SAP ABAP Reports

SAP ABAP  Reports are written in ABAP code and generally present specifc SAP data to the user so that they can view, change or download it for use in separate application. The most popular way to create abap reports is to use the alv functionality either view the ALV function modules or the ALV method calls. See here for more information about SAP ALV including example ABAP code. 

Another option for building reports within SAP is to use the Adhoc SAP Query and quickviewer to generate yor reports 

ABAP reports don’t just display data to a user, depending on the capabilities of the ABAPer they can also perform complicated calculations, ftp data, email data, update tables etc etc 

Testprogram ALV: Block list 

SAP ALV test reports 

Show different colours available for SAP reports 

Show different icons available for SAP reports 

SAP function modules 
Available SAP function modules

ALV SAP Reports

There are also many ABAP ALV reports available within your SAP system created to demonstrate the various capabilities of Advanced list viewer reports from drag and drop functionality to cell editing and even HTML. Here are a few examples but you can find many more be search for ALV or BCALV.  

Demonstration of Event Programming using SALV_TABLE

Show BDS and graphic (in ALV context only)

BCALV_DND_01 ..04
Drag ALV Row to Tree Folder

BCALV_EDIT_01 ..09
Switch on and off the ready-for-input status of the entire grid

​Processing Print Events

​ALV Tree Control: Build Up the Hierarchy Tree

Simple ALV Control Call Demo Program

​​ALV Grid: Drag and Drop with ALV Tree

Also see further example code published to help you get started and build the perfect ALV report from the following websites

ALV reports and tutorials from GURU99 

ALV basics for all types of ALV from ERPWorkbench