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SAP WP Workplace Server Tables (WP-WSR)

SAP Workplace Server Tables WP-WSR

BAPIWPCHAN - BAPI Structure: Channel Occupation (Serialized)
BAPIWPSMBC - BAPI Structure: Favorites (Table SMEN_BUFFC)
BAPIWPSMBI - BAPI Structure: Favorites (Table SMEN_BUFFI)
BAPIWPUSRG - BAPI Structure: Workplace Personalization Data
BAPIWPUSRL - BAPI Structure: User Languages by System
BAPIWPUSRM - BAPI Structure: Personalization Information on MiniApps
BAPIWPUSRO - BAPI Structure: Sequence of Roles in LaunchPad
BAPIWPUSRP - BAPI Structure for WP Personalization User Data
DRSERVERS - Drag&Relate Server for Logical Systems
E1BPWPCHAN - BAPI Structure: Channel Occupation (Serialized)
E1BPWPSMBC - BAPI Structure: Favorites (Table SMEN_BUFFC)
E1BPWPSMBI - BAPI Structure: Favorites (Table SMEN_BUFFI)
E1BPWPUSRG - BAPI Structure: Workplace Personalization Data
E1BPWPUSRL - BAPI Structure: User Languages by System
E1BPWPUSRM - BAPI Structure: Personalization Information on MiniApps
E1BPWPUSRO - BAPI Structure: Sequence of Roles in LaunchPad
E1USER_WPP - Header Segment
IWPCUSTOM - Structure for Accesses to Table TWPCUSTOM*
MINIPERI - Include for Personalization Information on MiniApps
MINIPERS - Personalization Information on MiniApps

ROLE_NAM_S - Role Names
TCBRCUSTOM - Customer Branding Parameter Table
TCBRGROUP - Customer Branding Parameter Groups
TCBRGROUPT - Customer Branding Parameter Groups
TWPCUSTMCT - Text Table for Customer System Settings for Workplace
TWPCUSTOM - System Setting for the Workplace
TWPCUSTOMC - Customer-Defined System Setting for the Workplace
TWPCUSTOMT - Text Table for System Settings for the Workplace
TWPPRSTIME - Time Stamp: Last Change to the Personalization Data
USRGENPRS - Table for General Workplace Personalization Data
W3DEVFAV - MWP: Favorites for Mobile Terminals
W3DEVFAVS - MWP: Favorite Structure
W3DEVFAVT - Text Table for W3DEVFAV
WPFAVOACT - Favorites Information: Activities
WPFAVODEL - Favorites Information for Deletion
WPFAVOINSE - Favorites Information for Creation
WPFAVOMAP - Favorites Information: Mapping to New Node ID When Creating
WPFAVONEW - Return: Newly-Added Favorites
WPFAVOPERS - Personalization Information on Favorites
WPFAVOUPD - Favorites Information for Changing
WPLANGDFLT - Return Structure for Workplace Language Settings
WPLANGS - Workplace Language Settings for a User
WPLPAGRORD - Sequence of Roles in LaunchPad
WPLPAGRORT - Sequence of Roles in LaunchPad
WPLPNODES - Structure for the Nodes in the LaunchPad
WPLPURL - Structure for Generated URLs for Nodes in the LaunchPad
WPLPURLTXT - Structure for Basic Information in a LaunchPad Entry
WPMINI - Structure for MiniApps (Data exchange: WP <-> R/3)
WPMINIPERS - Structure of the Personalization Information on the DB
WPNODEDRAG - Flavors of LaunchPad Entries
WPPERSAPP - Structure for MiniApps Personalization
WPROLECTRY - Countries from Roles

SAP URL Generation Tables WP-WSR-URL

ATTR_TBL - Structure for Service Attribute Tables
IOBJFLAVOR - Object Type Flavors for Services
IOBJLSOBJ - Structure for Data Transfer of Object Compatibility
ISTCCLAS_C - Structure for FM for Transferring TSTCCLASS (Caller)
ISTCDEVS_C - Structure for Device-Specific Data for Transactions (Caller)
ISYSLAN_C - Logon Languages Available in Component System (Caller)
ITASK12_C - Excerpt from HRS1201 for Task Description (Caller)

IUSERLAN_C - Structure for User and Logon Language (Caller)
IWPSRVPARM - Structure for Internal Tables for Parameters for Services
IWPURLSVR - Include for Logical Web Server for Logical Systems
THRPCLAS_C - UI Classification for Customer Order Workflow (T) (Caller)
THRSCLAS_C - UI Classification for Standard Order Workflow (TS) (Caller)
TWPLGRPLNG - Table for Matching Logon Groups for Languages
TWPLNGLNG - Conversion Table for Logon Languages (WP on Component Sys.)
TWPOBJOBJ - WP Runtime: Compatibility Between Objects
TWPSRVCLSS - Runtime for Service Classification (Workplace Server)
TWPSRVDEVI - WP Runtime: Dependencies of Services on End Devices
TWPSRVLOGS - Runtime for Release Status of Logical System (Workplace Srv)
TWPSRVOBJ - WP Runtime: Assignment of Services to Business Objects
TWPSRVPARM - Runtime: URL Parameter for Services
TWPSRVPART - Text Table for Web Application Parameters (WP Runtime)
TWPSRVSFIN - Runtime: Service File Name & Attribute (Workplace Server)
TWPSRVTXTS - WP Runtime: Text for Services
TWPURLPATH - Paths for Different Web Server Types
TWPURLSVR - Logical Web Servers for Logical Systems
UIDEPEND - Structure for the UI Classification Dependencies
URLTRNS - Structure of Translation Table for URL Generation
URLTYPES - Structure for URL Types
URL_PARAMS - Structure for Parameter Pairs in URLs
URL_TBL - Structure for URL Tables
USRSYSLNG - User's Language in a System
USRURLPRS - Table for Personalization of Services
USRURLSVR - Logical Web Servers for Logical Systems (User-Specific)
WPOBJTC_C - Transaction Code for Object Type Assignment (Caller)