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SAP SD Billing Tables (SD-BIL)

SAP Billing Tables SD-BIL

A144 - Sales Deal Basic Data
A145 - Sales Deal - Customer/Material
A146 - Customer Hierarchy
A147 - Customer Hierarchy (Sales Deal)
A148 - Product Hierarchy
A149 - Customer-dependent data determination
A399 - Withholding tax code - country-specific
ACCIT_DEB - Item fields for creating customer lines
ARSTR - Structure for Analysis Report
BAPIWEBINVHEAD - Header Data for Web Billing Documents
BAPIWEBINVITEM - Item Data for Web Billing Documents
BAPIWEBINVPART - Partner Data for Web Billing Documents
BILL_DOC_HELP_LINE - Help line for search for archived billing docs
BIL_CUSTINVCERPPRTBLDOCBYID_QU - query to Customer Invoice Processing to retrieve the invoice
BIL_CUSTINVCERPPRTBLDOCBYID_RE - response from Customer Invoice Processing containing the inv
BIL_CUSTINV_PRTBLDOC_ID_CTRL - Control Structure for CustomerInvoicePortableInvoiceDocument
BIL_S_INVOICE - Invoice - Input parameters
BIL_S_INVOICE_ERROR2 - Error handling - Invoice
BIL_S_LRD_OUT_B2B - LRD structure Invoice B2B outbound messages
BTCKOMFKGN - Batch Input Structure of General Billing Interface

BTCKOMV - Batch Input Structure KOMV
BTCVBSK - Batch Input Structure VBSK
CRMC_FM_CO_EXP - customizing table cost element to expense type for marketing
CRMS_AG_GUID_TIMESTAMP - Agreement GUID and Timestamp
CRMS_FM_ACTUALS - Fund Management: Actuals
CRMS_FM_FUI2AG_GUID_TIMESTAMP - Fund Usage Item and Table of Agreement GUIDs and Timestamps
CRMS_FM_FUI2VARNUMH_TIMESTAMP - Fund Usage Item and Table of VARNUMHs and Timestamps
CRMS_FM_MWPX_HEADER - Rebate enhancement transfer structure header
CRMS_FM_MWPX_TRNSTR - transfer structure for enhanced rebates
CRMS_MKTPL_COSTS_EXPENSE - Actual/Commitments Costs per Expense Type
CRMS_MKTPL_CR_ELEM_MW - Condition Record and its Attributes
CRMS_MWPX_CR_ELEM - Condition Record and its Attributes
CRMS_MWPX_CR_FUI_HASH - structure containing a key and a nested table
CRMS_MWPX_CR_PR_VALUES - Product and values for condition record & rebate agreement
CRMS_MWPX_FUI_CR_HASH - Structure: FUI GUID&Header with a nested CRMT_MWPX_CR_ELEM
CRMS_MWPX_FUI_CR_SV_HASH - Structure: FUI GUID&Header with a nested CRMT_MWPX_CR_ELEM
CRMS_MWPX_FUI_ELEM - This FUI is associated to a CR.
ESO_S_ERP_VBRK - ERP Invoice attributes for Enterprise Search
ESO_S_ERP_VBRP - ERP Billing Item attributes for Enterprise Search
FACOM - Communication Work Area for Billing Doc.Access
FAMTV - View: Billing Items by Material
ISU_VKDFS_DATA_COLLECT - IS Enhancement Structure - Form Use Parameter
J_1ADOCCL2 - Texts for official document class in Argentina
J_1ADOCCLS - Official document class for Argentina
J_1AI03 - Structure for MM waybill printing (additional data)
J_1AOFNR3 - Exception table for deal type determ.(export/domestic)
J_1ASNRDT1 - Branch Determination for Deliveries
J_1ASNRDT2 - Branch determination for material movements
J_1ATXREL - Tax relevant classification
J_1ATXRELT - Texts for tax relevant classification
J_1A_WS_BRANCH - AR:WS Branch determination(Shipping Point)
KNVI - Customer Master Tax Indicator
KNVL - Customer Master Licenses
KOMCV - Allowed Fields for Account Determination

KOMFK - Billing Communications Table
KOMFKGN - Billing Interface: Communication Table
KOMFKTX - Communication Structure: General Billing Interface Texts
KOMFKZZ - Customer Modification for Commun.Table KOMFKGN
KOMK1 - FI Document Header Communication Table
KOMK2 - FI Open Item Communication Table
KOMK3 - Communications Table in FI - G/L Account Line Items
KOMK4 - FI Tax Line Items Communication Table
KOMKAJ0 - Pricing Communication Header: IS-P Fields
KOMKAJ1 - IS-PAM: Pricing Communications Header: Fields
KOMKCV - Account Determination Communication Header
KOMKCV_KEY_UC - Account Determination Communication Header: Unicode Enabled
KOMKHIE - Customer Hierarchy Levels
KOMPAJ0 - Pricing Communication Position: IS-P Fields
KOMPAJ1 - IS-PAM: Pricing Communications Item: Fields
KOMPCV - Account Determination Communication Item
KOMVD - Price Determination Communication-Cond.Record for Printing
KUKON - Customer Master View for Condition Maintenance
POSNR_LINE - Line structure for item number
RANGE_ERNAM - Range table for ERNAM
RANGE_FKART - Range table for FKART
RANGE_FKDAT - Range table for FKDAT
RANGE_KUNAG - Range table for KUNAG
RANGE_KUNRG - Range table for KUNRG
RANGE_SAMNR - Range table for SAMNR
RANGE_VBELN - Range table for VBELN
RANGE_VKORG - Range table for VKORG
RANGE_VSTEL - Range table for VSTEL
REFCP - References to conditions from preceding documents
RV60A - Help Fields for SAPMV60A
RV60S - Structure for Document Search in the Billing Document
RV60SBAT_ALV - Structure for List Output Program RV60SBAT
S071 - Condition Update
S071 - Condition Update
SDACCDPC - Payments to be cleared
SDBEL - Billing document header and items
SDBONT021_ALV - Structure for Program SDBONT02
SDBONT022_ALV - Structure for Program SDBONT02
SDCOR011_ALV - Structure 1(For List 1,2,3,4,6) for SDCORR01

