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SAP Enterprise Controlling Tables EC

JBISTDSTRU - External Data Transfer: Fields for ABAP Dictionary Relations

SAP Consolidation Tables EC-CS

BAPI1024 - Transfer Structure 1024 CONSUNIT
BAPI1024_CONSUNIT_LIST - Transfer Structure 1024 CONSUNIT_LIST
BAPI1025 - Transfer Structure 1025 CONSCHARTOFACCTS
BAPI1025_CONSCHART_LIST - Transfer Structure 1025 CONSCHART_LIST
BAPI1025_CONSITEM_LIST - Transfer Structure 1025 CONSITEM_LIST
BAPI1026 - Transfer structure 1026
BAPI1026_CONSINVESTEE_RA - Structure for Range Table (Investee Unit)
BAPI1026_CONSITEM_RA - Structure for Range Table (FS Items)
BAPI1026_CONSPARTNER_RA - Structure for Range Table (Partners)

BAPI1026_CONSSUBITEM_RA - Structure for Range Table (Subitems)
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SAP Executive Information System Tables EC-EIS

EIS_BW - Interface EIS - BW Test!
TKCDA - EC-EIS/BP -> BW: Assignment DataSource -> Aspect
CDICQF - RKC: Allocation refernce table <-> currency carrying char.
CDIDEP - ABAP/4 Dictionary Interface: Structure for Compound Char.
CDIDOM - DDIC Interface: Structure for Domains
CDIFCA - DDIC Interface: Field Catalog Structure
CDIFGRP - Field groups
CDIFGRPF - Field group fields
CDIFIE - DDIC Interface: Structure for Table Fields
CDIFKY - DDIC interface: Structure for foreign key dependency
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SAP Profit Center Accounting Tables EC-PCA

ARC_IPC_IT - Archive index table for FI-SL line items
BWEC_MD_PROFIT_CTR - Transfer of Profit Center Master Data to BW
BWEC_TX_PROFIT_CTR - Transfer of Profit Center Texts to BW
CEPC - Profit Center Master Data Table
CEPCP - Profit center update table ( PRCT1 + TITAB )
CEPCT - Texts for Profit Center Master Data
CEPC_BUKRS - Assignment of Profit Centers to a Company Code
CMDT_PC - Generic Master Record: Profit Center Enhancements
CMDT_PC_BASIC - Generic Master Record: Cost Center Enhancement Fields

CMDT_PC_BUKRS - Generic Master Record: Company Code Assign. for Profit Cent.
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