Email ALV PDF using ABAP report of pernrs then email output as attachment

Useful ABAP code example to demonstrate how to display an SAP ALV report which displays alist of PERNR details and then automatically allows the user to email ALV PDF as a document attchement. The code covers the following SAP ABAP report functionality:

  • Email address input selection screen fields
  • Display ALV report using Objects cl_salv_table
  • Add custom ALV column header
  • Change colour of ALV rows based on user start year
  • Get ALV Spool from background execution
  • Convert Spool to PDF and send as Email
  • Submit an ABAP report in background
  • ABAP report submits itself in background to create spool
  • Pass parameter and select option to report submit
  • Delete SAP spool request


Click here for ABAP code and more info

email alv spool

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