SDCOR012_ALV - Structure 2 (for List 5, 11) for Program SDCORR01
SDCOR013_ALV - Structure 2 (for list 7) for Program SDCORR01
SDCOR014_ALV - Structure 4 (for list 8, 9, 13, 15, 16) for Prog. SDCORR01
SDCOR015_ALV - Structure 5 (for List 10,10H, 17, 18,18H) for prg SDCORR01
SDCOR016_ALV - Structure 6 (for list 12, 14) for Program SDCORR01
SDDP_BILLDOC_ITEM - Condition-Based Downpayment: Billing Document Item Data
SDDP_BSEG_PROV - Condition-Based Downpayment: Payments Received
SDDP_BSEG_PROV_CUM - Condition-Based Downpayments: Total of Payments Received
SDDP_ORDER_ITEM - Condition-Based Downpayments: Order Item Data
SDDP_VALUE_DISTR - Condition-Based Downpayments: Proportional Distribution
SDFI_S_ADD_INPUT - Billing: Additional Input for FI
SDFI_S_DIFFERENCE - Consistency Check Billing Document - FI: Difference Amount
SDFI_S_TOTAL - Consistency Check Billing Document - FI: Difference Amount
SDFM_SF_AG_INDEX - MANDT MANDTIndex Table for Update of Statistics (Agreements)
SDFM_SF_INDEX - Index Table for Update of Statistics
SDINVUPD - VPRS Update: Worklist for VPRS Update
SDINVUPDRSH - Output Structure - Report SDINVUPDR - Header Data
SDINVUPDRSI - Output Structure - Report SDINVUPDR - Item Data
SDSDFI01 - Structure for Compare Report SD - FI
SDVPRSUPDATE2 - Output Structure for Report SDVPRSUPDATE
SELBUKRS - Select Options Company Code
SELPRCTR - Select Options Profit Center
SELSPART - Select Options Column
SELVKORG - Select Options Sales Organization
SELVTWEG - Select Options Distribution Channel
SELWADAT - Select Options Goods Issue Date
SI_T005SPAY - Include T005, transport layer SPAY
STR_TBL_VBDPR - Structure for table type tbl_vbdpr
SUCCESSLOG - Billing Document: Log of Successfully Processed Items
T077DF - Customer Group: FI-CA Integration (Distributed Systems)
TDSR_CHAR20 - Range Structure CHAR20
TDS_BILLDUE - Billing Due List
TDS_RG_BUKRS - Range Structure for Data Element BUKRS
TDS_RG_FKDAT - Range Structure for Data Element FKDAT
TDS_VPRSUPD_PROT - Output Structure: Report SDINVUPDR
TSTE - Invalid will not be used anymore
TSTL - Taxes: Valid Tax Categories for Each Country
TVARR - Archiving Control for Billing
TVCPF - Billing: Copying Control
TVFKD - Billing Document: Billing Date by Number Range
TVFS - Billing: Reasons for Blocking
TVFSP - Billing: Blocking Reasons
TVFST - Billing : Blocking Reason Texts
TVKT - Customers: Account Assignment Groups
TVKTT - Customers: Account Determination Groups: Texts
VBAPFZZ - Customer Modification: Update of Consolidated Flow VBAPF
VBDKLL - Document header view delivery note: country-specific fields
VBDKRL - Document header view - billing doc.: Country-specific fields
VBDPRL - Document Item View Billing Document: Country-Specific Fields
VBDRE - Sales Document View for Printing ISR
VBRK - Billing Document: Header Data
VBRKD - Billing Header: Dynamic Part
VBRKVB - Reference Structure for XVBRK/YVBRP
VBRK_KNUMV - Key Fields Bill. Doc + Doc. Item Number + Condition Number
VBRL - Sales Document: Invoice List
VBRLD - Invoice List Item Dynamic Division
VBRLVB - Reference Structure for XVBRL/YVBRL
VBRP - Billing Document: Item Data
VBRPD - Billing Item: Dynamic Part
VBRPVB - Reference Structure for XVBRP/YVBRP
VBRPVBW - Field Catalog For ALV (Document Simulation)
VBRP_COMP - Article Cumulation: Agreed Fields
VBSKD - Collective Run Dynamic Part
VBSKF - SD Document Collective Run Header - Billing Document
VBSKFO - VBSK-Display for Collective Run Type 'F'
VBSKG - SD Document Collective Run Revenue Recognition
VBSKGO - VBSK-Display for Collective Run Type 'G'
VBSKL - SD Document Collective Run Header - Deliveries
VBSKLO - VBSK-Display for Collective Run Type 'L'
VBSKR - SD Document Collective Run Header - Invoice List
VBSKRO - VBSK-Display for Collective Run Type 'R'
VBSKS - SD Document Collective Run Header - Cancellation
VBSKSO - VBSK-Display for Collective Run Type 'S'
VBSKVB - Reference Structure for XVBSK
VBSKW - SD Document Collective Run Header - Collective Run Type = W
VBSKWO - VBSK-Display for Collective Run Type 'W'
VBSSF - SD Documents for Billing Document Collective Run
VBSSFO - VBSS-Display for Collective Run Type 'F'
VBSSO - VBSS-Display for Collective Run Types not 'F'
VCONDTEXT - Description/Text for a variant condition
VDICS - Structure for Item Select of SD Documents
VFFVS - Structure for Determining Field Values in the Billing Doc.
VFKK_ACC_DOC_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) ACC_DOC Fields Extract
VFKK_ACTIVE_S - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) Active for VBELN
VFKK_AWKEY_S - Structure for AWKEY
VFKK_COPAVBRP - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) CO-PA Characteristics for VBRP
VFKK_INV_ACTIVE_S - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) Invoicing Active for VBELN
VFKK_KOMV_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) KOMV Fields Extract
VFKK_S_VALUES_SD - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) SD Values for Consistency Check
VFKK_VBAK_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) VBAK Fields Extract
VFKK_VBAP_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) VBAP Fields Extract
VFKK_VBFA_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) VBFA Fields Extract
VFKK_VBKD_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) VBKD Fields Extract
VFKK_VBPA_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) VBPA Fields Extract
VFKK_VBRK_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) VBRK Fields Extract
VFKK_VBRP_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) KVBRP Fields Extract
VFKK_VBUV_SHORT - FI-CA (Dist. Systems) VBUV Fields Extract
VKDFI - Selected Billing Indices
VKDFIF - Billing Index
VKDFIFGN - Billing Index
VKDFP - Items to be Billed
VKONVC - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VLEX - Table of Goods Issued Deliveries
VMCFAO - Output Data for Blocked Billing Documents
VRKPA - Sales Index: Bills by Partner Functions
VRPMA - SD Index: Billing Items per Material
VRQS - Referenced Quantity per SD Document Item
VTOPIS - Information Structure for Installment Payment Terms
VVBRP - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VVCKUN - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
VVCNUM - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
WEBINVOICEHCOM - Communication Structure for Web Billing Documents: Header
WEBINVOICEICOM - Communication Structure for Web Billing Documents: Item
WEBINVOICEPCOM - Communication Structure for Web Billing Documents: Partner

