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SAP CA Document Management System Tables (CA-DMS)

SAP Document Management System Tables CA-DMS

/PLMI/EDMS_TYPES - Generic types for EasyDMS
/PLMI/S_CV_DOCUMENT_ID - Document ID (Type/Number/Part/Version)
/PLMI/TEXT4096 - Text with 4096 Characters
API_DOC_COMP_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Components for Document Originals
API_DOC_DRAD_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Object Links of a Document
API_DOC_DRAP_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Status Log
API_DOC_DRAT_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Short Texts
API_DOC_DRAW2_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Document Data
API_DOC_FILES2_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Documents Originals
API_DOC_KEYS_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Document Key
API_DOC_TEXT_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Long Text Data of a Document
AUSP_BI - Batch input structure for characteristic values
BAPI_CHARACTERISTIC_VALUES - BAPI structure for characteristic value assignment
BAPI_CHAR_VALUES_KEYS - BAPI Structure for Characteristic Value Assignment (Docs)
BAPI_CLASS_ALLOCATION - BAPI structure for allocation of object to class
BAPI_CLASS_ALLOCATION_KEYS - BAPI Structure for the Assignment of Classes to Several Objs
BAPI_DOC_ADMIN - DMS: Management Data for Document
BAPI_DOC_APPLICATIONS - Structure of external aplications
BAPI_DOC_AUX - BAPIS DMS: auxiliary structure
BAPI_DOC_COMP - BAPIS-DMS: Components to Document-Originals

BAPI_DOC_COMP_KEYS - BAPIs DMS: Components for Document Originals Including Keys
BAPI_DOC_DRAD - BAPIS DMS: document object links
BAPI_DOC_DRAD_SELECT - BAPIS DMS: select object links
BAPI_DOC_DRAP_KEYS - BAPIS-DVS: Status Log Including Keys
BAPI_DOC_DRAT - BAPIS DMS: short texts
BAPI_DOC_DRAT_KEYS - BAPIs DMS: Short Texts Including Keys
BAPI_DOC_DRAW - BAPIS DMS: document data
BAPI_DOC_DRAWX - BAPIS DMS: X structure for document data
BAPI_DOC_DRAWX2 - BAPIS DMS: X Structure for Document Data
BAPI_DOC_FILES - BAPIS DMS: document originals
BAPI_DOC_FILES2 - BAPIS DMS: Document Originals
BAPI_DOC_FILES2_KEYS - BAPIs DMS: Document Originals Including Keys
BAPI_DOC_KEYS - BAPIS DMS: document key
BAPI_DOC_MASS_DRAWX2 - BAPIS DMS: X Structure for Document Data for mass
BAPI_DOC_MASS_STRUCTURE - BAPIs DMS: Structure Data for a Document with child relation
BAPI_DOC_SELNR - BAPIS DMS: document number range for search
BAPI_DOC_STRUCTURE - BAPIs DMS: Structure Data for a Document
BAPI_DOC_STRUCTURE_ACC - BAPIs DMS: Structure Data for a Document and ACC
BAPI_DOC_STRUCTURE_DELETE - Document structure for document deletion in easydms
BAPI_DOC_STRUCTURE_KEYS - BAPIs DMS: Structure Data for Several Documents
BAPI_DOC_TDWA - BAPIS DMS: document types
BAPI_DOC_TDWN - BAPIS DMS: data carrier types
BAPI_DOC_TDWN2 - BAPIS DMS: data carrier types
BAPI_DOC_TDWO - BAPIS DMS: definition of object links
BAPI_DOC_TDWP - BAPIS DMS: work station applications
BAPI_DOC_TDWS - BAPIS DMS: status data
BAPI_DOC_TEXT - BAPIS DMS: long text data for a document
BAPI_DOC_TEXT_KEYS - BAPIs DMS: Long-Text Data for Document Including Keys
BAPI_DRAP - BAPI structure for status history of document
BAPI_DRAT - BAPI structure for document info record descriptions
BAPI_DRAW - BAPI structure for DRAW data of document to be created
BAPI_DRAWKEY - Document key
CAD_DOCUMENT_MESSAGES - Message text for mass processing
CV100_RADIO_BUTTONS - Radio buttons for Document Search on Checkin Checkout Status
CV100_RANGESAENNR - Selection Structure: Change Number
CV100_RANGESAPPL - Range Table for Workstation Application

CV100_RANGESBEGRU - Selection Structure: Authorization Group
