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SAP Project System Tables PS

ACTCMBDET_TAB - Table for status combination details
ACTCMBDT_CUS_TAB - Table for storing the detials of status combination
ACTCMBSY_CUS_TAB - Customizing table for priority change of fixed status comb.
ACTCMBSY_TXT_TAB - Text table for the customizing tab for setting the priority.
ACTCMB_CUS_TAB - Customizing table for adding user combination status
ACTCMB_STXT_TAB - Text table for the custmozing table for the status comb.
ACTCMB_TAB - table for status combination

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SAP Payments Tables PS-CAF

TCCF - Structure for Creating Commitment Items
TCCF_1 - Help Structure for Creating Commitment Items
COFP - Document Lines (project cash management)
COFP_KEY - COFP key fields (INCLUDE structure)
COFP_ONLY - None key fields occurring only in COFP (INCLUDE structure)
COVFP1 - CO object: Financial data line items, incl.document header
DOC_COLL - Document Cluster Analysis Transfer into PS Cash
FMFD - Presettings: Create Commitment Items
PLMRKFMS005 - Structure for Program RKFMS005
PLM_ALV_121 - Output Structure for Report RKFMDL83
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SAP Claim Management Tables PS-CLM

BAPI7050 - BAPI Claim Header
CLAIM - Claim Management Data (Additional to Data in QMEL)
CLAIM_IS1 - Reporting Structure for CLAIMIS1
CLAIM_MANAGEMENT - Additional Claim Management Data
CLM_IAOM_CSC - Controlling Scenario for Determining Claim
CLM_IAOM_EXAT - Ext. Attributes of an Ext. Object (Single Obj.Controlling)
CLM_ORD_TYPE - Notification Type Assignment - Order Type
OPS_G_REPLY_TYPE_PDF - Header Details for CLM_REPLY01 Form
PRCLAIM - Codes for Claim Long Texts
RCLAIM001 - Reporting Structure for Claim Info System

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SAP Confirmation Tables PS-CON

CNSE_ACTY - Fields for Expert Document Search (Activity)
CNSE_ACTY_AFVU - Fields for Expert Document Search (Activity) (AFVU)
CNSE_ACTY_AFVU_INC - Fields for Expert Document Search (Activity) (AFVU)
CNSE_ACTY_AFVV - Fields for Expert Document Search (Activity) (AFVv)
CNSE_ACTY_AFVV_INC - Fields for Expert Document Search (Activity) (AFVv)
CNSE_ACTY_DEL - Fields to be Deleted for Expert Document Search (Activity)
CNSE_ACTY_INT - Fields for Internal Expert Document Search (Activity)
CNSE_ACTY_KEY - Key for Activity Structures in Search Engine Indices
CNSE_ACTY_MAND - Required Fields for Expert Document Search (Activity)
CNSE_AFVG_PROT - Log Table for NETWORK ACTIVITY Search Application
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SAP Costs Tables PS-COS

DJEST_S - Display structure for DJEST in maintenance dialog
HASH_DATA_FR_PROJ_COST_EST - Hash Structure for Project Cost Estimate
KOBJSTAT - CO Object Posted To Status (Act./plan costs revenues exist)
KPEP_WL_PS_PARAM - Selection Parameters for Comparison Hierarchy in SchedMan
KPEP_WL_PS_S - Supplementary Object Information on Worklist (PS)
ORS_SCREEN - Input Parameters for Status-by-Period Maintenance View
ORS_STAT - Structure for Status Input Help
PLMRKPSETG0 - Output Structure for Program RKPSETG0
PRS_PROJECT_COST_ESTIMATE_ERP1 - ProjectCostEstimateERPByProjectIDAndAccountingPlanningVersio

PRS_PROJECT_COST_ESTIMATE_ERP2 - ProjectCostEstimateERPCancelConfirmation_sync
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SAP Workforce Planning Tables PS-CRP

