING_PARAMETER – illegal substring parameter

IMC_GET_MODE_ERROR – imc get mode error

IMC_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – imc illegal statement

IMC_INVALID_MODE_CALL – imc invalid mode call

IMC_INVALID_MODE_CNTL – imc invalid mode cntl

IMC_NO_MODE_HANDLE – imc no mode handle

IMC_NO_MODE_MEMORY – imc no mode memory

IMC_PUT_MODE_ERROR – imc put mode error

IMC_REGISTER_ERROR – imc register error

IMPORT_ALIGNMENT_MISMATCH – import alignment mismatch

IMPORT_BUFFER_EXTERNAL_ERROR – import buffer external error

IMPORT_BUFFER_FAILED – import buffer failed

IMPORT_BUFFER_INTERNAL_ERROR – import buffer internal error

IMPORT_BUFFER_INVALID_PARAMS – import buffer invalid params

IMPORT_BUFFER_KEY_NOT_FOUND – import buffer key not found

IMPORT_BUFFER_RESET – import buffer reset

IMPORT_CONTAINER_MISSING – import container missing

IMPORT_DECOMPRESS_FAILED – import decompress failed

IMPORT_DESCR_ENDMARK_MISSING – import descr endmark missing

IMPORT_DIR_WRONG_TABLE_STRUC – import dir wrong table struc

IMPORT_FORMAT_ERROR – import format error

IMPORT_FROM_DATA_BUFFER_EMPTY – import from data buffer empty

IMPORT_FROM_INTTABLE_EMPTY – import from inttable empty

IMPORT_ILLEGAL_MODE – import illegal mode

IMPORT_ILLEGAL_MODULE_COMP – import illegal module comp

IMPORT_INIT_DECOMPRESS_FAILED – import init decompress failed

IMPORT_LOGFILE_KEY_TOO_SHORT – import logfile key too short

IMPORT_NAMETAB_WRONG_ID – import nametab wrong id

IMPORT_OBJECT_DESTROYED – import object destroyed

IMPORT_SET_FAILED – import set failed

IMPORT_TABLE_TOO_MUCH_DATA – import table too much data

IMPORT_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA – import unexpected end of data

IMPORT_WRONG_CODE – import wrong code

IMPORT_WRONG_END_POS – import wrong end pos

INCL_ABAP_ERROR – incl abap error

INCL_ABAP_GEN_ERROR – incl abap gen error

INCL_ABAP_INTERNAL_TYPES – incl abap internal types

INCL_AUTHORITY_MISSING – incl authority missing

INCL_CALL_TRANSACTION – incl call transaction

INCL_CAPACITY_ERROR – incl capacity error

INCL_CONNE_DATA_DESTROYED – incl conne data destroyed

INCL_CONNE_ILLEGAL_HEADER – incl conne illegal header

INCL_DDIC_INCONSISTENCY – incl ddic inconsistency

INCL_DECOMPRESS_FAILED – incl decompress failed

INCL_DUMP – incl dump

INCL_DYNPRO_ERROR – incl dynpro error

INCL_DYN_COMP – incl dyn comp

INCL_EMERGENCY_SYSTEM – incl emergency system

INCL_ENDUSER_ERROR – incl enduser error

INCL_ERRNO – incl errno

INCL_ERR_CPIC_242 – incl err cpic 242

INCL_ERR_CPIC_456 – incl err cpic 456

INCL_ERR_CPIC_667 – incl err cpic 667

INCL_ERR_CPIC_679 – incl err cpic 679

INCL_ERR_CPIC_763 – incl err cpic 763

INCL_ERR_NI_-10 – incl err ni -10

INCL_ERR_SAP-GATEWAY_223 – incl err sap-gateway 223

INCL_ERR_SAP-GATEWAY_236 – incl err sap-gateway 236

INCL_ERR_SAP-GATEWAY_242 – incl err sap-gateway 242

INCL_ERR_SAP-GATEWAY_456 – incl err sap-gateway 456

INCL_ERR_SAP-GATEWAY_667 – incl err sap-gateway 667

INCL_ERR_SAP-GATEWAY_679 – incl err sap-gateway 679

INCL_EXP_EXTERNAL_ERR – incl exp external err

INCL_EXP_INTERNAL_ERR – incl exp internal err

INCL_EXP_INVALID_PARAMS – incl exp invalid params

INCL_EXP_RESET – incl exp reset

INCL_EXTERNAL_ERROR – incl external error

INCL_FILE – incl file

INCL_FUNCPARM_ERROR – incl funcparm error

INCL_GENERATE_PROGRAM – incl generate program

INCL_GEN_ERROR – incl gen error

INCL_HIDE_ERROR – incl hide error

INCL_ILLEGAL_CALL – incl illegal call

INCL_ILLEGAL_CODE – incl illegal code

INCL_INSTALLATION_ERROR – incl installation error

INCL_INTERNAL_ERROR – incl internal error

INCL_INTERNAL_GEN_ERROR – incl internal gen error

INCL_INTERNAL_ST_ERROR – incl internal st error

INCL_IPCLIMITS – incl ipclimits

INCL_ITAB_TYPE_CONFLICT – incl itab type conflict

INCL_ITS_ERROR – incl its error

INCL_KEY_TABLE_DIRECT_ACCESS – incl key table direct access

INCL_MEMORY_SIZE – incl memory size

INCL_MOVE_TO_LIT – incl move to lit

INCL_NONE_ERROR – incl none error

INCL_NOT_ENOUGH_PAGING – incl not enough paging

INCL_NOT_ENOUGH_PXA – incl not enough pxa

INCL_NOT_ENOUGH_ROLL – incl not enough roll

INCL_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED – incl not synchronized