CV100_RANGESCADKZ - Selection Structure: CAD Indicator
CV100_RANGESDKTXT - Selection Structure: Short Text
CV100_RANGESDOKAR - Selection Structure: Document Type
CV100_RANGESDOKNR - Selection Structure: Document Number
CV100_RANGESDOKSA - Range Table for Document Status
CV100_RANGESDOKTL - Selection Structure: Part Document
CV100_RANGESDOKVR - Selection Structure: Document Version
CV100_RANGESDTTRG - Range Table for Data Carrier
CV100_RANGESDWNAM - Selection Structure: Processor
CV100_RANGESFILENAME - Range Table for File Names
CV100_RANGESLABOR - Selection Structure: Lab/Design Office
CV100_RANGESLOEDK - Selection Structure: Deletion Indicator
CV100_TS_SEARCH_ORDER - Structure for Search Sequence
CV141_TREE_STRUC - Structure for tree control
CVAPI_DOC_COMP - DMS: Originals of a Document
CVAPI_DOC_FILE - DMS: Originals of a Document
CVAPI_DOC_FILE2 - DMS: Originals of a Document
CVAPI_DOC_FILE_MASS - DMS: Originals of a Document for mass
CVAPI_DOC_STATUS - Status Data for API
CVAUTH_ACTIVITY - Activities from the ACO Authorization
CVAUTH_AUTH_BUFFER - document with activity
CVAUTH_TS_USER - Structure for User
CVAUTH_USER - Information of users
CVAUTH_USERGROUP - Information of usergroup
CVDIDRZAO - DDS: structure of order-specific data
CVDIMESSAGE - DDS: Message information
CVDIOBJ - DDS: structure with object-specific attributes
CVDIOBJECT - DDS: structure for the object ID
CVDIREASON - DDS: reason for the initial order
CVDIREASON_TAB - DDS: context structure (TDIBP)
CVDIREC - DDS: structure with recipient-specific attributes

CVDIRECID - DDS: recipient ID structure
CVIBOR - DDS: object attributes (BOR)
CVICOMTYPE - DDS: communication type
CVIDOC_TAB - DDS: document data in screen 100
CVIDRZA - DDS: recipient list (recipient - document relationships)
CVIDRZAT - DDS: Recipient list (language-dependent texts)
CVIFILE - DDS: file name of partial order
CVIHEADER - DDS Log header
CVIITEM - DDS Log partial orders
CVIMESSAGE - DDS: message structure for ALV display
CVIOBJDATA - DDS: Structure with attributes for a document
CVIORDERCOMP - DDS: Partial order (structure for BOR objects)
CVIORDERPACK - DDS: Distribution order package (handling BOR methods)
CVIREC_TAB - DDS: REcipient data in screen 100
CVISCREEN - DDS fields on screens without reference to a DB table
CVITEXT - DDS: Language-dependent texts
CVI_CHARACTERISTIC - DDS: Classification Characteristic
CVSE_APPL - Application specific settings for SE document search
CVSE_APPLT - Texts application specific settings for SE document search
CVSE_APPL_DOKOB - Object assignments for each search application
CVSE_ATTR - Attribute in the search engine index
CVSE_CUST_LIST - Structure for ALV grid(Customizing document search Internet)
CVSE_DRAD_PROT - Structure for search engine log table
CVSE_DRAW - Fields for advanced search for documents
CVSE_DRAW_MAND - Fields for advanced search for documents
CVSE_GUID - Assignment DRAD for GUID
CVSE_INDX - User specific settings for document search
CVSE_INDX_FIELDS - Index fields for search engine index
CVSE_OBJKY - Object key
CVSE_SEARCH - Fields for search
CVSE_SEARCH_CRITERIA - Display search conditions
DIR_ALV_OUTPUT_STRUC - Output structure for ds logs from PLM WUI
DIR_SIGNS_STRUC - Structure for Signature information in Document Info Record
DIR_SIGN_STEP_STRUC - Digital Signature: Signatures Executed
DIR_SIGN_VERIFY_STRUC - Digital Signature: Verification of Data
DIR_TS_SIGN_VERIFY_STEP - Digital Signature: Verification of Data
DMS1DIDSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents
DMSCLS_SEARCH_OBJECTS - Objects in Search Result
DMSCLS_SIMPLE_SELECTION - Structure for Selection Table - Value Transfer in Strings -
DMS_ALV_FILES - DMS: ALV Tree for Originals
