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BUSVIEWS SAP ABAP Report - BDT: Start Setting Activities

BUSVIEWS is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). It is used for ..see full standard documentation available for this report. Also check out the submitted Comments related to this SAP report and the details below to see which OBJECTS it interacts with such as TABLES, FUNCTION MODULES, INCLUDES ETC.

If you would like to execute this report or see the full code listing simply enter BUSVIEWS into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE38 or SE80

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

BUS9 - BDT: GUI Additional Functions
REGC0013 - Role Categories
REGC0012 - Field Modification Criteria
BUS8 - BDT: GUI Standard Functions
BUS7 - BDT: Events
BUS6 - BDT: Screen Sequences
BUS5 - BDT: Screens
RELML00011 - L0: Assignment Scrn Fld->DB Field
BUSB - BDT: Assign Screen Field->DB Field
REGC0002 - Field Groups
REGC0023 - Data Sets
REGC0022 - Where-Used List: Structure
REGC0003 - Views
BUSB_DI - BDT: Assign DI Field->DB Field
BUSC - BDT: Field Grouping Criteria
BUSD - BDT: BP Views
BUSE - BDT: BP Role Groupings
BUSF - BDT: Application Transactions
BUSG - BDT: Tables
BUSH - BDT: External applications
BUSI - BDT: Activities
FKCJ - BP Control: Activities
BUS4 - BDT: Sections
FOTI10 - RETI: GUI Functions - Standard
RTPB03 - RPUS Cntrl: Activities
RTPB02 - RPUS Cntrl: Tables
RTPB01 - RPUS Cntrl: Application Transactions
FOTI09 - RETI: Tables
FOTI08 - RETI: Times
FOTI07 - RETI: Screen Sequence
FOTI06 - RETI: Screen Layout Screens
FOTI05 - RETI: Screen Layout Sections
FOTI04 - RETI: Screen Layout Views
FOTI03 - RETI: Screen Layout Field Groups
FOTI02 - RETI: Applications
FOTI01 - RETI: Activities
BUS1 - BDT: Applications
BUS10 - BDT: Search Help
BUS11 - BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field Group
BUS2 - BDT: Field Groups
RELML00017 - L0: External Applications
RELML00016 - L0: Tables
BUS23 - BP Tax: Data Sets
RELML00012 - L0: Field Modification Criteria
BUS3 - BDT: Views
REGC0100 - GC: Field Modification per Activity
REGC0008 - GUI Standard Functions
REITTC0011 - TC: Assgnmt Screen Field->DB Field
REITTC0012 - TC: Field Modification Criteria
REITTC0016 - TC: Tables
REITTC0017 - TC: External Applications
REITTC0018 - TC: Activities
REITTC0019 - TC: Fld Mod. per Activity (Control)
REITTC0022 - TC: Where-Used List: Structure
REITTC0100 - TC: Fld Modification per Activity Cu
REITTC0102 - TC: Authorization Types
REITTC0103 - TC: Field Groups for Authorization
REITTC0104 - TC: Screen Configuration
REITTC0105 - TC: Fld Mod. per Ext. Application
REITTC0106 - TC: Assignmt Object Part --> Memo ID
RELML00006 - L0: Screen Sequences
RELML00005 - L0: Screens
RELML00004 - L0: Sections
REITTC0107 - TC: Where-Used List: Views
REGC0009 - GUI Additional Functions
REGC0010 - Matchcode
REGC0011 - Assign Screen Field->DB Field
BUBL - BuPR:Assgn Scr.Field->Database Field
UGMW0024 - Master Data: Define Used View
RELML00001 - L0: Applications
RELML00002 - L0: Field Groups
RELML00003 - L0: Views
REITTC0009 - TC: CUA Addit. Functions
BUSJ - BP Control: FuncMod. Activity (Ctrl)
REGC0019 - Field Modifictn per Actvty (Control)
REGC0018 - Activities
REGC0004 - Sections
PAC0001 - Applications
RELML00009 - L0: CUA Additional Functions
PAC0002 - Field Groups
REGC0005 - Screens
FOJE - RECN-BDT: Activities
RELML00008 - L0: CUA Standard Functions
REITTC0001 - TC: Applications
REGC0017 - External Applications
REGC0006 - Screen Sequences
RELML00007 - L0: Events
REGC0014 - Role Cat. Groupings
PAC0003 - Views
REITTC0002 - TC: Field Groups
REGC0016 - Tables
REGC0007 - Events
BUBL_DI - BP: Allocate DI Field -> DB Field
REITTC0003 - TC: Views
REITTC0004 - TC: Sections
REITTC0005 - TC: Screens
REITTC0006 - TC: Screen Sequences
REITTC0007 - TC: Events
REITTC0008 - TC: CUA Standard Functions
FOTI11 - RETI: GUI Functions - Additional
F9CSOJ - SO Control: FM per Activity
FOIH - RECN-Cust: Field Modification Activ.
F9CSOI - SO Control: Activities
FOIF - RECN-BDT: Application Transactions
FOIE - RECN-BDT: Field Modif. Criteria
PPAC0007 - BDT Control: Times
PPAC0006 - BDT Control: Screen Sequences
FOIB - RECN-BDT: Field Assignm. Screen->DB
F9CSOH - SO Control: Tables
PPAC0008 - BDT Control: CUA Standard Funct.
F9CSOF - SO Control: Applic. Transactions
PPAC0009 - BDT Control: CUA Addit. Funct.
PPAC0011 - BDT Control: Assign ScrnFld->DB Fld
PPAC0012 - BDT Control: Field modif. criteria
PPAC0015 - BDT Control: Application Transaction
PPAC0016 - BDT Control: Tables
PPAC0018 - BDT Control: Activities
PPAC0021 - BDT Control: Asgn.DI Fld->DB Field
BUBG - BuPR: Screens
F9CSOE - SO Control: Product Group
PPAC0100 - BDT Control: Field Modif. Activities
PPAC0102 - Cust: Authorization Types
FOIA - RECN-BDT: Matchcodes
PPAC0103 - Cust: Field Groups for Authorization
F9CSOD - SO Control: Products
BUBH - BuPR: Screen Seq. Variants
F9C} - Authorization Types Payment Orders
F9C{ - Authorization Types Payment Items
BUBR - BP: Field Grpg Via Activity (Cust)
F9C] - Position: Authorization Types
F9C[ - Authorization Types for Condiitons
UGMW0020 - BDT: Search Help
BUBS_FRG - BP: Field Grpg for Ext.Applications
UGMW0021 - BDT: Assign DI Field->DB Field
BUBX - BP: Activities
BUBY - BP: Field Grpg via Activity (Ctrl)
BUBZ - BP: External Applications
UGMW0022 - Master Data: Structure Used
BUCG - BP Cust: BP Role Field Grouping
BUCH - BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity
BUCJ - BP Cust: Authorization Types
BUCN - BP Cust: Field Grps f. Authorization
BUCO - BP-Cust: Screen Configuration
BUCP - BP-Cust: Fld.modif.exter.application
BUCS - BP-Cust: Notes on Roles
BUCU - BP Cust: Where-Used List
BUCV - BP Cust. Field Grouping Appl.Object
UGMW0023 - Master Data: Data Sets
BUBD - BuPR: Applications
BUBE - BuPR: Views
BUBF - BuPR: Sections
BUBO - BuPR: Field Grouping (Criteria)
REGC0001 - Applications
BUBN - BuPR: Field Groups
BUBM - BuPR: Tables
REGC0105 - Field Modific. per Ext. Application
REGC0104 - Screen configuration
BUBK - BuPR: GUI Additonal Functions
REGC0103 - Field groups for authorization
REGC0102 - Authorization Types
RTPB14 - RPUS Field Mod: Criteria
RTPB13 - RPUS GUI: Assignm scrn fld -> DB fld
RTPB12 - RPUS GUI: Additional Functions
RTPB11 - RPUS GUI: Standard Functions
RTPB10 - RPUS Struct: Events
RTPB09 - RPUS Struct: Screen Sequence
FOTI18 - RETI: Field Group Authorization
RTPB08 - RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Screens
RTPB07 - RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Sections
FOTI17 - RETI: Authorizations-Author.Groups
FOTI16 - RETI: Field Modification Activity
FOTI15 - RETI: ApplicTransactions
FOTI14 - RETI: Field Modifications - Criteria
RTPB06 - RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Views
RTPB05 - RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field Groups
RTPB04 - RPUS struct: Applications
FOTI13 - RETI: Assign Screen->DB Field
FOTI12 - RETI: Matchcode ID's
FOIW - RECN Cust: Authorization Types
REGC0107 - Where-used list: Views
REGC0106 - Assign object part --> Note ID
F9CSOC - SO Control: Field Modificat.Criteria
F9CSOB - SO Ctrl: Assig. ScrnFld->DBfld
F9CSO9 - SO Control: CUA Additional Functions
RTPB19 - RPUS Field groups for authorization
FOIZ - RECN Cust: Field Groups for Author.
BUBI - BuPR: Events
F9CSO8 - SO Control: CUA Standard Functions
F9CSO7 - SO Control: Events
F9CSO6 - SO Control: Screen Sequence
F9CSO5 - SO Control: Screens
RTPB18 - RPUS Authorization types
F9CSO4 - SO Control: Sections
RTPB17 - Retirement types
RTPB16 - Create data set for retirement plan
F9CSO3 - SO Control: Views
F9CSO2 - SO Control: Field Groups
RTPB15 - RPUS Field Mod: Activity Category
F9CSO1 - SO Control: Applications
F9CSO03 - SO: Authorizations for Field Groups
BUBJ - BuPR: GUI Standard Functions
F9CSO02 - SO: Authorization Types
F9CSO01 - SO: Field Modification Trans. Type
F9CSO00 - SO: Field Modification Activity
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_004 - CMS Control: Sections
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_005 - CMS Control: Screens
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_006 - CMS Control: Screen Seq.
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_003 - CMS Control: Views
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_002 - CMS Control: Field Groups
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_001 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_105 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_007 - CMS Control: Events
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_008 - CMS Control: GUI Standard Functions
REBDBE0006 - BE: Screen Sequences
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_009 - CMS Control: GUI Addl Functions
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_011 - CMS Control: Asn.scrn.fld->dbase fld
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_012 - CMS Control: Field Grp. Criteria
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_013 - CMS Control: BP Roles
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_014 - CMS Control: BP Role Groupings
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_104 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_103 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_100 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_018 - CMS Control: Applications
WASS112 - WA Control: Field Grouping Criteria
WASS113 - WA Control: Role Categories
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_016 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_015 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_012 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_011 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_009 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_008 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_007 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_006 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_005 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_105 - CMS-Cust:Fld.modif.exter.application
REAJCG0002 - CG: Field Groups
REBDAO0023 - AO: Data Sets
REBDAO0100 - AO: Field Modification per Activity
REBDAO0102 - AO: Authorization Types
REBDAO0103 - AO: Field Groups for Authorization
REBDAO0104 - AO: Screen Configuration
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_104 - CMS-Cust: Screen Configuration
REBDAO0105 - AO: Field Grouping per Ext. Appl.
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_103 - CMS Cust: Field Grps f.Authorization
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_102 - CMS Cust: Authorization Types
REBDAO0106 - AO:Assignment Obj Part --> Notice ID
REBDAO0107 - AO: Where-Used List: Views
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_101 - CMS Cust: BP Role Field Grouping
REBDBE0001 - BE: Applications
REBDBE0002 - BE: Field Groups
REBDBE0003 - BE: Views
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_100 - CMS Cust: Field Grouping Activity
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_023 - CMS Tax: Data Sets
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_022 - CMS Control: Where-Used List Struct.
REAJCG0001 - CG: Applications
REBDBE0004 - BE: Sections
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_021 - CMS control: Assign.DI field->DB fld
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_020 - CMS Control: Search Help
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_019 - CMS Control: FuncMod. Activity(Ctrl)
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_018 - CMS Control: Activities
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_017 - CMS-Control: External applications
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_016 - CMS Control: Tables
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_015 - CMS Control: Appl. Transactions
REBDBE0005 - BE: Screens
REBDBU0006 - BU: Screen Sequences
REBDBU0007 - BU: Events
REBDBU0008 - BU: CUA Standard Functions
REBDBU0009 - BU: CUA Additional Functions
REBDBU0011 - BU: Assgmt Screen Field->DB Field
REBDBU0012 - BU: Field Modification Criteria
REBDBU0013 - BU: Role Categories
REBDBU0014 - BU: Role Category Groupings
REBDBU0016 - BU: Tables
WASS116 - WA Control: Tables
WASS117 - WA Cust: Field Grouping - Activity
WASS111 - WA Control: Assgnmt Scrn Fld->DB Fld
REBDBU0017 - BU: External Applications
REBDBU0018 - BU: Activities
REBDBU0019 - BU:Fld Grouping per Activity(Contr.)
REBDBU0022 - BU: Where-Used List: Structure
REBDBU0100 - BU: Field Modification per Activity
REBDBU0102 - BU: Authorization Types
REBDBU0103 - BU: Field Groups for Authorization
REBDBU0104 - BU: Screen Configuration
REBDBU0105 - BU: Fld Grouping Per External Appl.
REBDBU0106 - BU:Assignment Obj Part --> Notice ID
REBDBU0107 - BU: Where-Used List: Views
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_104 - CMS-Cust: Screen Configuration
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_019 - CMS Control: FuncMod. Activity(Ctrl)
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_018 - CMS Control: Activities
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_016 - CMS Control: Tables
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_015 - CMS Control: Appl. Transactions
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_012 - CMS Control: Field Grp. Criteria
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_011 - CMS Control: Asn.scrn.fld->dbase fld
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_004 - CMS Control: Applications
REBDBE0007 - BE: Events
REBDBE0008 - BE: Standard GUI Functions
REBDBE0009 - BE: Additional GUI Functions
REBDBE0011 - BE: Assignment Screen Fld to DB Fld
REBDBE0012 - BE: Field Modification Criteria
REBDBE0013 - BE: Role Categories
REBDBE0014 - BE: Role Category Groupings
REBDBE0016 - BE: Tables
REBDBE0017 - BE: External Applications
REBDBE0018 - BE: Activities
REBDBE0019 - BE: Fld Modif. per Activity(Control)
REBDBE0022 - BE: Where-Used List: Structure
REBDBE0100 - BE: Field Modification per Activity
REBDBE0102 - BE: Authorization Types
REBDBE0103 - BE: Field Groups for Authorization
WASS114 - WA Control: Role Category Groupings
REBDBE0104 - BE: Screen Configuration
REBDBE0105 - BE: Field Modif per External Applic.
REBDBE0106 - BE: Assignment Object Part -> NoteID
REBDBE0107 - BE: Where-Used List: Views
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_003 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_002 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_LIQ_BDT_001 - CMS Control: Applications
REBDBU0001 - BU: Applications
REBDBU0002 - BU: Field Groups
REBDBU0003 - BU: Views
REBDBU0004 - BU: Stages
REBDBU0005 - BU: Screens
WASS115 - WA Control: Application Transactions
VTS4 - Ctr. Control: Sections
VTS3 - Ctr. Control: Views
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_101 - CMS-RE Cust: BP Role Fld Grouping
VTS23 - Ctr. Control: Data Sets
VTS2 - Ctr. Control: Field Groups
VTS1 - Ctr. Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_102 - CMS-RE Cust: Authorization types
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_103 - CMS-RE Cust: Fld Grouping Auth.
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_104 - CMS-RE Cust: Screen Configuration
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_105 - CMS-RE Cust:Fld Mod ext application
REAJCG0106 - CG: Assignmt Object Part --> Memo ID
REAT0001 - AM: Applications
REAT0002 - AM: Field Groups
REAT0003 - AM: Views
REAT0004 - AM: Sections
REAT0005 - AM: Screens
REAT0006 - AM: Screen Sequences
REAT0007 - AM: Events
REAT0008 - AM: CUA Standard Functions
REAT0009 - AM: CUA Additional Functions
REAT0011 - AM: Assignment Scrn Field->DB Field
REAT0012 - AM: Field Modification Criteria
REAT0016 - AM: Tables
REAT0017 - AM: External Applications
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_106 - CMS-RE Cust: Notes on rules
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_107 - CMS-RE Cust: Where used list
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_013 - CMS-RE Control: BP Roles
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_012 - CMS-RE Control: Field Grp. Criteria
REAJCG0105 - CG: Fld Mod. per Ext. Application
REAJCG0104 - CG: Screen Configuration
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_018 - CMS-RE Control: Activities
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_019 - CMS-RE Control:FuncMod. Activity
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_020 - CMS-RE Control: Search help
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_021 - CMS-RE Control:Asn DI fld->DB fld
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_022 - CMS-RE Control:Where used-list
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_017 - CMS-RE Control: External Application
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_016 - CMS-RE Control: Tables
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_023 - CMS-RE Tax: Data Sets
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_100 - CMS-RE Cust: Fld Grouping Activity
REAJCG0107 - CG: Where-Used List: Views
VTSP - Ctr. Control: Fld Mod. Ext. Applic.
VTSO - Ctr. Control: Authorization Types
VTSN - Ctr. Control: Fld Groups Authoriz.
VTSJ - Ctr. Control: Field Mod. Activity
VTSI - Ctr. Control: Activities
VTSH - Ctr. Control: Ext. Applications
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_015 - CMS-RE Control: Appl Transactions
VTSG - Ctr. Control: Tables
VTSF - Ctr. Control: Application Transact.