INCL_PAGING_ERROR_GET – incl paging error get

INCL_PROGRAM_CORRECTION – incl program correction

INCL_RESIZE_PXA – incl resize pxa

INCL_RESTART_SYSTEM – incl restart system

INCL_RFC_DATA_ERROR – incl rfc data error

INCL_RFC_ERROR – incl rfc error

INCL_RFC_GET1 – incl rfc get1

INCL_RFC_GET2 – incl rfc get2

INCL_RFC_GET3 – incl rfc get3

INCL_RFC_GET5 – incl rfc get5

INCL_RFC_GUI_ERROR – incl rfc gui error

INCL_RFC_INTERNAL_ERROR – incl rfc internal error

INCL_RFC_IO1 – incl rfc io1

INCL_RFC_IO10 – incl rfc io10

INCL_RFC_IO13 – incl rfc io13

INCL_RFC_IO14 – incl rfc io14

INCL_RFC_IO15 – incl rfc io15

INCL_RFC_IO16 – incl rfc io16

INCL_RFC_IO19 – incl rfc io19

INCL_RFC_IO2 – incl rfc io2

INCL_RFC_IO20 – incl rfc io20

INCL_RFC_IO4 – incl rfc io4

INCL_RFC_IO5 – incl rfc io5

INCL_RFC_IO6 – incl rfc io6

INCL_RFC_IO8 – incl rfc io8

INCL_RFC_IO9 – incl rfc io9

INCL_RFC_SERVER_ERROR – incl rfc server error

INCL_RMC_SYSEX – incl rmc sysex

INCL_RUNTIME_ERROR – incl runtime error

INCL_SEARCH_HINTS – incl search hints

INCL_SEND_TO_ABAP – incl send to abap

INCL_SEND_TO_SAP – incl send to sap

INCL_SORT_SORTED_TABLE – incl sort sorted table

INCL_SPOOL_ERROR – incl spool error

INCL_ST_ERROR – incl st error

INCL_TEXTENV – incl textenv

INCL_TRY_AGAIN – incl try again

INCL_WRONG_VBDATA – incl wrong vbdata

INCL_XSLT_ERROR – incl xslt error

INCL_XSLT_PARSE_ERROR – incl xslt parse error

INCONSISTENT_ST_LOADS – inconsistent st loads

INIT_COMPRESS_FAILED – init compress failed

INIT_DECOMPRESS_FAILED – init decompress failed

INSERT_INTO_LOCKED_FIELD_GROUP – insert into locked field group

INSERT_PROGRAM_INTERNAL_NAME – insert program internal name

INSERT_PROGRAM_NAME_BLANK – insert program name blank

INSERT_PROGRAM_NAME_TOO_LONG – insert program name too long

INSERT_REPORT_BAD_APPENDAGE – insert report bad appendage

INSERT_REPORT_BAD_APPTYPE – insert report bad apptype

INSERT_REPORT_BAD_EXTENSION – insert report bad extension

INSERT_REPORT_BAD_EXTTYPE – insert report bad exttype

INSERT_REPORT_ILLEGAL_FLAG – insert report illegal flag

INSERT_REPORT_ILLEGAL_PROGTYPE – insert report illegal progtype

INSERT_REPORT_ILLEGAL_STATE – insert report illegal state

INSERT_REPORT_LINE_TOO_LONG – insert report line too long

INSERT_REPORT_NO_APPTYPE – insert report no apptype

INSERT_REPORT_NO_EXTTYPE – insert report no exttype

INSERT_REPORT_TGET_FAILED – insert report tget failed

INSERT_TEXTPOOL_TGET_FAILED – insert textpool tget failed

INVALID_FORMAT – invalid format

INVALID_PRINT_OR_ARCHIVE_PARAM – invalid print or archive param

INVALID_PRI_PARAMS – invalid pri params

INVALID_REGEX – invalid regex

INVALID_REGEX_OBJECT – invalid regex object

INVALID_SSO2_LOGON_TICKET – invalid sso2 logon ticket

INVALID_TABLE_RANGE – invalid table range

INVALID_XML – invalid xml

ITAB_ACTIVE_KEY_VIOLATION – itab active key violation

ITAB_DELETE_LIST_BAD_INDEX – itab delete list bad index

ITAB_DELETE_LIST_BAD_LIST – itab delete list bad list

ITAB_DELETE_LIST_BAD_ORDER – itab delete list bad order

ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY – itab duplicate key

ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY_BLK_OP – itab duplicate key blk op

ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY_IDX_OP – itab duplicate key idx op

ITAB_DYN_KEY_ID_MAX_EXCEEDED – itab dyn key id max exceeded

ITAB_DYN_KEY_ILLEGAL_COMPONENT – itab dyn key illegal component

ITAB_ILLEGAL_BINARY_SEARCH – itab illegal binary search

ITAB_ILLEGAL_COMPONENT – itab illegal component

ITAB_ILLEGAL_INDEX_OP – itab illegal index op

ITAB_ILLEGAL_ORDER – itab illegal order

ITAB_ILLEGAL_REG – itab illegal reg

ITAB_ILLEGAL_SCND_HASH_KEY – itab illegal scnd hash key

ITAB_ILLEGAL_SCND_KEY_NAME – itab illegal scnd key name

ITAB_ILLEGAL_SCND_SORT_KEY – itab illegal scnd sort key

ITAB_ILLEGAL_SORT_ORDER – itab illegal sort order

ITAB_ILLEGAL_SORT_ORDER_BLK – itab illegal sort order blk

ITAB_KEY_COMPONENT_MISSING – itab key component missing

ITAB_KEY_ILLEGAL_COMPONENT – itab key illegal component

ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND – itab line not found

ITAB_NON_NUMERIC_COMPONENT – itab non numeric component

ITAB_NO_SCND_KEYS_ALLOWED – itab no scnd keys allowed

ITAB_SORT_IN_LOOP – itab sort in loop

ITAB_SORT_ON_SORTED_TABLE – itab sort on sorted table

ITAB_STRUC_ACCESS_VIOLATION – itab struc access violation

ITAB_TOO_MANY_LINES – itab too many lines

ITS_ARGUMENT_TYPE – its argument type

ITS_ASSIGNMENT_FAILED – its assignment failed

ITS_CANT_LOAD_INCLUDE – its cant load include

ITS_CANT_PRE-EVALUATE_VALUE – its cant pre-evaluate value

ITS_DIVISION_BY_ZERO – its division by zero

ITS_ENDLESS_LOOP – its endless loop

ITS_ERRMSG_EXCEPTION – its errmsg exception

ITS_EXPRESSION_NOT_ANUM – its expression not anum

ITS_EXPRESSION_NOT_NUM – its expression not num

ITS_FUNCTION_ALREADY_DEFINED – its function already defined

ITS_FUNCTION_FAILED – its function failed

ITS_FUNCTION_NESTING_NOT_ALLOW – its function nesting not allow

ITS_FUNCTION_RAISED_EXCEPTION – its function raised exception

ITS_ILLEGAL_FUNCTION_NAME – its illegal function name

ITS_INDEX_OVERFLOW – its index overflow

ITS_INDEX_UNDERFLOW – its index underflow

ITS_INVALID_LVALUE – its invalid lvalue

ITS_LABEL_CANT_BE_USED – its label cant be used

ITS_LVALUE_ARGUMENT_EXPECTED – its lvalue argument expected

ITS_MISSING_ARGUMENT – its missing argument

ITS_NO_MATCHING_TAG_FOUND – its no matching tag found

ITS_OUT_OF_MEMORY – its out of memory

ITS_OUT_OF_REGISTERS – its out of registers

ITS_REFERENCE_NULL – its reference null

ITS_RETURN_OUTSIDE_FUNCTION – its return outside function

ITS_SUBSCREEN_NOT_FOUND – its subscreen not found

ITS_TAG_MISSING_CLASS – its tag missing class

ITS_TAG_NOT_DEFINED – its tag not defined

ITS_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND – its template not found

ITS_TOO_MANY_ARGUMENTS – its too many arguments

ITS_UNDEFINED_NAT_FUNCTION – its undefined nat function

ITS_UNEXPECTED_TOKEN – its unexpected token

ITS_UNKNOWN_ARGUMENT – its unknown argument

ITS_UNRESOLVED_EXT_FUNCTION – its unresolved ext function

ITS_UNSUPPORTED_NAMED_PARAM – its unsupported named param

ITS_WRITE_FAILED – its write failed

ITS_WRONG_ARGUMENT_TYPE – its wrong argument type

JS_EXT_BIND – js ext bind

JS_EXT_BIND_CLASS – js ext bind class

JS_EXT_BIND_CONST – js ext bind const

JS_INT_BIND – js int bind

JS_INT_GENERAL – js int general

JS_INT_MALLOC – js int malloc

KMETH_ARGUMENT_READ_ONLY – kmeth argument read only

KMETH_INVALID_ACCESS_TYPE – kmeth invalid access type

KMETH_INVALID_ARGUMENT_ID – kmeth invalid argument id

KMETH_INVALID_ARGUMENT_NAME – kmeth invalid argument name

KMETH_INVALID_CTYPE_LENG – kmeth invalid ctype leng

KMETH_INVALID_LENGTH_DECIMALS – kmeth invalid length decimals

KMETH_INVALID_STRUCTURE_CTYPE – kmeth invalid structure ctype

LDBNAME_INVALID – ldbname invalid

LISTDS_TOO_SHORT – listds too short

LIST_HASH_BAD_LENGTH – list hash bad length

LIST_ILLEGAL_PAGE – list illegal page

LIST_LINE_NOT_FOUND – list line not found

LIST_LINE_TOO_LARGE – list line too large

LIST_NO_PAGETAB – list no pagetab

LIST_NO_ROLL – list no roll

LIST_OF_TEXT_VARIABLES – list of text variables

LIST_PARSER_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – list parser illegal switch

LIST_TOO_MANY_LEVELS – list too many levels

LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS – list too many lpros

LIST_TOPOFPAGE_OVERFLOW – list topofpage overflow

LIST_TO_MANY_TABLE_ENTRIES – list to many table entries

LITERAL_MOVE_COMPARE_REJECTED – literal move compare rejected

LOADCLASS_NAME_TOO_LONG – loadclass name too long

LOAD_ALLIGNMENT_ERROR – load allignment error

LOAD_CLASS_NOT_FOUND – load class not found

LOAD_CLASS_VERSION_MISMATCH – load class version mismatch

LOAD_COMMON_PART – load common part

LOAD_COMMON_PART_STRUCT – load common part struct

LOAD_DB_PROCEDURE_MISMATCH – load db procedure mismatch

LOAD_FORMAT_ERROR – load format error

LOAD_FSYMB_NOT_ALIGNED – load fsymb not aligned

LOAD_FSYMB_TOO_LARGE – load fsymb too large

LOAD_INIT_FORMAT_ERROR – load init format error

LOAD_INTF_VERSION_MISMATCH – load intf version mismatch

LOAD_NOT_FOUND_AFTER_GEN – load not found after gen

LOAD_NO_PXA_MEMORY – load no pxa memory

LOAD_NO_ROLL – load no roll

LOAD_NO_SPACE_FOR_TABLE – load no space for table

LOAD_PROGRAM_CLASS_MISMATCH – load program class mismatch

LOAD_PROGRAM_DEFECT – load program defect

LOAD_PROGRAM_INTF_MISMATCH – load program intf mismatch

LOAD_PROGRAM_LOST – load program lost

LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND – load program not found