DMS_ALV_FILES_SMALL - DMS: ALV Tree for Originals
DMS_AUDITS - DVS: Indicator Audits
DMS_BAPI_DOC_BOM_VALUE - DMS: Structure for BOM value of mass documents
DMS_CHECKIN_DEF - DMS: Definitions for Check in
DMS_CHECKOUT_DEF - DMS: Definitions for Check Out
DMS_CHECK_DRAD - Check of all Object Links
DMS_CONT1_CD1 - DVS: Document conetnts in SAP-DB (main original)
DMS_CONT1_HD1 - DVS: Document contents in SAP-DB (additional files)
DMS_CONT2_CD1 - DVS: Document conetnts in SAP-DB (main original)
DMS_CONT2_HD1 - DVS: Document contents in SAP-DB (additional files)
DMS_CONV2KPRO1 - Conversion DMS storage data
DMS_CONV2KPRO2 - Log table for conversion
DMS_DATA_CARRIER - DMS: Data carrier/Storage for DVS
DMS_DB_DRAD - DVS: Structure for table DRAD
DMS_DB_DRAT - DVS: Structure for table DRAT
DMS_DB_DRAZ - DVS: Structure for table DRAZ
DMS_DOC2LOIO - DVS: Link table DVS Key <-> LOIO-ID
DMS_DOCUMENT_BULK_CREATE_CONFI - DocumentBulkCreateConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_BULK_UPDATE_CONFI - DocumentBulkUpdateConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPALLOWED_PROPE1 - DocumentERPAllowedPropertyValuationByTypeCodeQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPALLOWED_PROPER - DocumentERPAllowedPropertyValuationByTypeCodeResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPBULK_CREATE_CO - DocumentERPBulkCreateConfirmation_V1
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPBULK_UPDATE_CO - DocumentERPBulkUpdateConfirmation_V1
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPDIRECT_SUBORD1 - DocumentERPDirectSubordinateDocumentStructureByIDQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPDIRECT_SUBORDI - DocumentERPDirectSubordinateDocumentStructureByIDResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPDIRECT_SUPERO1 - DocumentERPDirectSuperordinateDocumentStructureByIDQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPDIRECT_SUPEROR - DocumentERPDirectSuperordinateDocumentStructureByIDResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT10 - DocumentERPFileVariantBasicDataByIDResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT11 - DocumentERPFileVariantByIDAndFileVariantIDQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT12 - DocumentERPFileVariantByIDAndFileVariantIDResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_1 - DocumentERPFileVariantCreateConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_2 - DocumentERPFileVariantCheckOutConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_3 - DocumentERPFileVariantCheckOutRequest
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_4 - DocumentERPFileVariantCheckInConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_5 - DocumentERPFileVariantCheckInRequest
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_6 - DocumentERPFileVariantCancelConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_7 - DocumentERPFileVariantCancelRequest
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPFILE_VARIANT_C - DocumentERPFileVariantCreateRequest
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPPROPERTY_VALU2 - DocumentERPPropertyValuationUpdateConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPPROPERTY_VALU3 - DocumentERPPropertyValuationUpdateRequest
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPSIMPLE_BY_ELEM - DocumentERPSimpleByElementsResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPSIMPLE_BY_OBJ1 - DocumentERPSimpleByObjectReferencesQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPSIMPLE_BY_OBJE - DocumentERPSimpleByObjectReferencesResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPVERSION_STATU1 - DocumentERPVersionStatusUpdateConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_ERPVERSION_STATUS - DocumentERPVersionStatusUpdateRequest
