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SAP SD Master Data Tables (SD-MD)

SAP Rebate Agreements Tables SD-MD-AM-RAG

AGR_MEM_INITIAL - Agreements: Buffer for Intial Upload
AGR_REL_KNUMA_CM - Assignment: Agreement --> Campaign
BAPIAGRMNT - BAPI Structure for Agreements
BAPIKNUMAS - BAPI Structure for KNUMA Assignment
KNUMAS - Assignment KNUMAs Old - New
KONADB2 - KONA: Structure for Update

SAP Conditions Tables SD-MD-CM

A000 - Condition Table for Pricing $
A001 - Not Used in Standard
A002 - Country/Customer Classification/Material Classification
A003 - Tax Classification
A004 - Material
A005 - Customer/Material
A006 - Price List Type/Currency/Material
A007 - Division/Customer
A008 - Plant/Additional selling plant
A009 - Additional Selling Plant/EAN
A010 - Additional Selling Plant/Material
A011 - Country/Country of Dest./Customer Classif./Material Classif.
A012 - Additional Selling Plant/Material Group

A013 - Overhead Type
A014 - Overhead Type/Overhead Key
A015 - Not Used in Standard
A016 - Contract Item
A017 - Material Info Record (Plant-Specific)
A018 - Material Info Record
A019 - Contract Header
A020 - Division/Price Group
A021 - Vendor/Material/Unit of Measure
A022 - Material/Unit of Measure
A023 - Additional Selling Plant/Material/Unit of Measure
A024 - Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure
A025 - Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific)
A026 - Controlling Area/Cost Center
A027 - Controlling Area
A028 - Info Record for Non-Stock Item
A029 - Material Pricing Group
A030 - Customer/Material Pricing Group
A031 - Price Group/Material Pricing Group
A032 - Price group/Material
A033 - Incoterms
A034 - Incoterms Part 1 + 2
A035 - Overhead Type/Plant
A036 - Overhead Type/Order Type
A037 - Overhead Type/Order Catg.
A038 - Overhead Type/Company Code
A039 - Overhead Type/Business Area
A040 - Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material Classification 1
A041 - Country/State/County/Customer Classif.2/Material Classif.2
A042 - Country/State/City/Customer Classif.3/Material Classif.3
A043 - Purchasing Organization/Material Type
A044 - Vendor
A045 - Vendor Condition Group
A046 - Material Group Prices
A047 - Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific)
A048 - Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A049 - Market Price for Material
A050 - Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A051 - Invoicing Party

A052 - Invoicing Party (Specific to Info Record)
A053 - Taxes Using Jurisdiction Code
A054 - Market Price for Material Group
A055 - Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A056 - Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A057 - Variants
A058 - Controlling Area/Cost Center Type
A059 - Controlling Area/Company Code
A060 - Controlling Area/Business Area
A061 - Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center
A062 - Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center
A063 - Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center
A064 - Customer Hierarchy
A065 - Customer Hierarchy/Material
A066 - Info record per order unit
A067 - Plant Info Record per Order Unit
A068 - Outline Agreement Item: Plant-Dependent
A069 - Vendor Subrange
A070 - EAN per Plant
A071 - Material per Plant
A072 - EAN per SOrg/DstCh
A073 - Material per SOrg/DstCh
A074 - Plant/Preference Zone/Material
A075 - Master Conditions for SRV with Material Group
A076 - Master Conditions for Activities in Contract
A077 - Cost Split for Activities in Contract
A078 - Departure Country / Destination Country
A079 - Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material Group
A080 - Taxes: Material
A081 - Contract Conditions at Plant Level
A082 - Contract Conditions without Plant
A083 - Vendor Conditions with Plant
A084 - Vendor Conditions without Plant
A085 - Metal Prices
A086 - Taxes: Material, Plant and Origin
A087 - Taxes: Plant, Account Assignment and Origin
A088 - Taxes: Material, Plant, Account Assignment and Origin
A089 - SD Document/Material
A090 - SD Document/Item/Material

A091 - Wage Type Surcharge at Plant Level
A092 - Wage Type Surcharge without Plant
A093 - Wage Type Surcharge - General
A094 - Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and Region
A095 - Activities + Purchasing Organization
A096 - Activities for Vendor
A097 - Activities for Vendor with Plant
A098 - SD Document/Item/Material Pricing Group
A099 - SD Document/Item
A100 - SOrg/DstCh/Material_MainItem/Material
A101 - SOrg/DstCh/Material-Main Item/Material Pricing Group
A102 - SOrg/DstCh/Material Pricing Group-Main Item/Material
A103 - SOrg/DstCh/MaterialPricingGroup-MainItem/MatPricingGroup
A104 - Service Conditions (Own Estimate)
A105 - Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area
A106 - Price List/Material Group
A107 - Vendor Hierarchy
A108 - Vendor Hierarchy / Material
A109 - Vendor hierarchy: vendor sub-range
A110 - Sales Organization/Destination Country
A112 - Service agent
A113 - Service agent/Dep.cntry/
A114 - Tax Exemption: Customer
A115 - Ser.agnt/Dep.ctry/Dep.PC /Ship-to party
A116 - Tax Exemption - Customer/Tax Classification 2-Material
A117 - Tax Exemption - Customer/Material
A118 - "Empties" Prices (Material-Dependent)
A119 - Service agent/Dep.ctry/ /Dest. country
A120 - Overhead Type/Version
A122 - Surch. type /Profit Center
A123 - Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center
A124 - Service agent/Dep.cntry/Dep. PostCode/Tariff zone Dest. loc.
A125 - Service agent/Tariff zone dep./Tariff zone target
A126 - Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Freight Class
A127 - Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Incoterms
A128 - Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/ShippingMatType
A129 - Service Agent/TariffZDep/TariffZDest/ShipMatType/VSEGR 1
A135 - Transp. service agent/shipping type/bulk group
A140 - Sales Area / Accounting Indicator
A150 - Dest. Ctry/Material
A156 - Country of Departure/Destination Country/Del. Country
A172 - Campaign ID/Material
A173 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A174 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A175 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area
A176 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund
A177 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area
A178 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/GM_GRANT_N
A179 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/GM_GRANT_N
A180 - Country/Preference Zone/Cross-Plant Grouping
A181 - TaxIndPlnt/Tax type
A182 - Region/PlntRegion/Plant/Tax ind.
A184 - ACRN ID/Material/Version Number/Priority
A185 - Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zone
A304 - Material with release status
A305 - Customer/material with release status
A306 - Price list category/currency/material with release status
A307 - Customer with Release Status
A350 - Sales org.