LOAD_PROGRAM_TABLE_MISMATCH – load program table mismatch

LOAD_PROGRAM_UNICODE_REQUIRED – load program unicode required

LOAD_REPORT_PART_LREF – load report part lref

LOAD_REPORT_PART_NOT_FOUND – load report part not found

LOAD_REPORT_TABLE_TOO_SHORT – load report table too short

LOAD_SUBPOOL_GEN_FAILED – load subpool gen failed

LOAD_SUBPOOL_NOT_FOUND – load subpool not found

LOAD_SWITCHSTATES_LOST – load switchstates lost

LOAD_SWITCHSTATES_MISMATCH – load switchstates mismatch

LOAD_TABLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST – load table does not exist

LOAD_TEXTPOOL_LOST – load textpool lost

LOAD_TEXTPOOL_NO_MEMORY – load textpool no memory

LOAD_TEXTPOOL_NO_PXA_MEMORY – load textpool no pxa memory

LOAD_TRFO_PROGRAM_MISMATCH – load trfo program mismatch

LOAD_TYPEPOOL_NOT_FOUND – load typepool not found

LOAD_TYPEPOOL_VERSION_MISMATCH – load typepool version mismatch

LOAD_TYPE_VERSION_MISMATCH – load type version mismatch

LOAD_UNKNOWN_SUBPOOL – load unknown subpool

LOAD_VERSION_LOST – load version lost

LOAD_WRONG_TABLE_LENGTH – load wrong table length

LOAD_ZERO_SIZE – load zero size

LOGDB_ILLEGAL_STATE – logdb illegal state

LOGDB_SSCR_NOT_FOUND – logdb sscr not found

LOGDB_SSCR_WRONG_STRUCTURE – logdb sscr wrong structure

LOGIN_EXT_ID_DISABLED – login ext id disabled

LOOP_WITHIN_LOOP – loop within loop

MEMORY_ALLOCATE_NEXT_ERROR – memory allocate next error

MEMORY_DELETE_ALL_ERROR – memory delete all error

MEMORY_DELETE_OBJECT_ERROR – memory delete object error

MEMORY_FREE_DIRECTORY_ERROR – memory free directory error

MEMORY_GET_BLOCK_ADDRESS – memory get block address

MEMORY_GET_BLOCK_FREE – memory get block free

MEMORY_ID_RESERVED – memory id reserved

MEMORY_ID_TOO_LONG – memory id too long

MEMORY_LIST_WRONG_MODE – memory list wrong mode

MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING – memory no more paging

MEMORY_PGFREE_FAILED – memory pgfree failed

MEMORY_READOBJECT_ERROR – memory readobject error

MEMORY_READ_ERROR – memory read error

MEMORY_READ_ERROR_NEXT – memory read error next

MEMORY_READ_WRONG_MODE – memory read wrong mode

MEMORY_UNKNOWN_DELETE_OPTION – memory unknown delete option

MEMORY_WRITENEXT_WRONG_MODE – memory writenext wrong mode

MEMORY_WRITE_ALLOCATE_RECORD – memory write allocate record

MEMORY_WRITE_CLOSE_ERROR – memory write close error

MEMORY_WRITE_NAME_TOOLONG – memory write name toolong

MEMORY_WRITE_NEXT_ERROR – memory write next error

MEMORY_WRITE_WRONG_MODE – memory write wrong mode

MEMORY_YET_CREATED – memory yet created

MEM_ALLOC_FAILED – mem alloc failed

MESSAGE_ROLLBACK_IN_POSTING – message rollback in posting

MESSAGE_ROLLBACK_ON_COMMIT – message rollback on commit

MESSAGE_STATE_STACK_ERROR – message state stack error

MESSAGE_TYPE_UNKNOWN – message type unknown

MESSAGE_TYPE_X – message type x

MESSAGE_TYPE_X_TEXT – message type x text

META_OBJECT_HANDLE_INVALID – meta object handle invalid

METH_PARM_IS_NOT_SEQUENCE_OF_C – meth parm is not sequence of c

MICROSECONDS_OVERFLOW – microseconds overflow

MOVE_CAST_ERROR – move cast error

MOVE_CAST_ERROR_DYN – move cast error dyn

MOVE_CAST_REF_ONLY – move cast ref only

MOVE_COMPLEX_OVERLAP – move complex overlap

MOVE_DREF_NOT_COMPATIBLE – move dref not compatible

MOVE_INTERFACE_NOT_SUPPORTED – move interface not supported

MOVE_INTERNAL_ERROR – move internal error

MOVE_IREF_NOT_CONVERTIBLE – move iref not convertible

MOVE_IREF_TO_OREF – move iref to oref

MOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED – move not supported

MOVE_OREF_NOT_CONVERTIBLE – move oref not convertible

MOVE_TO_LIT_NOTALLOWED – move to lit notallowed

MOVE_TO_LIT_NOTALLOWED_NODATA – move to lit notallowed nodata

MOVE_TO_LOOP_REF – move to loop ref

NESTED_PRINT_ON – nested print on

NI_HOST_TO_ADDR – ni host to addr

NI_MY_HOSTNAME – ni my hostname

NO_FPOS_LINE_FOUND – no fpos line found

NO_LEAVE_CONTEXT – no leave context

OBJECTS_ACCESSIBLE_IS_FREE – objects accessible is free

OBJECTS_BAD_REF_DATA – objects bad ref data

OBJECTS_BAD_REF_NODATA – objects bad ref nodata

OBJECTS_COMPARE_NOT_SUPPORTED – objects compare not supported

OBJECTS_COMP_NOT_SUPPORTED – objects comp not supported

OBJECTS_GLCLASS_NO_LOAD_OK – objects glclass no load ok

OBJECTS_GLOBAL_CLASS_NOT_FOUND – objects global class not found

OBJECTS_GLOBAL_CLASS_NOT_GLOB – objects global class not glob

OBJECTS_GLOBAL_INTF_NOT_FOUND – objects global intf not found

OBJECTS_INTI_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND – objects inti entry not found

OBJECTS_LOCAL_CLASS_NOT_FOUND – objects local class not found

OBJECTS_LOCAL_CLASS_NOT_LOCAL – objects local class not local

OBJECTS_LOCAL_INTF_NOT_FOUND – objects local intf not found

OBJECTS_L_CLASS_NO_LOAD_OK – objects l class no load ok

OBJECTS_MOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED – objects move not supported

OBJECTS_NOT_BYTELIKE – objects not bytelike

OBJECTS_NOT_CHAR – objects not char

OBJECTS_NOT_CHARCONV – objects not charconv

OBJECTS_NOT_CHARLIKE – objects not charlike

OBJECTS_NOT_COMPATIBLE – objects not compatible

OBJECTS_NOT_FLAT – objects not flat

OBJECTS_NOT_FLATLIKE – objects not flatlike

OBJECTS_NOT_NUMLIKE – objects not numlike

OBJECTS_NOT_REF – objects not ref

OBJECTS_NOT_STRING – objects not string

OBJECTS_OBJMGR_INIT_ERROR – objects objmgr init error

OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED – objects objref not assigned

OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO – objects objref not assigned no

OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_SUPPORTED – objects objref not supported

