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SAP Function Modules

SAP function modules are sections of ABAP code which can be re-used in any SAP program.

They generally consist of a number of inputs where you can pass values to the function and a number of outputs which return the calculated value or values back to the calling program. r text here...

Display any Function Module in SAP

Do you know the name of the Function module you want to display? Then simply enter it below and press the display button

Useful SAP function modules 

While developing your bespoke SAP applications you can create your own FM's to perform specific functionality you may wish to reuse but there are also thousands which have already been created by SAP. Many of these actually perform very usful functionality such as simple date caltulations, more complex transaction specific functionality as well as report creation using the ALV reporting function modules.

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SAP Reports 
Available SAP ABAP Reports

Create new HR Infotype record ABAP Code
Example ABAP HR report to create HR infotype record using SAP function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. In this example, I will demonstrate[...]
View FM Documentation
It is a simple process to retrieve the SAP function module documentation available within your SAP system and can be[...]
RFC_LOGIN_INFO Function module
RFC_LOGIN_INFO is a standard SAP function module available within R/3 SAPsystems depending on your version and release level. Below is[...]
SAP Function Module tables parameter
Using the tables parameter is obsolete and SAP does not really support this any more. You can add a table type[...]
SAP Table type structure for select-option
If you want to use or pass selection options into your SAP function modules you can use table type RSELOPTION which[...]