A352 - ST Code/Post.code/PlntRegion
A353 - ST Code/Region/PlntRegion
A354 - Country/Region/PlntRegion
A355 - Jur. code
A356 - Country/PlntRegion/ST Code/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat
A357 - Country/Plant/Ctrl code
A358 - Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Material
A359 - Plant/Matl group
A362 - Country/NBM-NCM Code
A363 - Plant/Vendor/Material
A367 - Country/Plant/Region/Material
A368 - Country/PlntRegion/Region/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat
A369 - Country/Plant/Ctrl code/TaxCl1Cust
A371 - Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Ship-to
A372 - Sales org./Ref.doc./Ref.item
A390 - Brazil: 100% reversals
A502 - Access via Sales organization / Material
A503 - Access to sales organization
A504 - SalesOrg/DistrChannel/Currency/SalesDocType
A505 -
A506 - Access to Plant
A507 - External agent/Shipping point
A508 - ServcAgent/Ship.type
A510 - Condition Table for Pricing A510
A511 - Condition Table for Pricing A511
A512 - Condition Table for Pricing A512
A513 - Condition Table for Pricing A513
A515 - Condition Table for Pricing A515
A516 - Condition Table for Pricing A516
A517 - Condition Table for Pricing A517
A518 - Limit value determination for stock transport order
A521 - Campaign/Material
A523 - Camp. ID/Matl grp 1
A524 - Camp. ID/Customer/Material
A525 - Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1
A555 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/MnItm PRM/
A599 - SD doc./Item/Variant
A600 - IDES_Global Agreement for Valuation, depend on the Catagory
A601 - Plant/Customer
A602 - Condition Table for Pricing A602
A610 - Valuation for Campaign
A611 - Sun.Vine Commission Rates
A612 - Sun.Vine - Contingency Rate
A631 - Appl./Version/Status
A637 - Camp. ID
A643 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer
A667 - SD Doc./Item/Material
A668 - SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Grade
A669 - SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country
A670 - SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country/Grade
A671 - SD Doc./Item/Material
A678 - Bill to/CoCode
A700 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID/Customer
A701 - Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID
A702 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID
A706 - Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID/Customer
A740 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR - City/POD - City/Shpg Cond./Variant
A741 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant
A742 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR - City/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant
A743 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD - City/Shpg Cond./Variant
A744 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POL/POD/Shpg Cond./Variant
A755 - Sales Org. \ D.C. \ Price Group
A796 - ServcAgent/DepPostCde/RecipCntry
A797 - ServcAgent/DestCtry/DepPostCde
A799 - ServcAgent/DepPostCde/DestCtry/DestRegion
A800 - Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Incoterms
A801 - Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Ship-to Party
A802 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Version/Status
A803 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Busi. Type/Segment/Version/Status
A805 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest
A810 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest/FreightCl.
A815 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/FreightCl.
A816 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TargPostCd
A817 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TargPostCd/FreightCl.
A818 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/DepPostCde
A819 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/DepPostCde/FreightCl.
A820 - Advanced Returns Management - Customer Return Reason
A821 - Advanced Returns Management - Returns Refund Code
A840 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Branch/Module/Version/Status
A841 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Branch/AgreeCat/Version/Status
A844 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Version/Status
A845 - Rateplan Traffic Voice and Data Usage - YTEL05
A846 - Traffic Type Traffic Voice and Data Usage - YTEL05
A850 - Branch dependent valuation
A851 - Branch and Agreement category dependent valuation
A860 - Appl./Class/Version/Status
A864 - Material/
A865 - Material/Customer
A866 - Material
A867 - Material
A868 - Material/Customer
A869 - Material/
A870 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Std.Con.No/Version/Status
A871 - Monthly Incentive Target
A872 - Monthly Transaction Target
A873 - YTD Accelerator
A880 - Appl./Rate Plan/Version/Status
A881 - YTEL01 - Product Multiplier
A882 - YTEL01 - Term Multiplier
A883 - YTEL01 - Discount Multiplier
A884 - YTEL01 - Listprice Multiplier
A885 - YTEL01 - Margin Multiplier
A896 - Complex Target
A900 - Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Variant
A901 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt/Region
A902 - Condition Table for Pricing A902
A903 - Condition Table for Pricing A903
A904 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Divis./Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status
A905 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status
A907 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt
A909 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt/Incoterms/Inco. 2
A910 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Ship-to/Incoterms/Inco. 2
A915 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Matl Group
A920 - Organisation/Practice/Grade
A921 - Organisation/Practice/Client/Grade
A922 - Organisation/Practice/Client/Fee Earner
A923 - Organisation/Practice/Matter/Grade
A933 - Sales Organization/Incoterms
A936 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shpg Cond./Incoterms/Plant/Ship-to
A940 - Condition Table for Pricing A940
A941 - Condition Table for Pricing A941
A942 - Condition Table for Pricing A942
A972 - Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material/WBS Element
A973 - Sales ORg/Distr Chan/Material/WBS Elm/PersNr
A976 - Sales Org/DistrChannel/Customer/Material/Personnel NR
A981 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable
A982 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Country
A983 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Grade
A984 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Country/Grade
A985 - Customer/Material/Billable/Country/Grade
A986 - Customer/Material/Billable/Country
A987 - Customer/Material/Billable/Grade
A988 - Customer/Material
A991 - ServcAgent/Dlv.Prior./TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest
A992 - DepPostCde/FreightCl.
A993 - DepPostCde/MatlFrtGrp
A994 - SD doc./
A995 - Sales Doc./Item/Pers.No.
A997 - Sales document/MnItm PrcRefMatl/Personnel Number
A998 - Purchasing organization
B000 - $ Sample Table for output control
B001 - Sales Organization/Customer Number
B002 - Sales Organization/Sales Activity Type
B005 - Sales Organization/Order Type
B006 - SOrg/DstCh/Division/Customer
B007 - Order Type
B008 - Billing Type
B009 - Delivery Type
B010 - Shipping Point/Route
B011 - Sales Organization/Billing Type
B012 - Sales Organization/Delivery Type
B013 - Sales Org.
B014 - Grouping Type/Shipping Point
B015 - Credit Control Area/Cred.Representative Group/Risk Category
B016 - Labeling
B017 - Transport Type
B018 - Sales Organization/Receiving Country
B020 - Shipping material type
B021 - DlvType/Shipping Point
B022 - TrspPlPoint and Shipment Type
B023 - TrspPlPoint, TrspProcessingType and Service Agent
B025 - Purchasing Output Determination: Doc.Type/Purch.Org/Vendor
B026 - Purchasing Output Determination: Document Type
B027 - Purchasing Output Determination: Purch. Org./Vendor for EDI
B028 - Ship-to party/shipping mat.