SAP Empties Management Tables SD-BIL-EM

/BEV1/EM0LGMTX - Customizing - Empties Calculation
/BEV1/EMASV_S - Structure for Sort Fields
/BEV1/EMAUSSL_S - Printing Structure for Outstanding Empties List to SIS (New)
/BEV1/EMDRKKZ - Item Categories That Are Not Printed
/BEV1/EMFAKTA - Billing Types Without Empties Update
/BEV1/EMFORM_S - Structure for Display Overview
/BEV1/EMGRP - Empties Group
/BEV1/EMGRPT - Text Table for Empties Groups
/BEV1/EMGRP_I - Include Structure for Empties
/BEV1/EMKNVV_I - Include for Empties
/BEV1/EMLEER - Reference Table for Empties Update in SIS Table S999
/BEV1/EMLGBLOCK_S - Line Type for Table Type /BEV1/EMLGBLOCK
/BEV1/EMLGBSD - Customer Empties Stock per Month
/BEV1/EMLGBSD1_S - Structure for Empties Balances Customer/Period
/BEV1/EMLGBSD2_S - Structure for Empties Balances Customer/Period
/BEV1/EMLGBSD_S - Structure for Customer Empties Stock per Month
/BEV1/EMLGBWDK - Customer Empties Movement - Lock Object
/BEV1/EMLGBWDP - Empties Movement Account Customer
/BEV1/EMLGFAD - Empties Movement - Customer Billing Status
/BEV1/EMLGFLD - Empties Fields
/BEV1/EMLGFLDT - Text Table for Empties Field
/BEV1/EMLGFSPR - Empties Update Log
/BEV1/EMLGKTO - Empties Account
/BEV1/EMLGKTO_S - Structure for Empties Account
/BEV1/EMLGMAT - Empties Materials
/BEV1/EMLGMAT_S - Display Structure for Empties Block
/BEV1/EMLGOFS - Empties - Billing Document Without Update
/BEV1/EMLGPOSKTO_S - Tab. Def. in Empties Update KTOINH for Each Document Item
/BEV1/EMLGPOS_S - Struktur für Leergutkonto
/BEV1/EMLGRET_S - Anzeigestruktur für Leergutblock
/BEV1/EMLGSP1 - Print Empties Returns Block Column 1
/BEV1/EMLGSP2 - Print Empties Returns Block Column 2
/BEV1/EMLGSP3 - Print Empties Returns Block Column 3
/BEV1/EMLGSP4 - Print Empties Returns Block Column 4
/BEV1/EMLGSPALTE_S - Line Type for Table Type /BEV1/EMLGSPALTE
/BEV1/EMLGVBELN_S - Structure for Internal Table to Process Empties in SAPLV60A
/BEV1/EMMATRIX - Empties: Calculation Matrix
/BEV1/EMMATRIXT - Description for Formulas
/BEV1/EMMATR_S - Structure for Maintaining Empties Fields
/BEV1/EMMTART - Material Types That Determine Empties
/BEV1/EMPART - Partner Function for Processing Empties
/BEV1/EMPA_S - Structure for /BEV1/EMPART
/BEV1/EMPERIO_S - Structure for Proof Analysis Period on Form
/BEV1/EMPPBWART - BWART for Tied Empties in PP Confirmation
/BEV1/EMPTYP - Empties: Item Categories
/BEV1/EMVISF - Empties Customizing Selection for SIS fields
/BEV1/EM_KRITERIUM_S - Summierungsnkriteriums zur Artikelsortierung
/BEV1/EM_MAT_SUM_S - Freight list: Material sum
/BEV1/EM_MAT_TOTAL_S - Freight list: Material total
/BEV1/EM_SUMMEN_S - Struktur für Summen Artikelsortierung
/BEV1/EM_VBDPL_S - Struktur zum Lieferschein
ROXPLN0028 - Generated Table for View /BEV1/EM_SD_SLS

