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ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is SAP's proprietary 4th Generation Language (4GL).

SAP core is written almost entirely in ABAP, which is a high level programming language used in SAP for development and other customization processes. 

“SAP ABAP Advanced Cookbook” covers advanced SAP programming applications with ABAP. It teaches you to enhance SAP applications by developing custom reports and interfaces with ABAP programming. 

This cookbook has quick and advanced real world recipes for programming ABAP. 

It begins with the applications of ABAP Objects and ALV tips and tricks. It then covers Design Patterns and Dynamic Programming in detail and much much more!! 

Offered Free by: Packt Enterprise 
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HTML5 : The evolution of Web Standards - FREE Cheat Sheet!

HTML5 is the most dramatic step in the evolution of web standards. It incorporates features such as geolocation, video and audio playback, a graphics canvas, client-side persistence, drag-and-drop, and much more. HTML5 allows developers to create rich internet applications (RIA) without the need for third party APIs and browser plug-ins. and offline storage.

Content Includes:

  • About HTML5
  • Changes to Existing Components
  • New Elements in HTML5
  • Attribute Changes
  • HTML Event Handling
  • Hot Tips and more …

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