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SAP PS Structures Tables (PS-ST)

SAP Structures Tables PS-ST

ACL_AUTH_ALV - Structure for Handling the ALV to display ACL in PS
ACL_AUTH_ALV_ST - Structure for Handling the ALV to display ACL in PS
ACL_ST - Structure to hold Objnr and Activity Type
ACTELE_UPD_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for bapi update.
ACTELE_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for activity element Bapi
ACT_CONTROLDATA_ST - Control Structure for Activities
ACT_CONTROLDATA_UPD_ST - Update structure for Control data of Activities
ACT_CUSTDATA_ST - Structute for activity CI
ACT_CUSTDATA_UPD_ST - Upd struc for Activity CI
ACT_ELEM_CONTROLDATA_ST - Control Structure for Activities
ACT_ELEM_CONTROLDATA_UPD_ST - Update structure for Control data of Activities
ACT_ELEM_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Structure for Activity Org data
ACT_ELEM_UPD_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Update structure for Activity
ACT_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Structure for Activity Org data
ACT_UPD_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Update structure for Activity
ACT_UPD_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for marking the changed user fields for bapi upd.
ACT_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for populating user fields in bapi.
CAT_COLL_PR_SCR - screen structure for assignment of coll. PR ind
CAUFVD_NP - Progress and Milestone:Netwotk Header
CHANGED_FIELD - Structure for the chnaged fields

CHANGED_FIELDNAMES_ST - Structure to hold the Changed field names
CHANGED_WBS_ST - Structure to save the changed wbs elements.
CHILD_HIER_ST - Structure to hold Child Nodes Hierarchy
CNLDST_APPL - Applications for Activating Language-Dependent Short Texts
CNLDST_APPLT - Application Names
CNLDST_OBJ - Objects for Activating Language-Dependent Short Texts
CNLDST_OBJS - Appl.and Obj. with Activated Language-Dependent Short Texts
CNLDST_OBJT - Object Type Names
CNLDST_SHORTTX - Table of Language-Dependent Short Texts
CNLDST_TS_ACTIVATION - Application - Object Combination
CNLDST_TS_ACTIVATION_ALL - Activated Application - Object Combination Including Data
CNLDST_TS_FUNCTION - Functions of an Application - Object Combination
CNLDST_TS_INIT - Data from Existing Objects
CNLDST_TS_LANGUAGE_ISO - Language According to ISO 639
CNLDST_TS_OBJECT - Language-Depend. Short Text without Appl.-Object Combination
CNLDST_TS_OBJECT_RETURN - Appl.- Object Combination with Freely Assignable Value
CNLDST_TS_OBJS - Appl.and Obj. with Activated Language-Dependent Short Texts
CNLDST_TS_RESULT - Error Message Short Texts of an Object in Screen
CNLDST_TS_RETURN - Table with Return Values for Language-Dependent Short Texts
CNLDST_TS_SCREEN_ATTRIBUTES - Display Attributes of an Object
CNLDST_TS_SHORTTEXT_BT - Document Table Structure of Language-Dependent Short Texts
CNLDST_TS_SHORTTX - Structure of Language-Dependent Short Text Table
CNLDST_TS_STEXT - Language-Dependent Short Text Result Structure
CNLDST_TS_TEMPLATE_KEY - Standard Text Key Structure
CNPB_OPTIONS_NEW - User-Specific Options
COLLECTIVE_PR_ST - Structure for Collective PR
CONTROLDATA_ST - Structure for Control data
CONTROL_ACT_OVR_ST - Activity Overview structure
CONTROL_NET_OVR_ST - Network Overview structure
CONTROL_OVR_ST - Overview structure for Control
CONTROL_WBS_OVR_ST - WBS Overview structure
CUST_OVER - Customer overview details
DATASETS_ST - This structure type stores all the data sets checked.
EVOPD_RCNEV - Structure:Progress and Milestones
EVOPD_WBS - Progress and Milestone: WBS and Activities
EVPOC_ST - EVPOC, Period and Year.
IHPAVB_ST - Table for Partner WBS

MIL_ACT_OVRV - Progress and Milestone:Overview:Activities
MLSTD_ML - Progress and Milestones:Milestones
NETWORK_WORKLIST_ST - Network Worklist
NET_CONTROLDATA_ST - Network Structure for Control data
NET_CONTROLDATA_UPD_ST - Update structure for Control data of Network
NET_CUSTDATA_ST - Structute for network CI
NET_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI structure for Network
NET_UPD_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Update Structure for Networks
NEWOLDNR_ST - Structure for table type newoldnr_tty
OLR3_ACTI - PSIS - Individual Overviews: Activities
OLR3_MLSTI - PSIS - Individual Overviews: Milestones
OLR3_NETZI - PSIS - Individual Overviews: Networks
OLR3_PROJI - PSIS - Individual Overviews: Project Definitions
OLR3_PRPSI - PSIS - Individual Overviews: WBS Elements
OLR3_R3_TS_COAS_REP - Internal Order: Costs/Revenues/Key Figures
OLR3_R3_TS_CONSISTENCY - Object Link R/3: Consistency Check for each Object Type
OLR3_R3_TS_DATA_BODY - Transfer Structure for RFC Function Module GET_DATA
OLR3_R3_TS_DATA_BODY1 - Extended Structure for RFC Function Module GET_DATA
OLR3_R3_TS_DRAW_DATE - Release Text Document
OLR3_R3_TS_GUID_ID_SPLIT - Fields for the GUID and the Split of Internal/External Keys
OLR3_R3_TS_ID_LABEL - Fields for the Label (Max. Length 20) of a Field
OLR3_R3_TS_ID_SPLIT - Fields for the Split of the Internal or External Keys
OLR3_R3_TS_INSP_LOT_DATA - Fields for Inspection Lot
OLR3_R3_TS_KAUF - Internal Order Administration Data for cProjects Object Link
OLR3_R3_TS_KEY - GET_DATA: Fields for the Table after the Select
OLR3_R3_TS_KEYSTRING - GET_DATA: Fields for the Table after the Select
OLR3_R3_TS_MAT_DATA - Fields for Plant Material
OLR3_R3_TS_OBJECT_LINKS_FB - OLR3 Object Links to a cProject Object (for RFC Import)
OLR3_R3_TS_OBL_OBJ_TYPE - Object Links of a cProject Object
OLR3_R3_TS_OBL_OBJ_TYPE_FB - Object Links of a cProject Object
OLR3_R3_TS_PDOC - Structure with Settings for Displaying Purchasing Documents
OLR3_R3_TS_PO_DATA - Fields for Purchase Order
OLR3_R3_TS_REQ_DATA - Fields for Puchase Requisition for External Activity
OLR3_R3_TS_RPSCO - Key Figures and Project Costs (with Alloted and Available)
OLR3_R3_TS_RPSCO_OBJECT - Hierarchy Information for Cost Analysis
OLR3_R3_TS_SEL_OBJ - Object Types for Calling Up the PB
OLR3_R3_TS_SHLP_RESULT - Result of Search Help
OLR3_R3_TS_TAB_DATA - Key, Key Figures Key, Table, Field Name, -Content, -Label