DMS_DOCUMENT_HIERARCHIE - Document hierarchy
DMS_DOCUMENT_LATEST_RELEASED_1 - DocumentLatestReleasedVersionByIDQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_LATEST_RELEASED_V - DocumentLatestReleasedVersionByIDResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_RELEASE_CONFIRMAT - DocumentReleaseConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_SIMPLE_BY_ELEMEN1 - DocumentSimpleByElementsQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_SIMPLE_BY_ELEMENT - DocumentSimpleByElementsResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_SIMPLE_BY_PROPER1 - DocumentSimpleByPropertyValueQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_SIMPLE_BY_PROPER2 - DocumentSimpleByPropertyValueQuery
DMS_DOCUMENT_SIMPLE_BY_PROPER3 - DocumentSimpleByPropertyValueResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_SIMPLE_BY_PROPERT - DocumentSimpleByPropertyValueResponse
DMS_DOCUMENT_VERSION_CREATE_CO - DocumentVersionCreateConfirmation
DMS_DOCUMENT_VERSION_CREATE_RE - DocumentVersionCreateRequest
DMS_DOC_APPL - Document - Application
DMS_DOC_FILE - DVS: Help structure for document original
DMS_DOC_FILES - DMS: File Names for Documents
DMS_DOC_FILE_MASS - DVS: Help structure for mass document originals
DMS_DOC_FOLDER1 - DMS: Folder for documents (Header)
DMS_DOC_FOLDER2 - DMS: Folder for documents (descirptions)
DMS_DOC_FOLDER3 - DMS: Folder for documents (structure)
DMS_DOC_FOLDER4 - Determine All Subscribed Root Folders
DMS_DOC_KEY - DMS: Document Key
DMS_DOC_KEY_ERROR - Document key with API status
DMS_DOKNRCNV - Data for Document Number Conversion
DMS_DOKNRCONV - Data for Document Number Conversion
DMS_DRAD_BADI_OBJKY - Interface Definition for Object Link [email protected]
DMS_DRAD_BADI_PARAM - Interface Definition for Object Link [email protected]
DMS_DRAD_BADI_WORK - Interface for BAdI Object Link
DMS_ECM_NUMBER - DVS: Change number for DVS
DMS_ESO_ADMIN_DATA - Administrative Data for Enterprise Search
DMS_ESO_DOC_TO_KPRO_ORIG - Enterprice Search Node: Link Doc Info Rec - Orig Doc
DMS_ESO_KPRO_ORIGINAL - Original Application File Data for Enterprise Search
DMS_ESO_KPRO_ORIGINAL_DESCR - Original Application File Description for Enterprise Search
DMS_FAVORITES_EX - Structure for export table of the relevant favorites data
DMS_FILE_CP - DMS: Change Documents for Originals in KPRO
DMS_FRONTEND_DATA - DMS: Frontend Data (Hostname. Frontend Type,....)
DMS_GUID - GUID for Documentmanagement
DMS_IDX_MIMES - DMS: Definition of the MIME type indexing
DMS_KPRO_IDX01 - Search request for full text search
DMS_KPRO_IDX02 - Results of the full text search
DMS_KW_OBJECT - Interface structure: Link between KW and DMS
DMS_LODESC_CD1 - DVS: LOIO-Descirption of the main original (conv. document)
DMS_LODESC_HD1 - DVS: LOIO-Description of additional data (help document)
DMS_LOIO - DVS: Help structure for LOIOS of main original
DMS_LORE_CD1 - DVS: Outgoing links LOIOS for main originals
DMS_LORE_HD1 - DVS: Otgoing links LOIOS for additional files
DMS_LORI_CD1 - DVS: Incoming links LOIOS for main originals
DMS_LORI_HD1 - DVS: Incoming links PHIOS for additional files
DMS_LO_CD1 - DVS: LOIOS of main originals (conv. document)
DMS_LO_HD1 - DVS: LIOS of addtional files (help document)
DMS_MUPCAT - Markup categories
DMS_MUPCATT - Description markup categories
DMS_MUP_AUTH - DMS: authorizations for markup
DMS_OI - DMS Customizing settings for office integration
DMS_ORG_OBJ_INFO - Information about Document/Link/Original
DMS_ORIGINAL_TO_OBJECT - Interface for Documents for Object
DMS_PHF_CD1 - DVS: PHIOS Components of main originals (conv. document)
DMS_PHF_HD1 - DVS: PHIOS Components of additional files (help document)
DMS_PHHYP_HD1 - DVS: PHIOS ????????????
