SAP Architect on-line course


SAP Architect covers Best Practice of SAP Architecture, SAP Landscape scenarios, SAP Governance, their Security


Let me make this a KNOWN FACT that the instructor will be teaching in a way that he WILL MAKE SURE that you understand even the MOST complicated topics and you WILL be able to replicate those results. This training will benefit you in such a way that after completing it, you will become a NATURAL at SAP Architect.

SAP Architect is an Integral SAP skill integrated by SAP run companies. Most, if not all SAP run companies use SAP Architect as a tool to run their SAP Databases, manage their SAP Databases, and design their SAP Databases.


The SAP training explains the absolute basics of working as a SAP Architect and Netweaver Administration Consultant thereby teaching the various capabilities using advanced teaching skills in instructing SAP Architect through advanced SAP concepts namely



·SAP ARCHITECT Introduction


·Basics of SAP architecture

·SAP sizing and Product Availability Matrix in SAP

·SAP Products Overview

·Client Concept in SAP

·SAP Technical Architecture

·SAP System Landscape

·SAP ICM Intenet Communication Manager

·Web Dispatcher in SAP

·Load Balancing using SAP Web Dispatcher

·Dailog Work Process in SAP

·SAP Logon Groups

·Profiles in SAP

·License Management in SAP ABAP and SAP AS Java

·SAP Security

·SAP Background Jobs

·SAP Data Archiving

·SAP Solution Manager

·Printing and Spooling in SAP

·SAP Software Logistics Overview

·Workload Analysis Monitors in SAP

·SAP Memory Management

·SAP Table Buffering

·Oracle Database Overview in SAP

·Database Backup for a SAP System

·Backups and Restore in SAP

·How to perform SAP Kernal Upgrade

·How to setup Remote Connection to SAP

·SAP Netweaver Administration Administration NWA

·BR Tools in SAP

·Application of SAP Support Packs


By the completion of this online SAP training course, you will be fully versed, and capable of working with SAP Architect and SAP consultant in a Big Firm.

· These trainings are Simple and Easy to follow the flow

· Learn by watching the practical demos

· Taught by an instructor having more than 20 years of SAP experience with many implementations in many top notch companies.

· The instructor has SAP Professional Certification level expertise in SAP Architect. including numerous System Refreshes, OS/DB migrations and SAP Upgrades, and, is well equipped to address any technical query in the SAP Architect Domain.

· Practical tricks, tips and best practices are explained wherever feasible.




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