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SLCA_02 SAP ABAP Report - Set Trace Levels

SLCA_02 is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the basic information available for this SAP report including which OBJECTS it interacts with such as TABLES, FUNCTION MODULES, INCLUDES ETC. Also check out the submitted Comments related to this SAP report or see any standard documentation available.

If you would like to execute this report or see the full code listing simply enter SLCA_02 into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE38 or SE80

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

/SAPAPO/OM02 - Tracing LCA Object
LCA02 - LCA Object Tracing

ABAP code to call this SAP report using the submit statement

This report can be called from another progam/report simply by using the ABAP SUBMIT statement, see below for example ABAP code snipts of how to do this.

SUBMIT SLCA_02. "Basic submit
SUBMIT SLCA_02 AND RETURN. "Return to original report after report execution complete
SUBMIT SLCA_02 VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. "Display selection screen of submitted report to user
    See more syntax options for the ABAP SUBMIT statement

Text pool values

Title: Set Trace Levels
Text Symbol: 026 = Job to delete the trace levels not created
Text Symbol: 027 = Error occurred when deleting the job -> SM37
Text Symbol: 028 = Changes only permitted in current client
Text Symbol: 029 = Could not reset trace levels
Text Symbol: 030 = Could not reset global trace levels
Text Symbol: 031 = Trace levels reset
Text Symbol: 032 = Could not write trace levels
Text Symbol: 033 = Trace levels successfully written
Text Symbol: 034 = Change failed
Text Symbol: 035 = liveCache Routine
Text Symbol: 036 = Switched to trace file 1
Text Symbol: 037 = Display obsolete, saving no longer possible
Text Symbol: 038 = Job to check the trace file number not created
Text Symbol: 039 = Check for switch to trace file 1 failed
Text Symbol: 040 = Trace 1 always has the size 16 MB
Text Symbol: 041 = Trace files 99 is reserved
Text Symbol: 100 = Other User
Text Symbol: 101 = Restrict to liveCache Routines
Text Symbol: 102 = Transfer Selected Entries
Text Symbol: 103 = Reset Tracing
Text Symbol: 104 = All liveCache Routines
Text Symbol: 105 = liveCache Routines: Detail
Text Symbol: 106 = User DPS Optimiza
Text Symbol: 107 = User TASK_HANDLER
Text Symbol: 001 =
Text Symbol: 002 =
Text Symbol: 003 =
Text Symbol: 004 = The selected entries do not match
Text Symbol: 005 = Client cannot be selected, since not unique
Text Symbol: 006 = Size must be 0 MB or between 16 MB and 1 GB
Text Symbol: 007 = Error in Tree Control
Text Symbol: 008 = Do you want to discard the changed data?
Text Symbol: 009 = Trace Groups
Text Symbol: 010 = Trace Level
Text Symbol: 011 = Check Level
Text Symbol: 012 = Deletion Time
Text Symbol: 013 = Reading trace file information...

Text Symbol: 014 = You are not authorized to read trace files
Text Symbol: 015 = Entry for LC in DBCON is incorrect/does not exist
Text Symbol: 016 = Unknown error occurred
Text Symbol: 017 = The deletion time is in the past
Text Symbol: 018 = Size of a trace file reduced to 2,000,000,000 Bytes
Text Symbol: 019 = Delete time adjusted
Text Symbol: 020 = User already exists
Text Symbol: 021 = Display obsolete, LCA02 restarted
Text Symbol: 022 = Settings unchanged
Text Symbol: 023 = You are not authorized to set trace levels
Text Symbol: 024 = Trace file 1 can only be selected by reset tracing
Text Symbol: 025 = (changed)

INCLUDES used within this REPORT SLCA_02


TABLES used within REPORT and the associated SELECT statement:

No SAP DATABASE tables are accessed within this REPORT code!

Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:

ENQUEUE_ELCA_GUID CALL FUNCTION 'ENQUEUE_ELCA_GUID' EXPORTING mode_lca_guid_str = 'S' guid = 'SLCA_02' con_name = gv_lc_name EXCEPTIONS foreign_lock = 1 system_failure = 2 OTHERS = 3.

LC_GET_HDB CALL FUNCTION 'LC_GET_HDB' EXPORTING iv_con_name = gv_lc_name IMPORTING ev_hdb = lv_hdb EXCEPTIONS no_connection = 1 no_dbcon_entry = 2.

LCA_TRACELEVEL_READ CALL FUNCTION 'LCA_TRACELEVEL_READ' IMPORTING et_tracelevels = lt_tracelevels EXCEPTIONS lc_connect_failed = 1 lc_com_error = 2 lc_appl_error = 3 OTHERS = 4.


DBMCLI_COMMAND_EXECUTE CALL FUNCTION 'DBMCLI_COMMAND_EXECUTE' EXPORTING dbmcli_parameters = 'file_getlist extended' con_name = gv_lc_name use_dbmrfc = 'S' TABLES dbmcli_exec_protocol = lt_dbmcli action_protocol = lt_act EXCEPTIONS no_permission = 1 sxpg_command_execute_error = 2 dbmcli_command_execute_error = 3 no_dbcon_entry = 4 no_dbconusr_entry = 5 get_profile_error = 6 dbmrfc_execute_error = 7 OTHERS = 8 ##NO_TEXT.

F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST CALL FUNCTION 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST' EXPORTING retfield = 'NUMBER' value_org = 'S' TABLES value_tab = gt_tracefiles return_tab = lt_return EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 0.

ENQUEUE_ELCA_GUID CALL FUNCTION 'ENQUEUE_ELCA_GUID' EXPORTING mode_lca_guid_str = 'E' guid = 'SLCA_02' con_name = gv_lc_name EXCEPTIONS foreign_lock = 1 system_failure = 2 OTHERS = 3.


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