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SAP Production Planning and Control Tables PP

LPO_BOM - BOM data (components)
LPO_BOM_GETDETAIL - Selection parameters for BOM data
LPO_CONFIRMATION - Posted Production Confirmation
LPO_DS_OPTION - Checklist to get master data (Material, BOM, WC assignment)
LPO_GM_MAT_MESG - Goods movement
LPO_GM_SEL_PARAMS - Selection parameter for goods movements
LPO_INTMODEL_MAT - Integration model LPO: Integrated Materials
LPO_INTMODEL_WC - Integration model LPO: Integrated Work centers
LPO_INT_MODEL_MAT_UPDATE - Integration model LPO: Update Material

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SAP Basic Data Tables PP-BD

CEV_ATNAM - Characteristic name
CEV_FOTXT - Formula string
CEV_HIER - Hierarchy recursive formulas
DSEC - Table fields
PARAMS - Internal table for CAPP characteristics
PLFVCAP - Additional fields for CAPP in PLFV
PLPH - CAPP: Sub-operations
PLPHB - Buffer Table for Sub-operations
PLPHCAP - Additional fields for CAPP in PLPH
PLPHD - Dialog Structure for sub-operations in task lists and orders
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SAP Capacity Requirements Planning Tables PP-CRP

AFVG_TAB_STRUC - afvg_tab-structure
CYANGEZU - Assignment of avail. capacity for set combin. to column name
CYARBKAP - Structure for the capacities of work centers
CYAUSPROF - ID and text of the sel. profile as structure for screens
CYAVER - Internal table for distribution keys
CYCRHDT - Structure of the view CYCRHD with work center text
CYDARPROF - Structure of the indicators in an option profile
CYDARSPROF - ID and text of the option profile as structure for screens
CYDETALL - Fields used for generating the detailed list
CYDGLEG - Table for editing the legend of capacity planning graphics

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SAP Flow Manufacturing Tables PP-FLW

LDCHTKT - Screen fields for changing no. of takts/capacities
LDFBPARAMS - LD: Fields for function module paramters
LDHLP - Help fields for line design
LDLBC - Takts/no. of ind. capacities per line segment line balance
LDLBCD - Capacities of a line segment - dialog -
LDLBH - Line balance/planned rate header record
LDLBHD - Dialog strukture LDLBH
LDLBP - Line balance items
LDLBPD - Dialog strukture LDLBP
LDLBPG - Routing usage in existing line balances
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SAP Information System Tables PP-IS

LMCF1 - Internal Table for Input/Output Diagram
LMCF1_ARB - Work Center
LMCF1_FAUF - Production Order
LMCF1_PLN - Planned Order
LMCF1_WRK - Plant
LMCF1_ZEIT - Period
MCAFKO - Order header data PP orders
MCAFKOADD - Details: Order Header Data

MCAFKOB - Order header data PP orders
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AFPKB - General Help Fields for SAPLMPKB
AFPKR - Work Fields for SAPLMPKR
AMPKR - Help Fields for SAPMMPKR Control Cycle Definition
B130 - Plant/JC prof.
B131 - Plant/JC prof./vendor
BADI_PVBE - Supply Area Transfer Structure (Business Add-In)
BADI_PVKT - Supply Area Short Text Transfer Structure (Business Add-In)
BAPI1075_1 - KANBAN Information for Vendors (Individual Kanbans)
BAPI1075_3 - Result of a Kanban Status Change
BAPI1075_4 - Reference Document Number
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SAP Integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems Tables PP-MES

AFDIST - Distribution Information on Production Order
AFDISTD - Distribution Information on Production Order (Dialog)
COMES_ACTIVE_FILTERS - Active Filter Criteria in DRF
COMES_AENR_API01 - Interface for Processing Table AENR via API
COMES_BUSINESS_SYSTEM - Business Systems Earmarked for Distribution
COMES_CONF_PROG - Table for MES Confirmation Progress
COMES_CONF_PROG_S - Structure for MES Confirmation Progress
COMES_EQUI_CAPA_ALLOCATION - Assignment Between Individual Capacities and Equipment
COMES_INSP_CHAR - Characteristics for the Inspection Lot (MES Integration)
COMES_INSP_OPER_SAMPLE_SIZE - Inspection Lot: Scope of Random Sample Operations
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SAP Production Planning Tables PP-MP