OLR3_R3_TS_VALUE - GET_DATA: Fields for the Table after the Select
OLR3_RESBI - PSIS - Individual Overviews: Components
ORGDATA_AFVGD_ST - Organisational Structure for Activities
ORGDATA_CAUFVD_ST - Organisational structure for Network
ORGDATA_PROJ_ST - Organisational Structure for Project
ORGDATA_PRPS_ST - Organisation Structure for WBS
ORG_OVR_ST - Overview structure for Org data
ORG_PROJ_OVR_ST - Overview structure for WBS
ORG_WBS_OVR_ST - Overview structure for WBS
POC_ST - Structure to hold EVOP & EVPOC
PRIND_PR_WA - Structure to display PR Indicators for a Project Defination.
PROJ_CONTROLDATA_ST - Project Structure for Control data
PROJ_CONTROLDATA_UPD_ST - Update structure for Control data of Project
PROJ_CUSTDATA_ST - Structure for proj CI
PROJ_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Structure corresponding to Org Data
PROJ_ORGDATA_UPD_ST - BAPI Update Structure corresponding to Org Data
PROJ_PD - Progress and Milestones:Project Definition
PROJ_WORKLIST_ST - Project Definition Worklist
PSACL_FLAGS_TAB - PS Project and Network ACL Flags
PSACL_TAB - Table for PS ACL Integration
PSB_BO_HIER_ATTR_ST - Attribute Structure for HIERACHY Node in BO
PSB_BO_HIER_KEY_ST - BO Hierarchy Key structure
PSB_BO_PARTNER_ATTR_ST - Partner Attribute BO Structure
PSB_BO_PRJ_ATTR_ST - Attribute structure for Project Root Node for BO
PSB_BO_PRJ_KEY_ST - Structure of the Root Node : Project in BO
PSB_BO_SDI_ATTR_ST - Key structure for the SD item linked to the WBS
PSB_BO_SDI_KEY_ST - Key structure for the SD item linked to the WBS
PSB_BO_USER_TEXT_ST - User Text for the User name
PSB_BO_WBS_ATTR_ST - WBS Element Attribute BO Structure
PSB_BO_WBS_KEY_ST - Key Structure for WBS Node in the BO Model
PSB_BO_WBS_ST - WBS - Structure
PSB_GENIL_HIER_ATTR_ST - Attribute Structure for HIERACHY Node in BOL
PSB_GENIL_HIER_KEY_ST - Key Structure for HIERACHY Node in BOL
PSB_GENIL_PART_ATTR_ST - Partner Attribute BOL Structure
PSB_GENIL_PART_KEY_ST - Key Structure for Partner Node in the BOL Model
PSB_GENIL_PAR_NXTSTAT_ST - Parameter structure for the next Possible statuses
PSB_GENIL_PRJ_ATTR_ST - Attribute structure for Project Root Node for BOL
PSB_GENIL_PRJ_KEY_ST - Structure of the Root Node : Project in BOL
PSB_GENIL_PROJ_ATTR_ST - Project Element Attribute BOL Structure
PSB_GENIL_PROJ_KEY_ST - Key Structure for Project Node in the BOL Model
PSB_GENIL_QRY_PRJSD_ST - Query structure for the Project and Sales Doc
PSB_GENIL_SDI_ATTR_ST - Key structure for the SD item linked to the WBS
PSB_GENIL_SDI_KEY_ST - Key structure for the SD item linked to the WBS
PSB_GENIL_STAT_ATTR_ST - Attribute structure of Status
PSB_GENIL_STAT_KEY_ST - Structure of the Dependant Node : Status in BOL
PSB_GENIL_WBS_ATTR_ST - WBS Element Attribute BOL Structure
PSB_GENIL_WBS_DATES_ATTR_ST - WBS Dates Attribute BOL Structure
PSB_GENIL_WBS_KEY_ST - Key Structure for WBS Node in the BOL Model
PSB_PRJ_KEY_ST - Structure for the project Key
PSHLP_ACL_ALV_ST - Structure to display the output of ACL in ALV format
PSHLP_ACL_CHG_FM_ST - Structure for ACL Change FM
PSHLP_ACL_DEL_ST - Structure to hold the deleted ACL information
PSHLP_ACL_OBJLVL_ST - ACL at object level
PSHLP_ACL_OBJ_AUTH_ST - Structure max auth acl list
PSHLP_ACL_OUTPUT_ST - Structure to hold the ACL records
PSHLP_ACL_ST - PSHLP : Structure for ACL
PSHLP_ACTIVITY_DATE_ST - Structure for Activity data compare
PSHLP_ACTY_ACTUAL_DATES_ST - Activity Actual Dates Overview
PSHLP_ACTY_AFAB_ST - Activity relationship key structure
PSHLP_ACTY_ALL_DATES_OVR_ST - PS HLP Activity All Dates Overview Dates
PSHLP_ACTY_BASIC_DATES_ST - Activity Basic Dates Overview
PSHLP_ACTY_CHG_FM_ST - Change structure for activity
PSHLP_ACTY_CHG_FM_X_ST - Change structure for activity
PSHLP_ACTY_CI_ST - PS HLP : Customer fields for activity & activity element
PSHLP_ACTY_COLLECTIVEPR_ST - Structure for the Activity Collective PR
PSHLP_ACTY_COLLPR_KEY_ST - Structure for the Activity Collective PR
PSHLP_ACTY_CONF_KEY_ST - Activity Confirmation Keys
PSHLP_ACTY_DATES_OVR_INC_ST - PS HLP Activity Dates Include for Overview
PSHLP_ACTY_DATE_COMP_ST - Structure for Activity data compare
PSHLP_ACTY_DATE_ST - Activity Dates ouput strcuture
PSHLP_ACTY_ELEM_TYPE_ST - Activity Element type structure
PSHLP_ACTY_ELE_ALV_ST - Activity element ALV UI
PSHLP_ACTY_ELE_INC_ST - Acitivty Element specific fields structure
PSHLP_ACTY_FORECAST_DATES_ST - Activity Forecast Dates Overview
PSHLP_ACTY_HIER_ST - Structure for activity hierarchy
PSHLP_ACTY_KEY_CHG_FM_ST - Activity key structure
PSHLP_ACTY_MLST_ALV_ST - Milestone overview UI
PSHLP_ACTY_MLST_CHG_FM_ST - Milestone structure for activty function module interface
PSHLP_ACTY_MLST_CHG_FM_X_ST - Milestone X structure for Activity function module
PSHLP_ACTY_PROC_TYPE_ST - Activity pocessing type structure
PSHLP_ACTY_REL_ST - Output for Activity Relationship APIs
PSHLP_ACTY_ST - PSHLP: Activity Output
PSHLP_ACTY_SUBT_KEY_FM_ST - Activity substitution key structure
PSHLP_ACTY_USERFLDS_LBL_ST - PSHLP: User fields lable for activity
PSHLP_ACTY_USER_FIELDS_LBL_ST - PSHLP : User labels structure
PSHLP_ACTY_USER_FIELDS_ST - PS HLP : Activity User Fields structure
PSHLP_ACTY_VALID_KEY_FM_ST - Activity validation key structure
PSHLP_ACT_BAS_ACT_DATES_OVR_ST - PS HLP Activity Basic and Actual Dates Overview
PSHLP_ACT_COST_OVR_ST - Cost overview structure for activity
PSHLP_ACT_ELE_COST_OVR_ST - Cost overview structure for activity element
PSHLP_ACT_FST_ACT_DATES_OVR_ST - PS HLP Activity Forecast and Actual Dates Overview
PSHLP_ACT_FST_BAS_DATES_OVR_ST - PS HLP Activity Forecast and Basic Dates Overview
PSHLP_ACT_PM_DT - Table for tracking whether acty dates are determined by pmcs
PSHLP_AFAB_ST - Relationship buffer structure AFAB
PSHLP_API_AUX_DATES_ST - Gantt aux dates
PSHLP_ARBID_ST - PSHLP: work centre info
PSHLP_AUFPLBT_ST - AUFPL buffer structure
PSHLP_BT_MLST_ST - Milestone buffer structure
PSHLP_CAUFVBT_ST - Network Buffer structure
PSHLP_COLLPR_CHG_FM_ST - Structure for Collective PR
PSHLP_COLORTAB_ST - Color Structure for Overview Screens
PSHLP_COMPARE_RELT_ST - Compare Relations Data
PSHLP_CON_ACTY_OVR_ST - Activity Overview - Control Data
PSHLP_CON_NTWK_OVR_ST - Network Overview - Control Data
PSHLP_CON_WBS_OVR_ST - WBS Overview - Control Data
PSHLP_CURRENT_UI_ST - Current UI Display
PSHLP_CUSTOMER_BUTTON_ST - Additional Pushbutton Structure for SAP List Viewer
PSHLP_CUST_ACTY_OVR_ST - Activity Overview - Customer Data
PSHLP_CUST_DPROF - Data Selection Profile
PSHLP_CUST_NTWK_OVR_ST - Network Overview - Customer Data
PSHLP_CUST_PROFT - Test table for displaying different languages
PSHLP_CUST_WBS_OVR_ST - WBS Overview - Customer Data
PSHLP_DATACHANGE_ST - HLP: Activity Change structure
PSHLP_DATASELECT_ST - Structure to display the datasets checkboxes.
PSHLP_DATASET_DB - To store the user specific datasets chosen
PSHLP_DATES_EXCEPTION_ST - PS HLP Dates Exception Structure
PSHLP_DATES_ST - dates comparison structure
PSHLP_DATES_TREE_OBJECTS_ST - Objects Grouped by Object type
PSHLP_DRAFT_COMP_ICONS_ST - Data sets for Draft Comparison
PSHLP_DRAFT_HIER_KEY_ST - Hierarchy Key for Draft
