Create dynamic ABAP Web dynpro screen in SAP


In order to Create dynamic ABAP Web Dynpro screen within your SAP application, first simply create a new Web dynpo application. Then add the below ABAP code into the WDDOMODIFYVIEW method of your main view.

  data : lr_textview type ref to cl_wd_text_view.
  Data: lr_uicontainer type ref to cl_wd_uielement_container,
        lr_rowhead type ref to cl_wd_row_head_data,
        lr_button type ref to cl_wd_button,
        lr_inputfield type ref to cl_wd_input_field,
        lr_flowdata type ref to cl_wd_flow_data,
        ld_childid type string.

*if first_time = 'X'. "Uncomment when parameter created in method
  lr_button = cl_wd_button=>new_button( view = view
  text = 'My Button'
  on_action = 'PRESSBUTTON' ).

  lr_rowhead = cl_wd_row_head_data=>new_row_head_data( element = lr_button ).
  lr_button->set_layout_data( lr_rowhead ).
  lr_button->set_tooltip( value = 'Tooltip' ).
  lr_flowdata = cl_wd_flow_data=>new_flow_data( element = lr_button ).
  lr_uicontainer ?= view->get_element( 'ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER' ).
  lr_uicontainer->add_child( lr_button ).
  lr_textview = cl_wd_text_view=>new_text_view( view = view
  text = 'Create Dynamic UI Elements' ).
  lr_rowhead = cl_wd_row_head_data=>new_row_head_data( element = lr_textview ). 
  lr_textview->set_layout_data( lr_rowhead ).
  lr_flowdata = cl_wd_flow_data=>new_flow_data( element = lr_textview ).
  lr_uicontainer ?= view->get_element( 'ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER' ).
  lr_uicontainer->add_child( lr_textview ).

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