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SAP Public Sector Management Tables PSM

EAPSCO_ACCOUNTING_CODING_BLOCK - IDT for FundsCommitmentDocumentERPByIDResponse_syncItemAccou
EAPSCO_AMOUNT - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_AUTHORSN_GRP_CODE_S - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_BASIC_BUSDOC_MSG_HEADER - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDQRY_SV1SE - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDQuery_sync_V1Selection
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSPM_S_V1 - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponseMessage_sync_V1
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSP_SV1BD - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponse_sync_V1BudgetDocument
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSP_SV1FT - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponse_sync_V1FsclTrsyCodgBlk
EAPSCO_BDGTDOCERPBYIDRSP_SV1IT - IDT for BudgetDocumentERPByIDResponse_sync_V1BdgtDocItm

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SAP Expenditure Certification Tables PSM-EC

FINSRC_CUST - OBSOLETE Financing Source Customer Fields
FMEUFACT - OBSOLETE Select Accounting Object
FMEUFACTO - Accounting Objects for Operation Derivation
FMEUFAUD - Auditing (Operation)
FMEUFCAT - Certifiable Document Types
FMEUFCD_FMEUFAUD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFFNS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFFSPF - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFLNK - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
FMEUFCD_FMEUFOPH - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
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SAP Fund Accounting Tables PSM-FA

FAGL_BSEG_EXT_RLDNR - General Ledger Documents: Ledger-Dependent
FAGL_CASH_ACCNT - Cash Ledger: Cash-Relevant Accounts
FAGL_CFR_ASGMT - Cash Flow Reporting: Assignment to E/R Account
FAGL_CFR_CONTROL - Cash Flow Reporting: Control Table
FAGL_CLHCM_ASGMT - Cash-Basis Accounting - HCM Integration: Default RE_ACCOUNT
FAGL_CLMIG_ASGMT - Cash Ledger Migration: Profit and Loss Acct for Opening Bal.
FAGL_CLMIG_STATE - Cash Ledger: Migration Status
FAGL_CL_ASGMT - Cash Ledger: Assignment of Income Statemt Accts to B/S Accts
FAGL_CL_ASGMT_CHG - Cash Ledger: Changeable Account Assignment Objects

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SAP Functions for U.S. Federal Government Tables PSM-FG

AGING_S - Aging Data
BFMFG_LFACCR - US Fed BI: Vendor Master Central Contract Registry (CCR)
CATT_DOCS - CATT recording documents
CUSTOMER_BANK_S - Customer bank details
EAPSCO_ACCOUNTS_RECEIVABLE_PO3 - Point of contact provided to Defense Finance Accounting Serv
EAPSCO_ACCOUNTS_RECEIVABLE_POC - Point of contact provided to Defense Finance Accounting Serv
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_GROUP - Group defined to hold typical Address information
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_GROUP1 - Group defined to hold typical Address information
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAPSCO_ADDRESS_TYPE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
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SAP Funds Management Tables PSM-FM

BAPI_0050_FIELDS - Single fields parameters for Entry Document
BAPI_0050_HEADER - Header data for Entry document - Method Create
BAPI_0050_HEADER_ADD - Header additionnal data
BAPI_0050_HEADER_GET - Header data for entry document
BAPI_0050_ITEM - Entry Document - Line item
BAPI_0050_ITEM_GET - Line item
BAPI_0050_LIST - Entry document list
BAPI_0050_LONGTEXT - Long text

BAPI_0050_PERIOD - FM Budgeting entry document - Line items Periods
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SAP Grants Management Tables PSM-GM

BAPI_0035_BUDGET_LAYOUT - GM budget layout
BAPI_0035_BUDGET_LAYOUT_X - GM budget layout update info
BAPI_0035_BUDGET_VALIDITY - Grant master budget validity
BAPI_0035_BUDGET_VALIDITY_X - Grant master budget validity update info
BAPI_0035_COSTSHARING - Cost sharing in the grant master
BAPI_0035_COSTSHARING_X - Grant cost sharing
BAPI_0035_DEFAULT_CONTROL - Checkbox for defaults to grant master
BAPI_0035_FIELDS - Single fields parameters for grant master creation
BAPI_0035_FUNDS - Funds for the grant master
BAPI_0035_FUNDS_X - GM grant master data : Funds update info
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SAP Procurement for Public Sector Tables PSM-GPR

/SAPPSPRO/IF_CC - IBU-PS: Incremntl Fundng - Active Comp Codes & Purch Doc Cat
/SAPPSPRO/IF_DT - IBU-PS: Incremental Funding Purchasing Document Types
/SAPPSPRO/IF_TH - Incremental Funding: Customizing for GR/IR Thresholds
/SAPPSPRO/MEM_TRANSFER_DATA - GovProc: LPN in Service Entry Sheet - Structure for mem data
/SAPPSPRO/ML81N_SELECT - GovProc: LPN in Service Entry Sheet - Communication Struc
/SAPPSPRO/S_ACC_CAT_ERP - Account Assignment Category from Backend ERP
/SAPPSPRO/S_ACTIVE_DOC_TYPE - Incremental funding status for a document type
/SAPPSPRO/S_COB - Coding Block
/SAPPSPRO/S_COB_AD - Structure used by the FM Derivation Tool along with COBL
/SAPPSPRO/S_DUMMY_CMMT_ITEM - Commitment Item for Unfunded Accounting Line
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