SOAMANAGER SAP does not load or open browser window


When you execute SOAMANAGER sometimes it may not load your internet browser windows and seems like it does not do anything. This will be related to an SAP GUI issue and I will show you how to confirm this and get around the problem. But first ensure you try executing SOAMANGER using the /O and /N command options to see if this fixes the issue:




Check function module CALL_BROWSER

The next step is to ensure the function module CALL_BROWSER works. To do this use transaction se37 to view the FM and then test it with a standard web site URL.


Execute tcode SE37, enter FM name as CALL_BROWSER and press test


Enter a website URL and press execute



Let’s debug SOAMANGER and pinpoint the issue

If CALL_BROWSER works you can now debug SOAMANAGER and pinpoint the issue because depending on your GUI version it actually uses this function module to call the browser window.

With SE24 or SE80 go to class CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER and method DETACH_URL_IN_BROWSER


Within here set a break-point and execute tcode SOAMANAGER again. You will then see if your SAP system calls the method call or the CALL_BROWSER function module. If it calls the method you need to debug again and at the point where it does the GUI check(CHECK_GUI_SUPPORT) change the return value so that it calls the function module. It should now work and provide you with the correct URL to SOAMANAGER