B030 - Specification Department
B031 - Area of Responsibility
B032 - Application Area: Output Number
B033 - MRP Controller
B034 - Planner Group
B035 - Plant
B040 - Document Type/Document Status
B046 - CoCode, Blocking reason: Price
B048 - CoCode, Vendor
B049 - Company code
B050 - Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B055 - C Status, Laboratory
B060 - PM Message - Plant Maintenance
B061 - Purchasing Group
B062 - Laboratory/Engineering and Design Office
B063 - Planner Group
B064 - Capacity Planner
B065 - MRP Controller
B066 - Cost center
B070 - Transaction/print vers./print ind./label type/label form
B071 - GR Output
B072 - Transaction/Printed Version/Print ID
B073 - Transaction/Print Vers./Print Ind./SHKZG
B074 - Missing Parts
B075 - Kanban Cards for GR
B100 - Output Determination: DocumentType/Purch.Org./Material Group
B120 - Condition tables for Output Nota Fiscal
B121 - OutputDev.
B150 - Doc.Type/Sales Org./Customer
B160 - Sales Organization/Condition Granter
B161 - SOrg/Distr.Channel/Division/Rebate Recipient
B170 - Purchasing Organization/Invoicing
B171 - Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Division/Payer
B172 - Company Code/Invoicing
B173 - Company Code/Payer
B501 - Delivery Type / Shipping cond.
B502 - Delivery Block
B732 - Customer
B733 - Sold-to pt
B805 - Customer
B811 - Sold-to pt
B822 - Sales org./Sold-to pt
B832 - Customer
B900 - Shipping point
B910 - Deliv.type/Vendor
B987 - Output Determination Training: EKO
BAPICMPMAP - BAPI Strucutre for Table CMPB_MAP (Campaign Attributes)
BAPICONDCD - BAPI Structure: Campaign Determination, Data Part
BAPICONDCN - BAPI structure with DDIC info from the VAKEY structure
BAPICONDCT - BAPI struct. for condition tables (corresponds to COND_RECS)
BAPICONDDD - BAPI structure with DDIC info from the VAKEY structure
BAPIKNUMHS - BAPI Structure for Assignment of KNUMHs
BKOND1 - Batch input structure for header data
BKOND2 - Batch input structure for main data
BKOND2A - Batch Input Structure for Main Data (Absolute)
BKOND2B - Batch Input Structure for Main Data (Relative)
BKOND2D - Batch Input Structure for Main Data (Taxes)
BKOND3 - Batch input structure for scale data
BOHEAD - Header Structure for ALV Bonus
BOITEM - Item Structure for ALV Bonus
BONARCH - Archiving: Billing Documents Subject to Volume-Based Rebate
BONUSKOM - Structure for Creating Rebate Credit Memos
BONUSKOM_ENH - Extended Structure to Generate Rebate Credit Memos
BONUSVALUE - Values for Rebate Settlement
BON_ENH_S3 - Structure for Append Enhanced Rebate
BON_ENH_S4 - Structure for Append Indicator Contract Data
BON_ENH_S5 - Structure for Append Contract Data
BON_UPD - Structure for Updating Rebate Agreement
C000 - Condition Table for Acct.Determination: $
C001 - Cust.Grp/MaterialGrp/AcctKey
C002 - Cust.Grp/Account Key
C003 - Material Grp/Acct Key
C004 - General
C005 - Acct Key
C006 - SlsOrg/Card cat.
C008 - SlsOrg/Dist.chan.
C009 - SlsOrg/Dist.chan./Div.
C501 - Condition Table for Acct.Determination: C501
C502 - Chart of Accounts/SlsOrg/DChannel/AcctGroup Cust/Account Key
C503 - Condition Table for Acct.Determination: C503
C780 - Ord.reason
CDPOSCONDA - SD Conditions: Display Structure for Change Document Item
CMDC0_1_ALV - Structure for SD_CMDC0
CMDC0_2_ALV - Structure for SD_CMDC0
CMDC0_3_ALV - Structure for SD_CMDC0
CMDC0_4_ALV - Structure for SD_CMDC0
CMDC0_5_ALV - Structure for SD_CMDC0
CMDC0_6_ALV - Structure for SD_CMDC0
CMDC0_7_ALV - Structure for SD_CMDC0 for window_table
CMPB_ASGN_DB - Posting Structure for Campaign Assignment
CMPB_ASGN_EXT - Structure from CMPB_ASGN Plus Dynamic Part
CMPB_MAP_ATTR - Campaign Attributes (Master Data) for CMPB_MAP
CMPM_ACS - Access Information for Campaigns
CND_MAPC_FIELD - Condions Exchange: Convert Field Contents
CND_MAPM_FIELD - Condions Exchange: Convert Field Contents
CND_MEM_INF_UPL - Lock Table for Initial Load
CND_MEM_INITIAL - Conditions: Buffer for Initial Upload
CND_USAGE_PREFIX - Prefix for Every Usage
CND_VALIDITY - Validity Period of a Condition Record
CONCURCH - Condtions: Currency change
CONDSCALE - Scales for a Condition Record
CONDSTAT - Structure for Call of Statistics Display for Conditions
CONDTAB_DATASOURCE - Data Sources for Condition Tables
COND_DATAOBJECT_DESCR - Structure for metadata that describes a data object
COND_ENVIRONMENT - Environment of Condition Maintenance
COND_FIELD - Condition Fields (such as Table Fields)
COND_FLDS - Condition table fields
COND_KNUMH - Condition Record Number
COND_KONM - Quantity scale
COND_KONW - Value scale
COND_MNT_MESSAGE - Condition Maintenance: Message Structure
COND_MNT_RECORD_DATA - Condition Maintenance: Condition Record (Key and Data)
COND_MNT_RECORD_KEY - Condition Maintenance: ID and Key of a Condition Record
COND_MNT_TABPOS - Condition Maintenance: Describes Item in Internal Table
COND_MNT_TABVALUE - Condition Maintenance: Structure with Table Item/Value Pair
COND_POWL_HEAD - Object Types for Conditions@POWL: Header
COND_POWL_ITEMS - Object Types for Conditions@POWL: Item Data
COND_RECS - Condition record
COND_RNGS - Ranges for condition key fields
COND_SELFIELD - Structure for Selection Fields
COND_SORT - Condition: Sorting Structure
COND_TABS - Condition tables
CRMD_MKTTG_TG_H - TG Exchange: Target Group Header
CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I - TG Exchange: Target Group Item (BP Info)
CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I2 - TG Exchange: Target Group Item (Product Info)
CRMD_MKTTG_TG_T - TG Exchange: Target Group Text
CRMS_MKTTG_TGMAP_H - mapping structure for tg_h
CRMS_MKTTG_TG_H - target group/product segment header
CRMS_MKTTG_TG_ITEM_CRM - item structure from CRM
CRMS_MKTTG_TG_KUNNR - TG: business partner items
CRMS_MKTTG_TG_MATNR - TG: product items
CT6B2F - Allowed CondType and Tables for Sales Deals with Cop.
