ABAP Runtime Errors

GENERAL_EXC_RPERF_LEFT SAP ABAP Runtime Error general exc rperf left

GENERAL_EXC_RPERF_LEFT is an ABAP runtime error which you may come across when using or developing within an SAP system. See below for the standard details explaining what it means and how you can avoid or fix this runtime error.

Short Dump Classification: & - Text Include (no Short Dump, only Text Module)

You can view further information about a runtme error by using transaction code ST22 which will show you this and all runtime erros that have happen in your SAP system.

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The exception must either be prevented or handled within the conversion exit (or another procedure that was called internally). To prevent the exception, note the following: Termination was caused when the exception <runtime parameter> was not caught locally in an internally called procedure (for example, a conversion exit). The language command that calls the procedure internally is in the program <runtime parameter> - to be precise, in line <runtime parameter> of the (Include) program <runtime parameter>. An exception occurred in a conversion exit or another procecure that was called internally. Class '<runtime parameter>' is assigned to the exception.
Since the exception was not caught within this procedure, processing was terminated.
The reason for the exception is: