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SAP WP Tables - Obsolete Product: Workplace

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SAP Drag&Relate Tables WP-DR

SSWPAGDR - Web Site Component Parameters

SAP Workplace Frontend/Middleware Tables WP-FRM

PBLAYOUT - Layout Data for Portal Builder (Internal Data)
PBLYDATA - Layout Data for Portal Builder (Internal Data)

SAP Workplace Server Tables WP-WSR

BAPIWPCHAN - BAPI Structure: Channel Occupation (Serialized)
BAPIWPSMBC - BAPI Structure: Favorites (Table SMEN_BUFFC)
BAPIWPSMBI - BAPI Structure: Favorites (Table SMEN_BUFFI)
BAPIWPUSRG - BAPI Structure: Workplace Personalization Data
BAPIWPUSRL - BAPI Structure: User Languages by System
BAPIWPUSRM - BAPI Structure: Personalization Information on MiniApps
BAPIWPUSRO - BAPI Structure: Sequence of Roles in LaunchPad

BAPIWPUSRP - BAPI Structure for WP Personalization User Data
DRSERVERS - Drag&Relate Server for Logical Systems
E1BPWPCHAN - BAPI Structure: Channel Occupation (Serialized)
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