PSHLP_DRAFT_HIER_ST - Hierarchy structure for Draft Comparison
PSHLP_EH_ACTY_ELEMENT_ST - Activity structure for exception handling
PSHLP_EH_ACTY_ST - Activity structure for exception handling
PSHLP_EH_DELAY - Delay structure for exception handling
PSHLP_EH_MLST_ST - Milestone structure for exception handling
PSHLP_EH_NTWK_ST - Network structure for exception handling
PSHLP_EH_WBS_ST - WBS structure for exception handling
PSHLP_ENTRY_SCREEN_ST - Stores Entry Screen Information of PSHLP20
PSHLP_ENTRY_ST - Structure to hold the entry data for project editor.
PSHLP_EXCEPTION_HANDLING_ST - Exception handling for relative dates
PSHLP_EXT_ACTY_ELE_OVR_ST - External activity element overview structure
PSHLP_EXT_ACTY_OVR_ST - Activity Overview - External activity
PSHLP_FILTER_DATA_ST - Filter data set structure for PS
PSHLP_FILTER_DB - Project Worklist - User Specific Filter Table
PSHLP_FILTER_OPTION - Structure for select options
PSHLP_GANTT_USER_PERS_ST - Personalisation structure for HLP Gantt User Settings
PSHLP_GNTT_USR_SETTINGS_TAB_ST - Gantt User Settings tabular data
PSHLP_HIERARCHY_ST - Hierarchy structure for PS
PSHLP_HIER_FILTER_OPTION_ST - Structure for filter options
PSHLP_HIER_FILTER_ST - Hierarchy Filter option
PSHLP_HIER_KEY_ST - Hierarchy key
PSHLP_HIER_READ_ST - Structure for key for Hierarchy read from RFC
PSHLP_HIER_STATE_ST - Hierarchy State
PSHLP_INT_ACTY_ELE_OVR_ST - Activity Element Overview - Internal
PSHLP_INT_ACTY_OVR_ST - Activity Overview - Internal activity
PSHLP_JEST_ST - PS HLP Jest structure
PSHLP_JEST_UPD_ST - JEST Buffer structure
PSHLP_KEYS_FETCHED_ST - List of Keys that have been fetched
PSHLP_LNGTEXT_BUFFER_ST - PSHLP : Structure to hold the buffer values for long text
PSHLP_LOOP_OUTPUT_ST - Output structure for loop analysis result
PSHLP_LST_ACC_ST - Last Accessed
PSHLP_LTEXT_ST - PSHLP : Structure for Long Text Lines
PSHLP_MATERIAL_ST - Material Output Structure
PSHLP_MLST_BT_OLD_ST - Activity milestone buffer (old) structure
PSHLP_MLST_BT_ST - Activity milestone buffer structure
PSHLP_MLST_CHG_FM_ST - Milestone structure for function module
PSHLP_MLST_CHG_FM_X_ST - Milestone X structure for Activity change function module
PSHLP_MLST_HIER_KEY_ST - Milestone keys
PSHLP_MLST_HIER_ST - Structure for Milestone
PSHLP_MLST_KEY_ST - Milestone keys
PSHLP_MLST_ST - Milestone Output Structure
PSHLP_MLTX_BT_OLD_ST - Activity milestone text buffer (old) structure
PSHLP_NETWWL_DB - Network ACL Worklist
PSHLP_NEW_DATASETS_ST - New Datasets in EhP6 for HLP
PSHLP_NODE_FC_UI_ST - Context: Field Control Information per Node
PSHLP_NTWK_ACTUAL_DATES_ST - N etwork Basic Dates Overview
PSHLP_NTWK_ALL_DATES_OVR_ST - PS HLP Network All Dates Overview
PSHLP_NTWK_BASIC_DATES_ST - N etwork Basic Dates Overview
PSHLP_NTWK_BAS_ACT_DATES_ST - PS HLP Network Basic and Actual Dates
PSHLP_NTWK_CHG_FM_ST - Network change structure for Function module
PSHLP_NTWK_CHG_FM_X_ST - Change structure for Network
PSHLP_NTWK_CI_ST - Output Structure for Network Customer Data
PSHLP_NTWK_DATES_OVR_INC_ST - PS HLP Network Dates Include Overview
PSHLP_NTWK_DATE_COMP_ST - Structure for Network data compare
PSHLP_NTWK_DATE_ST - Network Dates
PSHLP_NTWK_FORECAST_DATES_ST - N etwork Forecast Dates Overview
PSHLP_NTWK_HIER_ST - Structure for network hierarchy
PSHLP_NTWK_KEY_CHG_FM_ST - Network key structure
PSHLP_NTWK_KEY_ST - Network Keys
PSHLP_NTWK_LOCK_ST - Network Lock strucutre
PSHLP_NTWK_QUERY_ST - Query Structure for Network worklist
PSHLP_NTWK_ST - Network Output Structure
PSHLP_NTWK_SUBT_KEY_FM_ST - Network substitution key structure
PSHLP_NTWK_VALID_KEY_FM_ST - Network validation key structure
PSHLP_NTW_FST_ACT_DATES_OVR_ST - PS HLP Network Forecast and Actual Dates Overview
PSHLP_NTW_FST_BAS_DATES_OVR_ST - PS HLP Network Forecast and Basic Dates Overview
PSHLP_OBJ_EVENT_ST - Identification of Object
PSHLP_OBJ_FC_UI_ST - Objects with Field Control
PSHLP_OBJ_LANGU_ST - Object number and language for Short text
PSHLP_OBJ_SHORT_ST - Object number and short text
PSHLP_ORG_ACTY_OVR_ST - Activity Overview - Organizational Data
PSHLP_ORG_NTWK_OVR_ST - Network Overview - Organizational Data
PSHLP_ORG_WBS_OVR_ST - WBS Overview - Organizational Data
PSHLP_OVERALL_DATES_OVR_SS_ST - Overall Dates Overview Structure for selection screen
PSHLP_OVIEW_FETCHED_ST - Structure to store overview information
PSHLP_PARTNER_CHG_FM_ST - Partner Change Structure for FM
PSHLP_PARTNER_COMP_ST - Comparison structure for Partner fields
PSHLP_PARTNER_ST - Structure for partner data
PSHLP_PMCS_COPY_ST - Structure to change copy duration and contraints in activity
PSHLP_PMCS_OVR_ST - PM/CS Overview structure
PSHLP_PROFILE_FIELDS_ST - List of attributes for profiling
PSHLP_PROGRESS_COMP_ST - Comparison structure for Progress
PSHLP_PROGRESS_DISPLAY_ST - PSHLP : Progress display data
PSHLP_PROJWL_DB - Project Definition ACL Worklist
PSHLP_PROJ_CHG_FM_ST - Project Master Data structure for Project Change FM
PSHLP_PROJ_CHG_FM_X_ST - Project Master Data 'X' structure for Project Change FM
PSHLP_PROJ_CI_ST - Project Output Structure
PSHLP_PROJ_DATE_COMP_ST - Structure to compare Project Dates
PSHLP_PROJ_DATE_ST - Structure: Project Definition dates
PSHLP_PROJ_HIER_ST - Structure required for hierarchy building of project def.
PSHLP_PROJ_KEY_CHG_FM_ST - Project Key struture for Project Change Function Module
PSHLP_PROJ_KEY_ST - Project key
PSHLP_PROJ_QUERY_ST - Query for Project Worklist
PSHLP_PROJ_ST - Project Output
PSHLP_PROJ_SUBT_KEY_FM_ST - Project substitution key structure
PSHLP_PROJ_VALID_KEY_FM_ST - Project validation key structure
PSHLP_PROJ_WORKLIST_ST - Project Definition Worklist
PSHLP_RELT_DISP_ST - Compare Relations Data
PSHLP_REL_ALV_ST - Relationship ALV UI
PSHLP_REL_CHG_FM_ST - Relationship change structure - FM
PSHLP_REL_CHG_FM_X_ST - Relationship X structure - FM
PSHLP_REL_KEY_ST - PSHLP: Realationship Keys
PSHLP_RESBBT_ST - Material buffer table structure
PSHLP_RFC_CPR_PROJ_ST - RFC structure for collective PR
PSHLP_RFC_STAT_ACTY_ST - Structure to contain the status about Activity
PSHLP_RFC_STAT_NTWK_ST - Structure to contain the status about Network
PSHLP_RFC_STAT_PROJ_ST - Structure to contain the status information
PSHLP_RFC_STAT_WBS_ST - Structure to contain the status profile of WBS
PSHLP_SAVE_DEPENDANT_ST - Structure to track the dependants of an object at SAVE
PSHLP_SAVE_ST - Structure to track the type of change at SAVE
PSHLP_SCHEDULE_CHG_FM_ST - Schedule function module structure
PSHLP_SCHEDULE_ST - Structure to change scheduling options
PSHLP_SHORTTEXT_COMP_ST - Comparison structure for Shorttext
PSHLP_SHRTTXT_OUTPUT_ST - Structure for Short text output
PSHLP_STATUS_CHANGE_ST - Status ouput structure
PSHLP_STATUS_CHECK_ST - Structure for status check
PSHLP_STATUS_CHG_FM_ST - Status change structure for FM
PSHLP_STATUS_OVR_ST - For Status Overview screen
PSHLP_STATUS_ST - Status ouput structure
PSHLP_STATUS_TXT - status num to text conversion structure
PSHLP_SUBNETBT_ST - Subnetwork Structure
PSHLP_SUBSTITUTE_KEY_FM_ST - substitution key structure
PSHLP_TABLE_METADATA_ST - Internal Table Details of the PS global buffers
PSHLP_TEXT_CHG_FM_ST - Text change structure in FM
