Change name of enhancement tab within IW32


This is very simple to do by using SAP translation:


  • Open function group COIH within transaction code SE80.
  • Select screen 1100 (double click)
  • Use menu option GOTO->Translation
  • Click Ok(green tick) on the language from DE to EN prompt
  • On the next screen expand tree option <SRT1> Screen Painter Texts ……and double click on “screen 1100” lower branch option
  • A list of all the available text will be display ready for you to change, simply find the text you want to change, such as “enhancement text”
  • Now change the text to whatever you want it to be i.e. “My data.”
  • Press save

Next step is to transport your text translations, This is a very simple process once you know how to do it.

  • Execute standard SAP program ‘RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER’ or t-code SLXT
  • Change the language to the desired entry (even though it looks like a display only field you can still change it using F4 or the dropdown help button)
  • Tick the ‘Create New Request’ checkbox
  • Enter a description for you transport
  • Select ‘Workbench Request’
  • Enter date/date period when you made the change (It will pick up all translation made in this period)
  • Enter the object type or ‘*’ to pick up all. In this case the object type is SRT1(FUGR)
  • Enter SAP user ID of the person who made the change in the ‘Object Processor’ field
  • Press execute
  • An screen will be displayed showing number of object found and transport number created




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