D000 - Condition Table for Material Determination $
DISPLAY_AG - Structure for Issuing Sales Deals
DISPLAY_PI - Structure for Issuing Promotions
DSP_VKOE_KEY - Object Key for ALE Conditions
E000 - Condition Table for Rebate $
EANC_GTIN_VT - GTIN Variant types
EANC_GTIN_VTT - Description of GTIN variant types
F000 - Condition Table for Secondary Indexes $
FV12M_NODE_LEVEL - Node Level
G000 - Condition Table for Material Listing/Exclusion $
GKONP - Structure GKONP for MV13A
GKONP_GS - Structure GKONP for MV13A
H000 - Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy $
ISI_RV_CONDITION_MAINTENANCE - IS Enhancement Structure - Dialog Module Import Parameter
K002 - Condition(s) for Customer
KNA1_ISR - Additional Fields and Work Fields for IS-Retail
KNMTK - Customer-Material Info Record Header Table
KNUMA_RAN - Range Table for Agreement Number
KNUMHS - Assignment KNUMHs Old - New
KNUMH_DAT - Data for condition number
KNUMH_RAN - Range Table for Condition Number
KODATINFO - SD Archive Conditions: Period Information
KOMAKA - Permitted fields for surcharges RKA
KOMG - Allowed Fields for Condition Structures
KOMGD - Substitution - Communication Block (dialog)
KOMGF - Allowed Fields for Condition Record Index
KOMGFNEW - Condition Index: New Entries in Index
KOMGFOLD - Condition Index: Old Entries for Index
KOMGG - Material Listing/Exclusion-Communication Block (Dialog)
KOMGH - Batch Determination: Communication Block (Dialog)
KOMK - Communication Header for Pricing
KOMKABA - Pricing Communication Header: Bank Fields
KOMKAIS - Pricing communication header: IS-H fields
KOMKD - Substitution - Header
KOMKD0 - Substitution - Header (SAP standard)
KOMKDZ - Substitution - Header (Customer Modifications)
KOMKG - Conditions: Material Listing/Exclusion - Header
KOMKG0 - Material Listing/Material Exclusion - Header (SAP Standard)
KOMKGZ - Material Listing/Exclusion - Header (Cust.Modif.)
KOMKH - Batch Determination Communication Block Header
KOMKHZ - Batch determination - Comm. header: Customer modifications
KOMK_KEY_UC - Pricing Communication Header Unicode-Enabled
KOMP - Communication Item for Pricing
KOMPABA - Pricing Communication Item: Bank Fields
KOMPAIS - Pricing Communication Item: IS-H Fields
KOMPD - Substitution - Item
KOMPD0 - Substitution - Item (SAP standard)
KOMPDZ - Substitution - Item (Customer Modifications)
KOMPG - Material Listing/Exclusion - Item
KOMPG0 - Material Listing/Exclusion - Item (SAP Standard)
KOMPGZ - Material Listing/Exclusion - Item (Cust.Modific.)
KOMPH - Batch Determination: Communication Record for Item
KOMPHZ - Batch determination - Comm. item: Customer modifications
KOMT1 - Price Determination Communications-Pricing Procedure
KOMT2 - Price Determination Communications-Access Sequences
KOMT2A - Price Determination Communications-Access Sequences
KOMV - Pricing Communications-Condition Record
KOMV_INDEX - KOMV structure plus index
KOMZ - Conditions: Fields for Communication with Accesses
KONA - Agreements
KONADB - KONA : Structure for the Posting
KONAIND - Index: Groups of Conditions/Header Record Conditions
KONCS_KONDD - Cross Selling: Include KONDD
KOND - Conditions (Data)
KOND3VB - Campaign Determination - Structure for Update
KOND3_ACS - Conditions: Campaign Determination - Access Information
KONDAT - Condition Record: Old and New Validity Periods
KONDD - Material Substitution - Data Division
KONDDP - Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination
KONDDPVB - Conditions: Additional Mat.for Mat.Determination - Posting
KONDDVB - Material Substitution - Posting Structure
KONDH - Conditions: Batch Strategy - Data Division
KONDHVB - Conditions: Batch Strategy - Posting Data Division
KONDIND - General Document Index for Conditions
KONDINDDB - KONDINDDB: Structure for Posting
KONDN - Conditions: Free goods - Data section
KONDNS - Conditions: Free goods determination - scales
KONDNSVB - Conditions: Free goods determination - scales - posting
KONDNVB - Free goods determination - Posting structure
KONDN_FRM - Free goods: Provisioning rounding rule
KONDN_MAT - Conditions - free goods: Structure for item table
KOND_T683S - Conditions: Communication for General Determination
KONH - Conditions (Header)
KONHDB - KONH: Structure for Posting
KONM - Conditions (1-Dimensional Quantity Scale)
KONMREF - Conditions: Reference Fields for KONP - Change Documents
KONP - Conditions (Item)
KONPAE - Conditions (item) - Auxiliary structure for change documents
KONPD - Dynamic Division of KONP
KONPDB - KONP: Structure for Posting
KONPREF - Conditions: Reference fields for KONP - Change documents
KONV - Conditions (Transaction Data)
KONVD - Pricing Communication Condition Record, Dynamic
KONW - Conditions (1-Dimensional Value Scale)
KONWREF - Conditions: Reference Fields for KONP - Change Documents
KOPRT - Log for condition analysis
KOT3521 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Material
KOT3522 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer Hierarchy/Material
KOTD001 - Conditions: Substitution - Sample Structure
KOTD002 - SOrg/DistrCh/Material Entered
KOTD011 - Material
KOTD020 - EAN/GV Type/Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/County/Customer
KOTE001 - Customer/Material
KOTE002 - Customer/Rebate Group
KOTE003 - Customer
KOTE004 - Customer Hierarchy
KOTE005 - Customer Hierarchy/Material
KOTE006 - Vendor/Material
KOTE007 - Vendor/Accounting Group
KOTE008 - Vendor
KOTE009 - Vendor/VSR
KOTE010 - Vendor Hierarchy: Rebate
KOTE011 - Vendor Hierarchy: Material Rebate
KOTE012 - Vendor Hierarchy: Vendor Sub-Range Rebate
KOTE013 - SOrg/Vendor/Customer
KOTE017 - Campaign ID/Customer/Material
KOTE522 - Camp. ID/Customer/Material
KOTE523 - Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1
KOTE524 - Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1
KOTE950 - Condition Table for Rebate KOTE950
KOTE999 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Prod.hier.