SAP Basic Functions Tables SD-BIL-GF

LBBIL_BILLING - Internal Tables for Invoice
LBBIL_DB_DATA_TO_READ - Limit Data Selection for Issuing Outputs
LBBIL_HD_ADR - Billing Header: Partner Address Data
LBBIL_HD_CARD - Payment Cards
LBBIL_HD_CUSTDATA - Customer Modification Part for Data Selectn of Billing Doc
LBBIL_HD_DOWNPAY - Down Payment Structure
LBBIL_HD_FIN - Document Header View - Billing Doc.: Country-Specific Fields
LBBIL_HD_GEN - BIlling Header: General Data
LBBIL_HD_GEN_DESCRIPT - BIlling Header: Descriptions
LBBIL_HD_KOMK - Communication Billing Document
LBBIL_HD_KOND - Price Determination Communication-Cond.Record for Printing
LBBIL_HD_ORG - Billing Header: Organizational Data
LBBIL_HD_PART_ADD - Billing Header: Additional Partner Data
LBBIL_HD_PAY - Information Structure for Installment Payment Terms
LBBIL_HD_REF - Billing Header: Reference Data
LBBIL_HD_TECH - Billing Header: Technical Data
LBBIL_INVOICE - Billing Data: Transfer Structure to Smart Forms
LBBIL_INVOICE_KEY - Key to Billing Header
LBBIL_IT_ADR - Billing Item: Ship-To Party Address Data
LBBIL_IT_CONFBATCH - Configuration Data for Batch
LBBIL_IT_CONFITM - Configuration Data for Billing Item
LBBIL_IT_CUSTDATA - Customer Modification Part for Selecting Invoice Item
LBBIL_IT_FIN - Document Item View Billing Document: Country-Specific Fields
LBBIL_IT_GEN - Billing Item: General Data
LBBIL_IT_KOND - Price Determination Communication-Cond.Record for Printing
LBBIL_IT_PRICE - Billing Item: Price Line
LBBIL_IT_REF - Billing Item: Reference Data
LBBIL_IT_REFDLV - Billing Item: Reference Data Delivery Note
LBBIL_IT_REFORD - Billing Item: Reference Data Order
LBBIL_IT_REFPURORD - Billing Item: Reference Data Purchase Order
LBBIL_IT_REFVAG - Billing Item: Reference Data VAG
LBBIL_IT_REFVG2 - Billing Item: Reference Data Vg2
LBBIL_IT_REFVKT - Billing Item: Reference Data Vkt
LBBIL_IT_TECH - Billing Item: Technical Data
LBBIL_OUTP_BILNUMBER - Invoice Key for Data Selection
LBBIL_OUTP_DBDATA - Database Tables for Issuing Billing Output
LBBIL_PRINT_DATA_TO_READ - Select. of Tables to be Compl. for Printing RD00;SmartForms
SDREBIENQ - Structure for block object E_SD_REBI
SDTAXLIC - Output Structure for Report SDTAXLIC
TDS_TVNFACTC - SD: Function Activation on CLIENT Level
TDS_TVNFACT_BIL - Billing: Function Activation at BUKRS (Company Code) Level
TDS_TVNFACT_RR - Revenue Recognition: Function Activation at BUKRS Level
TDS_TVRRUR - Revenue Recognition: Account Det. 'Unbilled Receivables'
TINC - Customers: Incoterms
TINCT - Customers: Incoterms: Texts
TLIC - Tax Exemption License
TVCIN - Payment cards: Type
TVCINT - Description of payment card type
TVCLK - Block reason (payment card)
TVCLKT - Description of blocking reason (payment card)
TVCTY - Payment card category
TVCTYT - Category description for payment card
TVFK - Billing: Document Types
TVFKT - Billing: Document Types: Texts
TVNFACT - SD: Function Activation on BUKRS Level
TVNFACTC - SD: Function Activation on CLIENT Level
TVRRUR - Revenue Recognition: Account Det.'Unbilled Receiv./Costs'
TVVIEWP - SD: Function Activation Log
VBDKIL - SAPscript Communication Structure for Invoice List