DMS_PHIO - DVS: Auxiliary structure for PHIOS of main originals
DMS_PHIO2FILE - DMS: File Name for Phios
DMS_PHIO_COMP - DMS: Auxilary Structure for PHIOS of Additional Files
DMS_PHIO_MASS - DVS: Auxiliary structure for PHIOS of mass main originals
DMS_PHRE_CD1 - DVS: Outgoing links PHIOS for main originals
DMS_PHRE_HD1 - DVS: Outgoing links PHIOS for additional files
DMS_PHRI_CD1 - DVS: Incoming links PHIOS for main originals
DMS_PHRI_HD1 - DVS: Incoming links PHIOS for additional files
DMS_PH_CD1 - DVS: PHIOS of main originals
DMS_PH_CHKF_CD1 - DVS: File name of last check out (main original)
DMS_PH_CHKF_HD1 - DVS: File name of last check out (additional files)
DMS_PH_CHKO_CD1 - DVS: Check out data to PHIO (main originals)
DMS_PH_CHKO_HD1 - DVS: Check out data to PHIO (additional files)
DMS_PH_HD1 - DVS: PHIOS of additional originals
DMS_PH_PROP_CD1 - DVS: Attribute PHIOS (main originals)
DMS_PH_PROP_HD1 - DVS: Attribute PHIOS (additional files)
DMS_PROC01 - DMS - Processes
DMS_PROC02 - DMS - Processes/Text table
DMS_PROF01 - DMS: Profile Definition
DMS_PROF02 - DMS: Allocation Profile - Group/User
DMS_PROF03 - DMS: Profile Definitions for Applications
DMS_PROF04 - Profile definition for process
DMS_PROP_CD1 - DVS: Attribute LOIOS (main originals)
DMS_PROP_HD1 - DVS: Attribute LOIOS (additional files)
DMS_REC_COMP - DMS: Auxilary Structure for PHIOS of Additional Files
DMS_REC_FILE - Originals in DMS
DMS_REC_FILE2 - Originals in DMS
DMS_REC_FILE_MASS - Originals in DMS for mass
DMS_REC_PHIO - Originals Including Components
DMS_REC_PHIO_MASS - DMS: Originals includes components for mass
DMS_REC_PROC - DMS Processes
DMS_REC_TEMPLATE - Templates for DMS
DMS_RELA - DVS: Instances of links
DMS_REPR - DVS: Attribute of links
DMS_SELECTIONS - Find Document: Selection Variants
DMS_SELECTIONST - Texts to Selection Variants
DMS_TDWA_THUMB - Thumbnails for [email protected]/Assignment Appl. DOKAR
DMS_TDWA_THUMBN - Workstation Application for Thumbnails
DMS_TDWA_THUMBN1 - Empty Dummy Workstation Application for Thumbnails
DMS_TDWA_WEB - Web Customizing Document Type for DMS
DMS_TDWA_WF - Web Customizing Document Type -> Web Functions
DMS_TDWA_WG - Show/Hide from Field Groups in Web (for DVS)
DMS_TREE_ITEM - Item structure for originals in TREE-OCX
DMS_TYPE_CONT - Structure Table
DMS_TYPE_ID_CONT - Structure Contents
DMS_USER_DEF01 - DMS: User-Specific Settings
DMU_DOCUMENT - Document data (identifiable)
DMU_FILE - Documents originals (identifiable)
DMU_IDENT - Identification structure for DMU APIs
DMU_MATRIX - Transformation matrix (identifiable)
DMU_POSOBJ - DMU item object (identifiable)
DMU_STPO - API structure BOM item (identifiable)
DRAD - Document-Object Link
DRAD_BI - Batch input structure for document links to objects
DRAD_LAST_CHANGE - DMS: Last Changes to Object Link
DRAD_N - Contains an Object Key
DRAO - Originals for documents
DRAOZ - Additional Files for DMS Originals
DRAP - Document Log File
DRAT - Texts for Document Info Records
DRAT_BI - Batch input structure for document descriptions
DRAW - Document Info Record
DRAW_BI - Batch input structure for document info record data
DRAW_DS - Digital Signature for Document Info Records
DRAW_DS_LOG_STRUC - Log Structure: Digital Signature for Document Info Records
DRAW_LAST_CHANGE - DMS: Last Changes to Document
DRAZ - Table for Additional Files for DMS Originals
DRAZ_BI - Batch input structure for additional files
DRZA - DDS: Recipient list (document <-> recipient allocations)
