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SAP Supplier Relationship Management Tables SRM

BBPTREE - Cluster database for BBP PID tree
COMC_PR_TEXT_M - Product Master Key Conversion R/3 to CRM
COMC_PR_TEXT_P - Product Master Text Types Allowed for Product Type
COMC_TEXT_AS - Access Sequence for Texts
COMC_TEXT_ASD - Definition of Access Sequence
COMC_TEXT_ASF - Assignment of Fields in Access Sequence
COMC_TEXT_AS_T - Description of Access Sequence
COMC_TEXT_O - Text Object
COMC_TEXT_P - Text Schema
COMC_TEXT_PD - Definition of Text Determination Procedure

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SAP SRM Analytics Tables SRM-BW

BBPS_BI_BW_WS_DATA_C - BW Interface: Web Survey Data
BBPS_BI_SE_GUID_ATTR_C - Extract. Struct.: MasterData Attributes for VendorEvaluation
BBPS_BI_SE_GUID_DELTA_C - Delta structure
BBPS_BI_TD_CF - Extraction Structure: Movement Data SAP SRM Confirmation
BBPS_BI_TD_IV - Extraction Structure: Movement Data SAP Supplier Invoice
BBPS_BI_TD_LA - Extraction Structure: Transactional Data SRM Purchase Order
BBPS_BI_TD_PO - Extraction Structure: Transactional Data SRM Purchase Order
BBPS_BI_TD_PO_ACC - Extr.Struc:Transactional Data Purchase Order with Accounting
BBPT_BI_SE_DELTA - Delta Table for Masterdata Extractor
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SAP Catalogs Tables SRM-CAT

/SAPSRM/CAT_FILE - FTP File Information for Contract-to-Catalog Upload
/SAPSRM/CAT_FTP - FTP Server Information for Contract-to-Catalog Upload

SAP SRM Category Management Tables SRM-CM

BBPD_CM_INIT - Initiatves for Category Management
BBPD_CM_INITDOCS - Business Docs Created as Part of the Initiative (RFX/CTR)
BBPD_CM_INITPROD - Assign Products to Initiative
BBPD_CM_INITSTKH - Assign Stakeholders to the Initiative
BBPD_CM_INITVEND - Assign Vendors, Vendor Lists to Initiative
BBPD_CM_IPOCAMAP - Mapping of Initiative to Program Objective Category Allocat.
BBPD_CM_METH - Methodology Header
BBPD_CM_METHSTEP - Steps in a Methodology

BBPD_CM_OBJ - Objectives for a Program or Initiative
BBPD_CM_OBJ_REL - Objective Breakdown
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SAP Enterprise Buyer Tables SRM-EBP

BAPI2001_AFVC - PS@BBP: Network Activity (Master Data)
BAPI2001_AUFK - PS@BBP: Network (Master Data)
BAPI2001_COMP - PS@BBP: Component (Master Data)
BAPI2001_COMP_R3 - PS@BBP: Component (Master Data)
BAPI2001_CTXT - PS@BBP: Component (Texts)
BAPI2001_PROJ - PS@BBP: Project Definition (Master Data)
BAPI2001_PRPS - PS@BBP: WSB Element (Master Data)
BAPI2001_RSTHIE - PS@BBP: Hierarchy Table
BAPI2001_SELECT - Selection Structure for (Sub-) Projects
BAPI2007_COMPONENTS - Component for Order
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SAP Localization - Country Versions Tables SRM-LOC

BBPS_ICC_HEADER_VALUES - Country-specific header segment, backend tax comm. structure
BBPS_ICC_ITEM_VALUES - Country-specific item segment, backend tax comm. structure
BBPS_ICC_NF_HDR_VAL - Header values on nota fiscal screens
BBPS_ICC_NF_HEADER_TAX - Nota Fiscal Header Tax Table on Screens
BBPS_ICC_NF_ITM_VAL - Item values on nota fiscal screens
BBPS_ICC_NF_TAX - Nota fiscal tax values
BBPS_ICC_TAXCOM_HEADER - Communication structure country-specific header tax fields

BBPS_ICC_TAX_VALUES - Country-specific tax segment, backend tax comm. structure
BBP_APP_SC_TAX_BR - Tax Structure for Brazil
BBP_APP_TAX_BR - Brazilian Fields in Tax Data Procurement Doc. Interface
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SAP Registration of Suppliers Tables SRM-ROS

BBP_SUS_STG_ADR - Staging address table
BBP_SUS_STG_BANK - Staging Bank table
BBP_SUS_STG_FAX - Staging address table
BBP_SUS_STG_MAIL - staging mail table
BBP_SUS_STG_TAX - staging tax table
BBP_SUS_STG_TEL - Staging table for telephone
ROSS_BP_SURVEY - Business Partner Data for Questionnaire
ROSS_LANG_FOR_QSTN - Language Selection for Questionnaires
ROSS_PCAT_QSTN - Assign Product Category and Questionnaire to Languages
ROSS_PRODCAT - Product Categories for Registration
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SAP Supplier Self-Services Tables SRM-SUS

BBPC_SUS_BTNDEF - Definition of Displayable Buttons in a View or THTMLB Table
BBPC_SUS_COLDEF - Definition of Displayable Fields in a Table Item
BBPC_SUS_CUSTOM - Customer Settings
BBPC_SUS_TABDEF - Definition of Displayable Fields in a Table Item
BBPC_SUS_TEXT - SUS: Definition of UI Texts
BBPC_SUS_UM_RSYS - SUS: Replication Systems for Users Created in SUS UM
BBPC_SUS_UM_RSYT - SUS: Replication Systems for Users Created in SUS UM
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