SAP Complaints Processing Tables SD-BIL-IV-CP

CMP_CHANGE_FIELD - Complaint Management: Change Field
CMP_CURSOR - Stucture for Temporary Storage of the Cursor Position
CMP_CUST_FIELDS_S - Include Customer-Specific Selection Criteria (Mass Comp.)
CMP_DYNPRO_ENTRY - Action and Input Fields
CMP_HEADER_DATA - Billing: Complaint Management
CMP_INPOUT - Control Ready for Input Status
CMP_ITEM_DATA - Billing: Complaint Management - Item Data
CMP_ITEM_DATA_ALV - Structure for ALV Display in Complaints Processing
CMP_ITEM_DATA_ALV_FC - Field Catalog for Complaints Processing ALV Display
CMP_ITEM_DATA_TXT - Texts for Price Fields
CMP_KSCHL - Condition Type for Complaints Processing
CMP_KSCHL_TXT - Condition Types: Texts
CMP_MAPKSCHL_TXT - Texts for Mapping Condition ID <-> Condition Type
CMP_MAPMASSKSCHL - Mapping Condition ID <-> Condition Type
CMP_POSTYP - Item Category Customizing Complaints Proc. Credit Memo Item
CMP_PROF - Billing Type for Creating a Pro Forma Billing Document
CMP_REASON - Customizing for Complaints Reasons
CMP_REASON_TXT - Complaints Reasons: Texts
CMP_SELECTOPT - Other Selection Options
CMP_SEL_DATA_S - Billing: Complaint Management - Selection Data
CMP_VBFS_EXT - Status Messages from Mass Complaints Processing
CMP_VBFS_EXT_S - Status Messages from Mass Complaints Processing
CMP_VBFS_LINE - Log Line for Mass Complaints Processing
CMP_VBRP - Extract from VBRP, Relevant Fields for Complaints Processing
RESULT_TAB_MASS - Results Table for Mass Complaints Processing
STRUC_FB_MASS - Transfer Structure for Mass Complaints Function Modules

SAP Payment Cards Tables SD-BIL-IV-PC

CCARDEC - Encrypted Payment Card Numbers
CCARDEC_CUST - Encryption of Payment Card Type
CCARDEC_S_BIN - Hash Value and Encryption of a Payment Card
CCARDEC_S_DOC - Hash Value and Encryption with Reference to Doc. Line Item
CCARD_CVV - Card Verification Value
CCARD_LIFK - Payment Cards: List of Billing Documents
CCARD_RCVV - Response for Card Verification Value
CCARD_SET - Payment Cards: Fields for SET Processing
CCARD_USE - Payment Cards: Using one Line
CCARD_VAL - Payment Cards: Open Value per Card
CCAUT - Payment Cards: Interface for Authorization
CCAUT_H - Payment Cards: Interface for Additional Data - Doc. Header
CCAUT_I - Payment Cards: Interface for Item Data
CCAUT_R - Payment Cards: Interface for Authorization - Response
CCDATA - Payment cards: Database fields relevant to both SD and FI
CCDATE - Payment cards: Help fields for dates
CCDATS - Payment Cards: Transaction Data - SD Database Fields
CCEXD_H - Payment Cards: Interface for Additional Data - Header
CCEXD_I - Payment Cards: Interface for Additional Data - Item
CCSECA - Utility Structure for Payment Card Numbers
CCSECA_MIG_CC - Help Structure for the Migration Program for Payment Cards
FPLAA_CC - Application Data for the Billing Plan for Payment Cards
FPLTC - Payment cards: Transaction data - SD
FPLTC_AUTH - Payment Cards: Authorization Part
KOMFKZM - Communication Table: Means of Payment Order/Billing Document
KOMFKZMX - Field string - Means of payment - Sales order/billing doc.
KOMFKZMZZ - Customer modification for communication table KOMFKZM
L081D - Work Fields for SAPL081D
LV20A - Credit cards: Additional fields
RV20A001 - Output Structure for Report RV20A001
RV21A010 - Payment Cards: List - Authorization in Background
TCCL - Payment cards: Point of receipt for the transaction
TCCLT - Payment cards: Points of receipt for the transaction (text)
TCCM - Payment cards: Merchant ID
TCCMT - Payment cards: Merchant ID (text)
TVCAA - Payment Cards: Checking Groups - Sales Document
TVCAAT - Payment Cards: Checking Groups - Sales Document (Text)
TVCTD - Payment Cards: Determine Categories
VCKUN - Assign customer-credit card
VCKUNVB - Table VCKUN with update indicator
VCNUM - Credit card master
VCNUMVB - Table VCKUN with update indicator