OBJECTS_OO_NOT_SUPPORTED_YET – objects oo not supported yet

OBJECTS_SECTION_NOT_SUPPORTED – objects section not supported

OBJECTS_TABLES_NOT_COMPATIBLE – objects tables not compatible

OBJECTS_TABLINE_NOT_CHAR – objects tabline not char

OBJECTS_TABLINE_NOT_CHARLIKE – objects tabline not charlike

OBJECTS_TABLINE_NOT_FLAT – objects tabline not flat

OBJECTS_WA_NOT_COMPATIBLE – objects wa not compatible

OBJECT_TOO_MANY_HEADERS – object too many headers

OBJMGR_ACCESS_TO_DELETED – objmgr access to deleted

OBJMGR_CLASS_CONSTR_RECURSION – objmgr class constr recursion

OBJMGR_CLASS_CONSTR_TWICE – objmgr class constr twice

OBJMGR_INTERNAL_ERROR – objmgr internal error

OPEN_DATASET_NO_AUTHORITY – open dataset no authority

OPEN_PIPE_NO_AUTHORITY – open pipe no authority

PAGEDS_TOO_SHORT – pageds too short

PARAMETER_CONVERSION_ERROR – parameter conversion error

PARAMETER_INVALID_RANGE – parameter invalid range

PARAMETER_INVALID_TYPE – parameter invalid type

PARA_ILLEGAL_MODE – para illegal mode

PARA_ILLEGAL_MODULE_COMPONENT – para illegal module component

PBAG_MISSING – pbag missing

PERFORM_BASE_WRONG_ALIGNMENT – perform base wrong alignment

PERFORM_CAST_DEEP_MISMATCH – perform cast deep mismatch

PERFORM_CONFLICT_GENERIC_TYPE – perform conflict generic type

PERFORM_CONFLICT_TAB_TYPE – perform conflict tab type

PERFORM_CONFLICT_TYPE – perform conflict type

PERFORM_CONFLICT_UC_STRUCT – perform conflict uc struct

PERFORM_INDEX_0 – perform index 0

PERFORM_INDEX_NEGATIVE – perform index negative

PERFORM_INDEX_TOO_LARGE – perform index too large

PERFORM_NOT_FOUND – perform not found

PERFORM_PARAMETER_MISSING – perform parameter missing

PERFORM_PARAMETER_TOO_SHORT – perform parameter too short

PERFORM_PROGRAM_NAME_TOO_LONG – perform program name too long

PERFORM_STD_TAB_REQUIRED – perform std tab required

PERFORM_TABLE_REQUIRED – perform table required

PERFORM_TOO_MANY_PARAMETERS – perform too many parameters

PERFORM_WRONG_CONTBIT0 – perform wrong contbit0

PFETCHU_ILLEGAL_TYPE – pfetchu illegal type

PF_EXCLUDE_NO_ITAB – pf exclude no itab

POSTING_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – posting illegal statement

PRINT_CONTROL_BUFFER_OVERFLOW – print control buffer overflow

PRINT_LINE_COUNT_TOO_LOW – print line count too low

PXA_DESTROYED – pxa destroyed

PXA_HASH_LOOP – pxa hash loop

PXA_MUTEX_INFO_ERROR – pxa mutex info error

PXA_MUTEX_LOCK_ERROR – pxa mutex lock error

PXA_MUTEX_OPEN_ERROR – pxa mutex open error

PXA_MUTEX_UNLOCK_ERROR – pxa mutex unlock error

PXA_NO_FREE_SPACE – pxa no free space

PXA_NO_SHARED_MEMORY – pxa no shared memory

PXA_SEMREL_ERROR – pxa semrel error

PXA_SEMREQ_ERROR – pxa semreq error

PXA_TOO_MUCH_PROCESSES – pxa too much processes

PXA_WRONG_HEADER – pxa wrong header

RABAX_CALLING_RABAX – rabax calling rabax

RABAX_EXCEPTION_OVERFLOW – rabax exception overflow

RABAX_TOO_MANY_HOOKS – rabax too many hooks

RAISE_EVENT_NESTING_LIMIT – raise event nesting limit

RAISE_EXCEPTION – raise exception

RAL_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – ral illegal statement

RAL_UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION – ral uncaught exception

READ_BAD_KEY_ALIGN – read bad key align

READ_BAD_KEY_PARTIAL – read bad key partial

READ_ITAB_UC_KEY_ERROR – read itab uc key error

READ_REPORT_LINE_TOO_LONG – read report line too long

READ_REPORT_SOURCE_DEFECT – read report source defect

READ_SWITCHSTATES_FAILED – read switchstates failed

RECEIVE_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – receive illegal switch

REFERENCE_NOT_SERIALIZABLE – reference not serializable

REFI_WRONG_SECTION – refi wrong section

REFRESH_NO_SHORT_MEMORY – refresh no short memory

REFS_NOT_SUPPORTED_YET – refs not supported yet

REF_NOT_SUPPORTED – ref not supported

REF_TYPE_CONFLICT – ref type conflict

REGEX_TOO_COMPLEX – regex too complex

REJECT_TABLE_NOT_FOUND – reject table not found

REMOBJ_DRIVER_METHODINIT – remobj driver methodinit

REMOBJ_METHOD_WITHOUT_DRIVER – remobj method without driver

REMOBJ_NO_THIS – remobj no this

REMOBJ_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND – remobj object not found

REMOBJ_PARAMETER_STATE – remobj parameter state

REPLACE_INFINITE_LOOP – replace infinite loop

RESERVED_PRINT_CONTROL – reserved print control

RESIZE_EM_ALLOC_ERROR – resize em alloc error

RFCGUI_UNEXPECTED_DATA – rfcgui unexpected data

RFCTYPE_NO_MEMORY – rfctype no memory

RFCTYPE_UNKNOWN_HANDLE – rfctype unknown handle

RFC_ATTACH_GUI_FAILED – rfc attach gui failed

RFC_BOXED_COMPONENT_IN_TABLE – rfc boxed component in table

RFC_BOXED_COMPONENT_IN_XRFC – rfc boxed component in xrfc

RFC_CONVERSION_FIELD – rfc conversion field

RFC_CONVERSION_REPL – rfc conversion repl

RFC_CONVERSION_STRUC – rfc conversion struc

RFC_CONVERSION_TABLE – rfc conversion table

RFC_DEBUGGING_NO_DIALOG_USER – rfc debugging no dialog user

RFC_HANDLE_NOT_REFERENCED – rfc handle not referenced

RFC_HTTP_STACK_ERROR – rfc http stack error

RFC_INVALID_COMP_VALUE – rfc invalid comp value

RFC_INVALID_UUID_DETECTED – rfc invalid uuid detected

RFC_IOHANDLE_TOO_SMALL – rfc iohandle too small

RFC_NO_AUTHORITY – rfc no authority

RFC_SCRAMBLE_LENGTH_TOO_LONG – rfc scramble length too long

RFC_SCRAMBLE_PARAMETER_FAILURE – rfc scramble parameter failure

RFC_SCRAMBLE_UNDEFINED_LENGTH – rfc scramble undefined length

RFC_VMC_COMMUNICATION_ERROR – rfc vmc communication error

RMC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE – rmc communication failure

RMC_INVALID_STATUS – rmc invalid status

RMC_SYSTEM_FAILURE – rmc system failure

ROLLBACK_IN_PERFORM_ON_COMMIT – rollback in perform on commit

ROLLBACK_IN_POSTING – rollback in posting

ROLL_IN_ERROR – roll in error

ROLL_OUT_ERROR – roll out error

ROT_NO_MEMORY – rot no memory

ROUND_INVALID_CURRENCY – round invalid currency

ROUND_RESCALE_INVALID – round rescale invalid

RPERF_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS – rperf illegal address

RPERF_ILLEGAL_EVENT – rperf illegal event

RPERF_ILLEGAL_LENG – rperf illegal leng

RPERF_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – rperf illegal statement

RPERF_ILLEGAL_TYPE – rperf illegal type

RPERF_NO_FIELDSYMBOL – rperf no fieldsymbol

RPERF_TOO_MANY_CALLS – rperf too many calls

RPERF_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED – rperf type not supported

RSYN_CANT_OPEN – rsyn cant open

RSYN_LIB_WRONG_VERSION – rsyn lib wrong version

RSYN_NO_ALTERNATIVE – rsyn no alternative

RSYN_NO_MEMORY – rsyn no memory

RSYN_PATTERN_ERROR – rsyn pattern error

RSYN_WRONG_FORMAT – rsyn wrong format

RSYN_WRONG_VERSION – rsyn wrong version

RSYN_WRONG_VERSION_END – rsyn wrong version end

RUNT_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – runt illegal switch

RUNT_INTERNAL_ERROR – runt internal error

SAPGUI_NO_EVENT_DESCRIPTION – sapgui no event description

SAPSQL_ACCESS_TO_RHS_TABLE – sapsql access to rhs table

SAPSQL_AGGREGATE_ILL_TABTYPE – sapsql aggregate ill tabtype

SAPSQL_AGGREGATE_LOB – sapsql aggregate lob

SAPSQL_AGGREGATE_NOT_ALLOWED – sapsql aggregate not allowed

SAPSQL_ALIASNAME_TOO_LONG – sapsql aliasname too long

SAPSQL_AMBIGUOUS_FIELDNAME – sapsql ambiguous fieldname

SAPSQL_AMBIGUOUS_TABNAME – sapsql ambiguous tabname

SAPSQL_ANNEX_ILLEGAL_CODE – sapsql annex illegal code

SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC – sapsql array insert duprec

