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SAP Cross-Application Components Tables CA

AA005 - Customer/Material
AAUUFK - Order master data
ACID_FUNDS_MAN_FUNC_AREA_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
ACID_GL_MOVEMENT_TC - Proxy Structure (Generated)
ACID_SEGMENT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
ACID_SET_OF_BOOKS_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
ACO_ACTIVITY - Activities for Authorization Check
ACO_ACTIVITYT - Activities for Authorization Check (Text Table)
ACO_ADMINISTRATION - ACO: Administration Data
ACO_API_TS_HR_OBJECT_AUTHORITY - Zugriffsberechtigung für Org Strukturen

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SAP Archiving Tables CA-ARC

RZPT_ACTIONS - Archiving: RZPT - permitted actions
RZPT_RZ - Archiving: RZPT - Views for Maintenance of Residence Time
RZPT_RZT - Archiving: RZPT - Text for Maintenance View

SAP Audit Management Tables CA-AUD

AUDCGPL_PROJECT - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_PROJECT_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TASK - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TASK_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TEXT - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TEXT_CD - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AUDCHKF - Audit: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
AUDCHKO - Audit: Files of Physical Information Objects
AUDFOLDERLOIO - KPro: Logical Information Object Instances
AUDFOLDERLOIOT - KPro: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects
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SAP Business Framework Architecture Tables CA-BFA

SSTN_D_SUP_AG - Supplier Area Grouping Code
SSTN_D_SUP_AG_C - Supplier Area Grouping Code: Country / Region Assignment
SSTN_D_SUP_AG_T - Supplier Area Groping Code: Text Table
SSTN_D_SUP_OT - Supplier Origin Type Code
SSTN_D_SUP_OT_T - Supplier Origin Type Code: Text Table
SSTN_S_BASIC_DATA - Basic data of the general structure
SSTN_S_CLASSIFICATION - Supplier Classification Data

SSTN_S_COMPANY - Company related part of the economic and risk data
SSTN_S_ECONOMIC_RISK - Suppliers sustainability attributes: economic & risk related
SSTN_S_ENVIRONMENT - Environmental Compliance
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SAP Bank Tables CA-BK

ACCT_DET_BF - General fields for account determination interfaces
ACCT_DET_C_C_BF - Account determination for co.code clearing: Results fields
ATBNKA - Transfer structure for Austrian bank tape
BANKAT2_BF - Work area for file to be imported: Austria (OENB)
BANKAT_BF - Work area for file to be imported: Austria
BANKCA_BF - Work area for file to be imported: Canada
BANKCH2_BF - Work area for file to be imported: Switzerland (tele rate 2)
BANKCH3_BF - Work area for file to be input: Swiss Telekurs 2000
BANKCH_BF - Work area for file to be imported: Switzerland (tele rate 1)
BANKDE_BF - Record layout bank no.s-complete group (DE, unpacked field5)
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SAP CAD Integration Tables CA-CAD

BAPI_DOC_FILEEXTENSIONS - Table with File Extensions
CAD_BICSK - CAD (RFC Dialog): BOM Header Data
CAD_BOM_ITEM - CAD (RFC Dialog): BOM Item Data
CAD_BUFFER - Buffer for CAD Dialog Interface Data Transfer
CAD_DOC_DRAP - CAD: status log

CAD_FILE_REL - Intermediate Status of a Document Structure
CAD_PARTS - Table for Assignment of Standard Material to Material Nos
CAD_RETURN - CAD: Return Value for RFC Calls
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SAP Classification Tables CA-CL

AUSPB - Phantom for Change Document Object CLASSIF
BIAUSP - Classification: Batch Input
BIHEAD - Batch input: class long texts header information
BIKLA - Class header batch input fields
BIKLAD - Class header batch input fields
BIKSSK - Classification: Batch Input
BILINE - Batch input: long text lines for class
BIMER - Batch input: characteristics data for class
BIMERD - Batch input: characteristics data for class
BIMERKO - Batch input: class-specific overwrite for characteristics
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SAP Global Organization Customizing Tables CA-CUS

