SAP ABAP development help and information including tutorials, step by step guides from basic ABAP to creating your first HANA XSA app

SAP Function Module Processing Type
tfdir-fmode _____________ R = Remote-Enabled K = Remote-Enabled JAVA Module X / @ = Remote-Enabled + BasXML supported J =[...]
Best ABAP Books for learning and using as a reference guide
Here is a list of the best ABAP books available to help you get started as an ABAP developer or[...]
SAP Sales Order Table data in SAP ( Sales and Distribution module)
SAP Sales Order table data is stored in a number of SAP Sales and Distribution module tables  Here is a list[...]

SAP Development objects such as as SAP tabs, Transaction codes, ABAP reports, User messages, profile parameters, search helps, web services, OSS Notes,  Function Modules, Class methods etc

The CL_SALV_TREE functionality is similar or basically the same as what can be achieved by cl_gui_alv_tree but does not require[...]
ABAP is the development language for SAP, here is a number of tutorials to help you develop SAP functionality and[...]
SAP Fiori is essentially the new interface for SAP and when designing any Fiori based apps they should be Role-based,[...]
SAP Web Services
The world of IT systems is becoming more and more connected and it’s very difficult to build a single system[...]
SAP Profile parameters
SAP Profile parameters and their details are maintained and viewed via transaction RZ11. Simply execute the tcode and enter the profile[...]
SAP Help
SAP ABAP development help and information including tutorials, step by step guides from basic ABAP to creating your first HANA[...]
SAP Tables
SAP tables are created, displayed and maintained via the SAP data dictionary using transactions such as SE11 and SE80 and[...]
SAP Vendor Master Tables
There are a number of tables related to SAP vendor master table data with the main ones being LFA1, LFBK,[...]
SAP search helps and matchcodes
SAP Search helps or matchcodes as they were referred to in the early days provide the F4 field entry help[...]
SAP OSS notes are corrections produced by SAP to know issues and security flaws. OSS was the original name for[...]
SAP Training
UP TO 95% off Online SAP Video training courses Get UP TO 95% off SAP training, and the best possible prices[...]
SAP Messages
A SAP message is an essential part of any ABAP program and are used to display information to the user[...]
SAP ABAP Reports
SAP ABAP  Reports are written in ABAP code and generally present specifc SAP data to the user so that they[...]
SAP Function Modules
SAP function modules are sections of ABAP code which can be re-used in any SAP program. They generally consist of[...]
SAP Classes and Methods
SAP Classes Methods are much the same as classes within any other development language and offer you an object orientated[...]
SAP Tcodes
SAP tcodes (transaction codes) are an easy way of executing SAP programs and reports. These programs are written using ABAP[...]

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