VTSE - Ctr. Control: Contract Categories
VTSD - Ctr. Control: Contract Cat. Grouping
VTSC - Ctr. Control: Fld Modific. Criteria
VTSB_DI - Ctr. Control: Asgn DI Fld->DB Field
VTSB - Ctr. Control: Asgn Scrn Fld->DB Fld
VTS9 - Ctr. Control: CUA Addit. Functions
VTS8 - Ctr. Control: CUA Standard Functions
VTS7 - Ctr. Control: Events
VTS6 - Ctr. Control: Screen Seq. Variants
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_014 - CMS-RE Control: BP Role Grouping
VTS5 - Ctr. Control: Screens
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_004 - CMS-RE Control: Sections
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_003 - CMS-RE Control: Views
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_002 - CMS-RE Control: Field Groups
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_001 - CMS-RE Control:Applications
REAJCG0007 - CG: Events
REBDAO0001 - AO: Applications
REBDAO0002 - AO: Field Groups
REBDAO0003 - AO: Views
REBDAO0004 - AO: Sections
REBDAO0005 - AO: Screens
REBDAO0006 - AO: Screen Sequences
REBDAO0007 - AO: Events
REBDAO0008 - AO: CUA Standard Functions
REBDAO0009 - AO: CUA Additional Functions
REBDAO0010 - AO: Matchcode
REBDAO0011 - AO: Assgmt Screen Field->DB Field
REBDAO0012 - AO: Field Modification Criteria
REBDAO0013 - AO: Role Categories
REBDAO0014 - AO: Role Category Groupings
REBDAO0016 - AO: Tables
REBDAO0017 - AO: External Applications
REAJCG0006 - CG: Screen Sequences
REBDAO0018 - AO: Activities
REBDAO0019 - AO:Fld Grouping per Activity(Contr.)
REBDAO0022 - AO: Where-Used List: Structure
REAJCG0005 - CG: Screens
REAJCG0004 - CG: Sections
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_107 - CMS Cust: Where-Used List
REAJCG0003 - CG: Views
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_106 - CMS-Cust: Notes on Roles
REAJCG0103 - CG: Field Groups for Authorization
REAT0018 - AM: Activities
REAT0019 - AM: Field Mod. per Activity (Contr)
REAT0022 - AM: Where-Used List: Structure
REAT0100 - AM: Field Modification per Activity
REAT0102 - AM: Authorization Types
REAT0103 - AM: Field Groups for Authorization
REAT0104 - AM: Screen Configuration
REAT0105 - AM: Field Modification per External
REAT0106 - AM:Assignment Object Part --> MemoID
REAT0107 - AM: Where-Used List: Views
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_011 - CMS-RE Control:Asn scrn fld->DB fld
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_009 - CMS-RE Control:GUI Addl Function
REAJCG0102 - CG: Authorization Types
PCCV - Payment Card: Field Grouping
VTCI - Ctr.Control: Screen Configuration
REAJCG0100 - CG: Field Modification per Activity
REAJCG0022 - CG: Where-Used List: Structure
REAJCG0019 - CG: Feldmod. per Activity (Control)
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_008 - CMS-RE Control:GUI Standard Function
REAJCG0018 - CG: Activities
REAJCG0017 - CG: External Applications
REAJCG0016 - CG: Tables
REAJCG0012 - CG: Field Modification Criteria
REAJCG0011 - CG: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
REAJCG0009 - CG: CUA Additional Functions
REAJCG0008 - CG: CUA Standard Functions
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_007 - CMS-RE Control: Events
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_006 - CMS-RE Control: Screen Seq.
CMS_CUS_RE_BDT_005 - CMS-RE Control: Screens
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_009 - CMS Control: GUI Addl Functions
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_008 - CMS Control: GUI Standard Functions
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_007 - CMS Control: Events
UGMW0015 - BDT: Application Transactions
UGMW0016 - BDT: Tables
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_006 - CMS Control: Screen Seq.
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_005 - CMS Control: Screens
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_004 - CMS Control: Sections
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_003 - CMS Control: Views
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_002 - CMS Control: Field Groups
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_001 - CMS Control: Applications
FMBY1 - Budget Period Control: Applications
GMS9 - GM BDT GUI Addl Functions
GMS8 - GM BDT GUI Std Functions
GMS7 - GM BDT Events
GMS6 - GM BDT Screen Sequence
GMS5 - GM BDT Screens
GMS4 - GM BDT Sections
GMS3 - GM BDT Views
GMS26 - GM BDT BAPI Fields to Field Groups
GMS25 - GM BDT Where-used process to view
GMS24 - GM BDT Where used list define view
GMS23 - GM BDT Data sets
GMS22 - GM BDT Where-Used List:
GMS200 - GM BDT Change document lists
GMS2 - GM BDT Field Groups
GMS19 - GM BDT Function Module Activity
GMS18 - GM BDT Activities
GMS17 - GM BDT External Applications
GMS16 - GM BDT Tables
KLFZ0007 - Facilities Control: Time
KLFZ0008 - Fac. Cntrl: GUI Standard Functions
KLFZ0009 - Fac. Cntrl: CUA Additional Functions
WASS101 - WA Control: Field Groups
KLFZ0010 - Facilities Control: Matchcode
UGMW0004 - BDT: Sections
KLFZ0011 - Fac. Cntrl: Assign Scrn fld->DBfield
RCC06 - RO Control: Screen Sequences
KLFZ0013 - Facilities Control: Role Categories
KLFZ0014 - Facilities Ctrl: Role cat. groupings
KLFZ0015 - Facilities Ctrl: Application trans.
RCC05 - RO Control: Screens
KLFZ0016 - Facilities Control: Tables
KLFZ0018 - Facilities Control: Activities
UGMW0005 - BDT: Screens
KLFZ0019 - Fac. Cntrl: FldModif./Activity(Cntl)
UGMW0006 - BDT: Screen Sequences
UGMW0007 - BDT: Events
UGMW0008 - BDT: GUI Standard Functions
UGMW0009 - BDT: GUI Additional Functions
UGMW0011 - BDT: Assign Screen Field->DB Field
UGMW0012 - BDT: Field Grouping Criteria
UGMW0013 - BDT: Master Data Roles
RCC04 - RO Control: Sections
RCC03 - RO Control: Views
UGMW0014 - BDT: Master Data Role Groupings
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_018 - CMS Control: Activities
RCC02 - RO Control: Field Groups
RCC01 - RO Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_ACG_BDT_015 - CMS Control: Appl. Transactions
FMBY3 - Budget Period Control: Views
FMBY4 - Budget Period Control: Sections
FMBY5 - Budget Period Control: Screens
FMBY6 - Budget Period Ctrl: Screen Sequences
FMBY7 - Budget Period Control: Events
FMBY8 - Budget Pd Ctrl: GUI Stand. Functions
UGMW0017 - BDT: Non-SAP Applications
UGMW0018 - BDT: Activities
UGMW0019 - Control: FMod. Activity (Ctrl)
FMBY9 - Budget Pd Ctrl: GUI Addtnl Functions
F9C4 - Authorization types
F9C6 - BCA: Field Modification Account Type
PPAC0001 - BDT Control: Applications
PPAC0002 - BDT Control: Field Groups
F9C7 - BCA: Field Modification Activity
F9CC1 - Authorizations for Field Groups
F9CC2 - Screen Configuration
PPAC0003 - BDT Control: Views
PPAC0004 - BDT Control: Sections
PPAC0005 - BDT Control: Screens
FOI1 - RECN-BDT: Applications
FOI10 - RECN-BDT: Search Help
FOI2 - RECN-BDT: Field groups
FOI3 - RECN-BDT: Views
FOI4 - RECN-BDT: Sections
FOI5 - RECN-BDT: Screens
FOI6 - RECN-BDT: Screen Sequences
FOI7 - RECN-BDT: Times
FOI8 - RECN-BDT: GUI Standard Functions
FOI9 - RECN-BDT: GUI Additional Functions
GMS15 - GM BDT Application Transactions
GMS14 - GM BDT Role Groupings
GMS13 - GM BDT Role Categories
GMS12 - GM BDT Field group criteria
GMS11 - GM BDT Assign Scrn Flds to DB Fields
GMS108 - GM BDT Field Grouping ApplicationObj
GMS107 - GM BDT Where-Used Views
GMS106 - GM BDT Note View for Role Categories
GMS105 - GM BDT Field Groups Ext. Application
GMS104 - GM BDT Visual Screen Tool
GMS103 - GM BDT Field Groups Authorization
GMS102 - GM BDT Authorization Types
GMS101 - GM BDT field group per role category
GMS100 - GM BDT field group per activity
GMS1 - GM BDT Applications
FMBY100 - BP Ctrl: Field Grouping per Activity
FMBY101 - BP Ctrl: Field Grouping per Role
FMBY108 - BP Ctrl: Field Grouping per Appl Obj
FMBY11 - BP Ctrl: Assign Scrn Field to DB
FMBY12 - Budget Pd Ctrl: Field Group Criteria
WASS100 - WA Control: Applications
FMBY13 - Budget Pd Ctrl: Role Categories
FMBY14 - Budget Pd Ctrl: Role Category Grpng
FMBY15 - Budget Pd Ctrl: Appltn Transactions
FMBY16 - Budget Period Control: Tables
FMBY17 - Budget Pd Ctrl: External Applicatns
FMBY18 - Budget Period Control: Activities
FMBY19 - BP Ctrl: Fld Grpng for Each Activity
FMBY2 - Budget Period Control: Field Groups
FMBY23 - Budget Period Control: Data Sets
REBDRO0002 - RO: Field Groups
REBDRO0003 - RO: Views
REBDRO0004 - RO: Sections
REBDRO0005 - RO: Screens
REBDRO0006 - RO: Screen Sequences
REBDRO0007 - RO: Events
REBDRO0008 - RO: CUA Standard Functions
REBDRO0009 - RO: CUA Additional Functions
WASS119 - WA Cust: Authorization Types
REBDRO0011 - RO: Assgmt Screen Field -> DB Field
REBDRO0012 - RO: Field Modification Criteria
REBDRO0016 - RO: Tables
REBDRO0017 - RO: External Applications
REBDRO0018 - RO: Activities
REBDRO0019 - RO:Fld Grouping per Actvty (Control)
REBDRO0022 - RO: Where-Used List: Structure
REBDRO0100 - RO: Field Modification per Activity
REBDRO0102 - RO: Authorization Types
REBDRO0103 - RO: Field Groups for Authorization
REBDRO0104 - RO: Screen Configuration
REBDRO0105 - RO: Field Grouping per Ext. Appl.