AUTHABA - Authorization fields ABA
AUTHHR - Authorization Fields for Application Departments
BORAGGRKEY - Transfer of key elements
BUS_HIER - Business Objects: Parent-Child Relationships
ECOP_DOMAINS2OBJ - Domains of an Organizational Unit
ECOP_EXCEPTION2DOMAIN - Exceptions for a Domain
ECOP_IMG_ACTIVITY - ECOP: IMG Activities Structure
ECOP_ITEM - ECOP Item Structure
ECOP_NRDATA_DYNP_FLDS - Number Range Information Screen Fields
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SAP Decision Service Management Tables CA-DEC

DSM_ENQUEUE_MS - Decision Service Management: Managed System Enqueue Table

SAP Document Management System Tables CA-DMS

API_DOC_COMP_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Components for Document Originals
API_DOC_DRAD_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Object Links of a Document
API_DOC_DRAP_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Status Log
API_DOC_DRAT_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Short Texts
API_DOC_DRAW2_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Document Data
API_DOC_FILES2_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Documents Originals
API_DOC_KEYS_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Document Key
API_DOC_TEXT_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Long Text Data of a Document
AUSP_BI - Batch input structure for characteristic values
BAPI_CHARACTERISTIC_VALUES - BAPI structure for characteristic value assignment
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SAP Digital Signature Tables CA-DSG

DSIG_BOOKING_EX - Signature Tool: Sample Database Table with Application Data
DSIG_EXAMPLE_SIGN_LOG - Signature Tool: Log Structure for Example
DSIG_META_EX - Signature Tool: Sample Database Table for Metadata
RC70D - Signature: Global Data for Screen
RC70P - Log Message for Digital Signature
RC70S - Finding Digital Signatures
RC71 - Attributes for Signature
RC71D - Signature: Buffer for Signed Document
RC71DT - Digital Signature: Data to be Signed
RC71K - Key for Signature
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SAP IDoc Interfaces for EDI Tables CA-EDI

E1ACTI1 - SAP activity types
E1AFABL - Master Production Order Relationships (AFAB)
E1AFFLL - Production Order Sequences (AFFL)
E1AFKOL - Production order header (AFKO, AUFK)
E1AFPOL - Production order items (AFPO)
E1AFUVL - Production Order Suboperations (AFVV,AFVC)
E1AFVOL - Production order processes (AFVV, AFVC)
E1ASMDM - Service master basic data
E1ASMDT - Service master short texts
E1BACK1 - CC5 run schedule headers/backflush
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SAP Enterprise Project Connection Tables CA-EPC

/SEPC/S_JOB_RESULT - Job Results
/SEPC/S_OPER_STAT - Operation Status Information
/SEPC/S_PM_PO - POs linked to PM Operations
/SEPC/S_XFER_COMMON_FIELDS - Common Fields for Transfer Results
/SEPC/S_XFER_ORD_RESULTS - Order Transfer Result
/SEPC/S_XFER_PROJ_RESULTS - Project Transfer Result
/SEPC/S_XFER_RESULT - Transfer Result Item of Results List
/SEPC/S_XFER_RESULTS - Transfer Result
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SAP Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications Tables CA-EPT

BSPERIOD_S_APPL_AREA - BS PTS - Structure for Application Area
BSPERIOD_S_DDR_FRQ_TYPE - BS PTS - Structure for Due Date Rule - Frequency Assignemnt
BSPERIOD_S_DDR_MTYPE - BS PTS - Structure for Due Date Rule Modificator
BSPERIOD_S_DDR_TYPE - BS PTS - Structure for Period Due Date Rule Type
BSPERIOD_S_FRQ_MAP_CAT - BS PTS - Structure for Frequency Mapping Category
BSPERIOD_S_FRQ_MAP_TYPE - BS PTS - Structure for Frequency Map Type
BSPERIOD_S_FRQ_TYPE - BS PTS - Structure for Frequency Types
BSPERIOD_S_PERIOD - BS PTS - Structure for Periods
BSPERIOD_S_PERIOD_CUST - BS PTS - Structure für Period Simulation Report
BSPERIOD_S_PERIOD_INFO - BS PTS - Structure for Period Information
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SAP Employee Self-Service Tables CA-ESS