CYMPPPRO - Customizing fields for Workforce Planning
CYMP_OUTPUT_FIELDS - Display fields for work distribution at person level
CYMP_PPOOL - Filter for work distribution - project view
CYMP_WPOOL - Filter for work distribution - work center view
KPER - Period Values for Workforce Planning
RCYMP002 - Output Structure for Program RCYMP002
TCYMPP - Customizing Settings for Workforce Planning
TCYMPPT - Texts for Workforce Planning Profiles
TCYMPP_PERIODS - Period Split for Workforce Planning

SAP Dates Tables PS-DAT

ERRTB - Delivers Error List from Project Time Scheduling
PDATE - Supplies the WBS Dates Determined in the Network
PROJOPR - Structure for Collecting Project Activities
PRTE - Scheduling Data for Project Item
PRTEB - Document Structure of Table PRTE
PRTEINC - Scheduling Data for Project Item
RCJ_DATES_ACTUAL - Dates Overview Basic
RCJ_DATES_BASIC - Dates Overview Basic
RCJ_DATES_BSC_FRCST - Dummy: Delete!
RCJ_DATES_FORECAST - Dates Overview Basic
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SAP Document Processing Tables PS-DOC

OLR3_DMS_OBJLNK - Default Document Types per cProjects System
OLR3_DMS_TS_ADMIN - DMS Administration Data for Documents/Document Info Record
OLR3_DMS_TS_CFX_CFOLDERS - cFolders: Customizing Connection
OLR3_DMS_TS_CFX_C_DOCTYPE - Document Type Dependent Customizing Settings
OLR3_DMS_TS_DOC_CONTENT_4_GUID - Row for Bin. Doc. Contents(such as SDOKCNTBIN but with GUID)
OLR3_DMS_TS_DOC_CONTENT_BIN - Row for Bin. Doc. Contents of Web Server(such as SDOKCNTBIN)
OLR3_DMS_TS_DOC_TYPES - cProjects: R/3 DMS Document Type with Description
OLR3_DMS_TS_DOST_EXT_ID - External Key for Processing Document Structure Items
OLR3_DMS_TS_DOST_EXT_ID_ERROR - External Key of Document Structure Items Including BAPIRET2
OLR3_DMS_TS_DRAW_EXT_ID - Fields for the External Key of Document
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SAP Information System Tables PS-IS

ACT01 - Activity for LDB 01
ACT01_CJDB_REP - Reporting str. for ACT01 (for CJDB_GET_PROJECT_FROM_LDB_PSJ)
ACT01_NODEL - Fields from ACT01 also displayed w/o authorizations (PSJ)
ACT01_TIME - Fields from ACT01 with time ref.(for authztn check LDB PSJ)
ACTR - Order Activity Structure for Project Reporting
AFAB01 - Network Relationship (for LDB) - 01
AFABR - Relationship Structure for Project Reporting
AFFH01 - Order PRT Data (for LDB) - 01
AFFHR - PRT Structure for Project Reporting
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SAP Material Tables PS-MAT

BOMMAT - BOM header data
CN10_RES - Reservation and Order Data for CN33
CN10_RESBD - CN10: Component Data Structure for BOM Transfer
CN10_TOOL - CN33: Analysis tool
CNSTPOX - Structure for BOM/PS interface
GRINT - Interface parameters for grouping
GRPGA - Assignment of WBS elements to MRP WBS elements
GRPGV - Validity of grouping WBS elements for plant/MRP group
GRPG_COSBA_SUM - Grouping/Pegging: Variances/Results Analyses summary
GRPG_COSPA_SUM - Grouping/Pegging primary costs/comms summary table
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SAP Progress Tables PS-PRG

STCUST_EVWB - Customer structure for Earned Value Workbench.
STDATE_EVWB - Date structure for Progress Analysis Workbench.
STEV_EVWB - Earned Value Data of Progress Analysis Workbench.
STGEN_EVWB - General structure for Earned Value Workbench.
STMAIN_EVWB - Display structure for Earned Value Workbench.
STSTATUS_EVWB - Progress Analysis Workbench for status managment.
ACTELEM_EST_POC - Activity Element POC
ACTMEASUREMENTMETHOD - List of EV measurement methods
ACT_COSB_ST - Structure to hold Earned values
ACT_COSR_ST - Structure to hold Aggregated POC values
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SAP Revenues and Earnings Tables PS-REV