KOTF001 - Material/Sales Org./Distrib.Channel
KOTF002 - Customer/Sales Org./Dist.Channel/Division
KOTF003 - SD Document/Item
KOTF004 - Service No./Plant/PurchOrg/Vendor/Package Number/Line Number
KOTF005 - Search Term
KOTF006 - Tax exemption license number
KOTF501 - Sales Organization / Distribution Channel / Division
KOTG001 - Customer/Material
KOTG002 - Customer/Material/Unit of Measure
KOTG003 - Plant/Material/Unit of Measure
KOTG004 - Cust/Material w/ Organiz. Units
KOTG501 - Customer hierarchy / article
KOTG601 - Group
KOTG790 - Sold-to pt/Material
KOTG870 - Sold-to pt/Material
KOTG890 - Sold-to pt/Material
KOTG891 - pt
KOTG892 - Matl Group/Sold-to pt
KOTH001 - Material
KOTH002 - Customer/Material
KOTH003 - Customer/Plant/Material
KOTH004 - Destination Country/MatGroup
KOTH005 - Destination Country
KOTH006 - Material group
KOTH007 - Customer Hierarchy
KOTH008 - Customer Hierarchy/Material
KOTH010 - Warehouse number
KOTH011 - Warehouse No./Movement Type
KOTH020 - Movement Type
KOTH021 - Movement Type/Plant
KOTH022 - Movement Type/Material
KOTH023 - Plant/Material
KOTH024 - Movement Type/Plant/Material
KOTH025 - Plant
KOTH030 - Order Type/Plant/Component
KOTH031 - Order Type/Plant/Production Material/Component
KOTH504 - Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy KOTH504
KOTH525 - Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy KOTH525
KOTH599 - Order Type / Plant
KOTH900 - Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy KOTH900
KOTH901 - Warehouse No./Movement Type/Customer
KOTI001 - Material
KOTI002 - Material/Customer
KOTI003 - Material group
KOTN001 - Info Record: Plant-Specific per Order Unit
KOTN002 - Info record per order unit
KOTN010 - Customer / material
KOTN017 - Campaign ID/Material
KSCHL_ST - Condition Type and Nothing Else
KUAKDK - Customer Condition Groups: Sold-to Party View of Cust.Master
KUKOV - Condition View of Customer Master Record
LFMC - Vendor master (short texts for condition types)
LV13F - Conditions: Views - Internal Fields
MASTER_3000 - Condition Table for Campaign Determination
MDC_EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_PRICE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_PRICE_SPECIFICATION_ELEME1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_PRICE_SPECIFICATION_ELEME3 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_PRICE_SPECIFICATION_ELEME5 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_PRICE_SPECIFICATION_ELEME7 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_QUANTITY_TYPE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_SALES_PRICE_SPECIFICATIO10 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_SALES_PRICE_SPECIFICATION6 - Sales Price Specification ERP Bulk Creation Request In
MDC_SALES_PRICE_SPECIFICATION7 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_SALES_PRICE_SPECIFICATION8 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDC_SALES_PRICE_SPECIFICATION9 - Sales Price Specification ERP Bulk Creation Request InBound
MV12A - MV12A - Condition Generator: Input/Output Fields
MV12D - Input/Output Fields for Total Condition Maintenance
MV13D - Extra Fields for SAPMV13D: Material Determination
MV13N - Free goods: Additional fields for screens
N000 - Condition table for free goods determination
PRICE_DETAILS - Inbound proxy price details
PROTB - Log Table for Condition Generation (MSGID = 'VK')
PROTB_N - Log Structure Generation
QUFNARV - Structure for table field from document structure
REBATE_MAPPING_IM - Mapping for Access Fields
REBATE_RESULTDETAIL_IM - Rebate Details for Rebate-Relevant Billing Documents
REBATE_VBELN_IM - Rebate-Relevant Billing Documents
REBATE_VBELN_POSNR_IM - Rebate-Relevant Billing Items
ROXE170107 - Conditions: Applications
ROXE170108 - Conditions: Usages
ROXEBJ0115 - Conditions: Types: Texts
RV12A - Help Fields for SAPMV12A
RV12A200_S1 - Structure 1 for Program RV12A200
RV12A200_S2 - Structure 2 for Program RV12A200
RV12L - Help Fields for the Condition List
RV12Z - E/A fields for SAPMV12Z
RV130 - Input/Output Fields for General Condition Maintenance
RV13A - Input/Output Fields for Price Element Maintenance
RV14A - DDIC Structure for Generating List Reports for Conditions
RV15B002_ALV - Output Structure for Report RV15B002
RV61A - Input/Output Fields for SAPMV61A
SDKONDARCH - SD Archiving of Conditions: Object Structure for Cond.Tables
SDKONDARDY - Condition archiving dummy structure
SDPARAARCH - SD Archiving of Conditions: Selection Parameters
SDPROTO_DFIELD - Condition Analysis Messages to Fields
SDPROTO_KNUMH - Log Data for a Condition Record
SDPROTO_TITEM - Item Condition Analysis
SDPROTO_VAKEY - Fields in Variable Key (Display)
SDREBATE_AGR - Agreement Properties (Extract)
SDREBATE_BONUSVALUE - Values for Rebate Settlement
SDREBATE_FIELD - Field Name/Value
SDREBATE_RETURN - Return Parameters SD Rebate Agreements
SDREBATE_SETTLEVALUE - Values for Bonus Payment
SDREBATE_STATISTIC - Rebate Statistics
SDREBATE_VALUE_FILT - Open Payment Value of Selected Rebates
SDRV15CC10_ALV - Structure for Program RV15CC10
SDRV61CK - Structure for Program RV61CKOS
SDRV61KO - Structure for Program RV61CKOS
SDRVDELS - Output Structure for Program RVDELSTA
SDSDBONT_O1 - Structure for Program SDBONTO1
SI_T681V - Conditions: Usage
SI_T683 - Pricing procedures
T671 - Conditions: Views
T671T - Conditions: Views (Text)
T672 - Conditions: View Sequence
T680M - Condition: Tree Control: Features
T680MT - Condition: Tree Control: Features: Texts?