SAP Self-Billing Proced. Tables SD-BIL-IV-SBI

RVEDSB_CON_RPT_HDR - Self-Billing Condition Report
RVEDSB_CON_RPT_ITEM - Self-Billing Condition Report Items
RVEDSB_DAT_RPT_HDR - Self-Billing Date Report Header
RVEDSB_DAT_RPT_ITEM - Self-Billing Reference Report Items
RVEDSB_DEL_RPT_HDR - Self-Billing Delivery Report Header
RVEDSB_DEL_RPT_ITEM - Self-Billing Delivery Report Structure
RVEDSB_EDIT_DATA - Structure to Communicate Edit Data for 820
RVEDSB_EDIT_WINDOW - Structure for Edit Window Fields
RVEDSB_ERROR_STRUC - Structure for Errors in Reporting Tool
RVEDSB_MAT_RPT_HDR - Material Report ALV Header
RVEDSB_MAT_RPT_ITEM - Material Report ALV Items
RVEDSB_MER_ERROR_STRUC - Structure for Errors in Reporting Tool
RVEDSB_MSG_STRUC - Structure for Messages in Reporting Tool
RVEDSB_ORIG_VSBHDR - Include VSBHDR for Original Data
RVEDSB_ORIG_VSBITM - Include VSBITM for Original Data
RVEDSB_REF_RPT_HDR - Self-Billing Reference Report
RVEDSB_REF_RPT_ITEM - Self-Billing Reference Report Items
RVEDSB_STATUS_WINDOW - Structure for Status Window Fields
RVEDSB_STATUS_WINDOW_MEM - Used to Export Data from Status Window
RVEDSB_SW - Fields with Data Element for Self-Billing Status Window
RVEDSB_TRNLOG_RPT - Self-Billing Transmission Report Structure
RVEDSB_TRN_RPT_HDR - Self-Billing Transmission Report Header
RVEDSB_TRN_RPT_ITEM - Self-Billing Transmission Report Structure
RVEDSB_TR_CNTS - Fields with Data Element for Self-Billing Status Window
STRNSM_ARCH - Structure for Archiving in SD Self-Billing
T665B - SD Self-Billing Procedure: General Processing Parameters
T665C - SD Self-Billing Procedure: EDI Partner Inbound Parameters
T665D - SD Self-Billing Procedure: Contractor Processing Parameters
T665E - SD Self-Billing Procedure: Tolerance Limits, Percentage
T665F - SD Self-Billing Procedures: Tolerance Limits, AbsoluteAmount
T665G - Self-Billing: Customer Tolerance Groups
T665GT - Self-Billing: Name of Customer Tolerance Groups
TRNSM - Data Transfer
VSBBILDAT - Self-Billing Procedure Data from Billing Documents
VSBCON - Conditions (Surcharges/Discounts) of an IDoc Item
VSBCONVB - Reference Structure for XVSBHDR
VSBDAT - Self-Billing Procedure Data w. Automatic Postings
VSBDATVB - Reference Structure for XVSBDAT
VSBDELDAT - Self-Billing Procedure Data from the Delivery
VSBDELPRSP - SBWAP: Structure for Potential Delivery
VSBDIT - Self-Billing Procedure Delivery Item w. Automatic Posting
VSBDITVB - Reference Structure for XVSBDIT
VSBEER - Error Types and Editable Fields
VSBGRH - IDoc Header Regrouping Information
VSBGRHVB - Reference Structure for XVSBGRH
VSBGRI - IDoc Item Regrouping Information
VSBGRIVB - Reference Structure for XVSBGRI
VSBHDR - IDoc Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic Postings
VSBHDRVB - Reference Structure for XVSBHDR
VSBIDOC - Table from VSBWAP-IDocs
VSBITM - IDoc-Item Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic Postings
VSBITMVB - Reference Structure for XVSBITM
VSBMAT - Table for Materials / Customer Materials
VSBMATERR - Error that occurred during reference document determination
VSBMER - Mainstep-Errors in Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSBMERVB - Reference Structure for XVSBMER
VSBOII - Self-Billing: Index of Generated Open Items
VSBOIIVB - Reference Structure for XVSBOII
VSBPBD - Self-Billing: Processed Billing Documents
VSBPBDVB - Reference Structure for XVSBPBD
VSBPER - Prestep-Errors in Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSBPERVB - Reference Structure for XVSBPER
VSBPLG - Processing Log: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSBPLGVB - Reference Structure for XVSBPLG
VSBPLM - Processing Log Messages
VSBPLMVB - Reference Structure for XVSBPLM
VSBPST - Processing Status: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSBPSTVB - Reference Structure for XVSBPST
VSBRDOC - Reference Document Table in Self-Billing Procedure
VSBREF - References: Self-Billing Procedure with Autom. Postings
VSBREFVB - Reference Structure for XVSBREF
VSBRMAT - Table for Reference Materials/Customer Materials
VSBTRM - Transmission: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSBTRM_AUTH - Structure for Authorization Check for Transmission
VTRNSM_E - Structure to Block an External Transmission Number