AD01ATTR - All Parameters of Dynamic Items
AD01ATTRD - Derived Parameters of Dynamic Items
AD01ATTRI - Independent Parameters of Dynamic Items
AD01ATTRI1 - Mandatory Parameters of Dynamic Items
AD01ATTRI2 - Independent Parameters of a Dynamic Item
AD01CHKRES - DIP profile: Check result
AD01CHKRES_DETAILS - DIP profile: Detail check result
AD01COLL - Structure of Transfer Table to FB DIPALV_COLLECTIVE_RRB
AD01COLLRESULT - Results List for Collective Processing
AD01CTKEY - Cost type (key)
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SAP Simulation Tables PS-SIM

ACT01_REF - Reference structure for source and target network activity
ACT01_UPDATE_RELEVANT - Fields relevant to update from AFVC,V,V (sim. vers.)
ACT01_UPD_OP2VS - Fields that are NOT relevant for update from AFVC,V,V(sim.)
ACT01_UPD_VS2OP - Fields that are NOT relevant for update from AFVC,V,V(sim.)
ACT01_UPD_VS2VS - Fields that are NOT relevant for update from AFVC,V,V(sim.)
AFAB_UPDATE_RELEVANT - Fields relevant to update from AFAB (sim. vers.)
AFAB_UPD_OP2VS - Fields that are NOT relevant for update from AFAB (sim. ver)
AFAB_UPD_VS2OP - Fields that are NOT relevant for update from AFAB (sim. ver)
AFAB_UPD_VS2VS - Fields that are NOT relevant for update from AFAB (sim. ver)
AFFL_UPDATE_RELEVANT - Fields that are relevant for update from AFFL (sim. vers.)
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SAP Structures Tables PS-ST

ACL_AUTH_ALV - Structure for Handling the ALV to display ACL in PS
ACL_AUTH_ALV_ST - Structure for Handling the ALV to display ACL in PS
ACL_ST - Structure to hold Objnr and Activity Type
ACTELE_UPD_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for bapi update.
ACTELE_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for activity element Bapi
ACT_CONTROLDATA_ST - Control Structure for Activities
ACT_CONTROLDATA_UPD_ST - Update structure for Control data of Activities
ACT_CUSTDATA_ST - Structute for activity CI
ACT_CUSTDATA_UPD_ST - Upd struc for Activity CI
ACT_ELEM_CONTROLDATA_ST - Control Structure for Activities
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SAP Public Sector Management Tables PSM

EAPSCO_ACCOUNTING_CODING_BLOCK - IDT for FundsCommitmentDocumentERPByIDResponse_syncItemAccou
EAPSCO_AMOUNT - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_AUTHORSN_GRP_CODE_S - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_BASIC_BUSDOC_MSG_HEADER - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDQRY_SV1SE - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDQuery_sync_V1Selection
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSPM_S_V1 - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponseMessage_sync_V1
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSP_SV1BD - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponse_sync_V1BudgetDocument
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSP_SV1FT - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponse_sync_V1FsclTrsyCodgBlk
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSP_SV1IT - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponse_sync_V1BdgtDocItm
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SAP Expenditure Certification Tables PSM-EC

FINSRC_CUST - OBSOLETE Financing Source Customer Fields
FMEUFACT - OBSOLETE Select Accounting Object
FMEUFACTO - Accounting Objects for Operation Derivation
FMEUFAUD - Auditing (Operation)
FMEUFCAT - Certifiable Document Types
FMEUFCD_FMEUFAUD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFFNS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFFSPF - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFLNK - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFOPH - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
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SAP Fund Accounting Tables PSM-FA

