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RFVIMAEA SAP ABAP Report - RE: Rent Adjustment - Control for Activation/Reversal/Display

RFVIMAEA is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the basic information available for this SAP report including which OBJECTS it interacts with such as TABLES, FUNCTION MODULES, INCLUDES ETC. Also check out the submitted Comments related to this SAP report or see any standard documentation available.

If you would like to execute this report or see the full code listing simply enter RFVIMAEA into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE38 or SE80

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

FOQY - RE: Reverse MOD rent adj.
FORL - RE: Rent adj. - Display CEA
FORK - RE: Rent adj. - Reverse CEA
FORJ - RE: Rent adj. - Activate CEA
FOQW - RE: Display active MOD rent adj.
FOUU - RE: Reverse GAR rent adj.
FORG - RE: Reverse EXOP rent adj.
FOUC - RE: Activate sales-based rent adj
FOUD - RE: Display act.sales-based rnt adj
FOQO - RE: Activate rent adj. Any.Cond.
FOQP - RE: Display adj.AnyCond.
FOUF - RE: Activate USER rent adj.
FOUG - RE: Reverse USER rent adj.
FOQV - RE: Activate MOD rent adj.
FOUH - RE: Display active USER rent adj.
FOUT - RE: Reverse RLR rent adj.
FOUS - RE: Reverse FAC rent adj.
FOUX - RE: Reverse sales-based rent adj.
FOUR - RE: Reverse CGP rent adj.
FOUW - RE: Reverse rent adj. AnyCond
FOUQ - RE: Reverse IND rent adj.
FOUV - RE: Reverse FAR rent adj.
FOUP - RE: Reverse CH rent adj.
FORC - RE: Display act.EXOP rent adj.
FORB - RE: Activate EXOP rent adj.
FOAO - Reverse rent adjustment: All methods
FOAI - Activate rent adj.: Free adjustment
FOAJ - Display rent adj.: Free adjustment
FOQ6 - RE: Activate CH rent adjustment
FOAN - Activate rent adjustment: All methds
FOBF - Rent Adj. - Activate Amount Transf.
FOAZ - Display Active Rent Adj. ALL
FOAD - Display rent adjustment: Comp.apart.
FOAC - Activate rent adjustment: Comp.aprt.
FOA8 - Dispay rent adjustments: Index
FOA5 - Activate rent adjustment: Index
FOQ9 - RE: Rent adj. - display CH
FOA4 - Rent Adjustment - Reserved
FOAT - Display Active RLR Rent Adjustment
FOQB - RE: Activate GAR rent adj.
FOQC - RE: Display active GAR rent adj.
FOAS - Activate RLR Rent Adjustment
FORW - RE: Rent adj. - Display area
FORV - RE: Rent adj. - Reverse area
FORT - RE: Rent adj. - Activate area
FOBG - Rent Adj. - Reverse Amount Transfer
FOQI - RE: Activate FAR rent adj.
FOQJ - RE: Display active FAR rent adj.
FOBH - Rent Adj. - Display Amount Transfer

ABAP code to call this SAP report using the submit statement

This report can be called from another progam/report simply by using the ABAP SUBMIT statement, see below for example ABAP code snipts of how to do this.

SUBMIT RFVIMAEA. "Basic submit
SUBMIT RFVIMAEA AND RETURN. "Return to original report after report execution complete
SUBMIT RFVIMAEA VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. "Display selection screen of submitted report to user
    See more syntax options for the ABAP SUBMIT statement

Text pool values

Selection Text: P_ACTV2 = # Activation status irrelevant
Selection Text: P_AZUPF = # Approval requirement irrel.
Selection Text: P_AZUST = # Approval irrelevant
Selection Text: P_BUKRS = Company code
Selection Text: P_DFAELL = Follow-up postings due on
Selection Text: P_DIRACT = Activate directly?
Selection Text: P_DIRSTO = Reverse directly?
Selection Text: P_DISPAL = # All adjustments
Selection Text: P_DISPME = # Only adjustments for LOs
Selection Text: P_DISPMV = # Only adjustments for RUs
Selection Text: P_DZUST = Approval date proposal
Selection Text: P_JKOPO = Display all conditions?
Selection Text: P_MABLE = # Only adj. with refusal
Selection Text: P_MZUPF = # Only adj. subj. to approval
Selection Text: P_MZUST = # Only adj. with approval
Selection Text: P_OABLE = # Only adj. without refusal
Selection Text: P_OZUPF = # Only adj. not appr.
Selection Text: P_OZUST = # Only adj. without approval
Selection Text: S_DGAB = Valid from date
Selection Text: S_SANPNR = Adjustment method
Selection Text: S_SMENR = Rental unit
Selection Text: S_SMIVE = Lease-out
Selection Text: S_SWENR = Business entity
Selection Text: S_XIDENT = User identification
Selection Text: P_ACTV1 = # Only activated adjustments
Selection Text: P_ACTV0 = # Only not activated adj.
Selection Text: P_AABLE = # Refusal status irrelevant
Title: RE: Rent Adjustment - Control for Activation/Reversal/Display
Text Symbol: 001 = Object selection
Text Symbol: 002 = Additional parameters
Text Symbol: 003 = Selection acc. to category and status
Text Symbol: 01A = Subject to approval
Text Symbol: 02A = Activated
Text Symbol: 03A = Approved
Text Symbol: 03B = Refused
Text Symbol: 03C = Yes
Text Symbol: 03D = No
Text Symbol: 03E = Irrelevant

Text Symbol: 04A = Adjustment object
Text Symbol: 04B = Lease-out
Text Symbol: 04C = Rental Unit
Text Symbol: 04D = Both
Text Symbol: M02 = Details for Mode and/or Activity Not Permitted
Text Symbol: N01 = Adjustment (all modes): Activation/approval:w/o Swiss adj.
Text Symbol: T01 = Activate
Text Symbol: T02 = Reverse
Text Symbol: T03 = Display
Text Symbol: T04 =



TABLES used within REPORT and the associated SELECT statement:

No SAP DATABASE tables are accessed within this REPORT code!

Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:

RERA_GET_ADJUST_PARAMETERS CALL FUNCTION 'RERA_GET_ADJUST_PARAMETERS' EXPORTING i_sanpnr = gn_sanpnr i_sactnr = gc_sactnr IMPORTING e_mc_id = gc_mc_id e_need_agreement = gb_need_agree.

RERA_POPUP_TO_GET_CONTROL_DATA CALL FUNCTION 'RERA_POPUP_TO_GET_CONTROL_DATA' EXPORTING iv_actgroup = '2' IMPORTING ev_answer = lc_answer CHANGING cv_sanpnr = pn_sanpnr cv_sactnr = pc_sactnr .

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