T680N - Condition: Tree Control: Nodes
T680NF - Condition: Tree Control: Nodes: Fields
T680V - Condition: Tree Control: Variants
T680VL - Condition: Tree Control: Tree Variants
T680VT - Condition: Tree Control: Variants: Texts
T680VU - Condition: Tree Control: User-dependent Variants
T681 - Conditions: Structures
T681A - Conditions: Applications
T681B - Conditions: Applications: Texts
T681COMP - Cond.: Fig. (KVEWE, KAPPL) --> DF14L (Component Hierarchy)
T681D - Condition: Tables used per Application
T681E - Conditions: Fast-Entry Fields
T681F - Conditions: Allowed Fields Per Usage and Application
T681H - Conditions: Usage/Application with Client
T681O - Permitted Document Categories for the Index to Conditions
T681OT - Object Category Texts for Index to Conditions
T681S - Conditions: Fast Entry Types
T681T - Conditions: Fast Entry: Texts
T681U - Parameters for creating pricing reports
T681V - Conditions: Usages
T681W - Conditions: Usage: Texts
T681X - Condition tables for lists
T681Y - Conditions: List Variants
T681YF - Pricing Report: Fields Used
T681YT - Pricing Report: Texts
T681Y_BMEN - Condition Maintenance to Area Menu
T681Z - Conditions: Dependent Data for Application/Usage
T682 - Conditions: Access Sequences
T682I - Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)
T682IA - Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)
T682T - Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts
T682V - Conditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check)
T682VA - Conditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check)
T682Z - Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields)
T682ZA - Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields)
T682Z_D - T682Z with Dynamic Part
T682Z_NOBLI - Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) - Mandatory Yes/No
T683 - Pricing procedures
T683S - Pricing Procedure: Data
T683T - Pricing Procedures: Texts
T683U - Conditions: Procedure (Text)
T683V_CMP - Campaign Determination Procedure: Sales Doc. Determination
T685 - Conditions: Types
T685A - Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data
T685T - Conditions: Types: Texts
T685Z - Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements
T686A - Conditions: Exclusion Indicator
T686B - Conditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts
T686E - Conditions: Processing Status
T686F - Conditions: Processing Status: Texts
T688 - Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables
T688K - Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Types
T688T - Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables
T6B1 - Rebate : Rebate Agreement Types
T6B1T - Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts
T6B2 - Rebate : Group of permitted Condition Types/Tables
T6B2F - Rebate : Permitted Condition Types/Tables per Group
T6B2T - Rebates : Group of Allowed Condition Types/Tables : Texts
TIMEVAKE - Structure Timevake for MV13A
TIMEVAKEAK - Structure Timevakeak for MV13A
TIMEVAKEDB - Strueture Timevakedb for MV13A
TITAB - Time-related Table Extension for Time Interval Control
TREB_CUST_MAP_IM - Billing Doc. Determination f. Rebate: Cust.-Specific Mapping
TREB_DEF_MAP_IM - Billing Document Determination Rebate: Mapping
TVARC - Variant conditions
TVARCT - Text for Variants Conditions
UMADD - Table for Adding Values to Units
UMHEAD - Header Structure for ALV Bonus
UMITEM - Item Structure for ALV Bonus
UPS_VKO_KEY - Object Key for ALE Conditions
V64_DATE - Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_FNAME - FldName
V64_F_NEW - Change documents select options communication
V64_F_OLD - Change documents select options communication
V64_KNUMH - Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_TCODE - Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_TIME - Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_USER - Change Documents Select Options Communication
VADATTRANS - VADAT Transfer with xtring
VAKE - Sample Structure for the Variable Key
VAKECERR - Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Error Table
VAKECIND - Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Index for VAKE Table
VAKECOPY - Variale Key for Condition Maintenance: Copy Str. for IVAKE
VAKEDB - Condition Tables: Update Structure
VAKEDCOPY - Copying Condition Groups Data Structure
VAKEGCOPY - Copying Condition Group Structure
VAKEHELP - Copying Conditions Options for Reference Structure
VAKEIND - Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Index for VAKE Table
VAKEKNUMH - Copying Conditions Exclusion for IVAKE
VAKEVB - Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Internal Structure
VAKEVBNR - Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Intern. Struct/FrGds
VAKEYPLUS - Va key and additional data
VAL_PERIOD - Validity Period
VBELN_TAB_S - Update Flag for Sales and Distribution Document Number
VBOX - SD Document: Billing Document: Rebate Index
VCKEY - Table for Variants Condition Key
VCTXT - Table Prepared for Variant Conditions
VCTXT_KEY - Table Prepared for Variant Conditions
VKONA - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
VKONDAT - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VKONM - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VKONP - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VKONPAE - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VKONW - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VKON_NAMEVALUE - Name Value List for Condition Method
VKON_NUMBER_CHANGE - Structure for Number Assignment
VKON_TASK_KEY - Admin. and Appl. (Task) of Condition Technique

SAP Material Maintenance Tables SD-MD-MM

BAPIMAT_PRODH - BO Material: Product Hierarchy Nodes
BAPIMAT_PRODHM - BO Material: Product Hierarchy Help and Control Fields
BAPIMAT_PRODHR - BO Material: Product Hierarchies from Material Masters
FAMTVZ - Customer Enhancements for Billing Items of the Material
KNVT - Customer Master Record Texts for Sales
KOMBZ - Permitted fields for output determination: Customer modific.