SAP Expense-Related Billing Tables SD-BIL-IV-SM

PRSC_CAT - Engagement mgmt: Categories
PRSC_CATDETMAT - Engagement mgmt: Determine Materials for Categories
PRSC_CATUOM - Engagement mgmt: Unit of Measures for Categories
PRSC_CAT_T - Engagement mgmt: Categories Text table
PRSC_CHAR - Engagement mgmt: Characteristics
PRSC_CTRL - Engagement mgmt: Process Control
PRSC_MATDETCAT - Engagement mgmt: Determine Categories for Materials
PRSC_METCOL - Engagement mgmt: Metrics Columns
PRSC_METCOL_T - Engagement mgmt: Metrics Column Texts
PRSC_METMAP - Engagement mgmt: Metrics Mapping
PRSC_METROW - Engagement mgmt: Metrics Row
PRSC_METROW_T - Engagement mgmt: Metrics Row Texts
PRSC_SCRVAL - Engagement mgmt: Sceen Values
PRSC_SCRVAL_T - Engagement mgmt: Sceen Values Texts
PRSC_USAGE - Engagement mgmt: Usage
PRSC_USAGE_T - Engagement mgmt: Usage Text
PRSD_CO_MAPPING - EM: Mapping original DMR lines to Carry Over lines
PRSD_DLIEF_EXT - DLI Document Flow Extension
PRSD_DMRP_ACC_CH - Engagement Mgmt: Accrual Characteristics for DMR Lines
PRSD_DMRP_EXT - Extended DMR Line Information
PRSD_GRP - Grouping, Sorting values for DLI
PRSD_VBAK_EXT - Engagement mgmt: Extended DMR Head Information
PRSS_AD01ATTR - All Parameters of Dynamic Items
PRSS_CARRYOVER_ASSIGNMENT - Engagement mgmt: Carry Over Source-Target assignment
PRSS_CAT - Engagement mgmt:Struct for Categories
PRSS_CAT4BILL - Categegory struct for billing screen
PRSS_CATUOM - Engagement mgmt:Struct for Categories UoM
PRSS_CHAR_FLDDESC - Relevant Characteristics
PRSS_DEF_CHAR - Default Characteristics
PRSS_DLIEF - Engagement mgmt:Struct for Prof Serv DLI Document Flow
PRSS_DLIEF_ATTR - Engagement mgmt:Struct for DLI Document Flow and Attributes
PRSS_DLIEF_EXT - Extension Struct for Prof Serv DLI Document Flow
PRSS_DLIEF_WIP - Engagement mgmt:Struct for Postponement of DLI
PRSS_DMRP - Prof Serv: VBAP + PRS data
PRSS_DMRP_BIL - Engagement mgmt: Structure for Billing
PRSS_DMRP_DLI - Engagement mgmt: Structure VBAP and DLI data
PRSS_DMRP_EXT - Engagement mgmt: Struct for Extended DMR Line Information
PRSS_DMRP_GRP - Engagement mgmt:Struct for VBAP and Value change screen
PRSS_DMRP_VBAP - Engagement mgmt: VBAP Structure (without VBAP Appends)
PRSS_FCAT - Field catalog for ALVs
PRSS_FIELD - Engagement mgmt: Structure for Grouping
PRSS_GROUPBY_ASSIGNMENT - Engagement mgmt:Strcut for GroupBy Source-Target assignment
PRSS_GRP_DISP - Struct for Display of Grouping, Sorting values for DLI
PRSS_KSCHL_SELECT - KSCHL ( Output type ) selection
PRSS_MEINH - Engagement mgm: Structere for MEINH
PRSS_MESSAGE - Structure type for PRS message handling
PRSS_MESSAGE_ABAP - Structure Type for Messages in ABAP Enviroment
PRSS_METRICS - Engagement mgmt:Strcuct for Metrics w Fix Number of Columns
PRSS_METROWID - Structure type for Metrics Row Id
PRSS_MSEH3 - Engagement Mgm: Strucutre for Uom text
PRSS_OBJID - Engagement mgmt: Struct for consolidated Object ID
PRSS_REL_CHAR - Relevant Characteristics
PRSS_ROWCAT - Row catalog
PRSS_SCREEN_FLAGS - Engagement mgmt:Flags for Table control fields mgmt
PRSS_VBAK_EXT - Engagement mgmt:VBAK extension
PRSS_VBAP_EXT - Engagement mgmt: VBAP extension
PRS_TEXT - Prof. Services - Engagement Management: UI Text Elements

SAP Extended Rebate Tables SD-BIL-RB-ENH

BOHEAD_ENH - Header Structure for ALV Rebate (Extended Rebate)
BOITEM_ENH - Item Structure for ALV Rebate (Extended Rebate)
BONUSVALUE_ENH - Values for Rebate Settlement - Extended Rebate
BON_ENH_CDOC - Settings for Indirect Billing Documents
BON_ENH_CGEN - Settings for the Update of Indirect Sales
BON_ENH_CSEQ - Extended Rebate: VAKEY Structure
BON_ENH_CSEQ_S - Extended Rebate: VAKEY Structure, Shadow Table
BON_ENH_KONPDB - Extended KONP for Extended Rebate
BON_ENH_LEDGER - Reconciliation Accounts for Rebate Credit Memos
BON_ENH_PERIOD - Beginning, End of Periods in Periodic Agreements
BON_ENH_S1 - Structure for Append to SIS for Indirect Sales
BON_ENH_S2 - Transfer Structure for Indirect Billing Documents
ENH_REBATE_BONUSKOM - Extended Structure to Generate Rebate Credit Memos
SAPLBON_ENH_ALV - Output Structure for Program SAPLBON_ENH

