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/SAPSRM/GET_BS_DATA SAP ABAP Report - Get ERP Customizing Data für Business Suite

/SAPSRM/GET_BS_DATA is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the basic information available for this SAP report including which OBJECTS it interacts with such as TABLES, FUNCTION MODULES, INCLUDES ETC. Also check out the submitted Comments related to this SAP report or see any standard documentation available.

If you would like to execute this report or see the full code listing simply enter /SAPSRM/GET_BS_DATA into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE38 or SE80

ABAP code to call this SAP report using the submit statement

This report can be called from another progam/report simply by using the ABAP SUBMIT statement, see below for example ABAP code snipts of how to do this.

SUBMIT /SAPSRM/GET_BS_DATA AND RETURN. "Return to original report after report execution complete
SUBMIT /SAPSRM/GET_BS_DATA VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. "Display selection screen of submitted report to user
    See more syntax options for the ABAP SUBMIT statement

Text pool values

Selection Text: S_SYSTEM = Systems
Selection Text: S_LANGU = Languages
Selection Text: P_TEST = Test Run - no DB Update
Selection Text: P_STOC_I = Special Stock Indicator
Selection Text: P_STLOC = Storage Location
Selection Text: P_SPECNO = Model Service Specification
Selection Text: P_SCNO = Shipment Cost Number
Selection Text: P_PTYP = Document Type
Selection Text: P_PSTYP = Item Category
Selection Text: P_PR_RG = Requisition Release Group
Selection Text: P_PRRECO = Requisition Release Code
Selection Text: P_PO_RG = Purchase Order Release Group
Selection Text: P_PORG = Purchasing Organizations
Selection Text: P_PORECO = Purchase Order Release Code
Selection Text: P_PLANT = Plants
Selection Text: P_PGRP = Purchasing Groups
Selection Text: P_MTYPE = Material Types
Selection Text: P_MOVTY = Movement Type of Goods Receipt
Selection Text: P_MATPL = Maintenance Plan (SES)
Selection Text: P_MATCL = Material Class
Selection Text: P_CONFCO = Confirmation Control
Selection Text: P_COMPC = Company Codes
Selection Text: P_ASSCAT = Account Assignment Category
Title: Get ERP Customizing Data für Business Suite
Text Symbol: 011 = Test - no database changes done
Text Symbol: 010 = Program has ended with errors - no database changes done
Text Symbol: 009 = Execution Settings
Text Symbol: 008 = Objects for value help replication
Text Symbol: 007 = System Settings
Text Symbol: 006 = Error: cannot insert lines into table
Text Symbol: 005 = Lines inserted into table
Text Symbol: 004 = Error: cannot update lines in table
Text Symbol: 003 = Lines updated in table
Text Symbol: 002 = Error: cannot delete lines from table
Text Symbol: 001 = Lines deleted from table
Text Symbol: 000 = Table


No INCLUDES are used within this REPORT code!

TABLES used within REPORT and the associated SELECT statement:

No SAP DATABASE tables are accessed within this REPORT code!

Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:

MMPUR_UI_GET_CUST_DATA CALL FUNCTION 'MMPUR_UI_GET_CUST_DATA' " old Function 'GET_POWL_CUST_DATA' DESTINATION -dest EXPORTING if_bsart_k = p_ptyp if_bsart_f = p_ptyp if_bukrs = p_compc if_ekorg = p_porg if_ekgrp = p_pgrp if_werks = p_plant if_mtart = p_mtype if_bsart_l = p_ptyp if_bsart_b = p_ptyp if_pstyp = p_pstyp if_lgort = p_stloc if_matkl = p_matcl if_knttp = p_asscat if_frggr_f = p_po_rg if_frggr_b = p_pr_rg if_frgco_f = p_poreco if_frgco_b = p_prreco if_spec_no = p_specno if_warpl = p_matpl if_fknum = p_scno if_bwart = p_movty if_sobkz = p_stoc_i if_bstae = p_confco if_werks_bukrs = p_plant "always with plant irg_langu = lrg_langu IMPORTING et_ekorg_shlp = lt_shlp_porg et_ekgrp_shlp = lt_shlp_pgrp et_bsart_shlp_k_id = lt_pt_ctr_id et_bsart_shlp_k = lt_pt_ctr et_bsart_shlp_f_id = lt_pt_po_id et_bsart_shlp_f = lt_pt_po et_bsart_shlp_l_id = lt_pt_sched_ag_id " scheduling agreements et_bsart_shlp_l = lt_pt_sched_ag " scheduling agreements et_bsart_shlp_b_id = lt_pt_pr_id et_bsart_shlp_b = lt_pt_pr et_werks_shlp = lt_shlp_plant et_lgort_shlp = lt_shlp_stloc et_matkl_shlp_id = lt_shlp_matcl_id et_matkl_shlp = lt_shlp_matcl et_mtart_shlp_id = lt_shlp_mtype_id et_mtart_shlp = lt_shlp_mtype et_bukrs_shlp = lt_shlp_compc et_pstyp_shlp = lt_shlp_pstyp et_knttp_shlp = lt_shlp_asscat et_frgco_shlp_b = lt_shlp_pr_relco et_frgco_shlp_f = lt_shlp_po_relco et_frggr_shlp_b = lt_shlp_pr_rg et_frggr_shlp_f = lt_shlp_po_rg et_spec_no_shlp = lt_shlp_spec_no et_warpl_shlp = lt_shlp_matplan et_fknum_shlp = lt_shlp_scno et_bwart_shlp = lt_shlp_gr_movty et_sobkz_shlp = lt_shlp_gr_stoc_ind et_bstae_shlp = lt_shlp_conf_contr et_werks_bukrs_shlp = lt_shlp_plant_compc EXCEPTIONS system_failure = 1 MESSAGE lv_message communication_failure = 2 MESSAGE lv_message.

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