CPPERINFOTEXTS - Contains Employee Data for Display in MiniApp
ESS_INFOTYPE_LN - two column structure for infotype data
ESS_LECC - Colors for life event menu
ESS_LE_STATUS - Status Information for ESS Life Events
ESS_LIFE_EVENT_MENU - Menu Structure for ESS Life Events
ESS_MISC - General Fields for ESS
ESS_TREEV_ITEM - Tree Control Item ESS
ESS_TREEV_NODE - Tree Control Node ESS
ESS_WHOISWHO_DEFINITION - Definition of Selection and Output Fields in Who's Who
ESS_WHO_PARA - ESS Who's Who: Essential Parameters
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SAP European Monetary Union: Euro Tables CA-EUR

BTP_DL_ANALYS - BTP Portfolio Item Analysis
BTP_DL_BLUEPR - BTP Project Blueprint
BTP_DL_BLUEPRPFO - BTP Assignment of Portfolio Items to Project Blueprints
BTP_DL_BPPIFD - BTP Assignment of PIFD Interfaces to Blueprints
BTP_DL_CFGSET - BTP Configuration Set
BTP_DL_CONVPACK - BTP Portfolio Item Conversion Package
BTP_DL_DOCU - BTP Portfolio Item Documentation Object
BTP_DL_DOCULV - BTP Portfolio Item Documentation Object Language Versions
BTP_DL_DOCUREL - BTP Portfolio Item Documentation Object Relationships
BTP_DL_GPROJ - BTP Guided Project User Status
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SAP Financial Conditions Tables CA-FIM

BCA_CONDGROUP - Condition Group
BCA_CONDGROUP_T - Text on Condition Group
BCA_DYN_CONDGROUP - Screen Fields for Condition Group Maintenance
BCA_STR_CONDGROUP - Condition Group Maintenance (Object, API)
BCA_STR_CONDGROUPT - Description Condition Group (API, Object)
BCA_STR_CONDGROUPT_DATA - Description Condition Group (Text)
BCA_STR_CONDGROUPT_DB - Description Condition Group (Database)
BCA_STR_CONDGROUPT_KEY - Key Condition Group + Language
BCA_STR_CONDGROUPT_KEY_DB - Description Condition Group (Key, Database)
BCA_STR_CONDGROUP_DATA - Condition Group Maintenance (Data)
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SAP Financial Services Tables CA-FS

EFG_STR_SELLIST_ALV - Selection List Structure
EFG_STR_SELLIST_ALVX - Structure for Communication with ALV
EVH_STR_VALUE - Structure for Application
HIERARCHY_ENTRY - Entries for Hierarchical Customizing
STR_EDM_TEST_ARENA - Test Structure for EDM (Location)
TXVOBTYP - Type for Objects to Which Addresses are Assigned (Texts)
TZVOBTYP - Type for Objects to Which Addresses are Assigned
VZOBJECT - Object Data (Virtual Object)
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SAP Global Batch Traceability Tables CA-GBT

/GBT/BASIC_BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_M - Proxy Structure (generated)
/GBT/BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MESSAG1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
/GBT/C_ADIN_RC - Reason Code of Internal Event
/GBT/C_ADIN_RCT - Text for Internal Event Reason Code
/GBT/C_BAT_LEVEL - Batch Management Level
/GBT/C_CUM_PROP - Cumulation Properties for Simplification
/GBT/C_SEL_RANGE - Selection Range for Simplification
/GBT/C_SIMP - Simplification definition
/GBT/C_SIMPT - Text for View for Filter and Aggregation
/GBT/C_SYS_DEST - GBT RFCs to Connected ERP-Systems with GBTRINT installed
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SAP Actions After Master Data Changes Tables CA-GTC