KOMKAKE - Pricing Communication Header: RK-E Fields
KOMKAZ - Pricing communication header: Customer modifications
KOMKB6Z - Shipping Unit-Output Control: Customer Modification
KOMKBZ1 - Output determ.sales support appl.K1: Customer modification
KOMKBZ2 - Output control for purchasing: Customer modification
KOMKBZ3 - Output determination header appl. V1: Customer modification
KOMKBZ4 - Output determination header appl.V2: Customer modification
KOMKBZ5 - Output determination header appl.V3: Customer modification
KOMKBZF - Output Determination Header Appl. P1: Direct Production
KOMKCZ - Account determ.communication header: Customer modifications
KOMPAKE - Pricing communication item: RK-E fields
KOMPAZ - Pricing communication item: Customer modifications
KOMPAZD - Pricing: Dynamic Fields
KOMPBZ1 - Output Determination Item Appl. V1 Customer Modification
KOMPBZ2 - Purchasing Output Control Item: Customer Modification
KOMPBZ3 - Output Determination Item Appl V2 Customer Modification
KOMPCZ - Account determ.communication item: Customer modifications
KOMPOIL - Pricing Communication Item: IS-OIL Specific
KUAGVZ - Customer Modifications:Sold-to Party View of Customer Master
KUREVZ - Bill-to party view of the cust.master: Customer modification
KURGVZ - Payer view of the customer master: Customer modification
KUWEVZ - Ship-to party view of the cust.master: Customer modification
L080A - Work fields for SAPL080A
LIMTVZ - Customer Enhancements for Delivery Items for the Material
LLIST - Screen/Work Fields for Field Group List
LV07C - Work Area for Function Module SAPLV07C
LV45S - Help Fields for SAPLV45S
MV80P - Partner Objects
PRODH - Description of Product Hierarchy (T179)
PRODHS - Structure of Product Hierarchy (T179)
PRODH_DISP - Structure to Show Elements of the Product Hierarchy
RV75F - Help Fields for SAPMV75A
RV80C001_ALV - Structure for Program RV80C001
RV80V - Help Fields for SAPMV80V
RVTSTLSA_ALV - Structure for Program RVTSTLSA
T134G - Organization Unit: Business Area Determination
T151 - Customers: Customer Groups
T151T - Customers: Customer groups: Texts
T171 - Customers: Sales Districts
T171T - Customers: Sales districts: Texts
T178 - Conditions: Groups for Materials
T178T - Conditions: Groups for Materials: Texts
T179 - Materials: Product Hierarchies
T180Z - Reporting: Display Variants
T181T - Reporting: Screen Texts for Sales
T188 - Conditions: Groups for Customer Classifications
T188T - Conditions: Groups for Customer Classes: Texts
T189 - Conditions: Price List Categories
T189T - Conditions: Price List Categories: Texts
T630R - Delivery Scheduling: Pick/Pack Time for Materials
T683C - Batch Search Procedure: Determination in Sales Docs
T683V - Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs.
T686C - Contact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution
TASSIGN_SD_VKBUR - Help Table for Status Info on SD Maint. Views: Key VKBUR
TASSIGN_SD_VKORG - Aux. Table for Status Info SD Maintenance View: Key VKORG
THSTT - Hierarchy Levels: Texts
TKUKL - Customers: Customer Classifications
TKUKT - Customers: Customer classification: Texts
TKUPA - Business Partners: Customer Master Groups
TMVF - Availability Check Control
TMVFP - Availability Check: Blocks
TPAR - Business Partner: Functions
TPFK - Contact Persons: Functions
TPFKT - Contact Partner Functions: Texts
TPHCNV - Data for Product Hierarchy Conversion
TPTM - Materials: Item Category Groups in Material Master
TSABT - Contact Person Departments: Texts
TTGR - Delivery Scheduling: Transportation Groups
TTGRT - Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts
TTXER - Text Processing: Text ID Groups
TTXERN - Text Processing: Text ID Groups covers ttxs & ttxer
TTXS - Text Processing: Text Type in Text Proc. -> Access Sequence
TTXVR - Text Processing: Copy Control Texts
TVCOMZ - Text determination: Customer modifications
TVE1 - Shipping Unit Group 1
TVE1T - Shipping Unit Group 1: Texts
TVE2 - Shipping Unit Group 2
TVE2T - Shipping Unit Group 2: Texts
TVE3 - Shipping Unit Group 3
TVE3T - Shipping Unit Group 3: Texts
TVE4 - Shipping Unit Group 4
TVE4T - Shipping Unit Group 4: Texts
TVE5 - Shipping Unit Group 5
TVE5T - Shipping Unit Group 5: Texts
TVEPT - Sales Documents: Schedule Line Categories: Texts
TVIND - Sales Document: Update of Material and Validity Index
TVKD - Customer Pricing Procedures
TVKDT - Customer Pricing Procedures: Texts
TVKM - Materials: Account Assignment Groups
TVKMT - Material: Account Assignment Group Texts
TVKV - Pricing Procedures: Transaction
TVSD - Customers: Statistics groups
TVSDT - Customers: Statistics groups: Texts
TVSGT - Sales Statistics Groups: Texts
TVSHP - Shipping Parameters at Client-level
TVSM - Material statistics groups
TVST - Organizational Unit: Shipping Points
TVZB - Customers: Terms of payment
TVZBT - Customers: Terms of Payment Texts
TXPAR - Work Area: Contact Partner Texts
UPDYN - Dynamic Part
VBCO4 - Sales Doc.Access Methods: Key Fields: Collective Processing
VBCO5 - Saes Doc.Access Methods: Key Fields: Delivery Note
VBCO6 - Sales Document Access Methods: Key Fields
VBCOM - Communication Work Area for Sales Doc.Access Methods
VBDKAZ - Doc.Header View Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order: Cust.Mod.
VBDKLZ - Doc.Header View Delivery Note: Customer Modification
VBDKRZ - Doc.Header View Billing Document: Customer Modification
VBDPAZ - Doc.Item View Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order: Cust.Modific.
