View SAP Query ABAP program created

When working with SAP queries it is often useful to have a look at the ABAP code it generates. This could be to either use it as a basis for a new report or just to see what is going on. You can also use this information to assign a transaction code to your infoset query. Once you have the ABAP program associated you can assign a t-code in the same way you would assign any transaction code to an ABAP report. I always used to do this by searching for an ABAP program/report containing the name of your query. This is done by simply adding an asterisk either side of your query name (i.e. *MYQUERY*), entering this into transaction SE38 or SE80 and using the F4 value help option. The name of your query will then appear in the hit list, it will be something like AQL4*======MYQUERY===. A much better way would be to  view the name via SQ01 using menu option   Query->More functions->Display report name. You can also create the report using menu option Query->More functions->Generate program. query-program-name

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