PSHLP_TJ02T - TJ02T and inactive state
PSHLP_TREE_OBJECTS_ST - Objects Grouped by Object type
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_ATTR_ST - Attributes for Table Part in Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_BAR_ST - Time Bar in Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_CALITEMS_ST - Calendar Items for Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_COL_DEF_ADD_ST - Additional fields for display in Gantt
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_COL_DEF_ST - Column Definition in Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_LINKS_ST - Relationships in Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_LINK_ST - Relationships in Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_PARA_ST - Parameters for Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_ROW_ID_ST - row id for gantt chart
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_TARGET_BAR_ST - Target Time Bar in Gantt Chart Compare
PSHLP_UI_GANTT_TREE_DATA_ST - Gantt Tree: Project Element Data
PSHLP_UI_GNTTCHRT_TREE_DATA_ST - Tree for Gantt Chart: Project Element Data
PSHLP_UI_GNTT_COL_DEF_FLDS_ST - Field names for column definition in Gantt
PSHLP_UI_GNTT_COMBO_DEF_ADD_ST - key value pairs for additional dropdown columns in Gantt
PSHLP_UI_GNTT_HEADER_FOOTER_ST - Header and Footer for printing in Gantt
PSHLP_UI_OBJ_GANTT_ATTR_ST - Objects and Attributes in Gantt Chart
PSHLP_UI_SELECTED_VIEW_ST - Selected View for UI (Top-Level + Subtype)
PSHLP_UI_STATUS_ST - Structure forStatus UI display
PSHLP_USER_ACTY_OVR_ST - Activity Overview - User Fields
PSHLP_USER_WBS_OVR_ST - WBS Overview - HLP User Fields
PSHLP_VALIDATION_KEY_FM_ST - validation key structure
PSHLP_VORNTINT_ST - PSHLP: Vornr Int structure
PSHLP_WBSWL_DB - WBS Elements ACL Worklist
PSHLP_WBS_ALL_DATES_OVR_ST - PSHLP WBS All Dates Overview Structure
PSHLP_WBS_BAS_ACT_DATES_ST - PS HLP WBS Basic and Actual Dates Overview
PSHLP_WBS_CHG_FM_ST - Structure for WBS Change Functuion Module
PSHLP_WBS_CHG_FM_X_ST - Structure for WBS Change Functuion Module
PSHLP_WBS_CI_ST - WBS Output Structure
PSHLP_WBS_CREATE_ST - WBS Create Structure
PSHLP_WBS_DATES_CHG_FM_ST - Dates change structure for function module
PSHLP_WBS_DATES_CHG_FM_X_ST - Dates change structure for function module
PSHLP_WBS_DATE_COMP_ST - Structure for Wbs data compare
PSHLP_WBS_DATE_ST - WBS Dates Output Structure
PSHLP_WBS_FRCST_BASIC_DATES_ST - PSHLP WBS Forecast and Basic Dates Structure
PSHLP_WBS_HIER_ST - Structure required for hierarchy building of WBS
PSHLP_WBS_KEY_CHG_FM_ST - WBS Key Structure for WBS Change FM
PSHLP_WBS_MLST_ALV_ST - WBS milestone alv structure
PSHLP_WBS_MLST_CHG_FM_ST - Milestone structure for WBS change function module
PSHLP_WBS_MLST_CHG_FM_X_ST - Milestone X structure for WBS change function module
PSHLP_WBS_QUERY_ST - Query for WBS Worklist
PSHLP_WBS_ST - WBS Output Structure
PSHLP_WBS_SUBT_KEY_FM_ST - WBS substitution key structure
PSHLP_WBS_USERFLD_F4_OP_ST - Structure for User Field F4 Output
PSHLP_WBS_USERFLD_F4_ST - Structure for F4 Help of WBS User Fields
PSHLP_WBS_USERFLD_INP_ST - Input Structure for User Fields
PSHLP_WBS_USERFLD_ST - Key Word Text for WBS User Fields
PSHLP_WBS_VALID_KEY_FM_ST - Wbs validation key structure
PSHLP_ZAEHLTAB_ST - Network related buffer
PSHMEM_CLUS_TAB - Clustered Table for Shared Memory
PSHP_GNTT_SETTINGS_VARIANT_ST - Gantt User Settings Variants
PSHP_GNTT_USR_SETTINGS_FULL_ST - Gantt User Settings (flat n table)
PSI_WE_POWL_OTB_ST - Structrue for PS OrderToBill Projects POWL
PSI_WE_SEL_PARAMETER_ST - Structure for describing selections
PSI_WE_STR_ST - Structure for string type
PSLA_CONFIG_ST - Structure for lean assembly configuration
PSLA_CONFIG_TBL - Configuration of Commercial Project Inception
PSPR_GRP_IND - Purchase requisitaion grouping indicators in PS
PSPR_GRP_IND_PR - Grouping Indicators and purchase requisition numbers
PSPR_GR_IND_REL - Assignment of group indicator data
PSSKF_DEFAU_TAB - Default SKF for the the Project Parameters
PSSKF_ENABLE_TAB - activate deactivate SKF tab in the Project Builder
PSSKF_RATES_TAB - Save the SKF rates for the calculation of the work duration.
SCREEN_NUM_ST - Screen Numbers.
SKF_STRUC_DISP_WBS_ST - ALV display structure of SKF
STACT_EXT_IN - structure for extension in activities
STATUS_CHECK_ST - Stautus Check
STATUS_OVERVIEW_ST - For Status Overview screen
STCUST_AFVU - Customer Include Structure for Activities
STCUST_AFVU_OVR - Structute for CI Activity Overview
STCUST_AUFK - Customer Include Structure for Network
STCUST_AUFK_OVR - Structure for CI Network Overview
STCUST_PROJ - Structure for customer fields for project
STCUST_PRPS - Customer Include Structure for WBS
STCUST_PRPS_OVR - Structure for Customer overview for WBS
STIT_PRPS_EXT_IN - Ref. structure for BAPI parameter ExtensionIn/ExtensionOut
STIT_WBSERROR - Return Parameter
STIT_WBS_FLD_UPD - Structuture for bapi field update
STLDST_STEXT - Structure for shorttext
STNETW_EXT_IN - structure for extension in network
STPROJ_EXT_IN - structure for extension in proj
STPRPS_EXT_IN - structure for extension in wbs
STRUC_AUTH - Structure for Authorization
STR_AFKO - Structure afko for project definition -pronr
STR_AFVCP - Structure of AFVCP for PROJN
STR_AFVC_NTW - For the afvc network structure
STR_AUFK - structure aufk for pspel-wbs
STR_HIER_AFVC - Structure for afvc for hierarchy
STR_HIER_CAUFV - Structure for network required for hierarchy building
STR_HIER_MLST - Structure for Milestone
STR_HIER_PROJ - Structure required for hierarchy building of project def.
STR_HIER_PRPS - Structure required for hierarchy building of WBS
STR_MLST - MIlestone with read indicator:wbs/activity
STR_PRHI - structure prhi
STSHORTTEXT - Structure for shorttext
STTEXT_ACT - Structure for multilang activity
STTEXT_ACT_ELE - Structure for multilang activity element
STTEXT_NET - Structure for multilang network
STTEXT_PROJ - Structure for multilang project definition
STTEXT_UPD_ACT - Structure for multilang activity update
STTEXT_UPD_ACT_ELE - Structure for multilang activity element update
STTEXT_UPD_NET - Structure for multilang network update
STTEXT_UPD_PROJ - Structure for multilang project definition update
STTEXT_UPD_WBS - Structuree for multilang WBS update
STTEXT_WBS - Structure for multilang WBS
STU_SKF_STRUC_DISP - ALV display structure of SKF
STU_SKF_TOT_VALUES - Statistical key figures total values
USRFLDKEY_ST - Structure to return field key based on object no.
USRFLDLAB_ST - Structure for field lables in user fields
USRFLDWBS_ST - Structure with user fields for wbs overview.
USRFLD_ST - Structure for user fields
WBS_CONTROLDATA_ST - Project Structure for Control data
WBS_CONTROLDATA_UPD_ST - Update structure for Control data of WBS
WBS_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Structure corresponding to Org Data
WBS_UPD_ORGDATA_ST - BAPI Update Structure corresponding to Org Data
WBS_UPD_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for marking the changed user fields for bapi upd.
WBS_USERFIELDS_ST - Structure for populating user fields in bapi.
WBS_WORKLIST_ST - WBS Elements Worklist