SAPSQL_ARRAY_WRONG_ALIGNMENT – sapsql array wrong alignment

SAPSQL_BETWEEN_MISSING_AND – sapsql between missing and

SAPSQL_BOUND_LONG_STRING – sapsql bound long string

SAPSQL_BOXED_NOT_SUPPORTED – sapsql boxed not supported

SAPSQL_CANT_SET_STATEMENT_ID – sapsql cant set statement id

SAPSQL_CLIENT_ILLEGAL_FORMAT – sapsql client illegal format

SAPSQL_CLOSE_RSQL_STACK_ERROR – sapsql close rsql stack error

SAPSQL_COMPONENT_NOT_FLATLIKE – sapsql component not flatlike

SAPSQL_CONFLICTING_ALIAS – sapsql conflicting alias

SAPSQL_CONNECTIONNAME_TOO_LONG – sapsql connectionname too long

SAPSQL_CONNECTION_ILL_TABTYPE – sapsql connection ill tabtype

SAPSQL_CONNECTION_WITH_HOLD – sapsql connection with hold

SAPSQL_CURSOR_ALREADY_OPEN – sapsql cursor already open

SAPSQL_DEEP_WA_INCOMPATIBLE – sapsql deep wa incompatible

SAPSQL_DELETE_TAB_TOO_SMALL – sapsql delete tab too small

SAPSQL_DELETE_WA_TOO_SMALL – sapsql delete wa too small

SAPSQL_DISTINCT_AND_LOB – sapsql distinct and lob

SAPSQL_DISTINCT_STAR_DEEP – sapsql distinct star deep

SAPSQL_DUPLICATE_TABLENAME – sapsql duplicate tablename

SAPSQL_DYN_JOIN_WITH_STRING – sapsql dyn join with string

SAPSQL_EMPTY_TABNAME – sapsql empty tabname

SAPSQL_ESCAPE_WITH_POOLTABLE – sapsql escape with pooltable

SAPSQL_FETCH_RSQL_STACK_EMPTY – sapsql fetch rsql stack empty

SAPSQL_FETCH_WA_INCOMPATIBLE – sapsql fetch wa incompatible

SAPSQL_FETCH_WA_INTO_MODE – sapsql fetch wa into mode

SAPSQL_FETCH_WRONG_INTOLIST – sapsql fetch wrong intolist

SAPSQL_FIELDLIST_AVG_TYPE – sapsql fieldlist avg type

SAPSQL_FIELDLIST_SUM_TYPE – sapsql fieldlist sum type

SAPSQL_FIELDNAME_TOO_LONG – sapsql fieldname too long

SAPSQL_FIELDNAME_UNKNOWN – sapsql fieldname unknown

SAPSQL_GROUP_BY_ILL_TABLE_TYPE – sapsql group by ill table type

SAPSQL_GROUP_BY_LOB – sapsql group by lob

SAPSQL_HAVING_AVG_TYPE – sapsql having avg type

SAPSQL_HAVING_PARENTHESES – sapsql having parentheses

SAPSQL_HAVING_SUM_TYPE – sapsql having sum type

SAPSQL_ILLEGAL_AGGREGATE – sapsql illegal aggregate

SAPSQL_ILLEGAL_DISTINCT – sapsql illegal distinct

SAPSQL_ILLEGAL_IS_NULL – sapsql illegal is null

SAPSQL_ILLEGAL_JOIN – sapsql illegal join

SAPSQL_ILLEGAL_REFERENCE_TYPE – sapsql illegal reference type

SAPSQL_ILL_SORTTABLE – sapsql ill sorttable

SAPSQL_INCOMPATIBLE – sapsql incompatible

SAPSQL_INCOMPLETE_PRIMARY_KEY – sapsql incomplete primary key

SAPSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR – sapsql internal error

SAPSQL_INVALID_FIELDNAME – sapsql invalid fieldname

SAPSQL_INVALID_TABLENAME – sapsql invalid tablename

SAPSQL_INVALID_TOKEN – sapsql invalid token

SAPSQL_IN_ILLEGAL_LIST – sapsql in illegal list

SAPSQL_IN_ITAB_CP/NP_ESCAPE – sapsql in itab cp-fs-np escape

SAPSQL_IN_ITAB_CP_ILL_FLDTYPE – sapsql in itab cp ill fldtype

SAPSQL_IN_ITAB_ILLEGAL_OPTION – sapsql in itab illegal option

SAPSQL_IN_ITAB_ILLEGAL_SIGN – sapsql in itab illegal sign

SAPSQL_IN_ITAB_ILL_STRUCTURE – sapsql in itab ill structure

SAPSQL_ITAB_CANT_SCAN – sapsql itab cant scan

SAPSQL_JOIN_ILLEGAL_TABLE_TYPE – sapsql join illegal table type

SAPSQL_JOIN_LEFT_DEEP – sapsql join left deep

SAPSQL_JOIN_NO_SELECT – sapsql join no select

SAPSQL_JOIN_OJ_1SIDED – sapsql join oj 1sided

SAPSQL_JOIN_OJ_ON_ONCE – sapsql join oj on once

SAPSQL_JOIN_OJ_PROPER_STAR – sapsql join oj proper star

SAPSQL_JOIN_ON_CMP – sapsql join on cmp

SAPSQL_JOIN_ON_EMPTY – sapsql join on empty

SAPSQL_JOIN_ON_ILLEGAL_NOT – sapsql join on illegal not

SAPSQL_JOIN_ON_ILLEGAL_OR – sapsql join on illegal or

SAPSQL_JOIN_ON_OJ_CMP – sapsql join on oj cmp

SAPSQL_KEYS_NOT_CONVERTIBLE – sapsql keys not convertible

SAPSQL_LIKE_ILLEGAL_FLDTYPE – sapsql like illegal fldtype

SAPSQL_LIKE_PATTERN_TOO_LONG – sapsql like pattern too long

SAPSQL_LIKE_QUOTES – sapsql like quotes

SAPSQL_LIKE_VAL_TYPE – sapsql like val type

SAPSQL_MISSING_ALIAS – sapsql missing alias

SAPSQL_MISSING_CREATING_ENTRY – sapsql missing creating entry

SAPSQL_MISSING_FOR_COLUMNS – sapsql missing for columns

SAPSQL_MISSING_INTO_CLAUSE – sapsql missing into clause

SAPSQL_MISSING_LOG_CONDITION – sapsql missing log condition

SAPSQL_MODIFYING_SELFSQ – sapsql modifying selfsq

SAPSQL_NOP1_ILLEGAL_CODE_2 – sapsql nop1 illegal code 2

SAPSQL_NOP1_ILLEGAL_CODE_3 – sapsql nop1 illegal code 3

SAPSQL_NO_DBTAB_OR_VIEW – sapsql no dbtab or view

SAPSQL_NO_LOB_COLUMN – sapsql no lob column

SAPSQL_NO_MORE_CONNECTIONS – sapsql no more connections

SAPSQL_NO_RIGHT_JOIN – sapsql no right join

SAPSQL_NO_ROLL – sapsql no roll

SAPSQL_ORDER_BY_LOB – sapsql order by lob

SAPSQL_OTHER_ONLY_AT_THE_END – sapsql other only at the end

SAPSQL_PACKAGE_NEGATIVE – sapsql package negative

SAPSQL_PARSER_TODO_WARNING – sapsql parser todo warning

SAPSQL_PARSE_ERROR – sapsql parse error

SAPSQL_PROJVIEW_NO_STREAMS – sapsql projview no streams

SAPSQL_SELECT_DBTAB_CHANGED – sapsql select dbtab changed

SAPSQL_SELECT_ILLEGAL_ORDER – sapsql select illegal order

SAPSQL_SELECT_TAB_TOO_SMALL – sapsql select tab too small

SAPSQL_SELECT_WAN_UNSTRUCTURED – sapsql select wan unstructured

SAPSQL_SELECT_WA_ILL_TYPE – sapsql select wa ill type

SAPSQL_SELECT_WA_TOO_SMALL – sapsql select wa too small

SAPSQL_SET_ILLEGAL_VALUE – sapsql set illegal value

SAPSQL_SET_MISSING_VALUE – sapsql set missing value

SAPSQL_SET_NOT_PLUS_MINUS – sapsql set not plus minus

SAPSQL_SET_PLUS_MINUS_TYPE – sapsql set plus minus type

SAPSQL_SET_QUOTES – sapsql set quotes

SAPSQL_SET_UNKNOWN_OPERATOR – sapsql set unknown operator

SAPSQL_SQLS_ILLEGAL_CODE – sapsql sqls illegal code

SAPSQL_SQLS_INVALID_CONNECTION – sapsql sqls invalid connection

SAPSQL_SQLS_INVALID_CURSOR – sapsql sqls invalid cursor

SAPSQL_STMNT_TOO_LARGE – sapsql stmnt too large

SAPSQL_STREAMS_NOT_SUPPORTED – sapsql streams not supported

SAPSQL_SUBQUERY_ILL_TABLE_TYPE – sapsql subquery ill table type

SAPSQL_TABNAME_TOO_LONG – sapsql tabname too long

SAPSQL_TOO_MANY_TABLES – sapsql too many tables

SAPSQL_TWICE_DEFINITION – sapsql twice definition

SAPSQL_TWICE_FOR – sapsql twice for

SAPSQL_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_INPUT – sapsql unexpected end of input