VBDPLZ - Doc.Item View Delivery Note: Customer Modification
VBDPRZ - Doc.Item View Billing Document: Customer Modification
VBKOP - Sales Document Header Fields for Work Area V75
VBLKKZ - Customer Modification Division: Picking View
VBLKPZ - Customer Modification Division: Picking View Dlv.Item

SAP Additional Material Functions Tables SD-MD-MM-CS

ESO_S_KEYWORD - Extraction Structure - Keywords for Material group
PRICAT_OBJECT_STY - Change pointer structure for PRICAT
WSDT_APPL - Applications (for Material Enhancements)
WSDT_APPLT - WSD Applications Descriptions
WSDT_APPL_TRANS - Assign Transactions to Application
WSDT_BASIC_CFG - Basic Configuration for Counter Sales
WSDT_CBP_DH - Display Hierarchy Close-by Plants
WSDT_CBP_DHSEQ - Display Grouping Sequence for Close-by Plants
WSDT_CBP_DHTEXT - Display Hierarchy Text for Close-by Plants
WSDT_MAT_GROUP - Name of the Grouping in Material Layout
WSDT_MAT_GROUPT - Grouping in Material Layout: Description
WSDT_MAT_LANG - Languages supported in WSD Material Creation
WSDT_MAT_LAYOUT - Customizing for Material Creation
WSDT_MAT_MTART - Material Type available in Material Creation
WSDT_MAT_SEARCH - Material Search Configuration
WSDT_MV_CFG - Material View Configuration
WSDT_PREL_C_OPT - Identification Option for Special Price Elements
WSDT_T683S_PREL - Predefined Price Elements in Pricing Procdure
WSDT_T683S_PUR - Predefined Price Elements in Pricing Procdure for purchasing
WSD_ATTRIBUTE_STY - Attribute data structure
WSD_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_STY - Attribute value data structure
WSD_BASIC_CFG_STY - Basic Configuration-Additional Fields
WSD_BASIC_MAT_STY - Basic material data
WSD_BOM_STY - Bill of Material assignments
WSD_CATALOG_DATA_STY - Catalog Data for Material Search
WSD_CATALOG_KEY_STY - Catalog key data for Material extraction
WSD_CBP - Close-By Plants
WSD_CBP_CITYC_DESC_STY - Description of T001W-Regio for Close-by Plants
WSD_CBP_FIELD_DESC_STY - Information to retrieve field description for CBP
WSD_CBP_ID_ELEMENT_STY - One WebDynpro Element entry to access via CBP
WSD_CBP_LAND1_DESC_STY - Description of T001W-Land1 for Close-by Plants
WSD_CBP_NODE_DATA_STY - Info to display and manage a tree node in Close-by plants
WSD_CBP_PLANTS_FILTER_STY - Field name and value for a Close-by plants
WSD_CBP_PLANTS_INDEX_STY - Plants 'FROM' and 'TO' index in sorted list of all plants
WSD_CBP_REGIO_DESC_STY - Description of T001W-Regio for Close-by Plants
WSD_CBP_REMAP_SALV_NODE_STY - Structure to allow to remap SALV nodes
WSD_CBP_WERKS_DESC_STY - Description of T001W-Regio for Close-by Plants
WSD_CONDITION_SCALE_STY - Structure for material view - price scale data
WSD_CREATESCREENVALUES - Header Structure: Core Material Master Data Maintenance Copy
WSD_DISPLAY_PARAM_STY - Structure for additional display attributes
WSD_DYNAMIC_FIELDS_STY - Dynamic fields used in Material creation
WSD_DYNAMIC_FIELD_STY - Dynamical fields used for material maintenance
WSD_EINA_STY - Enhancement of EINA
WSD_FREE_STOCK_ATP_STY - Structure for free stock / ATP data
WSD_FREE_STOCK_STY - Material free stock info
WSD_GROSS_PUR_PRICE_STY - Elements for gross price in purchasing
WSD_INDX - System Table INDX
WSD_INPUT_FIELDS_STY - Helper structure for input fields support
WSD_KEYWORD - Keyword Definition
WSD_KEYWORD_AS - Keyword Assignment
WSD_KWD_SYNC_KLAH_STY - Structure on KLAH Table
WSD_KWD_SYNC_MESSAGE_STY - Structure for keyword message Log
WSD_KWD_SYNC_T023_STY - Structure on Table T023
WSD_LIST_PRICE_STY - Material List Price
WSD_MANDATORY_CHECK_STY - Used in Mandatory check in creating a material
WSD_MATERIAL_STY - Lean material structure
WSD_MAT_CREATE_INIT_STY - Structure for material creation init screen
WSD_MAT_CREATION_PRICAT_STY - structure required for material creation using pricat
WSD_MAT_DESC_STY - Material description
WSD_MAT_TYPE_STY - Material type for wsd material creation
WSD_MESSAGE_STY - Structure for WSD exception messages
WSD_MS_ALV_ROW_DATA - Mat. search technical structure for row data of ALV grid
WSD_MS_ALV_TECH - Material Search technical structure for ALV control
WSD_MS_CONFIG_STY - Material search customization structure type
WSD_MS_DISPLAY_STY - All supported data elements for material search structure
WSD_MS_INITIAL_PARAMS_STY - Material search component interface structure
WSD_MS_INPUT_FIELDS - Helper structure for input fields support
WSD_MS_PERSONAL_SETTINGS_STY - Material Search structure for Personal Settings
WSD_MS_PLANT_STY - Plant data structure for material search
WSD_MS_QUERY_STY - Material search query line type
WSD_MS_RESULT_STY - Material search result structure
WSD_MS_RETURN_STY - Material search return structure
WSD_MS_SALES_STY - Material search sales price
WSD_MV_ALT_MAT_STY - Structure for alternate materials
WSD_MV_ATP_STY - Structure for material view - availability data
WSD_MV_BASIC_STY - Structure for material view basic data
WSD_MV_LAST_ORDERS_STY - Structure for customer last order to display in ALV Grid
WSD_MV_LAST_SO_STY - Structure for material view - customer last order
WSD_MV_MATERIALS_STY - Import structure for Material View
WSD_MV_MAT_PRICE_STY - Material Price list
WSD_MV_SALES_STY - Structure for material view - sales price data
WSD_MV_SO_STY - Structure for material view - customer last order
WSD_MV_VENDOR_STY - Structure for material view - regular vendor data
WSD_NET_PRICE_STY - Net price information
WSD_PARAMS_STY - Additional Parameters for Enhanced Material Search
WSD_PLANT_STY - Plant data
WSD_PRICAT_DATA_STY - Pricat related fields
WSD_PRICE_DETERMINE_STY - Help structure for price determination
WSD_PRICE_ELEM - Predefined Price Elements
WSD_PRICE_ELEM_T - Description and Field Labels for Predefined Price Elements
WSD_PRICE_GROSS_STY - WSD general structure to hold price information
WSD_PRICE_STY - WSD general structure to hold price information
WSD_PRICE_WITH_SCALE_STY - WSD general structure to hold price information
WSD_PURCHASING_GEN_STY - Purchasing General Data
WSD_PURCHASING_ORG_STY - Purchasing Organization Data
WSD_PURCHASING_STY - Purchasing data
WSD_REF_MATERIAL - Reference Materials
WSD_REF_MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_STY - Maintenance structure for definition reference materials
WSD_SALES_STY - Sales data
WSD_SYNC_KWD_INPUT_STY - Keyword Synchronization input structure
WSD_VALKEY - Key Fields for Retail Material Processing
WSD_VALUATION_STY - Valuation data