RCPFS - External planning tool: auxiliary structure
RCPFS1 - External planning tool: start options
RCPFS2 - External planning tool: start configuration
RPFS2 - Planning Tool, Physical System
TCPFS1 - Organization of data adjustment for external planning tool
TCPFS2 - Planning Tool, Physical System
TCPFS3 - External planning tool: lock table
TCPFS3B - External planning tool: buffer table
TCPFS4 - External planning tool
TCPFS4T - Planning tool description
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SAP Material Requirements Planning Tables PP-MRP

BERI_RANGE - Range for MRP Area Number (BERID)
CIFMDLGVR - Versions of Table MDLG
CIFMDLVVR - Versions of Table MDLV
CIFMDMAVR - Versions of Table MDMA
CIFMDVR - Version Management for MRP Area Changes
COPRPL_MSG - Notification
MDAS_WAO - Structure for Exception Statistics - MRP
MDCI_ALV_CUSTOM - ALV Grid Structure for Customizing MRP Areas
MDCI_ALV_IMODEL - ALV Grid Structure for Customizing MRP Areas
MDCI_ALV_MATERIAL - ALV Grid Structure for Customizing MRP Areas
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SAP Plant Data Collection Tables PP-PDC

BAPI_PDC_WORKCENTER - PDC: Work Center - Master Data
BAPI_PP_PDC_OPENEVENT - Open Time Events for PDC Download via Comm. Channel 2
BAPI_PP_PDC_OPERA1 - Operations to be Deleted for PDC Download via BAPI for CC2
BAPI_PP_PDC_OPERA2 - Operation Data for PDC Download via BAPI for Comm. Channel 2
BAPI_PP_PDC_PARAM - Parameters for PDC Interface for Production Orders
CHOPER - Structure of Operation fields relevant to subsystems
CIBD_SRNUM - Number Output for PDC Reports
CORU_PDCGR - PDC Group for Each Operation
DWN04 - Download : Operations
DWN05 - Download : Work centers
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SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables PP-PI

AFVGDT - Downtime-Related Information on Operations in Orders
BIW_PDVER - BW-Side Structure for Production Version of Material
CAPSHIFT - Shift Information for the Capacity
CRDTBW - Structure for Downtime Extractor
CRUSAGE - Capacity Load Utilization
DATE_RG - Structure for Date Range Table
DOWNTIME_ALV - ALV Structure for Downtimes
DOWNTIME_KEY - Downtime Element for the Resource
DSCHEMAPARA - Parameter for the Downtime Schema
DT2KAPAR - Downtime for Capacity Category
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SAP Production Network Tables PP-PN

GHO_AGGR_TYPE - Platform type
GHO_AGGR_TYP_T - Text table of platform type
GHO_CHANGE - Last Change by and Date/Time Information
GHO_CREATION - Creator and date/time created
GHO_DISPOSITION - Dispositions
GHO_DISP_T - Disposition Texts
GHO_FREQUENCY - Frequency configuration
GHO_FREQUENCY_T - Frequency descriptions
GHO_PE_TYP - Oil and Gas Entity Types Customings
GHO_PE_TYP_T - Text Table for Oil and Gas Entities
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SAP Repetitive Manufacturing Tables PP-REM