REBDRO0106 - RO: Assign. Object Part --> NoticeID
REBDRO0107 - RO: Where-Used List: Views
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_006 - CMS Control: Screen Seq.
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_005 - CMS Control: Screens
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_004 - CMS Control: Sections
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_003 - CMS Control: Views
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_002 - CMS Control: Field Groups
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_001 - CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_BDT_107 - CMS Cust: Where-Used List
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_009 - CMS Control: GUI Addl Functions
REBDPR0001 - PR: Applications
REBDPR0002 - PR: Field Groupings
REBDPR0003 - PR: Views
REBDPR0004 - PR: Stages
REBDPR0005 - PR: Screens
REBDPR0006 - PR: Screen sequences
WASS110 - WA Control: Matchcodes
WASS108 - WA Control: GUI Additional Functions
REBDPR0007 - PR: Events
REBDPR0008 - PR: GUI Standard Functions
REBDPR0009 - PR: GUI Additional Functions
REBDPR0011 - PR:Assignment Screen Field->DB-Field
REBDPR0012 - PR: Field Grouping Criteria
REBDPR0016 - PR: Tables
REBDPR0017 - PR: External Applications
WASS118 - WA Cust: Field Grouping - Role Cat.
REBDPR0018 - PR: Activities
REBDPR0019 - PR:Fld Grouping per Actvty (Control)
REBDPR0022 - PR: Where-Used List: Structure
REBDPR0100 - PR: Field Modification per Activity
REBDPR0102 - PR: Authorization Types
REBDPR0103 - PR: Field Groups for Authorization
REBDPR0104 - PR: Screen Configuration
REBDPR0105 - PR: Field Grouping Per Ext. Appl.
REBDPR0106 - PR: Assign. Object Part --> NoticeID
REBDPR0107 - PR: Where-Used List: Views
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_008 - CMS Control: GUI Standard Functions
CMS_CUS_INS_BDT_007 - CMS Control: Events
REBDRO0001 - RO: Applications
WASS124 - WA Control: Data Sets
WASS103 - WA Control: Sections
CMS_CUS_BDT_009 - CMS Control: GUI Addl Functions
CMS_CUS_BDT_008 - CMS Control: GUI Standard Functions
CMS_CUS_BDT_007 - CMS Control: Events
CMS_CUS_BDT_006 - CMS Control: Screen Seq.
CMS_CUS_BDT_005 - CMS Control: Screens
UGMW0001 - BDT: Applications
CMS_CUS_BDT_004 - CMS Control: Sections
CMS_CUS_BDT_003 - CMS Control: Views
UGMW0002 - BDT: Field Groups
CMS_CUS_BDT_002 - CMS Control: Field Groups
RCC18 - RO Control: Activities
RCC15 - RO Control: Application Transaction
RCC12 - RO Control: Modification Criteria
RCC11 - RO Control: Assign DB Screen
WASS102 - WA Control: Views
RCC10 - RO Control: Search Help
RCC0G - RT Control: Tables
CMS_CUS_BDT_001 - CMS Control: Applications
RCC09 - RO Control: Additional Functions
RCC08 - RO Control: Standard Functions
RCC07 - RO Control: Events
UGMW0003 - BDT: Views
KLFZ0001 - Facilities Control: Application
KLFZ0002 - Facilities Control: Field Groups
KLFZ0003 - Facilities Control: Views
KLFZ0004 - Facilities Control: Sections
KLFZ0005 - Facilities Control: Screens
KLFZ0006 - Facilities Control: Screen Sequence
CMS_CUS_BDT_106 - CMS-Cust: Notes on Roles
CMS_CUS_BDT_105 - CMS-Cust:Fld.modif.exter.application
CMS_CUS_BDT_104 - CMS-Cust: Screen Configuration
CMS_CUS_BDT_103 - CMS Cust: Field Grps f.Authorization
CMS_CUS_BDT_102 - CMS Cust: Authorization Types
CMS_CUS_BDT_101 - CMS Cust: BP Role Field Grouping
CMS_CUS_BDT_100 - CMS Cust: Field Grouping Activity
CMS_CUS_BDT_023 - CMS Tax: Data Sets
WASS120 - WA Cust: Field Groups for Authorizn
CMS_CUS_BDT_022 - CMS Control: Where-Used List Struct.
CMS_CUS_BDT_021 - CMS control: Assign.DI field->DB fld
RCC23 - RO Control: Data Sets
RCC20 - Authorization Types
RCC19 - RO Control: Field Mod. per Act. Cat.
CMS_CUS_BDT_020 - CMS Control: Search Help
WASS107 - WA Control: GUI Standard Functions
WASS106 - WA Control: Events
WASS121 - WA Cust: Screen Configuration
CMS_CUS_BDT_019 - CMS Control: FuncMod. Activity(Ctrl)
CMS_CUS_BDT_018 - CMS Control: Activities
CMS_CUS_BDT_017 - CMS-Control: External applications
CMS_CUS_BDT_016 - CMS Control: Tables
CMS_CUS_BDT_015 - CMS Control: Appl. Transactions
CMS_CUS_BDT_014 - CMS Control: BP Role Groupings
CMS_CUS_BDT_013 - CMS Control: BP Roles
CMS_CUS_BDT_012 - CMS Control: Field Grp. Criteria
CMS_CUS_BDT_011 - CMS Control: Asn.scrn.fld->dbase fld
WASS122 - WA Control: Activities
WASS105 - WA Control: Screen Sequences
WASS104 - WA Control: Screens
RESCSU0004 - SU: Sections
RESCSU0005 - SU: Screens
RESCSU0006 - SU: Screen Sequences
RESCSU0003 - SU: Views
RESCSU0002 - SU: Field Groups
RESCSU0001 - SU: Applications
RESCSU0007 - SU: Events
RESCSU0008 - SU: CUA Standard Functions
RESCSU0009 - SU: CUA Additional Functions
RESCSU0011 - SU: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
RESCSU0012 - SU: Field Modification Criteria
CACS_CSB0001 - CSB Control: Applications
CACS_CSB0002 - CSB Control: Field Groups
FOAR09 - REAR: GUI Additional Functions
FOAR08 - REAR: GUI Standard Functions
FOAR07 - REAR: Events
FOAR06 - REAR: Screen Sequences
FOAR05 - REAR: Pictures
FOAR04 - REAR: Sections
FOAR03 - REAR: Views
FOAR02 - REAR: Field Groups
FOAR01 - REAR: Applications
F9SX - BCA Control: External Applications
F9ST - PAOR Control: Table <-> Func. Mod.
UGMW0200 - Master Data: Change Doc. Lists
RESCPG0107 - PG: Where-Used List: Views
RESCSU0107 - SU: Where-Used List: Views
RESCSU0106 - SU: Assigment Obj.Part --> Memo ID
RESCSU0105 - SU: Field Mod. per Non-SAP Applic.
