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SAP Training and Event Management Tables PE

ABLAUF_TAB - Schedule Table
ADDRESSEE - Recipient list
AKURS - Business Event Offered When Booking Business Event
BAPIATDAT - Business event data per attendee
BAPIATNAME - Attendee data
BAPIATTYPE - Internet attendee types
BAPICATEGORY - Business event group data
BAPICODAT - Business event data per group attendee
BAPICONAME - Group attendee data
BAPICOPREB - Prebookings for group attendee

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SAP SAP Learning Solution Tables PE-LSO

HRLSO_S_BI_COMPL_FORECAST - Structure for Compliance Forecast
HRLSO_S_BI_COURSE_TYPE_HIEINTV - Hierarchy Element Interval Extension
HRLSO_S_BI_COURSE_TYPE_HIER - Hierarchy Element of Course Type Hierarchy
HRLSO_S_BI_ES_AUTH_VIEW - Learning Solution Authorization View of a user
HRLSO_S_BI_ES_TRAININGS - Extract Structure for Learning Trainings
HRLSO_S_BI_TPARTDOCNO - Course Participation - Document
LSOALERTTYPE - Data for Alerts per Course
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SAP External Learning Solution - Backend Tables PE-LSX

HRI7900 - Structure for Infotype 7900
HRI7901 - Structure for Infotype 7901
HRI7902 - Structure for Infotype 7902 - External Learning Community
HRI7903 - Structure for info type 7903
HRI7905 - xLSO Configuration infotype
HRP7900 - DB Table for Infotype 7900
HRP7901 - DB Table for Infotype 7901
HRP7902 - DB Table for Infotype 7902
HRP7903 - DB Table for Infotype 7903
HRP7905 - DB Table for Infotype 7905

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SAP Room Reservation Management Tables PE-RPL

FIRMA - Room Reservations Structure: Company Data, RHRAUM30, 2100
HRP1031 - Infotype 1031 DB table
P1031 - Infotype 1031: Additional Business Event Info
P1031_AF - Additional Query Fields
PDRA1 - Auxiliary Structure for Room Reservation Management
PP0M - Parameter string for program class PP0M
RHRA1 - Structure for Room Reservation Management: Room Data
RHRA2 - Structure for Room Reservation Management: Reservation Data
RHRA3 - Structure for Room Reservation: Company/Attendee Data (List)
RHRA4 - Room Reservation Management: Rebooking Data
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