SAP Fiori is essentially the new interface for SAP and when designing any Fiori based apps they should be Role-based, responsive, Simple (1-1-3) and coherent. The 1-1-3 analogy refers to the screen design which should be for 1 process, 1 user and no more than 3 screens down(or 3 clicks). 


Other features of SAP Fiori are: 

All new functionality will be Fiori based
Free to install
Any device
Over 600 apps available
SapUI5 frame work ( html5,CSS,js,jquery)
Web Fiori โ€“ Requires HTML 5 browser
Fiori web plus โ€“ Available via the app store and play store integrates the Fiori client. For improved caching and security.
Fiory Mobile โ€“ Future development but will offer a apps via a web container (cordova). Will also require SAP Mobile Platform installed
See list of SAP fiori app available

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