SAP Interface to External Project Software Tables PS-ST-INT

AFVGD_UPD - Field string AFVGD (for editing BAPIs)
BAPI_ACTELEMENT_LIST - Activity Element List for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_ACTIVITY_ELEMENT_LIST - Activity Element list for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_ACTIVITY_LIST - Activity List for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_ACTIVITY_PROGRESS - Progress Data for Network Activities
BAPI_BUS2001_CHG - Data Structure: Change Project Definition
BAPI_BUS2001_DETAIL - Data Structure: Project Definition GetData
BAPI_BUS2001_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY - Project Definition GUID List for External Key
BAPI_BUS2001_KEY_FROM_GUID - Key of the Project Definition from the GUID
BAPI_BUS2001_NEW - Data Structure: Create Project Definition
BAPI_BUS2001_PARTNER - Data Structure: Create, Change, Delete Partner Data
BAPI_BUS2001_PARTNER_DETAIL - Data Structure: Partner Data Get Detail
BAPI_BUS2001_UPD - Update Structure: Change Project Definition
BAPI_BUS2002A_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY - GUID List of External IDs for Network Activities
BAPI_BUS2002E_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY - GUID List of External IDs for Activity Elements
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_CHG - Data Structure: Change Activity Element
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_DETAIL - Data Structure: Activity Element GetData
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_NEW - Data Structure: Create Activity Element
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTELEM_UPD - Update Structure: Change Activity Element
BAPI_BUS2002_ACTKEY_FROM_GUID - Network Activity for GUID
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_CHG - Data Structure: Change Network Activity
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_DETAIL - Data Structure: Activity GetData
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_LIST - Activity List for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_NEW - Data Structure: Create Network Activity
BAPI_BUS2002_ACT_UPD - Update Structure: Change Network Activity
BAPI_BUS2002_CHG - Change Data Structure of Network Header
BAPI_BUS2002_DETAIL - Data Structure: Network Header GetData
BAPI_BUS2002_ELEMKEY_FROM_GUID - Activity Element for GUID
BAPI_BUS2002_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY - Network GUID List for External Key
BAPI_BUS2002_GUID_FROM_KEY - Obsolete - Do Not Use
BAPI_BUS2002_KEY_FROM_GUID - Network Key for the GUID
BAPI_BUS2002_KEY_LIST - List of Network Keys
BAPI_BUS2002_NEW - Data Structure: Create Network Header
BAPI_BUS2002_UPD - Change Update Structure of Network Header
BAPI_BUS2054_CHG - Data Structure: Change WBS Element
BAPI_BUS2054_DEL - Obsolete - Do Not Use
BAPI_BUS2054_DETAIL - Data Structure: WBS Element GetData
BAPI_BUS2054_GUID_FROM_EXTKEY - WBS Element GUID List for External Key
BAPI_BUS2054_KEY_FROM_GUID - Key of the WBS Element from the GUID
BAPI_BUS2054_NEW - Data Structure: Create WBS Element
BAPI_BUS2054_UPD - Update Structure: Change WBS Element
BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_ACT_RNG - BAPI Interface Structure for Network Activity Ranges
BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_ADD - BAPI Structure for the Material Component: Add
BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_CHANGE - BAPI Structure for the Material Component: Change
BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_CNG_UPD - BAPI Struct. for the Mat. Component: Change (Change Toolbar)
BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_DETAIL - BAPI Structure for Material Component: Detail
BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_ID - Material Components Key
BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_LIST - List of Network Components with Short Text
BAPI_NETWORK_CONF_ADD - BAPI Structure for Confirmation: Add
BAPI_NETWORK_CONF_CANCEL - Cancellation: Posting Date and Text
BAPI_NETWORK_CONF_GETDET - BAPI Structure for Confirmation: GetDetail
BAPI_NETWORK_CONF_GETLIST - BAPI Structure for Confirmation: GetList
BAPI_NETWORK_CONF_KEY1 - BAPI Structure (Key Fields) for Confirmation
BAPI_NETWORK_CONF_KEY2 - BAPI Structure (Key Fields) for Confirmation
BAPI_NETWORK_IMP - BAPI Import Structure Network
BAPI_NETWORK_LIST_FAILED - List of Network Numbers: Not Found, No Network
BAPI_PROJECT_DEF_LIST - Project Definition for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_PROJECT_DEF_LIST_2 - Project Definition for the BAPI Processing
BAPI_TE_NETWORK - Customer Enhancement to Network (CI_AUFK)
BAPI_TE_NETWORK_ACTIVITY - Customer Enhancement to Network Activity (CI_AFVU)
BAPI_TE_NETWORK_ACT_ELEMENT - Customer Enhancement to Activity Element (CI_AFVU)
BAPI_TE_PROJECT_DEFINITION - Customer Enhancement to Project Definition (CI_PROJ)
BAPI_TE_RSADD - Bapi Structure for RESB CI include
BAPI_TE_WBS_ELEMENT - Customer Enhancement to WBS Element (CI_PRPS)
BAPI_WBS_LIST - WBS Element List for the BAPI Processing
CAUFVD_UPD - Field string CAUFVD (for editing BAPIs)
CN2002_TS_FIELDS - Table Fields (Structure)
CNIF_ACTPRICE_LIST - List of Prices for Activity Types
CNIF_ACTTYPE_LIST - List of Existing Activity Types for Cost Center
CNIF_EMPLOYEE_DETAIL - Detail Information About Person
CNIF_PERIODLIMITS - Date for Period Start and End
CNO1ACT - Activities with Confirmation Data
CNO1CONF - Activities to be Confirmed
CNO1KEYS - Keys of Successful Confirmations
INFO_PO_S - Purchase Orders
NETWACT - Network: Activity or Activity Element
NPGUID - GUIDs for Network Header
NPGUIDBT - Document Table for GUIDs for Network Header
NVGUID - GUIDs for Network Activity
NVGUIDBT - Doc. Table for GUIDS for Network Activity/Activity Element
PARTNER_DETAIL - Internal Structure Partner Data
PCFIL - Data for PC File Names (Path, Name, Extension, etc.)
PDGUID - GUIDs for Project Definition
PDGUIDBT - Document Table for GUIDs for Project Definition
PREP_BUS2001_TIME - Project Replication: Conversion Time
PREP_BUS2054_TIME - Project Replication: Conversion Time
PRGUID - GUIDs for WBS Element
PRGUIDBT - Document Table for GUIDs for WBS Elements
PROJ_UPD - Update Bar PROJ (for BAPI Processing)
PRPS_UPD - Update Bar PRPS (for BAPI Processing)
PSBAPI_NETW_KEY - Key of Network: Temporary & Final
PSBAPI_PROJ_KEY - Key of Project Definition/WBS: Temporary & Final
PSGUID - GUIDs for Project Definition
PSGUIDBT - Document Table for PS GUIDs
PSGUID_OBJ_KEY - Obsolete - Do Not Use
PSGUID_OBJ_KEY_INT - Obsolete - Do Not Use
PSGUID_TS_OBJ_KEY - Object Key (External, Internal, Obj. No.) of GUID Link
PSGUID_TS_OBJ_KEY_EXT - External Object Key of GUID Link
PSGUID_TS_OBJ_KEY_INT - Object Key for GUID Link with Internal Numbers
RCNMP - Screen Fields for MPX Interface
RESBD_CHANGE - Update Bar RESBD (for BAPI Processing)
RFCLINE256_NEW - RFCLINE with Char256
RIASSIGNMENTS - Assignment Table of Replication cProject PS
RIKEY_ASSIGNMENTS - Key Assignment of cProjects- and PS Objects
RIPROFILES - Profiles for the Replication cProject PS
RIPROFILEST - Language-Dependent Texts for Project Scenario

