ABAP is the development language for SAP, here is a number of tutorials to help you develop SAP functionality and learn ABAP development 

SALV hide field/column
The SALV hide column/field or cell functionality is much the same as changing the header text you simply use the[...]
Set SALV color values
The below ABAP code uses the CL_SALV_TABLE class to create an ABAP ALV report and use the SALV color options[...]
Stop SAP ABAP parameter values converting to uppercase
You may have noticed that with a standard ABAP parameter which is type char/text/string always converts the entered value to[...]
BSEG select performance improvements
If you are trying to select document number details (i.e. BELNR) from table BSEG based on customer number (i.e. KUNNR)[...]
SALV_DEMO_TREE_METADATA is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Check[...]
SALV_DEMO_TREE_SELECTIONS is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Check[...]
The report SALV_DEMO_TREE_SETTINGS demonstrates the SALV TREE functionality cl_salv_tree (Fullscreen Tree) with a focus on setting a number of specific properties of items and nodes including  Display the leaves with checkboxesChange the folder iconsRemove Nodes Note: If there is no[...]
The SALV_DEMO_TREE_SIMPLE report demonstrates the basic usage of the Tree in ALV OM functionality implement by method cl_salv_tree (Fullscreen Tree, Tree) Note if no data is displayed on[...]
SAP date_after_range error
If you are using SAP functionality to check a date, for example maybe you are using the below function module[...]
ABAP predefined data types such as Char, Date, Time, integer
Simple ABAP code to demonstrate the ABAP predefined data types such as Char, Date, Time, integer. Note you would usually[...]
Email ABAP report PDF
The below code to demonstrates how to email ABAP report PDF. It generates an ALV output of personal numbers (PERNRS)[...]
Use logical database selection screen ABAP Code
Simple ABAP code to demonstrate how to manipulate a logical database selection screen which is assigned and setup within menu[...]
Using CL_SALV_TABLE class to create a very simple ABAP ALV report that selects data from database table SFLIGHT and displays[...]
ABAP SUBMIT to execute second SAP report
Below is example code snippet to use the ABAP SUBMIT statement within your SAP report programs so that you can[...]
ABAP to populate SAP table
As discussed in the previous post there are two basic ways you can add data to an SAP database table,[...]
Save layout ALV button missing
If you have implemented your SAP ALV report and all works fine apart from the Save layout ALV button, you[...]
ABAP read table with OR condition
​So is it possible to add an OR condition to the key values of the read statement? The simple answer[...]
Beautify, Change case and Indent your ABAP
I guess you may already know about the pretty print functionality within ABAP development which helps make you code more[...]