Compare two ABAP objects using SE39 Split screen editor

Transaction SE39 is useful if you want edit two programs at the same time or if you just want to compare two ABAP objects on one screen. Once you have two objects loaded into the views you can turn compare mode on and it will highlight any differences, which you can step through one at a time.

Step 1 – Select two ABAP objects in SE39

First you simply need to execute t-code SE39 and choose the 2 objects you want to view/edit/compare i.e. I have created a copy of BAPI_EMPATTABS_GETDETAIL called ZBAPI_EMPATTABS_GETDETAIL and entered both of these into the selection screen.


Step 2 – View two ABAP objects alongside each other
On the next screen you will see the two entered objects alongside each other in View/Change mode depending which button you pressed.



Step 3 – Compare mode
In-order to compare the two objects simply click the “Compare On” button and any changes will be highlighted with a red and white not equals sign. As you can see when I copied this function module and changed the language it has slightly altered the signature lines so they arte highlighted as being different. The code its self remains the same so are not highlighted.


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