The Complete iOS Developer Course: A review of Rob Percival’s course

As you may or may not have heard SAP and Apple have partnered to in their words "Revolutionize work on iPhone". An  SDK for iOS is now available for the SAP HANA cloud platform that will enable SAP developers to quickly create their own native iOS apps using swift, which is Apple’s modern programming language. These native apps for iPhone and also iPad will be able to take advantage of all the built-in  iOS technologies.  

Where do is start learning to develop iOS apps?

Well, there are many ways you can start this process but the method I chose was to purchase a relatively cheap iOS course from udemy. But which one to choose that's another thing, the fact that there are so many to choose from is in some ways a good thing but you need to make sure you choose the right one.    

How to choose a course on udemy?

With udemy, you get a lot of help with the decision process as each course shows how many students are currently enrolled along with reviews from many of these existing students. You also get a 30 days money back guarantee in case you purchase a course that doesn't live up to your expectations. I spent a bit of time looking at the different courses available and Rob's course called "The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course - Build 21 Apps" stood out to me quite early on. When a course gets over 9000 reviews and nearly 5 out of 5 you know it's an excellent course with lots of happy students enrolled. Currently, over 57000 as I write this review. Maybe I got a bit lucky but as long as you read the details of each course and check out the reviews you should get a good idea about the course and if it is what you are looking for.    

Is Rob's Course Worth Signing up for?

If you are looking to learn how to create iOS apps then I would almost say yes to everyone as just seeing the basics of the course would be worth the money alone let alone the ability to build the example apps that actually work.    

Are there any negatives of this course?

I’m not sure there is,  There will always be people who want a bit less or a more info in specific topics or would like the pace to be a little quicker or slower but generally, I think it is very good. I guess it actually depends on how much you pay for this course. The price of the course if you go straight to the udemy website is $200, which is actually good value but will be prohibitive for many... But I have a solution to this... see below!!!

How Do You Get the Course?

As mentioned the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course including how to Build 21 Apps is available on udemy for $200... But the good news is that I have worked out a deal for my online audience and for a short period of time you can get up to  95% discount bringing the price down to $10... So if you purchase the course using my affiliate link below, you will get the discount and receive the course for much less. …and remember you still get a 30 days money back guarantee and lifetime access, which includes any future updates....  

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