SOAMANAGER to setup SAP web service

Once you have created your SAP web service provider (enterprise service) you need to do the SOAMANAGER configuration. To do this execute transaction SOAMANAGER

Select the web service configuration option. Note you may have to log in again using your same SAP login details.

Find the service definition you have created in SE80. Enter the whole or part of the name and press go.

Select your service definition, press apply and then select the configuration tab. Then press the create button.

Enter any details you like into the binding details

On the next screen enter no authorisation and a user name and password for the service to log into the SAP system with. Press save.

Configuration will then be created

Now go to the overview tab andclick on the below WSDL option. This will provide you with th eWSFL for the web service which you can feed into SOAPUI