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MCVKENNZ1 SAP SIS: Key Figures with Different Technical Features Structure and data

MCVKENNZ1 is an SAP Structure so does not store data like a database table does but can be used to process "SIS: Key Figures with Different Technical Features" Information within sap ABAP programs. This is done by declaring abap internal tables, work areas or database tables based on this Structure. These can then be used to store and process the required data appropriately.


Below is the documentation avaialable and full details of the fields which make up this Structure.

You can view further information about this via relevant transactions such as SE11 or SE80. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

Delivery Class: A - Application table containing master and transaction data

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Yes but with Restrictions

Enhancement category i: Can be enhanced (character-type or numeric)
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

SAP MCVKENNZ1 Structure fields within data Dictionary

Component Type
Data Typelength (Decimals)Check tableDescriptionConversion Routine
AENETWRMC_AENETWRCURR19(2) Net value of incoming orders
RENETWRMC_RENETWRCURR19(2) Net value of incoming returns
OAUWEMC_OAUWECURR19(2) Open net value of orders
UMNETWRMC_UMNETWRCURR19(2) Net value of invoiced sales
GUNETWRMC_GUNETWRCURR19(2) Net value of credit memos
AEKZWI1MC_AEKZWI1CURR17(2) Incoming orders: gross
AEKZWI2MC_AEKZWI2CURR17(2) Incoming orders: net 1
AEKZWI3MC_AEKZWI3CURR17(2) Incoming orders: net 2
AEKZWI4MC_AEKZWI4CURR17(2) Incoming orders: freight
AEKZWI5MC_AEKZWI5CURR17(2) Incoming orders: pricing subtotal 5
AEKZWI6MC_AEKZWI6CURR17(2) Incoming orders: pricing subtotal 6
REKZWI1MC_REKZWI1CURR17(2) Incoming returns: gross
REKZWI2MC_REKZWI2CURR17(2) Incoming returns: net 1
REKZWI3MC_REKZWI3CURR17(2) Incoming returns: net 2
REKZWI4MC_REKZWI4CURR17(2) Incoming returns: freight
REKZWI5MC_REKZWI5CURR17(2) Incoming returns: pricing subtotal 5
REKZWI6MC_REKZWI6CURR17(2) Incoming returns: pricing subtotal 6
UMKZWI1MC_UMKZWI1CURR17(2) Invoiced sales: gross
UMKZWI2MC_UMKZWI2CURR17(2) Invoiced sales: net 1
UMKZWI3MC_UMKZWI3CURR17(2) Invoiced sales: net 2
UMKZWI4MC_UMKZWI4CURR17(2) Invoice freight charges
UMKZWI5MC_UMKZWI5CURR17(2) Billing document: pricing subtotal 5
UMKZWI6MC_UMKZWI6CURR17(2) Billing document: pricing subtotal 6
GUKZWI1MC_GUKZWI1CURR17(2) Credit memos: gross
GUKZWI2MC_GUKZWI2CURR17(2) Credit memos: net 1
GUKZWI3MC_GUKZWI3CURR17(2) Credit memos: net 2
GUKZWI4MC_GUKZWI4CURR17(2) Credit memos: freight
GUKZWI5MC_GUKZWI5CURR17(2) Credit memos: pricing subtotal 5
GUKZWI6MC_GUKZWI6CURR17(2) Credit memos: pricing subtotal 6
ANZAUMC_ANZAUDEC9 Number of orders
ANZREMC_ANZREDEC9 Number of returns/credit memo requests
ANZAUPOSMC_ANZAUPODEC9 Number of order items
ANZREPOSMC_ANZREPODEC9 No.of returns items
AEMENGEMC_AEMENGEQUAN15(3) Incoming orders quantity
OAUMEMC_OAUMEQUAN15(3) Open orders quantity in base unit of measure
GUMENGEMC_GUMENGEQUAN15(3) Credit memos quantity
NTGEWMC_LINTGEWQUAN15(3) Net weight of deliveries

