SAP SNOTE Implementation Status list and meanings


Can be implemented

This indicates that the note is valid for your SAP system release/support package level and contains instructions that can be implemented. 


Cannot be implemented 

Note isn’t valid for your system and does not contain any instructions that can be implemented. 

Completely Implemented 

The note has already been implemented in your SAP system. 


Incompletely Implemented 

The note is partially implemented into the system but still has some correction instructions that need to be implemented. Objects are now inconsistent so you will need to re-implement the note. 



The note has now been delivered via the support packages implemented in the system. 


Obsolete Version Implemented 

Implemented but a newer version of the note has been released by SAP, you need to download and implement the latest version via SNOTE. 

NOTE: The status can be wrong!!! 

If you come across a note with a status which you believe is wrong it might just be that SAP have set the validity of the note wrong. This happens a lot if SAP have created a new note just for you, rather than reverting back to a manual implementation process get back in-contact with SAP and get them to check the validity setting.