SAPSQL_UNION_POSSIBLE – sapsql union possible

SAPSQL_UPTO_NEGATIVE – sapsql upto negative

SAPSQL_UPTO_TOO_LARGE – sapsql upto too large

SAPSQL_WA_CONTAINS_REFS – sapsql wa contains refs

SAPSQL_WA_TOO_SMALL – sapsql wa too small

SAPSQL_WA_WRONG_ALIGNMENT – sapsql wa wrong alignment

SAPSQL_WHERE_FOR_ALL_MISMATCH – sapsql where for all mismatch

SAPSQL_WHERE_ILLEGAL_VALUE – sapsql where illegal value

SAPSQL_WHERE_MISSING_ESCAPE – sapsql where missing escape

SAPSQL_WHERE_MISSING_OPERATOR – sapsql where missing operator

SAPSQL_WHERE_MISSING_SUBQUERY – sapsql where missing subquery

SAPSQL_WHERE_MISSING_VALUE – sapsql where missing value

SAPSQL_WHERE_PARENTHESES – sapsql where parentheses

SAPSQL_WHERE_QUOTES – sapsql where quotes

SAPSQL_WHERE_UNKNOWN_OPERATOR – sapsql where unknown operator

SAPSQL_WRONG_CREATING_ENTRY – sapsql wrong creating entry

SAPSQL_WRONG_OBJECT_REFERENCE – sapsql wrong object reference

SCAN_AS_FROM_NEGATIVE – scan as from negative

SCAN_AS_LEVEL_TAB_DESTROYED – scan as level tab destroyed

SCAN_AS_NO_ROLL – scan as no roll

SCAN_AS_RABAX_ERROR – scan as rabax error

SCAN_AS_STMNT_TAB_DESTROYED – scan as stmnt tab destroyed

SCAN_AS_TO_NEGATIVE – scan as to negative

SCAN_SOURCE_TOO_WIDE – scan source too wide

SCAN_VALUE – scan value

SELC_NO_RANGE_TAB – selc no range tab

SET_HANDLER_DISP_OVERFLOW – set handler disp overflow

SET_HANDLER_E_NO_FOR – set handler e no for

SET_HANDLER_FOR_CE – set handler for ce

SET_HANDLER_FOR_NULL – set handler for null

SET_HANDLER_HOBJ_NULL – set handler hobj null

SET_HANDLER_INTERNAL_ERROR – set handler internal error

SET_ILLEGAL_MODULE_COMPONENT – set illegal module component

SET_PARAMETER_ID_SPACE – set parameter id space

SET_PARAMETER_ID_TOO_LONG – set parameter id too long

SET_PARAMETER_MEMORY_OVERFLOW – set parameter memory overflow

SET_PARAMETER_UNKNOWN_CODE – set parameter unknown code

SET_PARAMETER_VALUE_TOO_LONG – set parameter value too long

SET_RUN_TIME_CLOCK_ERROR – set run time clock error

SHM_LOCK_OPERATION_FAILED – shm lock operation failed

SLIN_FUNCTION_BLOCK_WRONG – slin function block wrong

SNAP_NO_NEW_ENTRY – snap no new entry

SORT_AS_TEXT_BAD_DYN_TYPE – sort as text bad dyn type

SORT_AS_TEXT_BAD_FS_TYPE – sort as text bad fs type

SORT_AS_TEXT_DEST_TOO_SHORT – sort as text dest too short

SORT_AS_TEXT_EX_BAD_TYPE – sort as text ex bad type

SORT_DEEP_INDEX_TOO_LARGE – sort deep index too large

SORT_EXTRACT_INDEX_NO_ROLL – sort extract index no roll

SORT_EXTRACT_TOO_MANY_FIELDS – sort extract too many fields

SORT_FIELD_NOT_IN_HEADER – sort field not in header

SORT_ILLEGAL_MODE – sort illegal mode

SORT_ITAB_FIELD_INVALID – sort itab field invalid

SORT_NO_HEADER – sort no header

SORT_SORT_ILLEGAL – sort sort illegal

SORT_SORT_ILL_KEY_ORDER – sort sort ill key order

SORT_WITHIN_LOOP – sort within loop

SPOOL_BAD_HANDLE – spool bad handle

SPOOL_I/O_ERROR – spool i-fs-o error

SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR – spool internal error

SPOOL_INVALID_ARGUMENTS – spool invalid arguments

SPOOL_INVALID_JOB – spool invalid job

SPOOL_NETWORK_DOWN – spool network down

SPOOL_NO_ACCESS – spool no access

SPOOL_NO_CONVERSION – spool no conversion

SPOOL_NO_MORE_DATA – spool no more data

SPOOL_OBJECT_BUSY – spool object busy

SPOOL_OPEN_INVALID_ARGUMENTS – spool open invalid arguments

SPOOL_ROLL_BACK – spool roll back

SPOOL_TEMSE_ERROR – spool temse error

SQL_CAUGHT_RABAX – sql caught rabax

SRFC_ILLEGAL_CONTROL_BLOCK – srfc illegal control block

SRFC_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_NUMBER – srfc illegal parameter number

STACK_BLOCK_ILLEGAL_STATE – stack block illegal state

STACK_FORM_ILLEGAL_STATE – stack form illegal state

STACK_INDEX_WRONG_STATE – stack index wrong state

STACK_JENDF_POPSTATE_ERROR – stack jendf popstate error

STACK_JSTCK_ILLEGAL_CODE – stack jstck illegal code

STACK_NO_ROLL_MEMORY – stack no roll memory

STACK_RPERF_POPSTATE_ERROR – stack rperf popstate error

STACK_STATE_ILLEGAL_MODE – stack state illegal mode

STACK_STATE_NO_ROLL_MEMORY – stack state no roll memory

START_ABAP_NOT_INITIALIZED – start abap not initialized

START_CALL_SICK – start call sick

STOP_NO_REPORT – stop no report

STOP_WITHIN_CALLED_DYNPRO – stop within called dynpro

STORAGE_FREE_FAILED – storage free failed

STORAGE_PARAMETERS_WRONG_SET – storage parameters wrong set

STREAM_NOT_CLOSED – stream not closed

STRG_ILLEGAL_DATA_TYPE – strg illegal data type

STRG_ILLEGAL_FORMAT – strg illegal format

STRG_ILLEGAL_PAR – strg illegal par

STRING_BAD_REF – string bad ref

STRING_ILLEGAL_NULLTERMINATION – string illegal nulltermination

STRING_LENGTH_NEGATIVE – string length negative

STRING_LENGTH_TOO_LARGE – string length too large

STRING_OFFSET_LENGTH_TOO_LARGE – string offset length too large

STRING_OFFSET_NEGATIVE – string offset negative

STRING_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE – string offset too large