FAGL_BSEG_EXT_RLDNR - General Ledger Documents: Ledger-Dependent
FAGL_CASH_ACCNT - Cash Ledger: Cash-Relevant Accounts
FAGL_CFR_ASGMT - Cash Flow Reporting: Assignment to E/R Account
FAGL_CFR_CONTROL - Cash Flow Reporting: Control Table
FAGL_CLHCM_ASGMT - Cash-Basis Accounting - HCM Integration: Default RE_ACCOUNT
FAGL_CLMIG_ASGMT - Cash Ledger Migration: Profit and Loss Acct for Opening Bal.
FAGL_CLMIG_STATE - Cash Ledger: Migration Status
FAGL_CL_ASGMT - Cash Ledger: Assignment of Income Statemt Accts to B/S Accts
FAGL_CL_ASGMT_CHG - Cash Ledger: Changeable Account Assignment Objects
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SAP Functions for U.S. Federal Government Tables PSM-FG

AGING_S - Aging Data
BFMFG_LFACCR - US Fed BI: Vendor Master Central Contract Registry (CCR)
CATT_DOCS - CATT recording documents
CUSTOMER_BANK_S - Customer bank details
EAPSCO_ACCOUNTS_RECEIVABLE_PO3 - Point of contact provided to Defense Finance Accounting Serv
EAPSCO_ACCOUNTS_RECEIVABLE_POC - Point of contact provided to Defense Finance Accounting Serv
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_GROUP - Group defined to hold typical Address information
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_GROUP1 - Group defined to hold typical Address information
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_TYPE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
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SAP Funds Management Tables PSM-FM

BAPI_0050_FIELDS - Single fields parameters for Entry Document
BAPI_0050_HEADER - Header data for Entry document - Method Create
BAPI_0050_HEADER_ADD - Header additionnal data
BAPI_0050_HEADER_GET - Header data for entry document
BAPI_0050_ITEM - Entry Document - Line item
BAPI_0050_ITEM_GET - Line item
BAPI_0050_LIST - Entry document list
BAPI_0050_LONGTEXT - Long text
BAPI_0050_PERIOD - FM Budgeting entry document - Line items Periods
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SAP Grants Management Tables PSM-GM

BAPI_0035_BUDGET_LAYOUT - GM budget layout
BAPI_0035_BUDGET_LAYOUT_X - GM budget layout update info
BAPI_0035_BUDGET_VALIDITY - Grant master budget validity
BAPI_0035_BUDGET_VALIDITY_X - Grant master budget validity update info
BAPI_0035_COSTSHARING - Cost sharing in the grant master
BAPI_0035_COSTSHARING_X - Grant cost sharing
BAPI_0035_DEFAULT_CONTROL - Checkbox for defaults to grant master
BAPI_0035_FIELDS - Single fields parameters for grant master creation
BAPI_0035_FUNDS - Funds for the grant master
BAPI_0035_FUNDS_X - GM grant master data : Funds update info
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SAP Procurement for Public Sector Tables PSM-GPR

/SAPPSPRO/IF_CC - IBU-PS: Incremntl Fundng - Active Comp Codes & Purch Doc Cat
/SAPPSPRO/IF_DT - IBU-PS: Incremental Funding Purchasing Document Types
/SAPPSPRO/IF_TH - Incremental Funding: Customizing for GR/IR Thresholds
/SAPPSPRO/MEM_TRANSFER_DATA - GovProc: LPN in Service Entry Sheet - Structure for mem data
/SAPPSPRO/ML81N_SELECT - GovProc: LPN in Service Entry Sheet - Communication Struc
/SAPPSPRO/S_ACC_CAT_ERP - Account Assignment Category from Backend ERP
/SAPPSPRO/S_ACTIVE_DOC_TYPE - Incremental funding status for a document type
/SAPPSPRO/S_COB - Coding Block
/SAPPSPRO/S_COB_AD - Structure used by the FM Derivation Tool along with COBL
/SAPPSPRO/S_DUMMY_CMMT_ITEM - Commitment Item for Unfunded Accounting Line
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