TCHTR - CHT: Change Trigger for PDM Data

SAP General Application Functions Tables CA-GTF

ABADRCHARACT_VALUES - Characteristic: Characteristic Value
ABADRD1T - Transfer Structure for Function Module for Reading Text
ABADRDST - Structure of selection table for segment table/level
ABADRFC_DRULE_DETAIL - Derivation Rule Details
ABADRFC_RULE_FIELD - Derivation Rule Field
ABADRFC_RULE_VALUES - Derivation Rule Entry
ABADRFLD - Field Table (Additions to Dictionary Attributes)
ABADRHELP - Derivation Tool: Structure for F1/F4
ABADRIDEP - ABAP/4 Dictionary Interface: Structure for Compound Char.
ABADRIFCA - DDIC Interface: Field Catalog Structure
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SAP Cross-Application Objects in HR Tables CA-HR

ALLPERNR - Allowed personnel numbers
AWREF_TAB - awref
BAPI7002_1 - Transfer Structure 7002 / Time Points
BAPI7002_2 - Transfer Structure 7002 / Personnel Numbers
BAPI7002_3 - Structure for Start and End Date
BAPI7010_1 - External key for interface tables
BAPI7010_2 - Infotypes details
BAPI7011_1 - Interface Structure for Infotypes 2001/2002 (w/o AA objects)
BAPI7011_2 - Interface Structure for ITs 2001/2002 (Cost Assignment)
BAPI7011_3 - Interface Structure for ITs 2001/2002 (Activity Allocation)
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SAP Generic IAM Engine Tables CA-IAM

QAMAS_ACTIVITY_MAP - Quality Activity - Structure for Mapping to QIM
QAMAS_ACTIVITY_SEARCH_MAP - Selection Fields for Activities
QAMAS_FMEA_AUDIT_MAP - Audit or FMEA Structure for Mapping (QIM)
QAMAS_NOTIF_MAP_46C - Quality Activity - Structure for Mapping
QAMAS_NOTIF_VIQMSM - Quality Activity - VIQMSM View Structure for Mapping
QAMAS_TASK_MAP - Quality Activity - Structure for Mapping to QIM
QAMC_GQI_TYPE - Generic Issue Type
QAMC_GQI_TYPE_T - Generic Issue Type - Text Table
QAMC_MAT_SYS - Material and Logical System
QAMIS_BCV_BAPI20783I - QIM: for BCV: BAPI List of Existing Quality Notifications
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SAP Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting Tables CA-JVA

A441 - CRP Pricing with COND CODE
ALC_JV_LI - JV-Allocation: Communication Structure Line-Item-Check
ARC_IDB_IT - Archive-Indextable for JV_BILLING
ARC_IDJ_IT - Archive-Indextable for JV_OBJECT
ARC_IDX_PR - Archiving index for JV_PRICING archives
BAPIEQGPARTNERDATA - JV Partner for equity group
BAPIEQUITYGROUPDATA - Fields for Equity group BAPI
BAPIEQUITYGROUPLIST - Fields for Equity group List BAPI
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SAP Master Data Governance Tables CA-MDG

BSS_CRIL_TARGETSYSTEMS_KEY - Key Structure for GenIL Change Request Target Systems
BSS_CRIL_TARGETSYS_ATTRIBUTES - Attributes for GenIL Change Request Target Systems
MDG_BS_GIL_MDL - Mapping Of GenIL Component To MDG Model
MDG_BS_GIL_MDL_C - Mapping Customizing Of GenIL Component To MDG Model
MDG_DEMO_TRANS - Cluster Table for Transport
MDG_GN_ABAP_L_TEXTPOOL - ABAP Textpool with Language
MDG_GN_ABAP_SOURCE - ABAP Source Data (Source Code and Textpools)
MDG_GN_ABAP_TEXT - Text Element for an ABAP Program
MDG_GN_ACT_ANSWER - Feedback After Activation
MDG_GN_ACT_OBJECT - Object To Be Activated/Deleted
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SAP Mobile Productivity Applications Tables CA-MOB