DRZAO - DDS: task-specific data for recipient list
DRZAT - DDS: Language-dependent texts for recipient list
DRZO - DDS: Distribution order (DDO)
DRZOC - DDS: partial order
DRZOF - DDS: Original application files of partial order
DRZOI - DDS: initial order
DRZOP - DDS: distribution order package
DVSALE01 - Original transport definition for DMS ALE
DVS_ALE_TXTL - Auxiliary structure for long texts DMS-ALE
DVS_DRAD_TXT_HEADER - Auxiliary structure: DRAD long text header
DVS_DRAD_TXT_LINES - Auxiliary structure: DRAD long text lines
DVS_DRAT - DMS: Short Texts
DVS_DRAT_TXT_HEADER - Auxiliary structure: DRAT long text header
DVS_DRAT_TXT_LINES - Auxiliary structure: DRAT long text lines
E1BP_CHARACTERISTIC_VALUES - BAPI structure for characteristic value assignment
E1BP_CLASS_ALLOCATION - BAPI structure for allocation of object to class
E1BP_DOC_COMP - BAPIS-DMS: Components to Document-Originals
E1BP_DOC_DRAD - BAPIS DMS: document object links
E1BP_DOC_DRAP - BAPIS DMS: status log
E1BP_DOC_DRAT - BAPIS DMS: short texts
E1BP_DOC_DRAW2 - BAPIS DMS: document data
E1BP_DOC_DRAW21 - BAPIS DMS: document data
E1BP_DOC_DRAWX2 - BAPIS DMS: X structure for document data
E1BP_DOC_FILES2 - BAPIS DMS: document originals
E1BP_DOC_TEXT - BAPIS DMS: long text data for a document
E1DARID - Draw link table archive link
E1DOCUMENT_LOAD - Header segment
E1DOLKY - Key data for object link
E1DRAWCOMP - Components
E1DRAWFILES - Originals
E1DRAWO - Originals
E1DTXHM - Draw long text header
E1DTXLM - Docmas long text lines
EASYDMS_C_GROUPS - User Groups for Easy Document Management Customizing
EASYDMS_C_PARA - Customizing for Easy Document Management
EASYDMS_EXT_FUNC - Customer-Specific Functions for Easy Document Management
EASYDMS_RFC - Status of RFC Interface
EASYDMS_S_PARA - Structure of Easy Document Mangement Parameters
EDMS_CHARHELPCHK - Charecteristic Search Help
EDMS_CHARVALUE - Structure holding char value
EDMS_CONDITION - Filter Conditions in Easy Document Management (Logically Or)
EDMS_FILTER - Filter Criteria for Easy Document Management
EDMS_LAYOUT - Global Layout Criteria in Easy Document Management
EDMS_LAY_DETAIL - List of Layout Criteria
EDMS_PREFS - User-Specific Display Options
EDM_CHARVALUE - character value
EDM_DISPLAYVALUE - Display values
EDM_NUMVALUE - Num value
ESO_S_DRAD - Enterprise Search Node: Document-Object Link
ESO_S_DRAP - Enterprice Search Node: Document Log File
ESO_S_DRAT - Enterprise Search Node: Texts for Document Info Record
ESO_S_DRAW - Enterprise Search Node: Document Info Record
ESO_S_TDWST - Document Status Texts
FORM_TRANSFER_ITEMS - RDV: Transfer Form Items
FOUNDDRAW - CV04N: ALV Structure for Found Documents
HASH_DATA_FOR_DOCUMENT - Contains all hash relevant fields of a Document
ITDWA - Field string
KSSK_BI - Batch input structure for classification data
LTEXT_BI - Batch input structure for long texts
MATCOMP - Structure for Material Component Selection
MCDOK - Document Management I/O Table
MCDOKOB - Help Structure for Object Link Key Fields
PLM_AMYO_S_OBJ - Transfer Structure for MyObjects
PLM_API_DOC_FILE - DMS: Originals of a Document
PLM_DMS_ATTRIBUTE - Sequence and DDICT Content
PLM_DMS_CONTENT - Values Transfer
PLM_DMS_DISPLAY_DRAW - Structure for Display Document
PLM_DMS_DISPLAY_DRAW_AF - Structure for Display MyObjects
PLM_DMS_DOC - Transfer structure
PLM_DMS_DOC_DRAD - Transfer Structure for PI WEB
PLM_DMS_ID - ID and Document Key
PLM_DMS_RESULT - Structure for Found Documents
