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SAP Sales and Distribution Tables SD

ASCECHADEP - SCECHADEP key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHAINP - SCECHAINP key fields - transfer IDoc?
ASCECHAPOS - SCECHAPOS key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHARAC - SCECHARAC key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHAREF - SCECHAREF key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHATX - SCECHATX key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHAVIS - SCECHAVIS key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECLACOM - SCECLACOM key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECLNDOM - SCECLNDOM key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECLPREC - SCECLPREC key fields - transfer IDoc

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SAP Basic Functions Tables SD-BF

ADMIX - Help structure for reading via ADK in LDB(SD)
AIC_VBRK - Archiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary)
ARCID_CUST_VBRK - Archiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary)
ARCID_P_VBRK - Archiving SD_VBRK: Index table (primary)
ARCID_S_VALUES_VBRK - Archiving SD_VBRK: Values for search for index (secondary)
ARCID_S_VBRK - Archiving SD_VBRK: Index table (secondary)
ARCID_VBRK - Archiving SD_VBRK: Index Table
ASH_RV_LIKP_S - ASH archive infostructure for deliveries with ERDAT
ASH_TABFIELDS - Info Structure Field Check
AV03R - Structure of Input Table for Backlog Functions
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SAP Billing Tables SD-BIL

A144 - Sales Deal Basic Data
A145 - Sales Deal - Customer/Material
A146 - Customer Hierarchy
A147 - Customer Hierarchy (Sales Deal)
A148 - Product Hierarchy
A149 - Customer-dependent data determination
A399 - Withholding tax code - country-specific
ACCIT_DEB - Item fields for creating customer lines
ARSTR - Structure for Analysis Report
BAPIWEBINVHEAD - Header Data for Web Billing Documents

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SAP Sales Support Tables SD-CAS

CAS_KUSTA_HELP - Help texts for data elements are displayed in lists
KNA1_RTEXTE - Reporting: Long texts for KNA1
KNVK_RTEXTE - Reporting: Long texts for KNVK
KNVV_LISTE - Reporting: KNVV
KNVV_RTEXTE - Reporting: Long texts for KNVV
SADLSTDIRL - List structure for intervals
SADLSTRECL - List structure for addresses
SDCAS_BOROBJ_COMBINATIONS - For Internal Table: BOR Objects Necessary for Views in CC
SDCAS_FOLLOWUPS - HTML Follow Ups for Customer Cockpit
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SAP Contract Handling Tables SD-CH

C402 - Item cat.
ROXAVV0007 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_ALLC
ROXAVV0008 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBWCTR2M
ROXAVV0009 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_IMMD
ROXAVV0010 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_KBMD
ROXAVV0011 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_MPMD
ROXAVV0012 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_SLMD
ROXAVV0013 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_VGTM
ROXAVV0019 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_ALLC

ROXAVV0025 - Generated Table for View /BEV3/CHVBW_BZVA
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SAP Electronic Data Interchange Tables SD-EDI

BAPI1171_1 - PRICAT: Transfer structure catalog header Pricat_K001
BAPI1171_K003 - PRICAT: Transfer structure catalog line Pricat_K003
BAPI1171_K004 - PRICAT: Transfer structure catalog unit of meas. Pricat_K004
BAPIPRIASSORTMENT - PRICAT: Assortment for a Price Catalog
BAPIPRICATCHANGE - PRICAT: Parameters for Engineering Change Management
BAPIPRICATCREATE - PRICAT: Structure for Creating a Price Catalog
BAPIPRICATHEADER - PRICAT: Header data for catalog
BAPIPRICATKEY - Pricat: Number of the price catalog
BAPIPRICATWEB - PRICAT: Price Catalog Settings for the Internet
BAPIPRICUSTOMER - PRICAT: Customer of a Price Catalog
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SAP Foreign Trade Tables SD-FT

FTWAO_MASLSS - Foreign Trade: MiniApps: Legal Control: SLS Simulation
FTWAO_MAVARIANT_S - Web Add-On: Foreign Trade: Return Structure for Rpt Variants
A121 - Legal Control: Values for Calculating Foreign Percentage
A300 - Statistical Value of Subcontracting Components
A301 - Info Record Type and Incoterms
A310 - Duty Rate Customs Exemption: Importing Ctry/Code/Material
A315 - Cust.Duty Anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./Mat
A316 - Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Anti-d. Code
A317 - Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Cntry/Code Number/Cntry of Orig.
A320 - Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry
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SAP Information System Tables SD-IS

MCADRLST - SD/CAS: SIS Address List Communication Structure
MCADRLSTB - CAS: LIS Address List Reference Structure
MCCASPA - SD/CAS: SIS attribute potential analysis
MCFPLT - Sales document: Billing plan dates ;
MCFPLTB - Reference Structure of MCFPLT for Function Module
MCFPLTUSR - User structure: VKBg: dates;
MCKOMV - Pricing: Communic.Cond.Record
MCKOMVB - Reference Structure from MCKOMV for Function Module
MCKOMVUSR - User Structure: Pricing
MCKONV - Pricing Communications-Condition Record
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SAP Master Data Tables SD-MD

AGR_MEM_INITIAL - Agreements: Buffer for Intial Upload
AGR_REL_KNUMA_CM - Assignment: Agreement --> Campaign
BAPIAGRMNT - BAPI Structure for Agreements
BAPIKNUMAS - BAPI Structure for KNUMA Assignment
KNUMAS - Assignment KNUMAs Old - New
KONADB2 - KONA: Structure for Update
A000 - Condition Table for Pricing $
A001 - Not Used in Standard
A002 - Country/Customer Classification/Material Classification
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SAP POS Interface Tables SD-POS

A134 - Vendor
BAPI6032_2 - BAPI6032_input2
BAPI6032_CONDI - STORE ORDER Condition Structure
BAPI6032_CONTROL - Structure for Controlling Store Order Dispatcher
BAPI6032_MESS - Error Messages, Warning Messages, Hint Messages
C007 - Vendor
CCINS_ENCRYPTION_CUST - Encryption Details to Credit-Card Institute
CCINS_SECURITY - Credit Card Institute Security Settings
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SAP Sales Tables SD-SLS

ABVG - Comparison of SA Releases - Reference Structure
ARCHIVING_PROT - Log Structure Archiving
ARCHIVING_VBUK - VBUK Table for archiving
AV03V - Structure of the Transfer Table for the Avail.Checkk
B090 - SEPA Mandate - Payment Method
BAPE_VBAK - BAPI Interface for Customer Enhancements to Table VBAK
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