MIB_S_ALERT - MPAPPS: Alert Header Structure
MIB_S_ALERTACTV - MPAPPS: Alerts: Structure for Subsequent Activities
MIB_S_ALERTLONGTEXT - MPAPPS: Structure for Mobile Alert Longtext
MIB_S_ALERTRECIPIENTS - MPAPPS: Structure for Alert Recipients With All Data
MIB_S_AL_TEXT - MPAPPS: ML texts for Alert header
MIB_S_PERSONALIZATION - User personalization value
MIB_S_RFC_DESTINATION - User's RFC estination
MIB_S_RFC_LANG_REQUIRED - Mapping between one RFC dest and the langs required
MIB_S_TASK - MPAPPS: Structure for task definition
MIB_S_USERIDS - User Ids list
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SAP SAP Multiresource Scheduling Tables CA-MRS

/MRSS/ABAP_TRANS_PARMBIND - Name-Value Pair for ABAP fields
/MRSS/APP_MATCH - OBSOLET: Appointment Offering: Total Matching
/MRSS/C_APPT_STG - Search strategy for MRS Appointment offering
/MRSS/C_APPT_TYP - Appointment booking type for PM/CS/CRM Order Types
/MRSS/C_APT_TRVD - Travel time determination for appointmentsc
/MRSS/C_AVG_TIME - MRS Average Travel Time
/MRSS/C_BP_ROLE - Mapping Role type to BP role
/MRSS/C_BRK_SHDL - Break Schedule
/MRSS/C_CAP_RES - Time dependent customizing table for capacity reserve
/MRSS/C_CUP_RT - Customizing for Residence Time
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SAP Manager Self-service Tables CA-MSS

HRMSS_S_ARCHIVED_DOCS - Archived documents of a person for the General Prof. in MSS
HRMSS_S_ATT_INFO - Attachment Information for a note
HRMSS_S_CARDS - Employee Cards
HRMSS_S_CATS_APPR_DATA_TRANS - CATS Approval Data Transfer Structure
HRMSS_S_CATS_DASHBOARD_DETAIL - CATS Approval Detail Table Structure
HRMSS_S_CATS_DASHBOARD_GRAPH - CATS Approval Business Graphic Structure
HRMSS_S_COMPANY_PROPERTIES - List of Company Property
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SAP Messages Tables CA-NO

CACNS_EASY_PROJ - Data for Task Planning
DNOC_CATEGORY - Message Types
DNOC_CATEGORYT - Message Types
DNOC_FUNCTION - Function Types
DNOC_FUNCTIONT - Function Types
DNOC_FUNC_PAR - Partner func.
DNOC_FUNC_PART - Partner func.
DNOC_PRIORITY - Priorities
DNOC_PRIORITYT - Priority Texts
DNOC_SUBSCR - Subscreen Control
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SAP Open Information Warehouse Tables CA-OIW

BAPIDATA - BAPI Export: Data
BAPIFIELDS - BAPI Export: Structural Specifications for Table BAPIDATA
BAPIOIW - BAPI Export: Structure for Export Parameters
BAPIOMLST - BAPI Export: Object-Methods Combination
BAPISELECT - BAPI Import: Selection Parameters
BAPIVIEW - BAPI Import: View of OIW Objects to be Displayed
BIW_MARV - BI Extraction Structure for Material Control Record
BIW_T178_S -
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SAP Enterprise SOA Tables CA-SOA

BSFND_DATE_PERIOD - Proxy Structure (generated)
BSFND_FORM_OF_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (generated)
BSFND_FORM_OF_ADDRESS_CODE - Proxy Structure (generated)
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SAP Web Survey Tables CA-SUR