AFWIS - Table of Reprocessing Records Already Reposted
ARC_INFO_BF - ALV Structure for Archiving Object PP_BKFLUSH
AVAIL_STOCK_IKB - Materials Staging: Available Stock - Event-Driven KB level
AVAIL_STOCK_IM - Materials Staging: Available Stock at IM Level
AVAIL_STOCK_WMA - Materials Staging: Available Stock at WM RelOrdParts Level
AVAIL_STOCK_WMK - Materials Staging: Available Stock at WM Pick Parts Level
BADI_HR_FIELD_INFO - Structure for Status HR Fields
BADI_IMSEG - Transfer Structure for Goods Movembents for BAdI REM
BADI_KRIT_NEU - Line Category for Table KRIT_NEU
BAPI_RM_DATGEN - Backflush Parameters Independent of Process
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SAP Production Orders Tables PP-SFC

AAFAB - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFFH - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFFL - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFIH - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFKO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFPO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFVC - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFVU - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFVV - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAUFK - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
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SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables PP-SOP

P444V - Planning Versions: Info Structures
P44V - Planning Versions
RMCP1 - i/O Table: Planning
RMCP1S - Locking Structure for Info Structures
T444K - LIS Planning: Screen Sequence Control Table
T444M - Planning: Control Table - Key Matrix Screen
T444P - LIS Planning: Key Matrix Selection Control Table
CSCP_MAT_ROUT_BOM - Structure for Listscreens in CSCPPARA1
CSCP_PLAN_PARAM - Interface-structure of Table CSCP_PARAM (planning parameter)
DEPL_NODPA - Position of a node in a DRP network
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SAP Portfolio and Project Management Tables PPM

E1RPMAVA_NEW - To fill Infotype 7 data
INM_GEN_SETTINGS - Table for General Settings for integration with RPM
INM_S_OF_TS_FIELD_NAME_INT - Internal Field Name with corresponding Table
INM_S_OF_TS_FIELD_NAME_VALUE - Name and value pair
INM_S_OF_TS_NA_KEY - Network Activity key
INM_S_OF_TS_NA_KEY_EXP - Network Activity key for export
INM_S_OF_TS_OBJ_LINK_TYPE - Object link type
INM_TS_SETTINGS_VAL - General settings value structure
PPMC_PL_AV_9NNN - Structure for customer infotype
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SAP Common Functions Tables PPM-CF

INM_ACL_UPD_CONTEXT - Context for ACL operations
INM_APP_UPDATE_CONTEXT - Application update context
INM_BOE_TS_DS_CREATE - BOE Dataset Create Options
INM_DFM_ACL_ACT - DFM activity definition for ACL handling
INM_DFM_DPR_AC_I - Inbound mapping from DFM ACL to cPro ACL
INM_DFM_DPR_AC_O - Outbound mapping from cPro ACL to DFM ACL
INM_DFM_DPR_ST_I - Inbound mapping from DFM activity to cPro activity
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SAP Portfolio Management Tables PPM-PFM

BAPI_ACT_MILESTONE_EXP_46C - BAPI Structure for Milestones under Network Activity Rel.46C
CI_RPM_ITEM_ATT - Additional Attributes
E1OBJKF - Cost Object Key Fields
E1OBJLK - Object Links
E1PJTSK - Task
E1PRAMT - Periodic Amount
OLPROXY_TS_AFVC_EXT_ID - Order External ID attributes
OLPROXY_TS_AFVC_INT_ID - Order Internal ID attributes
OLPROXY_TS_CAUFV_EXT_ID - Network Header External ID attributes
OLPROXY_TS_CAUFV_INT_ID - Network Header Internal ID attributes
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SAP Project Management Tables PPM-PRO

ACO_TS_FAVOURITES - Favorites Selected by User
ACO_TS_GROUP - Structure for Search Help ACO_BSP_USER_GROUP
ACO_TS_GROUP_D - Display Structure for ACO_GROUP
CGPL_ARCH_IDX_VS - Project Plan: Index of Archived Projects
CGPL_COPY_LINK - Project Planning: Source/Target Object Link for Copy
CGPL_ENTITY_ENQ - Project Planning - Enqueue Key Entity
CGPL_TS_ARCH_IDX_VS - Archiving Index
CGPL_TS_COPY_LINK - Source/Target Object Link when Copying
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