PLM_DMS_SEARCH_DRAW - Structure for Display Document
PLM_DMS_SEARCH_DRAW_AF - Structure for Search Result
PLM_DMS_SEARCH_DRAW_CR - Selection for Document Search
PLM_DMS_SELECTIONST - Texts for Selection Variants
PLM_DMS_TDWA_PI - Web Customizing Document Type for DMS
PLM_DMS_TDWA_WEB - Web Customizing Document Type for DMS
PLM_DMS_TDWA_WF - Web Customizing Document Type -> Web Functions
PLM_DMS_TDWA_WG - Show/Hide Field Groups in Web (for DMS)
PLM_S_DIR_ID - DMS: Document Key
RC77 - Attributes for signature for document
RC77B - Signature: buffer document
SELDRAD - Document search - selection via object links
SIGN_STRAT_STRUC - Structure for Digital Signature Strategy
SI_DRAD - Help Structure for DRAD (Decoupling)
STR_DMS_BAPI_DOC_FILES2 - eSOA DMS enhancement of bapi do files2 with binary obj
TCHG_VERS - Table for Transferring Changed Document Versions
TCV100SWITCH - CV04N Enhancement Switch
TCZ01 - Source Files for Application
TCZ02 - Language-dependent source for original application files
TCZ02T - Descriptions for laguage dependent source for originals
TCZGL - Global DMS Settings
TDIBP - DDS: context
TDIBP_T - DDS: context - language-dependent description
TDICO - DDS: type of copy
TDICO_T - Language-dependent description of copy type
TDICT - DDS: communication type
TDICT_T - Language-dependent description of communication type
TDIEV - DDS: context - event allocation
TDIEX - DDS: user exits for the distribution types
TDIM - DDS: medium
TDIMCT - DDS: possible media for communication type
TDIM_T - DDS: language-dependent texts for medium
TDIPR - DDS: definition of plotters
TDWA - Document Types
TDWAI - Internal SAP Document Types
TDWAT - Document Type Texts
TDWA_VERSION - Version Sequence
TDWC - CAD - Systems
TDWD - Data Carrier/Network Nodes
TDWE - Data Carrier Type
TDWF - Document Management Data Formats
TDWI - Selection table - document search via internet
TDWIU - User allocation - document search via internet
TDWN - Mount Points and Logical Drives in Network
TDWO - Document Management Object Link
TDWOD - Screen for DMS Object Link
TDWOT - Texts for Object Links in Document Management
TDWP - Workstation Applications
TDWS - Document Status
TDWSEXIT - Find Document: Function Module for User Exits
TDWSEXITT - Find Document: Texts to TDWEXIT
TDWST - Document Status Texts
TDWSWITCH - Browser ACL Switch
TDWX - Workstation Applications in Network
TDWX_HELP - Help for predefined applications
TDWX_HELPT - Help for predefined applications
TKTTXT - Document Management Relational Structure for Saving Texts
TLTTXT - Document Mgmt Relational Structure for Saving Long Texts
TSTATE_ORDER - Sequence of Status Check
UPS_DOC_KEY - Object Key DOCMAS, BOMDOC for ALE Distribution Packet
VDMS_FILE_CP - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VDRAD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VDRAT - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VDRAZ - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000

SAP DMS Integration for Viewer/CAD intergration Tables CA-DMS-CNV

DMS_DOCUMENT_FILE - Document with file info
DMS_DOCUMENT_KEY - Document key with / as seperator
DMS_DOC_FILE_ID - Source document and file details(Input)
DMS_DOC_FILE_STATUS - Storage Report status
DMS_FILE_ID_URL - Source Urls
DMS_FILE_URL - Source Urls
DMS_ST_DOC - Source and Target Document Id's
DMS_S_APPL - dms application type
DMS_S_BOM_DATA - CAD BOM header data
DMS_S_CAD_ID - ID structure for CAD Data
