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SAP Product Lifecycle Management Tables PLM

ACO_ADMIN_OTYPE - Object Categories with Authorization Assignment by Sys. Adm.
ACO_BSP_SUBST_TS_DETAIL_D - Dialog Struct.for Det. Screen 'Specify Substitute'
ACO_BSP_TS_ACTIVITY_LABELS - Labels for Activities
ACO_BSP_TS_ACTIVITY_SEQUENCE - Sequence of Activities in Table View
ACO_BSP_TS_ADMIN_OBJECT_TYPE - Object Categories with Authorization Assignment by Sys. Adm.
ACO_BSP_TS_AUTH_HOLDER - Keys for Authorization Holder
ACO_BSP_TS_AUTH_HOLDER_TYPE - Authorization Holder for BSP
ACO_BSP_TS_DETAIL_D - Dialog Structure for Detail Screen Authorizations
ACO_BSP_TS_PERMISSION - Structure for Displaying Authorizations of a User, User Grp
ACO_BSP_TS_SUBSTITUTE - Defined Substitute for Cover per Object

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SAP Collaboration Folders Tables PLM-CFO

CFF_ADD_CHKF - SDOK: File name of last checkout
CFF_ADD_CHKO - SDOK: Checkout data for physical information object
CFF_ADD_IDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents
CFF_ADD_PHF - SDOK: Files of Physical Information Objects
CFF_ADD_PHHR - SDOK: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objects
CFF_ADD_PHHRPR - SDOK: Attributes of Hyperlink Relationships
CFF_ADD_PHIO - SDOK: Physical information object instances
CFF_ADD_PHNM - SDOK: Use of target anchors in physical objects
CFF_ADD_PHNMPR - SDOK: Attributes of Target Anchor Relationships
CFF_ADD_PHPR - SDOK: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
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SAP Engineering Documents Tables PLM-DOC

CDOCS_ARCH_IDX - CDOCS: Index of Archived Files
CDOCS_ARCH_IO - CDOCS: IOs to Be Archived
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ADD_FILE_ID - CDOCs: Add.Files Including ID
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ARCH_DOC - CDOCS Archiving: Document ID
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ARCH_DOCUMENT - CDPCS: Structure for Archive Data for a Document
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ARCH_DOC_FILES - CDOCS Archiving: Files for Document
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ARCH_DOC_META - CDOCS Archiving: Document Meta Data (Path)
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ARCH_DOC_META_P - CDOCS Archiving: Document Meta Data (Properties)
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ARCH_FILE - CDOCS: Structure for Archive Data for a File
CFX_TS_CDOCS_ARCH_FILE_CNT_AI - CDOCS Archiving: Access Info for File Content

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SAP Interactive Forms Tables PLM-IFO

PLMIFO_FILTER - Value Table for Filter Values
PLMIFO_GEN_RETURN - Return Structure for Messages Input Check
PLMIFO_GEN_VALUE - Value List for Input Check
PLMIFO_TS_PLANT_RANGE - Range Structure for Plant

SAP Logbook Tables PLM-LBK

ADFSH_ACFTCAT - Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Category
ADFSH_ACFTCAT_T - Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Category Description
ADFSH_ACFTYP - Flight Scheduling: Aircraft type
ADFSH_ACFTYP_T - Flight Scheduling: Aircraft type Description
ADFSH_AIRLNCD - Flight Scheduling: IATA Airline Code
ADFSH_AIRLNCD_T - Flight Scheduling: IATA Airline Code Description
ADFSH_APTMAS - Flight Scheduling: Airport Master
ADFSH_APTMAS_T - Flight Scheduling: Airport Description
ADFSH_BAYMAS - Flight Scheduling: Bay Master
ADFSH_BAYMAS_T - Flight Scheduling: Bay Master Description
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SAP Product and Process Modeling Tables PLM-PPM

RLMFWCCHK_T - Checks - Texts
RLMFWCPFD - Protected Fields
RLMFWCPFD_TXT - Protected Fields

RLMFWCROT - Release Object Types
RLMFWCROT_T - Release Object Types - Texts
RLMFWCRT - Release Targets
RLMFWCRT_T - Release Targets - Texts
RLMFWOH - Release Order - Header Data
RLMFWOHA - Release Order - Processor
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SAP Recipe Management Tables PLM-RM

API_DRAD - Document-Object Link
API_EHSBT_APPL_SCOPE - API-RCP: Scopes of Application
API_PNRCP - API-RCP: Node Values
API_PNRL_DOWN_HIER - Node Relationships
API_PNRL_DOWN_STRUC - Node Relationships
API_RCP_GUID - PPE / BAPI: Identification of RCP Node
API_THEAD - SAPscript: Text Header
API_TLINE - SAPscript: Text Lines
BAPI1194_GR_ASCOPE - BAPI - Scope of Application Structure
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SAP PLM Web User Interface Tables PLM-WUI

HRI7600 - Collaboration Context Attributes
HRI7601 - Collaboration Context Role Assignment Attributes
HRP7600 - DB Table for Infotype 7600
HRP7601 - DB Table for Infotype 7601
P7600 - Infotype 7600: Collab Ctx Attr
P7600_AF - Additional Query Fields
P7601 - Infotype 7601: Collab Ctx Attr
P7601_AF - Additional Query Fields
EDESKCOMMDATA - EDESK Integration: Exchange/Communication Data
EDESKCOMMDATAS - EDESK Integration: Exchange/Communication Data
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