CACS_CSB0014 - CSB Control: Role Category Group
RESCSU0104 - SU: Screen Configuration
RESCSU0103 - SU: Field Grops for Authorization
RESCSU0102 - SU: Authorization Types
RESCSU0100 - SU: Field Modification per Activity
RESCSU0022 - SU: Where-Used List: Structure
RESCSU0019 - SU: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
RESCSU0018 - SU: Activities
RESCSU0017 - SU: Non-SAP Applications
RESCSU0016 - SU: Tables
CACS_CSB0013 - CSB Control: Roll Categories
RESCSU0014 - SU: Role Category Groupings
CACS_CSB0012 - CSB Control: Field Modific. Criteria
CACS_CSB0011 - CSB Ctrl: Assign Scrn Fld-> DB Field
CACS_CSB0010 - CSB Control: Search Help
CACS_CSB0009 - CSB Control: CUA Additional Function
RESCSU0013 - SU: Role Categories
CACS_CSB0008 - CSB Control: CUA Standard Function
CACS_CSB0007 - CSB Control: Time-Spots
CACS_CSB0006 - CSB Control: Screen Sequences
CACS_CSB0005 - CSB Control: Screens
CACS_CSB0004 - CSB Control: Sections
CACS_CSB0003 - CSB Control: Views
FICOBDT014 - FICO Config. - Role Category Groups
FICOBDT02 - FICO Config. - BDT - Field Groups
FICOBDT023 - FICO Config. - BDT - SETS
FICOBDT03 - FICO Config. - BDT - Views
RESCPG0005 - PG: Screens
RESCPG0004 - PG: Sections
FICOBDT04 - FICO Config. - BDT - Section
FICOBDT05 - FICO Config. - BDT - Screens
FICOBDT06 - FICO Config. - BDT - Screen Sequence
RESCPG0003 - PG: Views
RESCPG0002 - PG: Field Groups
RESCPG0001 - PG: Applications
FICOBDT07 - FICO Config. - BDT - Event
FICOBDT08 - FICO Config.- BDT - GUI Std Funct.
FICOBDT09 - FICO Config.- BDT - GUI Add. Funct.
FICOBDT100 - FICO Config - BDT - Fmod per Acct
FICOBDT102 - FICO Config. - BDT - Authoriz. type
FICOBDT103 - FICO Config - BDT - Fld Grp Authoriz
FICOBDT105 - FICO Config. BDT -Fmod Ext. Applic.
FICOBDT11 - FICO Config - BDT - ScrnFld ->DB Fld
FICOBDT12 - FICO Config. - BDT - Fmod. Criteria
FICOBDT15 - FICO Config. - BDT - Appl. Transact.
FICOBDT16 - FICO Configuration - BDT - Tables
FICOBDT17 - FICO Config.- BDT -Ext. Applications
FICOBDT18 - FICO Config. - BDT - Activities
FICOBDT19 - FICO Config. - BDT - Authoriz. Type
RESCPG0106 - PG: Assignment ObjectPart --> MemoID
RESCPG0105 - PG: Fld Modif. per External Applic.
RESCPG0104 - PG: Screen Configuration
RESCPG0103 - PG: Field Groups for Authorization
F9SS - PAOR Control: Scrn.Fld.<-> DB Field
RESCPG0102 - PG: Authorization Types
RESCPG0100 - PG: Field Modification per Activity
RESCPG0022 - PG: Where-Used List: Structure
F9SR - PAOR Control: Field Groups
FICOBDT01 - FICO Config. - BDT - Applications
FICOBDT0104 - FICO Config - BDT - Screen Config.
RESCPG0019 - PG: Fld Mod. per Activity (Control)
RESCPG0018 - PG: Activities
RESCPG0017 - PG: External Applications
RESCPG0016 - PG: Tables
F9SQ - PAIT Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod.
F9SP - Position Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod.
RESCPG0014 - PG: Role Category Grouping
RESCPG0013 - PG: Role Categories
RESCPG0012 - PG: Field Modification Criteria
RESCPG0011 - PG: Assignment Screen Fld->DB-Field
RESCPG0009 - PG: CUA Additional Functions
RESCPG0008 - PG: CUA Standard Functions
RESCPG0007 - PG: Events
RESCPG0006 - PG: Screen Sequences
FICOBDT013 - FICO Config. - BDT - Roles
CACS_CSB0015 - CSB Control: Application Transaction
CACS_CSD0020 - CSC Control: Role Types
CACS_CSD0019 - Maintain Datasets
CACS_CSD0018 - CSD Control: Activities
CACS_CSD0017 - CSD Control: External Applications
CACS_CSD0016 - CSD Control: Tables
CACS_CSD0015 - CSD Control: Application Transactn
CACS_CSD0014 - CSD Control: Role Cat. Grouping
CACS_CSD0013 - CSD Control: Role Categories
CACS_CSD0012 - CSD Control: Field Modific. Criteria
CACS_CSD0011 - CSD Control: Assgmt ScrnFld->DB Fld
FOAR18 - REAR: Activity Field Modification
FOAR16 - REAR: Tables
CACS_CSD0010 - CSD Control: Search Helps
FOAR15 - REAR: Application Transactions
INSOSN - Cust: Field Groups for Authorization
FOAR14 - REAR: Field Assignment Screen->DB
FOAR13 - REAR: Activities
FOAR12 - REAR: Field Modification Criteria
CACS_CSD0009 - CSD Control: GUI Additional Functns
CACS_CSD0008 - CSD Control: GUI Standard Functions
INSO0021 - BDT Control: Ass. DI Field->DB Field
INSO0020 - BDT Control: Authorization Types
CACS_CSD0007 - CSD Control: Events
INSO0018 - BDT Control: Field Modif. Activities
INSO0017 - BDT Control: External Applications
INSO0016 - BDT Control: Tables
FOAR27 - REAR: Search
CACS_CSI0105 - CSI Cust: Field Grpng Ext. Applictns
CACS_CSI0100 - CSI Cust.: Field Grouping Activity
CACS_CSI0023 - CSI Control: Data Sets
CACS_CSI0018 - CSI Control: Activities
CACS_CSI0017 - CSI Control: External Applications
FOAR26 - REAR: Field Groups for Authorization
CACS_CSI0016 - CSI Control: Tables
CACS_CSI0015 - CSI Control: Application Transactns
CACS_CSI0014 - CSI Control: Role Category Groups
CACS_CSI0013 - CSI Control: Role Categories
CACS_CSI0012 - CSI Control: Field Grouping Criteria
CACS_CSI0011 - CSI Control: Assign ScrnFld->DBField
CACS_CSI0010 - CSI Control: Search Helps
CACS_CSI0009 - CSI Control: GUI Additionl Functions
CACS_CSI0008 - CSI Control: GUI Standard Functions
CACS_CSI0007 - CSI Control: Events
CACS_CSI0006 - CSI Control: Screen Sequences
CACS_CSI0005 - CSI Control: Screens
CACS_CSI0004 - CSI Control: Sections
CACS_CSI0003 - CSI Control: Views
FOAR25 - REAR: Authorization Types
CACS_CSI0002 - CSI Control: Field Groups
CACS_CSI0001 - CSI Control: Applications
CACS_CSD0105 - CSD Cust: Fld Grouping Ext. Applictn
CACS_CSD0100 - CSD Cust.: Field Grouping Activity
CACS_CSC0017 - CSC Control: External Applications
CACS_CSC0016 - CSC Control: Tables
CACS_CSC0015 - CSC Control: Application Transaction
CACS_CSC0014 - CSC Control: Role Type Grouping
CACS_CSC0013 - CSC Control: Role Types
CACS_CSC0012 - CSC Control: Field Grouping Criteria
CACS_CSC0011 - CSC Control: Assign ScrFld->DB Field
CACS_CSC0010 - CSC Control: Search Helps
CACS_CSC0009 - CSC Control: GUI Additionl Functions
CACS_CSC0008 - CSC Control: GUI Standard Functions
CACS_CSC0007 - CSC Control: Events
CACS_CSC0006 - CSC Control: Screen Sequences
CACS_CSC0005 - CSC Control: Screens
CACS_CSC0004 - CSC Control: Sections
CACS_CSC0003 - CSC Control: Views
CACS_CSC0002 - CSC Control: Field Groups
CACS_CSC0001 - CSC Control: Applications
CACS_CSB0105 - CSB-Cust: Field Modific. Ext. Appl.
CACS_CSB0104 - CSB Cust: Screen Configuration
CACS_CSB0103 - CSB-Cust: Field Groups for Author.
CACS_CSB0100 - CSB Cust: Field Modification Acty
CACS_CSB0023 - CSB Control: Datasets
CACS_CSB0019 - CSB Control: FM, Activity, Control
CACS_CSB0018 - CSB Control: Activities
CACS_CSB0017 - CSB Control: External Applications
CACS_CSB0016 - CSB Control: Tables
INSO0015 - BDT Control: Application Transaction
INSO0014 - BDT Control: Role Categories Grpg
INSO0013 - BDT Control: Role Categories
INSO0012 - BDT Control: Field modif. criteria
INSO0011 - BDT Control: Assign ScrnFld->DB Fld
INSO0009 - BDT Control: CUA Addit. Funct.
INSO0008 - BDT Control: CUA Standard Funct.
