The SALV_DEMO_TREE_SIMPLE report demonstrates the basic usage of the Tree in ALV OM functionality implement by method cl_salv_tree (Fullscreen Tree, Tree)


Note if no data is displayed on your system you may be able to create the data by executing report BCALV_GENERATE_ALV_T_T2

What is meant by an SAP ALV Tree

The basic working of the ALV tree are nodes and subnodes(i.e. parent-child relationship ). These have to be added to the report including the relationship between each node but can then be manipulated automatically by the end user.

ABAP code to call this SAP report using the submit statement


SUBMIT SALV_DEMO_TREE_SIMPLE AND RETURN. “Return to original report after report execution complete 

SUBMIT SALV_DEMO_TREE_SIMPLE VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. “Display selection screen of the submitted report to the user 

See more syntax options for the ABAP SUBMIT statement 

Text pool values

Selection Text: P_AMOUNT = Number of Data Records 
Selection Text: P_FULL = Full Screen 
Selection Text: P_TREE = Tree on Screen 
Title: Demonstration Program for ALV OM Tree 
Text Symbol: HD1 = Hierarchy 
Text Symbol: HT1 = This is the hierarchy column

SAP Module / Component 

Basis Components -> Basis Services / Communication Interfaces -> SAP List Viewer(BC-SRV-ALV)