SAP Operative Structures Tables PS-ST-OPR

ADIR_AUFK - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: Order (network, CO order,..)
ADIR_AUFK1 - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: Order (network, CO order,..)
ADIR_PROJ - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: Project definition
ADIR_PROJ1 - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: Project definition
ADIR_PRPS - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: WBS element
ADIR_PRPS1 - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: WBS element
ADIR_VBAK - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: Sales & dist. document
ADIR_VBAK1 - Directory structure PS_PROJECT: Sales & dist. document
AFABD_UPDATE - Field string AFABD (for editing BAPIs)
AFVGD_UPDATE - Field string AFVGD (for editing BAPIs)
BAPI2054_MASTERDATA_ALE - BAPI Structure WBS element for ALE
BAPI2054_OBJECTSTATUS_ALE - BAPI structure object status for ALE
BAPI2054_PROJDEFINITION - BAPI structure project definition for ALE
BAPI2054_STATUSHEADER_ALE - Bapi structure status object information for ALE
BAPIPR - Key field: Project definition
BAPI_ACTIVITY_SYSTEM_STATUS - Return Structure for Activity System Status
BAPI_ACTIVITY_USER_STATUS - Return Structure of Activity User Status
BAPI_ACT_ELEMENT - BAPI Structure for Activity Elements
BAPI_ACT_ELEMENT_EXP - BAPI Structure for Activity Elements (Export)
BAPI_ACT_ELEMENT_UPD - Update Structure: ActivityElement
BAPI_ACT_MILESTONE - BAPI Structure for Milestones under Network Activity
BAPI_ACT_MILESTONE_EXP - BAPI Structure for Milestones under Network Activity
BAPI_ACT_MILESTONE_UPD - BAPI Structure Milestones under Activity (Update Fields)
BAPI_ACT_MNT_SYSTEM_STATUS - Set/Reset Activity System Status
BAPI_ACT_MNT_USER_STATUS - Set/Reset Activity User Status
BAPI_ACT_STRUCTURE - BAPI structure network activity
BAPI_COMPONENT_EXP - BAPI Structure for MAterial Component in Network Activity
BAPI_METHOD_PROJECT - BAPI structure: Processing methods
BAPI_NETWORK - Network BAPI structure
BAPI_NETWORK_ACTIVITY - BAPI structure for network activities
BAPI_NETWORK_ACTIVITY_UP - Update structure: Network activity
BAPI_NETWORK_RELATION - BAPI structure for network relationships
BAPI_NETWORK_RELATION_UP - Update structure: Network relations
BAPI_NETWORK_UPDATE - Network header BAPI structure update
BAPI_PROJECT_DEFINITION - BAPI structure project definition
BAPI_PROJECT_DEFINITION_EX - Project definition BAPI structure (Export)
BAPI_PROJECT_DEFINITION_UP - BAPI Structure Project Definition (Update Fields)
BAPI_PROJ_KEY - Keys: Project definition
BAPI_PRPS_KEY - Keys for WBS Element
BAPI_STATUS_RESULT - Error Messages for Setting/Resetting Status
BAPI_SYSTEM_STATUS - Return Structure for System Status
BAPI_TE_PROJ - Help Structure for Customer Enhancement Fields in Table PROJ
BAPI_TE_PRPS - Help Structure for Customer Enhancement Fields in Table PRPS
BAPI_USER_STATUS - Return Structure for User Status
BAPI_WBS_ELEMENT - BAPI Structure WBS Elements incl. some Date Fields PRTE
BAPI_WBS_ELEMENTS - List: WBS elements
BAPI_WBS_ELEMENT_EXP - BAPI structure WBS elements (export)
BAPI_WBS_ELEMENT_UPDATE - BAPI Structure WBS elements (Update Fields)
BAPI_WBS_HIERARCHIE - BAPI transfer structure: WBS hierarchy
BAPI_WBS_HIERARCHIE_EXP - BAPI transfer stzructure: WBS hierarchy (export)
BAPI_WBS_MILESTONE - BAPI Structure for Milestones under WBS Elements
BAPI_WBS_MILESTONE_EXP - BAPI Structure for Milestones under WBS Elements (Export)
BAPI_WBS_MILESTONE_UPD - BAPI Structure Milestones under WBS Elements (Update Fields)
BAPI_WBS_MNT_SYSTEM_STATUS - Set/Reset WBS Element System Status
BAPI_WBS_MNT_USER_STATUS - Set/Reset WBS Element User Status
BAPI_WBS_SYSTEM_STATUS - Return Structure for WBS Element System Status
BAPI_WBS_USER_STATUS - Return Structure of WBS Element User Status
CAUFVD_UPDATE - Field string CAUFVD (for editing BAPIs)
CN00 - I/D fields for function pool SAPLCN00
CNCI_PROJ - PROJ-Include (Cust.-specific fields in project definition)
CNCI_PRPS - PRPS-Include (Customer-specific fields in WBS element)
CNIF_PLANT_WORK_CENTRE - Structure for Plant and Work Centre
CNIF_WORK_CENTRE_LIST - Structure for Work Center and default Activity Type
CNMASS_ACTIVITY_ELEMENT - Mass change activity element
CNMASS_ACTIVITY_MILESTONE - Mass chzange: Activity milestone
CNMASS_COMPONENT - Mass change: Components
CNMASS_DETAILED_CHANGES - Intarnal use only: Field changes to be executed
CNMASS_NETWORK - Network mass changes
CNMASS_NETWORK_ACTIVITY - Activity mass changes
CNMASS_NETWORK_RELATION - Relationship mass changes
CNMASS_PROJECT_DEFINITION - Mass changes for project definitions
CNMASS_TABINFOS - Mass change: Information about changeable tables
CNMASS_WBS_ELEMENT - Mass changes for WBS elements
CNMASS_WBS_MILESTONE - Mass change: WBS element milestone
CNSOI_BYTELINE - SAPscript: Text Lines
CNSOI_ITCLH - Structure for Multidimensional Table Byte Header + Lines
CNSOI_NEW_LOGIC - "New Logic" Used for PS Texts
CNTX0 - Screen Fields for Project Management System Text Catalog
E1BP2054_MASTERDATA_ALE - BAPI Structure WBS element for ALE
E1BP2054_OBJECTSTATUS_ALE - BAPI structure object status for ALE
E1BP2054_PROJDEFINITION - BAPI structure project definition for ALE
E1BP2054_STATUSHEADER_ALE - Bapi structure status object information for ALE
E1BP_WBS_HIERARCHIE - BAPI transfer structure: WBS hierarchy
IFATTRIBS - Interface structure for transferring more than one attribute
IFATTRIBUT - Interface structure for transferring one attribute
IFDEFINE - Interface structure for data format definition
IFFIELDS - Dialog fields for interfaces
IFHIEREX - Interface structure for hierarchy -> export only
IFHIERIM - Interface structure for hierarchy -> import only
IFNETACTEX - Interface structure for network activities -> export only
IFNETACTIM - Interface structure for network activities -> Import only
IFNETCNFIM - Interface structure for network confirmation - Import only
IFNETHDREX - Interface structure for network headers -> export only
IFNETHDRIM - Interface structure for network headers -> import only
IFNETRELEX - Interface structure for network relationships - Export only
IFNETRELIM - Interface structure for network relationships - Import only
IFOBJMETHD - Interface structure for transferring object methods
IFOBJ_REFERENCE - Structure for reference table in simulation interface
IFPARAMS - Interface parameters and selection criteria
IFPRODEFEX - Interface structure for project definition -> export only
IFPRODEFIM - Interface structure for project definition -> import only
IFT006 - Interface structure for transferring units
IFTFACS - Interface structure for transferring calendars
IFWBSELEX - Interface structure for project definition -> export only
IFWBSELIM - Interface structure for project definition -> import only
IMAK_PROJ - Apprpriation request transfer structure -> Proj. def.
KOFA_PSPNR - WBS elements for account assignment/billing
MLST_REF - Reference structure for source and target milestones
NHAUFK - Number history of network reorganization
NHPROJ - Number history - Project definition
NHPRPS - Number history for reorganization of WBS elements
NPTX - PS Texts (Network)
NPTXB - Doc. Table for PS Texts in the Network (NPTX + PSTX)
NPTXD - PS Text: Network (Tables NPTX and PSTX)
NPTX_CLEAR - Doc. table fields, which are reset when copied
PLTX - PS Texts (Library Network)
PLTXB - PS Texts (Document Tables PLTX and PSTX)
PLTXD - PS Texts (Online Table PLTX and PSTX)
PLTXINF - Additional Info for PS Text I/O Table PLTXD
PLTXSPRAS - Language Key for PS Texts
PRHI - Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)
PRHI_INC - Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)
PRLST - Item List for Hierarchy Processing
PROJ - Project definition
PROJ2_INC - PS: Data portion of project definition include
PROJ_ARC - Archiving: Additional project fields
PROJ_AUTH - Results of mass authorization check for project definition
PROJ_ENQ - Project Locking Key
PROJ_INC - PS: Data portion of project definition Include
PROJ_REF - Reference structure for source and target project definition
PROJ_UPDATE - Field string PROJ
PRPS - WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data
PRPS2_INC - PS: Data portion of WBS element master data Include
PRPSL - Project Item List (Internal Numbers)
PRPS_ARC - Archiving: Additional WBS fields
PRPS_AUTH - Results of mass authorization check for WBS elements
PRPS_CO - Structure for WBS Code Transfer
PRPS_ENQ - Locking Key for Project Item
PRPS_INC - PS: Data portion of WBS element master data Include
PRPS_UPDATE - Field string PRPS
PRTE_UPDATE - Field string PRTE
PRTP - Subprojects
PRTX - PS Texts (WBS)
PRTXD - PS text for WBS, Allocation and administration records
PSACL_ST - Structure for PS Profile
PSARC_HLP1 - Help function structure for project archive
PSARC_ID - Identification of data object
PSARC_MSG_CATA - ALV Catalogue structure for PS archiving report
PSARC_RUNS - Archiving Session List
PSEXT_ID_CONV - Stores External Ids(Project,WBS) with masks
PSSA_SEL - PS Master Data Compare Reports: Selections
PSSA_SEL_300 - Parameter Consistency Checks Within a Project
PSSTXH_KEYS - Stores Long text key of PS objects(Project,WBS,Netwrk,Actvt)
PSTT - PS texts (description)
PSTX - PS Texts (Header)
PSTXB - SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format
PSTXD - PS Text PSTX Dialog Structure
PSTXH - PTXD PS Text File Header
RCJEX_PAR - Partner Role and Short Text for WBS Element
RCJEX_PSP - WBS Elements
RCJ_AUFNR - List of order numbers
RCJ_PLNUM - List of planned orders
RCJ_TXTKY - List of text keys
RCJ_VBELN - List of SD order numbers
RCJ_VPOSNR - List of sales order items
RCJ_VSNMR - List of version numbers
RESB_REF - Reference structure for source and target mat. components
RNG_POSID - PS: Item range (ID: WBS element)
RNG_PSPID - PS: WBS range (ID: project definition)
RNG_PSPNR - PS: PSPNR range (WBS element internal number)
T498T - Distribution Function Texts
TCJ01 - Project Management Control Parameters
TCJ04 - Person in Responsible for Project
TCJ05 - Project applicant
TCJ1 - "Project Types"
TCJ1T - "Project Types"
TCJ41 - Default Values for Work Breakdown Structure
TCJ4T - Supplies Texts for Project Profiles
TCJED - Table for Project Number Editing
TCJET - Texts for Project Number Editing
TCN00 - Key Word ID for PS User Fields
TCN01 - Key Word Text for PS User Fields
TCN03 - PS Text Types
TCN04 - PS Text Types
TCN07 - Priority
TCN7T - Text table for priorities (TCN07)
VMLTX - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VPRPS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000