SAP Pendulum List Indirect Sales Tables SD-BIL-RB-PL

/BEV4/PLABSINFOBJ_S - Structure for Sales Information for Object
/BEV4/PLABSINFOPER_S - Structure for Sales Information for Periods
/BEV4/PLAUFTR_S - Struct.for List of Orders Created After Request Cancellation
/BEV4/PLCPG - Customizing Period Groups
/BEV4/PLCPGI - Period Identifier (If Required)
/BEV4/PLCPGT - Period Groups
/BEV4/PLCPRT - Period split
/BEV4/PLCPVIEWT - Customizing Period View, Texts
/BEV4/PLCTPGF - Period Group Functions
/BEV4/PLCTPR - Period split
/BEV4/PLCTPVIEW - Customizing Period View
/BEV4/PLDABSINFOMAT_S - Structure for Sales Information for Material
/BEV4/PLDALCST_S - Structure for Customizing Maintenance Screen
/BEV4/PLDALCST_T - General Customizing - Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDALCUST - General Customizing - Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDANFABH - Sales Request History
/BEV4/PLDANFABS - Sales Request - Header
/BEV4/PLDANFART - Sales Request - Items
/BEV4/PLDANFBEL - Maintenance of Document Types for Indirect Orders
/BEV4/PLDANFCST - Customizing Settings for Pendulum List Requests
/BEV4/PLDANFCSTS - Customizing Settings for Pendulum List Confirmations
/BEV4/PLDANFCSTT - Customizing Settings for Pendulum List Requests
/BEV4/PLDANFKN_S - Control Request Table Incl. Different Address and Output ID
/BEV4/PLDANFKON - Converted Request Table with Reporting Period
/BEV4/PLDANFMEL - Request Table with Reporting Period
/BEV4/PLDANFNUM - Number of Last Request Run - Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDANFORT - Update Determination of Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDANFRT_S - Structure for Data Transfer to Screen
/BEV4/PLDANFVKO - Sales Organization-Dependent Control of Request
/BEV4/PLDANFZEIT - Requirement Update
/BEV4/PLDAUSGABE - Control Indicator for Output Medium
/BEV4/PLDAUSGABT - Control Indicator - Translation - Output Medium
/BEV4/PLDDEBMATS - Record Type DEB Material Interface
/BEV4/PLDDEBVERS - Record Type DEB Wholesaler Interface
/BEV4/PLDFAUFTR - Function Module Call for Order Creation
/BEV4/PLDFRT0100 - Selections Update Determination
/BEV4/PLDHRKNFTS - Stucture for Data Transfer F4 Help Key Field
/BEV4/PLDIFST - Interface Control Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDKART - Origin Indicator - Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDKART_T - Origin Indicator Translation - Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDMAT_S - Record Type MAT Interface
/BEV4/PLDOBJ_S - Structure for Outputting Object/Customer Information
/BEV4/PLDPERIOD - Period Table Pendulum Lists
/BEV4/PLDPERIODT - Period Table - Translation - Pendulum Lists
/BEV4/PLDPFAD - Default File Paths
/BEV4/PLDPFAD_T - Default File Paths
/BEV4/PLDROLZU - Role Assignment for Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDSTAT - Status - Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDSTAT_T - Status - Translation - Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDUMART - Conversion Table Material Master
/BEV4/PLDUMKDN - Conversion Table Customer/Object Numbers
/BEV4/PLDVER_S - Record Type VER Interface
/BEV4/PLDVISREF - Reference Fields for SIS Structures Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLDVKORGZ - Sales Organization Assignment Pendulum List
/BEV4/PLERRORANFRU - Structure for Error Log in ALV Report /BEV4/PLPANFRU
/BEV4/PLMARTAUF - Break-Down into Material and Description
/BEV4/PLPROT - Logs Sales Pendulum List (Master Data)
/BEV4/PLPROT_2 - Log File with Error Messages
/BEV4/PLPROT_ALL - Customers and Material Records
/BEV4/PLPROT_ST - Log Structure
/BEV4/PLPSKOM - Period Key Evaluation Structure
/BEV4/PLSANFMEL - Structure Request Table with Reporting Period
/BEV4/PLSANSCHR - Structure for Correspondence Context
/BEV4/PLSAUFTRAG - Transfer Structure for Indirect Orders - Header Information
/BEV4/PLSAUFTRAGP - Transfer Structure for Indirect Orders - Items
/BEV4/PLSHLP - Reference Fields for Auxiliary Fields on Selection Screens
/BEV4/PLSMSG - Structure for Error Message Output
/BEV4/PLTESTKEY01 - Test Data Generation Parameter
/BEV4/PLVR - Reference Fields for SIS Structures Pendulum List
S473 - Pendulum List - Requisitioner
S473E - S473 - Structure Information
S474 - Pendulum List - Confirmation
S474E - S474 - Structure Information

SAP Revenue recognition Tables SD-BIL-RR

KOMREV - Revenue Recognition: Communication Condition Record
KONVREV - Revenue Realization: Accounts from SD Document Items from DB
RRDOCTREE - Revenue Recognition: Tree Structure for Revenue Line View
RRDOCVIEW - Revenue Recognition: Revenue Line View
RRPODEVCOM - Revenue Recognition: Communication Structure for PODEV Event
RRPODEVCUST - Revenue Recognition: Comm.Structure for Cust.-Specific PODEV
RRRULES - Structure of Revenue Recognition Rules Table
TDS_CONDACCIT - Revenue Recognition: Key Conditions/AC Interface
TDS_COSTREL - Revenue Recognition: Document Nos Checked for Cost Relevance
TDS_PODEVINFO - Revenue Recognition: PODEV Event Information
TDS_SITBW - SiT: Movement Types from SiT Stock to Delivery Item
VBERS - Revenue Recognition: Worklist Structure
VBRAV51HD - Revenue Recognition: Header Information for Revenue Report
VBRAV51IT - Revenue Recognition: Item Information for Revenue Report
VBREVAC - Revenue Recognition: Compression of FI Revenue Postings
VBREVACVB - Revenue Recognition: XVBREVAC/YVBREVAC Reference Structure
VBREVAUTH - Revenue Recognition: Authorization Checks
VBREVAV - Revenue Recognition: Worklist
VBREVBSIS - Output Structure for SDRRAV53
VBREVC - Revenue Recognition: Worklist of Changed Sales Documents
VBREVDETAIL - Detail Structure for SDRRAV53
VBREVE - Revenue Recognition: Revenue Recognition Lines
VBREVEAV - Revenue Recognition: Worklist (New)
VBREVECOM - Revenue Recognition: Transfer Structure for Revenue Lines
VBREVEDY - Revenue Recognition: Revenue Recognition Lines - Dynamic
VBREVEVB - Revenue Recognition: XVBREVE/YVBREVE Reference Structure
VBREVINVOICE - Billing Data for SDRRAV53
VBREVK - Revenue Recognition: Control Lines
VBREVKVB - Revenue Recognition: XVBREVK/YVBREVK Reference Structure
VBREVR - Revenue Recognition: Reference Document Lines
VBREVRVB - Revenue Recognition: XVBREVR/YVBREVR Reference Structure
VBREVSALDO - Balance Table for SDRRAV53