BRGEWMC_LIBRGEWQUAN15(3) Gross weight of deliveries
VOLUMMC_LIVOLUMQUAN15(3) Volume of deliveries
ARBLAMC_LIARBLADEC5(2) Labor Required for Deliveries on Hand
RLNTGEWMC_RLNTGEWQUAN15(3) Net weight of returns deliveries
RLBRGEWMC_RLBRGEWQUAN15(3) Gross weight of returns deliveries
RLVOLUMMC_RLVOLUMQUAN15(3) Volume of returns delivery
RLARBLAMC_RLARBLADEC5(2) Labor required for returns deliveries on hand
Statistics currency
Base Unit of MeasureCUNIT
Weight UnitCUNIT
Volume unitCUNIT
Local Currency
Currency key of credit control area
AEWAVWRMC_AEWAVWRCURR19(2) Cost of incoming orders
REWAVWRMC_REWAVWRCURR19(2) Incoming returns: cost
UMWAVWRMC_UMWAVWRCURR19(2) Cost of invoiced sales
GUWAVWRMC_GUWAVWRCURR19(2) Credit memos: cost
KWERTMC_KWERTCURR19(2) Accumulated condition value in local currency
AUWRTMC_AUWRTCURR19(2) Rebate: Rebate payments in local currency
RUWRTMC_RUWRTCURR19(2) Rebate: Accrued value in local currency
BONBAMC_BONBACURR19(2) Rebate: Accumulated sales volume in local currency
OEIMEMC_OEIMEQUAN15(3) Open order credit quantity (schedule lines)
OEIKWMC_OEIKWCURR19(2) Open sales order credit value (schedule lines)
OLIMEMC_OLIMEQUAN15(3) Open delivery quantity
OLIKWMC_OLIKWCURR19(2) Open delivery credit value
OFAMEMC_OFAMEQUAN15(3) Open billing document quantity
OFAKWMC_OFAKWCURR19(2) Open billing document credit value
.INCLUDEMCVKUSR Individual Customer Fields for Field Catalogs/Updating
DUMMYDUMMYCHAR1 Dummy function in length 1
KAWRTMC_KAWRTCURR19(2) Cumulated condition base value
Sales DocumentALPHA
ANZKONV1MC_ANZKONVDEC9 Number of a condition in the document
Sales DocumentALPHA
ANZKONV2MC_ANZKONVDEC9 Number of a condition in the document
Sales DocumentALPHA
ANZKONV3MC_ANZKONVDEC9 Number of a condition in the document
LIEFFZMC_LIEFFZQUAN15(3) Cumulative qty for delivery/MAIS in base unit of measure
ENTNFZMC_ENTNFZQUAN15(3) Cumulative quantity for goods withdrawal in base unit
RRWRTMC_RRWRTCURR19(2) Rebate: Accruals reversed on the basis of local currency

AEMENGE_DAEMENGE_DQUAN15(3) Quantity of incoming orders - delata updating
AENETWR_DAENETWR_DCURR19(2) Net value of incoming orders - delta updating
AEKZWI1_DAEKZWI1_DCURR17(2) Gross incoming orders - delta updating
AEKZWI2_DAEKZWI2_DCURR17(2) Net incoming orders 1 - delta updating
AEKZWI3_DAEKZWI3_DCURR17(2) Net incoming orders 2 - delta updating
AEKZWI4_DAEKZWI4_DCURR17(2) Incoming orders (freight) - delta updating
AEKZWI5_DAEKZWI5_DCURR17(2) Incoming orders PrSub 5 - delta updating
AEKZWI6_DAEKZWI6_DCURR17(2) Incoming orders PrSub 6 - delta updating
AEWAVWR_DAEWAVWR_DCURR19(2) Cost of incoming orders - delta updating
OEIMEBOEIMEBQUAN15(3) Open order qty. based on confirmation date of sched. line
OEIMEWOEIMEWQUAN15(3) Open order qty. based on desired del. date of sched. line
OEIWEBOEIWEBCURR19(2) Open order value based on confirmation date of sched. line
OEIWEWOEIWEWCURR19(2) Open order value based on desired del. date of sched. line
OEIMEB_DOEIMEB_DQUAN15(3) Open order quantity based on conf. date of sched. line-delta
OEIMEW_DOEIMEW_DQUAN15(3) Open order qty. based on desired of sch.line- delta
OEIWEB_DOEIWEB_DCURR19(2) Open order val. based on conf. date of sched. line - delta
OEIWEW_DOEIWEW_DCURR19(2) Open ord. val. based on desired del. date sched.line - delta
AEMENGBAEMENGBQUAN15(3) Qty. incoming orders based on confirm. date of sched. line
AEMENGB_DAEMENGB_DQUAN15(3) QtyIO based on confirmation date of sched. line - DeltaUpdat
LGMNGMC_LGMNGQUAN15(3) Delivery quantity in base unit of measure
LGMNG_DMC_LGMNG_DQUAN15(3) Delivery qty in base unit of measure - Delta update
UMNETWR_DUMNETWR_DCURR19(2) Invoiced sales net value - Delta update
UMWAVWR_DUMWAVWR_DCURR19(2) Invoiced sales stock value - Delta update
KCREQKCREQQUAN13(3) Customer requirements
KCQTYKCQTYQUAN13(3) Product allocation qty
KUDMDKUDMDQUAN13(3) Requirements not covered
KLTBKKLTBKQUAN13(3) Open product allocation qty
KCUBLKCUBLQUAN13(3) Default division
ZWERTMC_ZWERTCURR17(2) Target value in outline agreement (in contract currency)
OAAUWEMC_OAAUWECURR17(2) Open released net value of order for value contract
OALIWEMC_OALIWECURR17(2) Open released net value of delivery for value contract
AFAKWEMC_AFAKWECURR17(2) Released net value of billing document for contract
AEFREQMC_AEFREQDEC15(3) Incoming orders: frequency
AEFREQBMC_AEFREQBDEC15(3) Incoming orders: frequency acc. to conf. date of sched. line
OEFREQBMC_OEFREQBDEC15(3) Open incoming orders: freq acc. to conf. date of sched. line
OEFREQWMC_OEFREQWDEC15(3) Open incoming orders: freq acc. to desired dlv. date of SL
LGFREQMC_LGFREQDEC15(3) Delivery frequency in base unit of measure

Key field
Non-key field