SAP Network and Activity Tables PS-ST-OPR-NET

AFAB - Network - Relationships
AFABB - Network: Document Table for Relationships
AFABE - Extract from AFAB, add. Index to Doc. Table and Graphic Type
AFABVN - Start and finish activities
AFAB_CLEAR - Relationship fields, to be renamed after being copied
AFAB_INC - Network relationships (Include structure)
AFKONET - Structure of Network Classification Data
AFVGE - Extract from AFVG, add. Index of Doc. Table, Graphic Type
AFVG_LOI - Operation fields for planned orders
AFVG_PLORD - Operation fields for planned orders
ALLC - Subnet allocations
ALLOCD - Dialog table for allocation structure
ALLOCDB - Document table structure for network allocation
AUFKNET - Classification Structure for the Network
AUFNR_SEL - Network number and short text for selection
CAUFVDP - Order numbers temp./new, WBS element
CNCI_AFVU - AFVU-Include (Customer-specific fields in network activity)
CNCI_PLPO - PLPO-Include (Cust.-specific flds in std. network activity)
CNCYC - Loop Analysis Screen Fields
CNDOK - Key Word Structure (Distinction between Networks and Orders)
CNINDINF - Index to the Relationship in the Document Table (PLABB)
CNPLNR - Structure for Network Header Data
CNSUBNT - Information on sub-network
CNTRM_AUTH - Fields for Authorization Check C_RESB_TRM
COAOBINF - Additional Fields for Networks
COAUTHINF - Authorizations indicator
COMSAUTINF - Authorizations indicator
COMSTINF - Extra fields for update milestones
COMSTUPD - Extra fields for update milestones
CONW_SELECT - Selection Structure for F Groups CONW and NMDB
COUPDABINF - Additional Document Table Fields in the Network for Rel.
CPSELINF - Selection indicator
CPUPDINF - Update Information for Doc Tables
EPTG - Trigger point group (dialog structure)
FPLNR_PRE - Invoice plan/billing plan structure preread
IFMLSTEX - Interface structure for milestone -> export only
IFMLSTIM - Interface structure for milestone -> import only
METHOD_LOG - Log: method with object and indicator to messages
MLST - Milestone
MLSTB - Milestone document table
MLSTD - Milestone I/O Table
MLSTF - Milestone functions
MLSTS - Structure with data for milestone selection
MLST_CLEAR - Doc. table fields, which are reset when copied
MLST_INC - Milestone (include structure)
MLST_STRUCT - Milestone Structure to be used in function module
MLST_STRUCT_VS - Containing milestone dates for various project versions
MLTX - Milestone Description
MSET - Standard milestone set
MSGOBJ - Message object
MSGOBJ_LOG - Objects for messages in method log
MSG_LOG - Messages for method log
MSG_LOG_TX - Messages with texts for method log
MSG_TEXT - Message texts for method log
MSTAUTH - Authorization fields for milestones
MSTSD - Structure for transferring milestone data to SD
NETACT - Keys of the Network Activities
NWTM01 - Control Data for Monitoring Dates
NWTMDATES - Data for Date Overview
NWTMDETAIL - Detail Screen Data for Date Overview
OPRAUTH - Network authorization fields
PLAB - Relationships
PLABD - Relationships I/O Table
PLABE - Copy of Table PLABB, add. to the Index of Doc. Table, PLABB
PLPOE - Index of Table PLPO for a sequence
RCNBT - Control Fields for Relationships
RCNDAT - Date Overview Filter
RCNMK - Network: Types of purchase requisitions and reservations
RCNPUR - Fields for purchasing history
RCNRF - Filter criteria for components in network
RCNRS - Sort fields for components in network
RCNWEPO - GR for purchase order item for planning board
RMMCOFP - Interface: Network with financial budgeting
RSEBANI - Additional data fields relevant to purchasing
RSEBL - Index of purchase requisitions/orders for ind. cust. stock
RSPOSACT - Maximum Reservation Item per Activity
SMGT - Milestone group description
SMLG - Standard milestone group
SMLS - Standard milestone
T433 - Milestone Indicator
T433T - Milestone texts
TABLO - Assignment table-orders to activities
TCN05 - Distinguishing Item Groups for Network Screen Sequence
TCN06 - Activity status that can trigger a workflow process
TCN41 - Network Defaults
TCN4T - Language-dependent Texts for TCN41: Network Profiles
TCN51 - Version profile for PS versions
TCN5T - Language-dependent texts for TCN51: Version profiles
TCN61 - Parameter: Create network from sales order
TCNPRRL - Assignment of Users to Roles for Monitoring Dates
TCNROLE - Roles in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM01 - Date type
TCNTM01F - Reference Dates for Date Types of an Event
TCNTM01I - Events in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM01T - Language dependent description of date types
TCNTM02 - Group for monitoring dates
TCNTM02I - Group in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM03 - Assignment of date type/milestone to group
TCNTM03I - Assignment Milestone/Event to Group
TCNTM04 - Status of Event in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM04T - Language Dependent Description of Status
TCNTM05 - Assignment Components to Groups
TCNTM05I - Assignment of Components to Group
TCNTM06 - Dates for Components, Events and Date Type
TCNTM07 - Status of a Date Type for a Component
TCNTM07I - Status for Event of a Component in Monitoring Dates
TCNTMPR - Profile for Monitoring Dates
TCNTMPRT - Language Dependent Description of the Profile
TCNTMSCHD - Suggestions for Scheduling Events
TCNTMSPR - Scenarios for Scheduling in Monitoring Dates
TCNTMSPRT - Language Dependent Description of the Scheduling Profile
TCNTS - Permissible subscrrens per object
TCO47_PS - Change profile Project System
TCOFP - FORM subscreen for functions in milestone/trigger point
TMFILT - Filter for Monitoring Dates

SAP Orders for Projects Tables PS-ST-OPR-ORD

COSPP - Transfer of the Order in the COSP Table to the Project
COSPPA - Copy order for COSPA table to project
COSSP - Transfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project
COSSPA - Copy order for COSSA table to project
FMSP - Copy FMSU table order to project
PSOR_REORG - Object List for Reorganization of Orders for Projects

