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SAP SD Information System Tables (SD-IS)

SAP Information System Tables SD-IS

MCADRLST - SD/CAS: SIS Address List Communication Structure
MCADRLSTB - CAS: LIS Address List Reference Structure
MCCASPA - SD/CAS: SIS attribute potential analysis
MCFPLT - Sales document: Billing plan dates ;
MCFPLTB - Reference Structure of MCFPLT for Function Module
MCFPLTUSR - User structure: VKBg: dates;
MCKOMV - Pricing: Communic.Cond.Record
MCKOMVB - Reference Structure from MCKOMV for Function Module
MCKOMVUSR - User Structure: Pricing
MCKONV - Pricing Communications-Condition Record
MCKONVB - Reference Structure for MCKONV for Function Module
MCKONVUSR - User Structure: Pricing
MCLIKP - Delivery: Header Data ;
MCLIKPADD - Addition: Delivery - Header Data
MCLIKPB - Reference Structure from MCLIKP for Function Module
MCLIKPUSR - User Structure: Delivery - Header Data
MCLIPS - Delivery: Item Data
MCLIPSADD - Additional Specification: Delivery - Item Data
MCLIPSB - Reference Structure from MCLIPS for Function Module
MCLIPSUSR - User Structure: Delivery - Item Data

MCPARTNER - Partner Field String from VBPA
MCPARTUSR - User Section: Additional Partner(s) from VBPA
MCSADLSTCB - SD/CAS: SIS Key Figures Reference Structure
MCVAACHAR - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order - Header
MCVANCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order - Item
MCVANKYF - SIS Key Figures: Sales Order - Item
MCVAOCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order - Schedule Line
MCVAOKYF - SIS Key Figures: Sales Order - Schedule Line
MCVAVCACHA - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order/Delivery Note - Header
MCVAVCNCHA - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order/Delivery Note - Item
MCVAVCNKYF - SIS Key Figures: Sales Order/Delivery Note - Item
MCVAVCOCHA - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order/Delivery Note - Sched. Line
MCVAVCOKYF - SIS Key Figures: Sales Order/Delivery Note - Schedule Line
MCVBAFB - Dynamic Part: Order Item Flow
MCVBAK - Sales Document: Header Data
MCVBAKADD - Additional Specification: Sales Document - Customer Data
MCVBAKB - Reference Structure from MCVBAK for Function Module
MCVBAKUSR - User Structure: Sales Document: Customer Data
MCVBAP - Sales Document: Item Data
MCVBAPADD - Additional Specification: Sales Document - Item Data
MCVBAPB - Reference Structure from MCVBAP for Function Module
MCVBAPF - Order Item Flow
MCVBAPUSR - User Structure: Sales Document - Item Data
MCVBEP - Sales Document: Line Data
MCVBEPB - Reference Structure from MCVBEP for Function Module
MCVBEPUSR - User Structure: Sales Document - Purchasing Data
MCVBKA - SD/CAS: SIS Sales Activities/Mailing - Communication Struct.
MCVBKAB - CAS: LIS Reference Structure - Sales Activities/Mailing
MCVBKAUSR - SD/CAS: SIS sales activities/mailing user exit MCVBKA
MCVBKD - Sales Document: Commercial Data
MCVBKDB - Reference Structure from MCVBEP for Function Module
MCVBPA - Sales Document: Partner
MCVBPAB - Reference Structure from MCVBPA for Function Module
MCVBPACAS - CAS: LIS Communication Structure - CAS Partner
MCVBPAUSR - User Structure: Sales Document - Partner
MCVBRK - Billing Document: Header Data ;
MCVBRKADD - Additional Specification: Billing Document - Header Data
MCVBRKB - Reference Structure from MCVBRK for Function Module

MCVBRKUSR - User Structure: Billing Document - Customer Data
MCVBRP - Billing Document: Item Data ;
MCVBRPADD - Additional Specification: Billing Document - Item Data
MCVBRPB - Reference Structure from MCVBRP for Function Module
MCVBRPUSR - User Structure: Billing Document - Item Data
MCVBUK - SalesDoc: H.Status; Admin.Data
MCVBUKB - Reference Structure from MCVBUK for Function Module
MCVBUP - Sales Document: Item Status
MCVBUPB - Reference Structure from MCVBUP for Function Module
MCVCACHAR - SIS Characteristics: Delivery Note - Header
MCVCNCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Delivery Note - Item
MCVCNKYF - SIS Key Figures: Delivery Note - Header
MCVCOCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Delivery Note - Schedule Line
MCVCOKYF - SIS key Figures: Delivery Note - Schedule Line
MCVDACHAR - SIS Characteristics: Billing Document - Header
MCVDNCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Billing Document - Item
MCVDNKYF - SIS Key Figures: Billing Document - Item
MCVKENNZ1 - SIS: Key Figures with Different Technical Features
MCVKUSR - Individual Customer Fields for Field Catalogs/Updating
MCVOBJECT - Characteristics that are not filled by the application
MCVSRFK - Statistically Relevant Fields for Order + Delivery Header
MCVSRFP - Statistically Relevant Fields for Order + Billing Document
RMCV1 - I/O fields for SAPMMCV1
S020 - SIS: Customer Potential Analysis
S020E - S020 - Structure Information
S131 - Doc. Payment Guarantee: Update Letter of Credit Values (LIS)
S132 - Open values - document
S135 - Value contract, target/release order value
TKSFK - Update Sequence: Sales Activity Processing Statistics: Headr
TMCW2 - Administrative Data for SIS Re-Setup
TVSFK - Update Group: Statistics (Header)
TVSFP - Update Group: Statistics (Item)
TVSG - Sales Statistics Groups

SAP Data Collection Tables SD-IS-DC

ANLY_SD_SETUP - Activation of Functionality for SD Analytics
MCVBACHAR - SIS Characteristics: Quotation Header
MCVBNCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Quotation Item
MCVBNKYF - SIS Key Figures: Quotation Item
MCVBOCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Quotation Schedule Line
MCVBOKYF - SIS Key Figures: Quotation Schedule Line

S264 - SD- Offer
S264BIW1 - S264BIW1 * SD - Quotation
S264BIW2 - S264BIW2 * SD - Quotation
S264BIWS - S264BIWS * SD - Quotation