SAP Profile parameters


SAP Profile parameters and their details are maintained and viewed via transaction RZ11. Simply execute the tcode and enter the profile parameter you want to view. 

Then press the display button. Ensure you enter it in the correct case, if the parameter is in lower case you need to ensure you enter it in lower case otherwise, transaction RZ11 will not find it. 

Also note you have the change option from this screen if you need to change the values... but please do not do this unless you know what you are doing and are fully aware of what the parameter does.


SAP profile parameter documentation

To retrieve the full SAP documentation for a specified parameter simply execute RZ11 again 

And this time select the "display Docu" button and the SAP documentation will now be displayed 

Example SAP Parameters

rsdb/max_blocking_factor - "Split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries " rsdb/esm/buffersize_kb - "Size of 'export to/import from shared memory'-(ESM)-buffer [kB]

rsdb/mb_cur_max - "Maximum bytes per character of the DBMS characterset" rsdb/oracle_host_standby.htm - "Hostname of a Standby Database Host" rsdb/reco_sleep_time - "Influence the Sleeptime between two DB-Reconnect Attempts"
rspo/host_spool/print - "Print command for host system (access method L)
fn_alalerts - "generic filename for CCMS Monitoring Architecture alerts"

SAP Profile parameters by module area

Most SAP profile parameters fall under the SAP Basis module area and more specifically the ABAP Runtime Environment as they mainly control settings that effect how the system performs. 

SAP Profile Parameters by module area

Alphabetical list of SAP Profile parameters

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