INSO0007 - BDT Control: Times
INSO0006 - BDT Control: Screen Sequences
INSO0005 - BDT Control: Screens
INSO0004 - BDT Control: Sections
INSO0003 - BDT Control: Views
INSO0002 - BDT Control: Field Groups
INSO0001 - BDT Control: Applications
CACS_CSD0006 - CSD Control: Screen Sequences
CACS_CSD0005 - CSD Control: Screens
CACS_CSD0004 - CSD Control: Sections
CACS_CSD0003 - CSD Control: Views
CACS_CSD0002 - CSD Control: Field Groups
CACS_CSD0001 - CSD Control: Applications
CACS_CSC0105 - CSC Cust.: Field Grouping Ext. Appl.
CACS_CSC0104 - CSC Cust.: Screen Configuration
CACS_CSC0103 - CSC-Cust: Field Groups for Author.
CACS_CSC0100 - CSC Cust.: Field Grouping Activity
CACS_CSC0023 - CSC Control: Datasets
CACS_CSC0019 - CSC Control: FGroupng Activ.Control
F9SO - Position Control: Scrn.Fld.->DB Fld.
REMN0100 - MN: Fld Modific. per Acktivity Custo
REMN0022 - MN: Where-Used List: Structure
REMN0019 - MN: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
REMN0018 - MN: Activities
REMN0017 - MN: External Applications
REMN0016 - MN: Tables
REMN0012 - MN: Field Modification Criteria
REMN0011 - MN: Assignmt Screen Field->DB Fld
REMN0009 - MN: CUA Additional Functions
REMN0008 - MN: CUA Standard Functions
REMN0007 - MN: Events
REMN0006 - MN: Screen Sequences
REMN0005 - MN: Screens
REMN0004 - MN: Sections
REMN0003 - MN: Views
REMN0002 - MN: Field Groups
REMN0001 - MN: Applications
F9S8 - CA Control: CUA Standard Functions
F9S7 - CA Control: Events
F9S6 - CA Control: Screen Sequences
F9S5 - CA Control: Screens
F9S4 - CA Control: Sections
F9S3 - CA Control: Views
F9S2 - CA Control: Field Groups
F9S19 - CA Control: Field Mod. per Activity
F9S18 - CA Control: Activities
REORMP0001 - MP: Applications
F9SB - CA Control: Assign. Scr.Field->DBFld
ICLSCWM103 - BDT ICLB: Fld Grp for Authorization
ICLSCWM104 - BDT ICLB: Screen Configuration
ICLSCWM11 - BDT ICLB: Assignment Scrn->DB Field
ICLSCWM12 - BDT ICLB: Field Modificatn Criteria
ICLSCWM15 - BDT ICLB: Application Transactions
ICLSCWM18 - BDT ICLB: Activities
ICLSCWM2 - BDT ICLB: Field Groups
ICLSCWM20 - BDT Search
ICLSCWM6 - BDT ICLB: Screen Sequences
F9S9 - CA Control: CUA Additional Functions
ICLSCWM8 - BDT ICLB: GUI Standard Functions
ICLSCWM9 - BDT ICLB: GUI Additional Functions
REMN0107 - MN: Where-Used List: Views
REMN0106 - MN: Assignmt Object Part --> Memo ID
REMN0105 - MN: Field Mod. per External Applic.
REMN0104 - MN: Screen Configuration
REMN0103 - MN: Field Groups for Authorization
REMN0102 - MN: Authorization Types
ICLWM_MINI_BD - ICL: BP Search Help Address-Dependnt
ICLWM9 - BDT-FNOL: Additional GUI Functions
ICLWM8 - BDT-FNOL: Standard GUI Functions
ICLWM6 - BDT ICL: Screen Sequences
ICLWM5 - BDT ICL: Screens
ICLWM4 - BDT ICL: Section
ICLWM23 - BDT ICL: Data Sets
ICLWM22 - Where-Used List
ICLWM20 - BDT ICL: BDT Search Help
ICLWM2 - BDT ICL: Field Groups
ICLWM18 - BDT-FNOL: Activities
ICLWM16 - BDT-FNOL: Tables
ICLWM15 - BDT ICL: Application Transactions
ICLWM14 - BDT-FNOL: Role Categories
ICLWM12 - BDT-FNOL: Field Grouping Criteria
ICLWM11 - BDT FNOL: Assign.ScreenFld->DBField
ICLWM107 - Where-Used List: Views
ICLWM104 - BDT-FNOL: Screen Configuration
ICLWM103 - BDT-FNOL: Field Groups (Authoriz.)
ICLWM102 - BDT-FNOL: Authorization
ICLWM101 - BDT-FNOL: Field Grouping (Role)
ICLWM10 - BDT-FNOL: Matchcodes
ICLWM1 - BDT ICL: Applications
F9S1 - CA Control: Applications
FIPRB01 - FIPR Control: Applications
FIPRB02 - FIPR Control: Field Groups
FIPRB03 - FIPR Control: Views
FIPRB04 - FIPR Control: Sections
FIPRB05 - FIPR Control: Screens
FIPRB06 - FIPR Control: Screen Sequences
FIPRB07 - FIPR Control: Business Trans. Events
FIPRB08 - FIPR Control: CUA Standard Function
FIPRB09 - FIPR Control: CUA Addit. Functions
FIPRB11 - FIPR Control: Assgt Scrn->DB Field
FIPRB12 - FIPR Control: Field Modif. Criteria
FIPRB13 - FIPR Control: Products
FIPRB14 - FIPR Control: Product Group
FIPRB15 - FIPR Control: Applic. Transactions
FIPRB16 - FIPR Control: Tables
FIPRB18 - FIPR Control: Activities
FIPRB19 - FIPR Control: FB per Activity
FIPRC5 - Field Grouping Activity
ICLWM_MINI_BP3 - ICL: Address-Independent Views
ICLWM_MINI_BP2 - ICL: Address-Independent Field Group
ICLWM_MINI_BP1 - ICL: Address-Independent Application
ICLWM_MINI_BP - ICL: BP Search Help Address-Indepndt
ICLWM_MINI_BD3 - ICL: Address-Dependent Views
ICLWM_MINI_BD2 - ICL: Address-Dependent Field Group
ICLWM_MINI_BD1 - ICL: Address-Dependent Application
REORMP0002 - MP: Field Groups
REORRR0005 - RR: Screens
REORRR0004 - RR: Sections
REORRR0003 - RR: Views
REORRR0002 - RR: Field Groups
REORRR0001 - RR: Applications
REOROO0107 - OO: Where-Used List: Views
REOROO0106 - OO: Assignment Obj. Part--> Memo ID
REOROO0105 - OO: Field Mod. per Ext. Application
REOROO0104 - OO: Screen Configuration
REOROO0103 - OO: Field Groups for Authorization
REOROO0102 - OO: Authorization Types
REOROO0100 - OO: Field Modification per Activity
REOROO0022 - OO: Where-Used List: Structure
REOROO0019 - OO: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
REOROO0018 - OO: Activities
REOROO0017 - OO: External Applications
ICLSCWM1 - BDT ICLB: Applications
ICLSCWM10 - BDT ICLB: Matchcodes
REOROO0016 - OO: Tables
REOROO0012 - OO: Field Modification Criteria
REOROO0011 - OO: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
REOROO0009 - OO: CUA Additional Functions
REOROO0008 - OO: CUA Standard Functions
REOROO0007 - OO: Events
REOROO0006 - OO: Screen Sequences
REOROO0005 - OO: Screens
F9SN - PAIT Control: Scrn.Fld. <-> DB Field
F9SM - Position Control: Field Groups
F9SL - Cond.Control: Assign. Table<->FuMod.
F9SK - Cond.Control: Assign.Sc.Fld.->DB Fld
F9SJ - Condition Control: Field Groups
REORRR0107 - RR: Where-Used List: Views
REORRR0106 - RR: Assignmt Object Part --> MemoID
REORRR0105 - RR: Field Mod. per Ext. Application
REORRR0104 - RR: Screen Configuration
REORRR0103 - RR: Field Groups for Authorization
REORRR0102 - RR: Authorization Types
REORRR0100 - RR: Field Modification per Activity
REORRR0022 - RR: Where-Used List: Structure
REORRR0019 - RR: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
F9SI - PAIT Control: Field Groups
REORRR0018 - RR: Activities
REORRR0017 - RR: External Applications
REORRR0016 - RR: Tables
F9SH - CA Control: Tables
F9SF - CA Control: Application Transactions
REORRR0012 - RR: Field Modification Criteria
REORRR0011 - RR: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
REORRR0009 - RR: CUA Additional Functions
REORRR0008 - RR: CUA Standard Functions
REORRR0007 - RR: Events
REORRR0006 - RR: Screen Sequences
REOROF0005 - OF: Screens
REOROF0004 - OF: Sections
F9SC - CA Control: Field Modific. Criteria
REOROF0003 - OF: Views
REOROF0002 - OF: Field Groups
REOROF0001 - OF: Applications
REORMP0106 - MP: Assgnmt Object Part --> Memo ID
REORMP0105 - MP: Fld Mod. per Ext. Application
REORMP0104 - MP: Screen Configuration
REORMP0103 - MP: Field Groups for Authorization
REORMP0102 - MP: Authorization Types
REORMP0100 - MP: Field Modification per Activity
REORMP0022 - MP: Where-Used List: Structure
REORMP0019 - MP: Field Mod. per Activity (Cont.)