SAP Project Builder Tables PS-ST-OPR-PB

CNPB_DETAIL_OVERVIEW - Dummy structure for detail screen / overview toolbar
CNPB_FILE_OVW - Structure for File Overview Screen CNPB_M_2130
CNPB_H_ADDTNL_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Additional Fields in Project Builder Tree Control
CNPB_H_AFAB_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields from AFAB Required to Determine Hierarchy
CNPB_H_AFFH_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from AFFH to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_AFVG_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from AFV* to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_AUFK_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from AUFK to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_DOCA_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Necessary Fields from DRAD, for Determining Hierarchy
CNPB_H_DOCC_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Necessary Fields from DRAD, for Determining Hierarchy
CNPB_H_DOCS_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Necessary Fields from DRAD, for Determining Hierarchy
CNPB_H_DOCW_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Necessary Fields from DRAD, for Determining Hierarchy
CNPB_H_FILE_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Necessary Fields for Document Orig. to Determine Hierarchy
CNPB_H_HIERARCHY_RULE - Rule Governing How Hierarchy is Set up
CNPB_H_MLST_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from MLST to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_NODE_TO_MOVE - Nodes that are Moved in the Project Builder
CNPB_H_NPTX_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from NPTX/PSTX to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_OBJECTS_IN_HIERARCHY - Objects Contained in the Project Hierarchy
CNPB_H_PROJ_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from PROJ to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_PRPS_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from PRPS to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_PRTX_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from PRTX/PSTX to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_RESB_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from RESB to Determine the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_TREEITM - Tree Control Item for Function Group CNPB_H
CNPB_H_TREEITM_UPD - Tree Control Item for Function Group CNPB_H
CNPB_H_TREEV_UNOD - Structure for Updating a Node in a Tree Control
CNPB_H_VALLC - Subnetwork Information for Determining the Hierarchy
CNPB_H_VBAP_MANDATORY_FIELDS - Fields Required from VBAP for Determining the Hierarchy
CNPB_INDX - Preview for Project Builder
CNPB_OBJECTS - Type and Key of an Object used in PS
CNPB_OBJECT_KEYS - Key of an Object Used in PS
CNPB_OBJECT_KEYS_IMP - Key of an Object Used in PS
CNPB_OPTIONS - User-Specific Options
CNPB_SUPERIOR_OBJECT - Key Fields for Superior Object
CNPB_TEMPLATE_OBJECT - Keys of Template Objects
CNPB_W_ADD_OBJ_DYN - Object Number for Standard Networks
CNPB_W_OBJECTS_IN_HIERARCHY - Objects Displayed in the Worklist
CNPB_W_OBJECT_KEYS_LINE - Float from the Worklist, with all Object Info
CNPB_W_STD_OBJNR - Object Number for Standard Networks
CNPB_W_USER_PREF_LINE - CO Object Number for the Worklist
CNPB_W_WORKLIST_INDEX_LINE - Float from the Worklist, with all Object Info
CNPB_W_WORKLIST_LINE - CO Object Number for the Worklist

SAP Project Planning Board Tables PS-ST-OPR-PPB

PPRSCOMP - Component Overview for Project Planning Board
PROJD - Dialog: Project definition
PRPSD - Dialog: WBS element master data
PRPS_BALK - PRPS structure for Gantt chart
PRTAB - Transfer Table from Graphic Selection
PSIND_BAP - Hierarchy index graphic
PSPPT_INDX - System table INDX
RCJGR - Gantt chart structure
RCJRECH - Transfer values/texts from plg. brd. to drill-down reporting
RCJ_ACTIND - Index structure - Activities
RCJ_ALLCCO - Transfer structure for cost calculation to project
RCJ_AOBMOD - Relationship maintenance
RCJ_AOIND - Index structure - Relationships (Gantt chart)
RCJ_BEZGZP - Definition of reference time points for areas of time axis
RCJ_CHARTS_FOR_WIZ - Charts to display with texts
RCJ_CUS_DIA - Table attributes in bar chart
RCJ_CUS_TAB - Table attributes in bar chart
RCJ_CUS_TBCG_40A - TBCG in Rel. 4.0A for user related Customizing
RCJ_CUS_TBCL_40A - TBCL in Rel. 4.0A for user related Customizing
RCJ_CUS_TFAT_40A - TBAT in Rel. 4.0A for user related Customizing
RCJ_CUS_THLT_40A - THLT in Rel. 4.0A for user related Customizing
RCJ_DATLIN - Position of time line in Gantt chart
RCJ_DISPC - Display and selection list of WBS elements and activities
RCJ_EIGEN - Attributes ("status") WBS element
RCJ_INSMOV - Determines mode when inserting bars
RCJ_MATIND - Index structure - Activities
RCJ_MATNR - Structure material check
RCJ_MSTIND - Index structure - Activities
RCJ_NWIND - Index structure - Networks
RCJ_NZTAB - Network Dates for WBS Element
RCJ_OBJ_FOR_WIZZ - Objects to be displayed in the wizard
RCJ_ORDPM - Structure PM Order
RCJ_POSID - Transfer structure of external WBS number
RCJ_POSTLB - Positioning of chart at a certain time
RCJ_PPT_OPT - Planning Board Options
RCJ_PSPNR - Internal table with WBS numbers
RCJ_PS_CAPA - Object Structure for Project Reporting
RCJ_PS_CURVE_INDEX - Indices for the curves in PPB
RCJ_PS_MAT - Object Structure for Project Reporting
RCJ_PS_ORD - All Objects in the Project Planning Board
RCJ_PS_ORDER - PPB: Field Selection for Order Header
RCJ_PS_PLAN - Object Structure for Project Reporting
RCJ_PS_PLAN_EXT - Structur extension for planned data
RCJ_PS_PM_OBJ - All Fields for the PM Chart in the Project Planning Board
RCJ_PS_PPT - All Objects in the Project Planning Board
RCJ_PS_PPT_ZOOM - Zoom Factor for the Planning Board
RCJ_PS_PRINT - Field Selection for the Print Box in Project Planning Board
RCJ_RPSCO_LIS - RPSCO_LIS for graphics
RCJ_RPSCO_LIS_OC - RPSCO_LIS for Graphic (Object Currency)
RCJ_TABTIT - Determines title of table in Project System graphic
RCJ_TBCNEX - Settings, which are only active in PS Gantt chart
RCJ_TCBP - TCBP Values that are Presented Differently
RCJ_TCBP_TRANSFER - Transfer structure of user-specific values
RCJ_TITATT - Attributes which determine table and chart titles
RCJ_TRMKS - Selection bar: Set of dates with earliest/latest dates
RCJ_TRMRLV - Ind: Shows relevance to scheduling
RCJ_TYPES_FOR_WIZZ - All object types in the wizzard
RCJ_WBSIND - Index structure - WBS elements
RCJ_WORKC - Work center transfer structure
RCJ_ZUORD - Assignments of activities to WBS elements
RCNCOMP - Component data for the planning board
RCNWARES - Good issue for the reservation for planning board
RCN_SEL - Selection line
RCOTNR - Field list: Temp. Number Assignment AUFNR,RSNUM,BEDID,AUFPL
RCX_FUNC - Table to Dynamically Deactivate Function Codes
RPSUBN - Hierarchy information for subnetworks
RX27P - Contains Data Necessary for Project Time Scheduling
TBALK - Screen sequence control: paths between processing locations
TCBP - Gantt chart settings
TCBPF - Field Assignment PPB Structure -> DB Structure
TCBPT - Text for settings in Gantt chart
TCTH - Settings for hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)
TCTHT - Texts for settings in hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)
TFELD - Assignment of Table Fields to Field Selection

SAP Templates Tables PS-ST-TMP

CNCI_PROJS - PROJS-Include (Cust.-specific flds in std. proj. definition)
CNCI_PRPSS - PRPSS-Include (Cust.-specific fields in std. WBS element)
PRHIS - Standard WBS, Edges (Hierarchy pointers)
PROJS - Standard project definition
PROJS_ENQ - Lock key for standard WBS
PRPSS - Standard WBS Element (WBS element) - Master Data
PRPSS_R - Reporting structure standard WBS element
PRTXS - PS texts (standard WBS)
VPRPSS - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000

SAP Standard Network Tables PS-ST-TMP-NET

CA41S - Structure for Table TCA41
CN41S - Structure for Table TCA41
PLKONET - Structure of Classification Data in the Std.Network Header
RCN10 - Fields to transfer a standard network/master recipe
SMLSD - Supplemental fields (I/O table) for SMLS
SMLSE - I/O fields for std. milestone and std. trigger point
SMLT - Standard milestone description
TCA41 - Default values for standard networks and profiles
TCA42 - Sub-object Versions
TCA4T - Lang-dep. text table for profile table TCA41
TCN61D - Dialog structure TCN61 (allocation material<>std network)