STRING_SIZE_TOO_LARGE – string size too large

STRING_TOO_MANY_HEADERS – string too many headers

STRUCBUF_TOO_MANY_TYPES – strucbuf too many types

STRUCBUF_TOO_MANY_VIEWS – strucbuf too many views

ST_ANY_NAMESPACE_ERROR – st any namespace error

ST_ANY_PARSE_ERROR – st any parse error

ST_ANY_REF_ACCESS – st any ref access

ST_CONSTRAINT_MAXLENGTH – st constraint maxlength

ST_FRAGMENT_REF_ACCESS – st fragment ref access

ST_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – st illegal switch

ST_MATCH_FAIL – st match fail

ST_REFERENCE_REF_ACCESS – st reference ref access

ST_REF_ACCESS – st ref access

ST_RUNTIME_ERROR – st runtime error

ST_TABLE_REF_ACCESS – st table ref access

ST_VALIDATION_FAILED – st validation failed

ST_VALUE_REF_ACCESS – st value ref access

SUBMIT_CONTAINER_MISSING – submit container missing

SUBMIT_CONTAINER_NOT_AVAILABLE – submit container not available

SUBMIT_IMPORT_ILL_OBJECT_TYPE – submit import ill object type

SUBMIT_IMPORT_NO_HIGH_VALUE – submit import no high value

SUBMIT_IMPORT_NO_LOW_VALUE – submit import no low value

SUBMIT_IMPORT_NO_VALUE – submit import no value

SUBMIT_IMPORT_ONLY_PARAMETER – submit import only parameter

SUBMIT_IN_ITAB_ILL_STRUCTURE – submit in itab ill structure

SUBMIT_NO_RANGE_TABLE – submit no range table

SUBMIT_PARAMETER_ERROR – submit parameter error

SUBMIT_PARAM_FRAGMENTS_MISSING – submit param fragments missing

SUBMIT_PARAM_NOT_CONVERTIBLE – submit param not convertible

SUBMIT_WITH_TGET_FAILED – submit with tget failed

SUBMIT_WRONG_SIGN – submit wrong sign

SUBMIT_WRONG_TYPE – submit wrong type

SUBSCREEN_LOST_FIELDS – subscreen lost fields

SUM_NO_ASSIGNING – sum no assigning

SUM_NO_INTERNAL_TABLE – sum no internal table

SUM_ON_FOREIGN_INTERNAL_TABLE – sum on foreign internal table

SUM_OVERFLOW – sum overflow

SYNTAX_ERROR – syntax error

SYSTEM_32BIT_OVERFLOW – system 32bit overflow

SYSTEM_ALIAS_DEF_MISSING – system alias def missing

SYSTEM_ALIAS_IMPL_MISSING – system alias impl missing

SYSTEM_ARRAY_OVERFLOW – system array overflow

SYSTEM_BUFFER_OVERFLOW – system buffer overflow

SYSTEM_CANCELED – system canceled

SYSTEM_CANNOT_CREATE_TABLE – system cannot create table

SYSTEM_CANNOT_OPEN_TABLE – system cannot open table

SYSTEM_CANNOT_READ_TABLE – system cannot read table

SYSTEM_CANNOT_WRITE_TABLE – system cannot write table

SYSTEM_CANT_CLEAR – system cant clear

SYSTEM_CLASSCONSTRUCTOR_FAILED – system classconstructor failed

SYSTEM_CLASS_NOT_FOUND – system class not found

SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED – system core dumped

SYSTEM_DATA_ALREADY_FREE – system data already free

SYSTEM_DATREF_INTERNAL_ERROR – system datref internal error

SYSTEM_DATREF_INVALID_ID – system datref invalid id

SYSTEM_DATREF_TO_DELETED_DAT – system datref to deleted dat

SYSTEM_DATREF_TO_DELETED_OBJ – system datref to deleted obj

SYSTEM_DB_COMMIT_FAILED – system db commit failed

SYSTEM_EG_ALLOCATION_ERROR – system eg allocation error

SYSTEM_EG_FREE_ERROR – system eg free error

SYSTEM_FORM_NOT_FOUND – system form not found

SYSTEM_GC_BAD_DATREF – system gc bad datref

SYSTEM_GC_BAD_OBJREF – system gc bad objref

SYSTEM_GC_BAD_TABREF – system gc bad tabref

SYSTEM_ILLEGAL_CODE – system illegal code

SYSTEM_ILLEGAL_DIRECT_MOVE – system illegal direct move

SYSTEM_ILLEGAL_LANGUAGE_SPEC – system illegal language spec

SYSTEM_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – system illegal statement

SYSTEM_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – system illegal switch

SYSTEM_ILLEGAL_TYPE – system illegal type

SYSTEM_IMODE_TOO_LARGE – system imode too large

SYSTEM_INVALID_FIELDSYMBOL – system invalid fieldsymbol

SYSTEM_INVALID_PXAINDEX – system invalid pxaindex

SYSTEM_JEND_MISSING – system jend missing

SYSTEM_LAZYLOAD_CX_INVALID – system lazyload cx invalid

SYSTEM_LAZYLOAD_ILLEGAL_ID – system lazyload illegal id

SYSTEM_LAZYLOAD_TOO_SMALL – system lazyload too small

SYSTEM_LOAD_OF_PROGRAM_FAILED – system load of program failed

SYSTEM_MEMORY_DESTROYED – system memory destroyed

SYSTEM_MEMORY_ERROR – system memory error

SYSTEM_METHOD_NOT_FOUND – system method not found

SYSTEM_NOT_SUPPORTED – system not supported

SYSTEM_NO_ALLOCATED – system no allocated

SYSTEM_NO_MEMORY – system no memory

SYSTEM_NO_PERM_STORAGE – system no perm storage

SYSTEM_NO_ROLL – system no roll

SYSTEM_NO_SHM_MEMORY – system no shm memory

SYSTEM_NO_TASK_STORAGE – system no task storage

SYSTEM_ON_COMMIT_INTERRUPTED – system on commit interrupted

SYSTEM_OTR_BAD_CONTENT – system otr bad content

SYSTEM_PARAMERROR – system paramerror

SYSTEM_PCB_ID_NULL – system pcb id null

SYSTEM_POINTER_PENDING – system pointer pending

SYSTEM_RCR_BAD_REF – system rcr bad ref

SYSTEM_RESTRICTION_VIOLATION – system restriction violation

SYSTEM_RFC_TLSALLBUFFERSINUSE – system rfc tlsallbuffersinuse

SYSTEM_ROLL_IN_ERROR – system roll in error

SYSTEM_ROLL_OUT_ERROR – system roll out error

SYSTEM_RUDI_ILLEGAL_MODE – system rudi illegal mode

SYSTEM_RUDI_ILLEGAL_TYPE – system rudi illegal type

SYSTEM_RUDI_ILLEGAL_VALUE – system rudi illegal value

SYSTEM_RUDI_INVALID – system rudi invalid

SYSTEM_RUDI_OVERFLOW – system rudi overflow

SYSTEM_SHMCONSTRUCTOR_FAILED – system shmconstructor failed

SYSTEM_SHMCONSTR_LOGON_FAILED – system shmconstr logon failed

SYSTEM_SHM_AREA_DETACHED – system shm area detached

SYSTEM_SHM_AREA_OBSOLETE – system shm area obsolete

SYSTEM_SHM_AREA_READONLY – system shm area readonly

SYSTEM_SHM_CHANGE_LOCK_ACTIVE – system shm change lock active

SYSTEM_SHM_DETACH_IN_CONSTR – system shm detach in constr

SYSTEM_SHM_NO_ROLL – system shm no roll

SYSTEM_SHM_OPEN_CHANGE_LOCK – system shm open change lock

SYSTEM_SHM_READ_LOCK_ACTIVE – system shm read lock active

SYSTEM_TOO_MANY_CLASSES – system too many classes

SYSTEM_TOO_MANY_DATREFS – system too many datrefs

SYSTEM_TOO_MANY_INTERFACES – system too many interfaces

SYSTEM_TOO_MANY_PCBS – system too many pcbs

SYSTEM_TPOL_TYPE_MISSING – system tpol type missing

SYSTEM_TYPE_NOT_ELEMENTARY – system type not elementary

SYSTEM_VIEW_INCONSISTENT – system view inconsistent

TABLES_SCND_KEYS_NOT_IN_RFC – tables scnd keys not in rfc

TABLEVIEW_COLUMN_MISMATCH – tableview column mismatch

TABLEVIEW_COLUMN_OVERFLOW – tableview column overflow

TABLEVIEW_DUP_COLUMN_INDEX – tableview dup column index

TABLEVIEW_IS_NO_TABLEVIEW – tableview is no tableview

TABLEVIEW_NOT_FOUND_IN_SCREEN – tableview not found in screen

TABLEVIEW_NO_MEMORY – tableview no memory

TABLE_COLLECT_CHAR_IN_FUNCTION – table collect char in function

TABLE_FREE_IN_LOOP – table free in loop

TABLE_HASH_OVERFLOW – table hash overflow

TABLE_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT – table illegal statement