REORMP0018 - MP: Activities
REORMP0017 - MP: External Applications
REORMP0016 - MP: Tables
REORMP0012 - MP: Field Modification Criteria
REORMP0011 - MP: Assignment Screen Field->DB Fld
REORMP0009 - MP: CUA Additional Functions
REORMP0008 - MP: CUA Standard Functions
REORMP0007 - MP: Events
REORMP0006 - MP: Screen Sequences
REORMP0005 - MP: Screens
REORMP0004 - MP: Sections
REORMP0003 - MP: Views
REOROO0004 - OO: Sections
REOROO0003 - OO: Views
ICLSCWM100 - BDT ICLB: Fld Modif. per Activ.Cat.
REOROO0002 - OO: Field Groups
REOROO0001 - OO: Applications
REOROF0107 - OF: Where-Used List: Views
REOROF0106 - OF: Assignmt Object Part --> MemoID
REOROF0105 - OF: Field Mod. per Ext. Application
REOROF0104 - OF: Screen Configuration
REOROF0103 - OF: Field Groups for Authorization
REOROF0102 - OF: Authorization Types
REOROF0100 - OF: Field Modification per Activity
REOROF0022 - OF: Where-Used List: Structure
REOROF0019 - OF: Field Mod. per Activity (Contr.)
REOROF0018 - OF: Activities
REOROF0017 - OF: External Applications
F9SE - CA Control: Product Group
REOROF0016 - OF: Tables
REOROF0012 - OF: Field Modification Criteria
REOROF0011 - OF: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
REOROF0009 - OF: CUA Additional Functions
REOROF0008 - OF: CUA Standard Functions
ICLSCWM102 - BDT ICLB: Authorization Types
REOROF0007 - OF: Events
F9SD - CA Control: Products
REOROF0006 - OF: Screen Sequences
/BA1/F4_MD0019 - Market Data: Fld Modif. Per Activity
MASB - MA Control: Asgnmt Scrn Fld->DB Fld
RELML30018 - L3: Activities
RELML30019 - L3: Field Mod. per Activity(Control)
RELML30100 - L3: Field Modification per Activity
/BA1/F4_MD0023 - Data Sets
RELML30104 - L3: Screen Configuration
RELML30105 - L3: Field Mod. per Ext.Application
RELML30106 - L3: Assignment Obj. Part --> Memo ID
RELML40001 - L4: Applications
MASB_DI - MA Control: Asgnmt DI Fld->DB Fld
MASC - MA Control: Fld Modification Crit.
MASD - MA Control: Role Category Grouping
RELML40002 - L4: Field Groups
MASE - MA Control: Role Categories
MASF - MA Control: Application Transactions
RELML40003 - L4: Views
RELML40004 - L4: Sections
RELML40005 - L4: Screens
RELML40006 - L4: Screen Sequences
UGMW0103 - Master Data: Field Groups f. Author.
MASG - MA Control: Tables
MASH - MA Control: External Applications
MASI - MA Control: Activities
RELML00104 - L0: Screen Configuration
PSOB0006 - BDT Control: Screen Sequences
PSOB0005 - BDT Control: Screens
JBVT0013 - VT Control: Role Categories
PSOB0004 - BDT Control: Sections
MAS6 - MA Control: Screen Sequence Variants
UGMW0101 - Master Data: Field Grouping Role
UGMW0102 - Master Data: Authorization Types
RELML30008 - L3: CUA Standard Functions
RELML30009 - L3: CUA Additional Functions
RELML30011 - L3: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
RELML30012 - L3: Field Modification Criteria
/BA1/F4_MD0008 - Market Data: GUI Standard Functions
/BA1/F4_MD0009 - Market Data GUI Additional Functions
RELML30016 - L3: Tables
/BA1/F4_MD0011 - Market Data: Assign Screen->DB Field
/BA1/F4_MD0012 - Market Data: Field Modif. Criteria
MAS7 - MA Control: Events
MAS8 - MA Control: CUA Standard Functions
/BA1/F4_MD0013 - Market Data: Product Categories
MAS9 - MA Control: CUA Additional Functions
/BA1/F4_MD0015 - Market Data: Application Transaction
RELML30017 - L3: Extrnal Applications
/BA1/F4_MD0016 - Market Data: Tables
/BA1/F4_MD0018 - Market Data: Activities
PAC0010 - Matchcodes
ICLE2 - BDT-Event: Field Groups
ICLE23 - BDT ICLE: Data Sets
ICLE3 - BDT-Event: Views
RELML00019 - L0: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
PSOB0002 - BDT Control: Field Groups
ICLE4 - BDT-Event: Sections
PAC0011 - Assignment of Screen Fields
ICLE5 - BDT-Event: Screens
ICLE6 - BDT-Event: Screen Sequences
ICLE7 - BDT-Event: Events
PAC0012 - Field Grouping Criteria
PSOB0001 - BDT Control: Applications
RELML00018 - L0: Activities
CACJ - BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity
ICLE8 - BDT-Event: Standard GUI Functions
PAC0013 - BDT: Payment Card Categories
ICLE9 - BDT-Event: Additional GUI Functions
PAC0015 - Application transactions
FMME9 - Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Addl Func.
CACI - BP Cust.: Screen Configuration
FMME8 - Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Std Functio
FMME7 - Funded Program: Events
JBVT0011 - VT Control: Screen Fld -> DB Field
ICLE18 - BDT-Event: Activities
MASJ - MA Control: Field Mod. Activity
MASN - MA Control: Field Grps Authorization
MASO - MA Control: Authorization Types
MASP - MA Control: Fld Mod. Ext. Applic.
RELML00100 - L0: Field Modifcation per Activity
PSOB0003 - BDT Control: Views
RELML40007 - L4: Events
RELML40008 - L4: CUA Standard Functions
FMFA_0012 - FMFA: Field Grouping Criteria
PAC0008 - GUI Standard Functions
ICLE1 - BDT-Event: Applications
ICLE10 - BDT-Event: Matchcode
ICLE100 - BDT-Event: Fld Grouping (Activity)
ICLE101 - BDT-Event: Fld Gouping (Role Cat.)
ICLE102 - BDT-Event: Authorization Type
ICLE103 - BDT-Event: Field Groups (Authoriz.)
PAC0009 - GUI additional functions
ICLE104 - BDT-Event: Screen Configuration
ICLE11 - BDT-Event: Assign ScrnFld-> DBFld
ICLE12 - BDT-Event: Field Grouping
ICLE13 - BDT-Event: Role Categories
ICLE14 - BDT-Event: Role Category Grouping
ICLE15 - BDT-Event: Application Transactions
ICLE16 - BDT-Event: Tables
PSOB0015 - BDT Control: Application Transaction
PSOB0016 - BDT Control: Tables
RELML10017 - L1: External Applications
FMFA_0015 - FMFA: Application Transactions
FMFA_0016 - FMFA: Tables
PSOB0017 - BDT Control: External Applications
MAS1 - MA Control: Applications
FMFA_0018 - FMFA: Activities
PSOB0018 - BDT Control: Activities
RELML10018 - L1: Activities
JBVT0019 - VT Control: Field Mod. per Activity
RELML10019 - L1: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
PSOB0023 - BDT Control: Data Sets
JBVT0018 - VT Control: Activities
FMFA_0013 - FMFA: Role Categories
RELML10100 - L1: Field Modification per Activity
FMFA_0104 - FMFA: Applications
PSOB0100 - Cust: Field Mod. for each Activity
PSOB0102 - Cust: Authorization Types
PSOB0103 - Cust: Authorization for Each Fld Grp
PSOB0104 - BDT Control: Screen Configuration
RELML10104 - L1: Screen Configuration
RELML10105 - L1: Field Mod. per External Applic.
RELML10106 - L1: Assignmt Object Part --> Memo ID
RELML10002 - L1: Field Groups
PSOB0008 - BDT Control: CUA Standard Funct.
GFTR_C0012 - TR-TM: Field Modification Criteria
GFTR_C0011 - TR-TM: Screen Field <--> DB Field
RELML10007 - L1: Events
PSOB0007 - BDT Control: Times
RELML10006 - L1: Screen Sequences
RELML10005 - L1: Screens
RELML10008 - L1: CUA Standard Functions
GFTR_C0003 - FTTR: Views
PAC0006 - Screen sequences
PAC0007 - Events
PSOB0009 - BDT Control: CUA Addit. Funct.
