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Best ABAP Books for learning and using as a reference guide

Here is a list of the best ABAP books available to help you get started as an ABAP developer or use as a reference guide if you are already developing ABAP based applications.

Complete ABAP: The Comprehensive Guide to ABAP 7.5

This is an excellent book to learn the a to z of ABAP development and covers versions all the way up to release 7.5. It covers basic syntax and concepts including Procedural and Object-Oriented ABAP Programming.

This book is not only a good learning guide but can also be used as a reference guide once you’re up and running. It will also be useful if you are more advanced and have already mastered the art of ABAP development.

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ABAP: An Introduction and Beginner’s Guide to SAP ABAP (SAP PRESS)

This book covers all aspects, starting with the system setup and then takes you step by step through developing a simple application. Covers it all from the database, syntax through to the UI concepts. It also includes some obsolete statements and why you still need to understand them.

This book isn’t just for beginners and could be a great resource for experienced ABAP developers who may not have had the opportunity to keep up to date with some of the newer techniques or OO ABAP.
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ABAP Development for SAP HANA

This is the future of ABAP development and SAP.

This one’s a little different as it is ABAP for SAP HANA which is the future of SAP ABAP development. This book gives you the opportunity to find out how HANA has changed ABAP and learn what the future of ABAP will look like in this new wonderful HANA based SAP future.

You will Learn about code pushdown, which essentially means you push as much processing as possible to the HANA database using new Open SQL enhancements and CDS views. The old way would be to get your data from the database and do all your processing on the application server but now the HANA database is that fast place to do it so you need to take advantage of this.

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First Steps in ABAP – Your Beginner’s Guide to SAP ABAP

This book is very much a beginners guide to ABAP development with easy to follow step by step examples to get you started. Also available as a digital ebook/kindle version

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Mastering SAP ABAP: A complete guide to developing fast, durable, and maintainable ABAP programs in SAP

This is one of the later released ABAP books which covers the whole ABAP journey, starting with a refresher of the basic concepts and techniques. Then moving onto modern functionalities available in the latest version of ABAP as well as creating HTML5 based applications using SAPUI5.

This book is also available as a downloadable ebook/kindle version.

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