DMS_S_CAD_ITM - Id structure for CAD Data
DMS_S_CONFIG - Structure for Start Conversion through report
DMS_S_CONVERSION - Conversion Structure for PDF Conversion
DMS_S_DEPENDENCY - XML structure for Drawing DIR with Dependency
DMS_S_DIR_THMB_DIMENSIONS - DIR: Thumbnail dimensions i.e height & width
DMS_S_DOCID - DMS Document Id
DMS_S_DOC_KEY_STATUS - Structure of Document key with Document status field
DMS_S_DOC_REG - Document Registeration
DMS_S_ENTY - Entity data for CAD structure
DMS_S_ENTYREF_DATA - Enty Refrence Data
DMS_S_EXSYS_DATA - External System data
DMS_S_FILE - original to be displayed as thumbnail or within viewer
DMS_S_FILE_DATA - DMS File data for XML
DMS_S_FILE_ID - original needed for application
DMS_S_FORMDATA - Form Data for PDF Conversion
DMS_S_INST - Instance data
DMS_S_MAP_TAG_ID - Map Tag Id/Name with field name of field Catalougue
DMS_S_MENIFEST - PDF Menifest information
DMS_S_METADATAGRP - Metadata Group
DMS_S_MSG - Message Structure
DMS_S_MULTIPLE_FILE_CONV - Single file convertor
DMS_S_NAME - TagKeyname (Object Type)
DMS_S_NAV_DOC - NAV - DIR attributes
DMS_S_NODEREF_DATA - Node reference data for External system
DMS_S_REG_CHK - Registeration check
DMS_S_SCENEDATA - Scene Data for PDF Conversion
DMS_S_SCENE_DATA - Scene data for PDF Conversion
DMS_S_SIGLE_FILE_CONV - Single file convertor
DMS_S_SINGLE_FILE_DATA - Single file data
DMS_S_STARTCNV_INPUT - Input structure for Start Conversion through Web UI
DMS_S_TAG_CAT - Tag Category
DMS_S_TARGET_METADATAGRP - Target Metadata Group
DMS_S_VALUE - Object Keys
DMS_S_VEG_CNV - VEG Conversion for DMS
DMS_S_VEG_CNV_SERVICE - Conversion services
DMS_S_VEG_PARAM - Veg Parameters
DMS_S_VEG_TMATRIX - Transformation matrix for VEG
DMS_S_VIEWERCHIP - viewer chip input
DMS_S_VIEWER_METADATA - Metadata match
DMS_S_VIEWER_VISUALIZATION - Structure for visualization
DMS_S_VSS - search sequence for viewable file
DMS_S_VWR_ACTION - Action structure
DMS_S_VWR_EXCLACTION - Exclude actions
DMS_S_XML - Structure for XML
DMS_S_XML_DATA - XML Data for Conversion
DMS_TARGET_DOC_FILE_ID - Target document and file details(Input)
DMS_VEG_CS - Storage location for distributed scenario
DMS_VEG_CUST - DMS VEG Conversion Specifications
DMS_VEG_LOOKUP - Lookup table to store CAD config and DIR for VEG integration
DMS_VEG_S_CAD_CONFIG - CAD Config and Document ID for VEG Integration
DMS_VEG_S_CAD_DATA - CAD Data for VEG Integration
DMS_VEG_S_DOC_DATA - Document Data for VEG Integration
DMS_VEG_S_DOC_ID_KEY - Document ID and Document key for VEG integration
DMS_VEG_S_DOC_KEY - Document key for VEG integration
DMS_VEG_S_LOOKUP - Lookup structure
DMS_VEG_S_MESSAGE - Messages for VEG Integration
DMS_VEG_S_METADATA - Metadata for PDF Conversion
DMS_VEG_S_SCENEDATA - Scene data for PDF Tepalate
DMS_VEG_S_VEG_INST - Veg Instance Structure
DMS_VEG_TAG - Assembly Tagging Customizing Table
DMS_VEG_USAGE - Usage Applications
DMS_VEG_USAGE_T - Text table for Usage application
DMS_VEG_VSS - Search sequence for viewable file
DMS_VWRPRF_USAGE - Viewer Action Profile Usage in Applications
DMS_VWR_ACTIONS - Table for Standard Viewer Actions
DMS_VWR_ACT_PROF - Viewer activity Profile
DMS_VWR_PRF_DTLS - Viewer Profile Details
DMS_VWR_PROFT - Text table for viewer profile
DMS_VWR_S_ACTPROF_DETAILS - Activity Profile Details

SAP Document Processing Tables CA-DMS-EDT

DSP_MATDOC_KEY - Object Key DOLMAS for Distribution Package Material
UPS_MATDOC_KEY - Object Key DOLMAS for Distribution Package Material