PSOB0011 - BDT Control: Assign ScrnFld->DB Fld
PSOB0012 - BDT Control: Field modif. criteria
PSOB0013 - BDT Control: Role Categories
GFTR_C0002 - TR-TM: Define Field Groups
RELML10009 - L1: CUA Additional Functions
RELML10011 - L1: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
GFTR_C0001 - FTTR: Applications
RELML10004 - L1: Sections
GFTR_C0023 - FTTR: Data Sets
RELML10003 - L1: Views
RELML10012 - L1: Field Modification Criteria
RELML10016 - L1: Tables
/BA1/F4_MD0006 - Market Data: Screen Sequences
/BA1/F4_MD0007 - Market Data: Events
RELML20016 - L2: Tables
UGMW0025 - Master Data: Used Process - View
UGMW0026 - BDT: Assign BAPI Field to Field Grp
RELML20017 - L2: External Applications
RELML20018 - L2: Activities
JBVT0015 - VT Control: Application Transactions
RELML20019 - L2: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
RELML20100 - L2: Field Modification per Activity
RELML20104 - L2: Screen Configuration
RELML20105 - L2: Field Mod. per Ext. Application
UGMW0100 - Master Data: Field Grouping Activity
RELML20106 - L2: Assignmt Object Part --> Memo ID
RELML00106 - L0: Assignmt Object Part --> Memo ID
RELML30001 - L3: Applications
RELML30002 - L3: Field Groups
RELML30003 - L3: Views
RELML30004 - L3: Sections
RELML30005 - L3: Screens
RELML30006 - L3: Screen Sequences
RELML30007 - L3: Events
RELML00105 - L0: Field Mod. per Ext. Application
JBVT0014 - VT Control: Role Category Groupings
/BA1/F4_MD0005 - Market Data: Screens
FMFA_0106 - FMFA: Assign Object Part --> Note ID
FMFA_0108 - Edit Funct. Area Field Sel. String
RELML20001 - L2: Applications
RELML20002 - L2: Field Groups
RELML20003 - L2: Views
RELML20004 - L2: Sections
MAS2 - MA Control: Field Groups
MAS23 - MA Control: Data Sets
MAS3 - MA Control: Views
MAS4 - MA Control: Sections
MAS5 - MA Control: Screens
/BA1/F4_MD0001 - Market Data: Applications
RELML20005 - L2: Screens
/BA1/F4_MD0002 - Market Data: Field Groups
/BA1/F4_MD0003 - Market Data: Views
RELML20006 - L2: Screen Sequences
RELML20007 - L2: Events
RELML20008 - L2: CUA Standard Functions
RELML10001 - L1: Applications
JBVT0016 - VT Control: Tables
RELML20009 - L2: CUA Additional Functions
/BA1/F4_MD0004 - Market Data: Sections
RELML20011 - L2: Assignmt Screen Fld->DB-Field
RELML20012 - L2: Field Modification Criteria
PAC0016 - Tables
CASD - CA Control: Role Types
CASE - CA Control: Role Type Grouping
CASF - CA Control: Application Transaction
CASG - BP Control: Tables
CASI - BP Control: Activities
CASK - CA Control: Datasets
CASN - FI-CA Cust: Field Groups for Auth.
FMME1 - Funded Program Control: Applications
FMME10 - Funded Program Control: Search Help
FMME100 - FPC: Field Group per Activitiy
FMME101 - FPC: Field Group per Role
FMME102 - FPC: Authorization Types
FMME103 - FPC: Field Groups for Authorizations
FMME104 - Funded Program Control: Screen confi
FMME105 - FPC: Field Group for Ext.Application
FMME106 - FPC: Note View for Role Category
FMME107 - FPC: Where-Used View
FMME108 - FPC: Client-Wide Field Grouping
UGMW0108 - Master Data: Field Grpg Appl. Object
UGMW0107 - Master Data: Where-Used List
FMME11 - FPC: Assign Screen Field to Database
UGMW0106 - Master Data: Notes for Roles
UGMW0105 - Master Data: Field Grouping Non-SAP
FMME12 - FPC: Field Group Criteria
FMME13 - Funded Program Control: BP Roles
FMME14 - Funded Program Ctrl: BP Role Groupin
FMME15 - FPC: Application Transaction
FMME16 - Funded Program Control: Tables
FMME17 - Funded Program Control: External App
FMME18 - Funded Program Control: Activities
FMME19 - FPC: Function Module Activities
RELML50106 - L5: Assgnmt Object Part --> Memo ID
UGMW0104 - Master Data: Screen Configuration
RELML50105 - L5: Field Mod. per Ext. Application
RELML50104 - L5: Screen Configuration
CASC - CA Control: Field Grouping Criteria
FMFA_0001 - FMFA: Applications
FMFA_0002 - FMFA: Field Groups
FMFA_0003 - FMFA: Views
FMFA_0004 - FMFA: Sections
FMFA_0005 - FMFA: Screens
JBVT0001 - VT Control: Application
JBVT0002 - VT Control: Field Groups
JBVT0003 - VT Control: Views
FMFA_0006 - FMFA: Screen Sequences
JBVT0004 - VT Control: Sections
FMFA_0007 - FMFA: Events
JBVT0005 - VT Control: Screens
FMFA_0008 - FMFA: GUI Standard Functions
FMFA_0009 - FMFA: GUI Additional Functions
FMFA_0011 - FMFA: Assign Screen Field->DB Field
JBVT0006 - VT Control: Screen Sequence
CACH - BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity
JBVT0007 - VT Control: Business Trans. Events
JBVT0008 - VT Control: CUA Standard Functions
JBVT0009 - VT Control: CUA Additional Functions
MACI - MA Control: Screen Configuration
PAC0004 - Sections
CARH - BP Control: External Applications
CARP - BP Cust: Fld. Mof. Ext. Application
CAS1 - CA Control: Application
CAS2 - CA Control: Field Groups
CAS3 - CA Control: Views
CAS4 - CA Control: Sections
CAS5 - CA Control: Screens
CAS6 - CA Control: Screen Sequence Variants
CAS7 - CA Control: Events
CAS8 - CA Control: CUA Standard Functions
CAS9 - CA Control: CUA Additional Functions
CASA - BP Control: Match Codes
CASB - BP Control: Asn.Scrn.Fld->DB Field
ICLEWM20 - BDT ICLE: BDT Search Help
FMME4 - Funded Program Control: Views
FMME5 - Funded Program Control: Views
RELML50018 - L5: Activities
RELML50017 - L5: External Applications
FMME22 - Funded Program Ctrl: Cat. Fld Grp
RELML50016 - L5: Tables
RELML40019 - L4: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
RELML40100 - L4: Field Modification per Activity
RELML40104 - L4: Screen Configuration
PAC0104 - Screen Configuration
RELML50012 - L5: Field Modification Criteria
RELML40105 - L4: Field Mod. per External Applic.
RELML50011 - L5: Assignment Screen Fld->DB Field
RELML40106 - L4: Assignmt Object Part --> Memo ID
FMME6 - Funded Program: Screen Sequence
RELML50001 - L5: Applications
JBVT0010 - VT Control: Matchcode
PAC0005 - Screens
FMME200 - Funded Progr. Contr: Change doc list
RELML50009 - L5: CUA Additional Functions
RELML50008 - L5: CUA Standard Functions
RELML50002 - L5: Field Groups
PAC0101 - Field Control Payment Card Type
PAC0100 - Field Grouping per Activity
RELML50003 - L5: Views
PAC0023 - Data Sets
RELML50007 - L5: Events
PAC0018 - Activities
RELML50006 - L5: Screen Sequences
FMME2 - Funded Program Control: Field Groups
RELML50005 - L5: Screens
RELML50004 - L5: Sections
FMME3 - Funded Program Control: Views
FMME24 - Funded Progr. Where used list define
FMME27 - Funded Program DI to Table fields
FMME23 - Funded Program Control: Data sets
FMME26 - FPC: Assign BAPI Flds to Field Grps
RELML40018 - L4: Activities
RELML40017 - L4: External Applications
RELML40016 - L4: Tables
RELML40011 - L4: Assignmt Screen Field->DB Field
RELML50019 - L5: Field Mod. per Activity (Control
RELML50100 - L5: Field Modification per Activity
RELML40009 - L4: CUA Additional Functions
FMME25 - Where used list - process to view
RELML40012 - L4: Field Modification Criteria
ICLEWM104 - BDT-FNOL: Screen Configuration

ABAP code to call this SAP report using the submit statement

This report can be called from another progam/report simply by using the ABAP SUBMIT statement, see below for example ABAP code snipts of how to do this.

SUBMIT BUSVIEWS. "Basic submit
SUBMIT BUSVIEWS AND RETURN. "Return to original report after report execution complete
SUBMIT BUSVIEWS VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. "Display selection screen of submitted report to user
    See more syntax options for the ABAP SUBMIT statement

Text pool values

Title: BDT: Start Setting Activities


No INCLUDES are used within this REPORT code!

TABLES used within REPORT and the associated SELECT statement:

No SAP DATABASE tables are accessed within this REPORT code!

Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:








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