ABAP is the development language for SAP, here is a number of tutorials to help you develop SAP functionality and learn ABAP development 

SAP date_after_range error
If you are using SAP functionality to check a date, for example maybe you are using the below function module[...]
ABAP predefined data types such as Char, Date, Time, integer
Simple ABAP code to demonstrate the ABAP predefined data types such as Char, Date, Time, integer. Note you would usually[...]
Email ABAP report PDF
The below code to demonstrates how to email ABAP report PDF. It generates an ALV output of personal numbers (PERNRS)[...]
Use logical database selection screen ABAP Code
Simple ABAP code to demonstrate how to manipulate a logical database selection screen which is assigned and setup within menu[...]
Using CL_SALV_TABLE class to create a very simple ABAP ALV report that selects data from database table SFLIGHT and displays[...]
ABAP SUBMIT to execute second SAP report
Below is example code snippet to use the ABAP SUBMIT statement within your SAP report programs so that you can[...]
ABAP to populate SAP table
As discussed in the previous post there are two basic ways you can add data to an SAP database table,[...]
Save layout ALV button missing
If you have implemented your SAP ALV report and all works fine apart from the Save layout ALV button, you[...]
ABAP sorted table insert TABLE_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT SAP error
Remember when doing a sorted table insert you should use the INSERT ABAP statement instead of APPEND, but maybe you[...]
ABAP read table with OR condition
​So is it possible to add an OR condition to the key values of the read statement? The simple answer[...]
Beautify, Change case and Indent your ABAP
I guess you may already know about the pretty print functionality within ABAP development which helps make you code more[...]
Email ALV PDF using ABAP report of pernrs then email output as attachment
Useful ABAP code example to demonstrate how to display an SAP ALV report which displays alist of PERNR details and[...]
View SAP Query ABAP program created
When working with SAP queries it is often useful to have a look at the ABAP code it generates. This[...]
Download your ABAP code to a PDF file
Access this fairly hidden feature of the standard SAP GUI to instantly download your ABAP code to PDF document file. Not[...]
Compare two ABAP objects using SE39 Split screen editor
Transaction SE39 is useful if you want edit two programs at the same time or if you just want to[...]
Display URL in SAP ABAP report using class method
*&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Report  ZDISPLAY_URL *& *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* REPORT  Zdisplay_url. CALL METHOD CL_ABAP_BROWSER=>SHOW_URL EXPORTING URL          = '' *    TITLE        = *    SIZE         = CL_ABAP_BROWSER=>MEDIUM *    MODAL        = ABAP_TRUE *    PRINTING     = ABAP_FALSE *    BUTTONS      = NAVIGATE_OFF *    FORMAT       = CL_ABAP_BROWSER=>LANDSCAPE *    POSITION     = CL_ABAP_BROWSER=>TOPLEFT *    CONTAINER    = *    CONTEXT_MENU = ABAP_FALSE .
Payroll control record PA03
The payroll information displayed via transaction PA03 is stored within tables T569V, T549A and T549Q. They can also be retrieved[...]
Teach yourself ABAP programming one command at a time
Let's start ABAP programming!! Here is a list of popular ABAP commands including information about what it does and example[...]