BUSDOM_CLASSES_S - Classes for Business Domain Group
BUSDOM_GROUPS_S - Group of Application Libraries
TUBD_DOMAIN - Application Lib: Business Domains
TUBD_DOMAIN_HIER - Business Domain Lib: Business Domain Hierarchy
TUBD_DOMAIN_T - Business Domain Lib: Text Table on Business Domains
TUBD_PARAMETER - Business Domain Lib: Class Parameter
TUBD_REMOTE - Business Domain Lib: Remote Systems
TUWS_DATAT - Descriptions to TUWS_DATA
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SAP Time Sheet Tables CA-TS

AFLDFIELDS - Generic Field Names, Not Relevant for Field Grouping
BAPICATS1 - CATS: Insert New Data Record
BAPICATS2 - CATS Data Export
BAPICATS3 - CATS: Change Existing Data Record
BAPICATS4 - CATS: Structure for Deleting a Record
BAPICATS5 - CATS: Display Worklist
BAPICATS6 - CATS: Structure for Interface Parameters
BAPICATS8 - Long Text Format
BAPICATS9 - CATS: Reference structure for BOR methods
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SAP SAP UI for Decoupled Innovations Tables CA-UI2

CEBN_SEM_DEFMAP - Semantic Fields (Default Mapping of Fields to GFC)
CEBN_SEM_FNAMES - Semantic Field Names (Copy of HANA global Field catalogue)
CEBN_SO - Semantic Object Names of C'est BON
CEBN_SOESH - Semantic Object Names for Enterprise Search Models
CEBN_SOESH_FMAP - Field Mapping from Semantic Names to Enterprise Search Model
CEBN_SO_ODATA - OData Services for Semantic Objects
CEBN_S_SOESH_FM - Strukture for Table CBESH_SOESH_FM
CLB2C_APPL - Applications collaborating with a Service Provider
CLB2C_APPL_DATA - Collaboration: Application Settings for a Target Server
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SAP SAP UI development toolkit for HTML5 - Rendering library Tables CA-UI5

/UI5/CACHBUSTER_INFO - cachebuster info for application, language and codepage
/UI5/REPOSITORY_INFO_S - Repository Info
/UI5/REP_ENQ - Structure to lock a SAPUI5 Repository
/UI5/TEXT_ENTRY - UI5 texts from property files
/UI5/TREP_FILES - UI5 mapping table for property files with text entries
/UI5/TREP_TEXT - UI5 mapping table for texts from property files
/UI5/TREP_TEXT_T - UI5 table for translated texts from property files
/UI5/UI5_REP_PATH_MAP_S - Path Mapping
/UI5/UI5_REP_TRANSPORT_INFO_S - Transport Info

SAP Visual Enterprise Planner integration with ERP Tables CA-VE

VMP_PLNSCP_HDR - Document and BOM Links
VMP_PLNSCP_MBOM - Document Mbom links
VMP_S_DEFAULT_VALUES - Default Values to be passed to XML
VMP_S_DOCUMENTID - Document id
VMP_S_DOC_REL - Parent and child relation of documents
VMP_S_INSTANCE - Instance list
VMP_S_INSTANCES - Instances with root instance
VMP_S_IOVERRIDE - Instance override values
VMP_S_MAT_UOM - Material and Unit of measure
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SAP WebClient UI Tables CA-WUI

AXT_INCL_RESULT_SFLIGHT - Extension include for sflight table
AXT_INCL_SEARCH_SFLIGHT - Extension include for sflight table
AXT_INCL_SFLIGHT - Extension include for sflight table
CRMC_UIF_BOL_HD - Mapping of SAP-delivered handler classes
CRMD_UIF_SNOTE - Transparent Table Note for Flight
CRMS_BOL_UIF_CHANGE_RESULT - Result of change method
CRMS_BOL_UIF_PRICE_CHANGE - Change flight price
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