TABLE_INDEX_0 – table index 0

TABLE_INDEX_TOO_LARGE – table index too large

TABLE_INVALID_INDEX – table invalid index

TABLE_INVALID_OPERATION – table invalid operation

TABLE_LINE_NOT_DELETED – table line not deleted

TABLE_LINE_NOT_EXISTING – table line not existing

TABREFS_MISMATCH – tabrefs mismatch

TCHK_ITAB_STD_NO_SCND_KEY – tchk itab std no scnd key

TCHK_MOVE_CORRESPONDING – tchk move corresponding

TCHK_SRC_LIKE_TYPE – tchk src like type

TCHK_TYPELINE_LOAD – tchk typeline load

TCHK_TYPE_LOAD – tchk type load

TEMPLATE_INTERNAL_ERROR – template internal error

TEST_SYSTEM_CALL – test system call

TEXTENV_BINARY_NOT_SUPPORTED – textenv binary not supported

TEXTENV_CODEPAGE_NOT_ALLOWED – textenv codepage not allowed

TEXTENV_INVALID – textenv invalid

TEXTENV_KEY_INVALID – textenv key invalid

TEXTENV_KEY_TOO_LONG – textenv key too long

TEXTENV_LANGU_INVALID – textenv langu invalid

TEXTENV_MISSING – textenv missing

TEXTENV_UNICODE_LANGU_INVALID – textenv unicode langu invalid

TEXTPOOL_WRONG_STRUCTURE – textpool wrong structure

TIME_OUT – time out

TMDIR_CLASS_ALREADY_EXISTS – tmdir class already exists

TMDIR_CLASS_NOT_EXISTS – tmdir class not exists

TMDIR_TOO_MANY_RECORDS – tmdir too many records

TRANSFORMATION_NOT_FOUND – transformation not found

TRANSLATE_WRONG_CB – translate wrong cb

TRANSLATE_WRONG_NUM_FORMAT – translate wrong num format

TSV_BTR_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED – tsv btr page alloc failed

TSV_ILLEGAL_ACCESS – tsv illegal access

TSV_ILLEGAL_REFERENCE – tsv illegal reference

TSV_LIN_ALLOC_FAILED – tsv lin alloc failed

TSV_TABH_HASH_NO_ROLL_MEMORY – tsv tabh hash no roll memory

TSV_TABH_POOL_NO_ROLL_MEMORY – tsv tabh pool no roll memory

TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY – tsv tnew blocks no roll memory

TSV_TNEW_ENTRY_ZERO_LENGTH – tsv tnew entry zero length

TSV_TNEW_OCCURS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY – tsv tnew occurs no roll memory

TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED – tsv tnew page alloc failed

TSV_UNIQUE_NUMBER_OVERFLOW – tsv unique number overflow

TYPELOAD_LOST – typeload lost

TYPELOAD_NEW_VERSION – typeload new version

TYPELOAD_NO_DBBUF_MEMORY – typeload no dbbuf memory

TYPELOAD_NO_PXA_MEMORY – typeload no pxa memory

TYPE_COMP_COUNT_WRONG – type comp count wrong

UC_NO_CHAR_NUMBER – uc no char number

UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CHAR – uc objects not char

UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CHARCONV – uc objects not charconv

UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CHARLIKE – uc objects not charlike

UC_OBJECTS_NOT_COMPARABLE – uc objects not comparable

UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CONVERTIBLE – uc objects not convertible

UC_OBJECTS_NOT_NUMLIKE – uc objects not numlike

UC_OBJECTS_TABLINE_NOT_CHAR – uc objects tabline not char

UC_OBJECTS_TL_NOT_CHARLIKE – uc objects tl not charlike

UC_STRUCLENG_INCONSISTENT – uc strucleng inconsistent

UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION – uncaught exception

UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION_NOTE – uncaught exception note

UNEXPECTED_RUDI_SECTOR – unexpected rudi sector

UNEXPECTED_RUDI_TYPE – unexpected rudi type

UNICODE_TYPES_NOT_CONVERTIBLE – unicode types not convertible

UNKNOWN – unknown

UNKNOWN_NUMBER_FORMAT – unknown number format

VALUE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED – value limit exceeded

VMIT_MEASUREMENT_ERROR – vmit measurement error

VMIT_SEMREL_ERROR – vmit semrel error

VMIT_SEMREQ_ERROR – vmit semreq error

VMIT_UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION – vmit undefined instruction

VM_STACK_TRACE – vm stack trace

WAIT_ILLEGAL_CONTROL_BLOCK – wait illegal control block

WAIT_ILLEGAL_TIME_LIMIT – wait illegal time limit

WRITE_CURRENCY_ILLEGAL_TYPE – write currency illegal type

WRITE_INVALID_CURRENCY – write invalid currency

WRITE_INVALID_DECIMALS – write invalid decimals

WRITE_INVALID_STYLE – write invalid style

WRITE_ROUND_TOO_SMALL – write round too small

WRITE_TO_LENGTH_NEGATIVE – write to length negative

WRITE_TO_OFFSET_NEGATIVE – write to offset negative

WRITE_TO_OFFSET_TOOLARGE – write to offset toolarge

WRITE_UNIT_ILLEGAL_TYPE – write unit illegal type

XDAT_ILLEGAL_MODULE_COMP – xdat illegal module comp

XML_CONVERSION_BOOLEAN – xml conversion boolean

XML_CONVERSION_DATE – xml conversion date

XML_CONVERSION_DATETIME – xml conversion datetime

XML_CONVERSION_DURATION – xml conversion duration

XML_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER – xml conversion no number

XML_CONVERSION_QNAME – xml conversion qname

XML_CONVERSION_TIME – xml conversion time

XML_CONVERSION_UNKNOWNLANGUAGE – xml conversion unknownlanguage

XML_CONVERSION_UUID – xml conversion uuid

XML_FORMAT_ERROR – xml format error

XML_FRAGMENT_ERROR – xml fragment error

XML_FRAGMENT_PREFIX_CONFLICT – xml fragment prefix conflict

XML_INVALID_REF – xml invalid ref

XML_NOT_SUPPORTED – xml not supported

XML_PROPVALUE_ERROR – xml propvalue error

XML_WRITER_OPEN_ERROR – xml writer open error

XSLT_BAD_KEY – xslt bad key

XSLT_BAD_SOURCE_CONTEXT – xslt bad source context

XSLT_CONVERSION_IMPOSSIBLE – xslt conversion impossible

XSLT_INVALID_PREFIX – xslt invalid prefix

XSLT_METH_ABSTRACT_CLASS – xslt meth abstract class

XSLT_METH_CONSTRUCTOR_CALL – xslt meth constructor call

XSLT_METH_CONV_BASE64 – xslt meth conv base64

XSLT_METH_CONV_ERROR – xslt meth conv error

XSLT_METH_CONV_OVERFLOW – xslt meth conv overflow

XSLT_METH_CREATE_PRIVATE – xslt meth create private

XSLT_METH_CREATE_PROTECTED – xslt meth create protected

XSLT_METH_ERROR – xslt meth error

XSLT_METH_ILLEGAL_CLASS – xslt meth illegal class

XSLT_METH_ILLEGAL_DATE_TIME – xslt meth illegal date time

XSLT_METH_ILLEGAL_METHOD – xslt meth illegal method

XSLT_METH_METHOD_PRIVATE – xslt meth method private

XSLT_METH_METHOD_PROTECTED – xslt meth method protected

XSLT_METH_NOT_SUPPORTED – xslt meth not supported

XSLT_METH_NO_CLASS_METHOD – xslt meth no class method

XSLT_METH_PARAM_KIND – xslt meth param kind

XSLT_METH_PARAM_MISSING – xslt meth param missing

XSLT_METH_PARAM_TYPE – xslt meth param type

XSLT_NOT_SUPPORTED – xslt not supported

XSLT_NO_NODESET – xslt no nodeset

XSLT_OUT_OF_MEMORY – xslt out of memory

XSLT_PROGRAM_LOST – xslt program lost

XSLT_RUNTIME_ERROR – xslt runtime error

XSLT_SERIAL_PARAM_MISSING – xslt serial param missing

XSLT_UNKNOWN_FUNCTION – xslt unknown function

XSLT_UNKNOWN_OBJECT – xslt unknown object

XTYP_COMP_ILLEGAL_SWITCH – xtyp comp illegal switch

ZDATE_ADJUST_FAILED – zdate adjust failed

ZDATE_ILLEGAL_DBTIME – zdate illegal dbtime

ZDATE_ILLEGAL_LOCTIME – zdate illegal loctime

ZDATE_LARGE_TIME_DIFF – zdate large time diff