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SAP Treasury Tables TR

ABGR - Interface to FIMA accrual/deferral
AT15 - Treasury: Foreign exchange swap rates
AT32 - Control indicators for financial mathematic calculations
AT56R - Supplements to Analysis System for Table T056R
ATCOVO - Commodity Price Volatilities
ATCVO - Exchange Rate Volatilities
ATIVO - Reference interest rate volatilities
ATKO1 - Correlation Type
ATKO1T - Text Table Correlation Type

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SAP Cash Budget Management Tables TR-CB

BCMP - Financial budget period values
BCMY - Financial budget annual values
FM01CB - Cash Budget Management Update Control
FMCL - FIFM Transfer Structure: Leveling Information
FMCLHD - Cash Budget Management: Clearing Information for Posting
FMCLIT - Cash Budget Management: Clearing Lines for Posting
FMFMBE1 - TR-CM-CBM: Internal structure in reporting
FMFMBE2 - TR-CM-CBM: Internal structure in reporting
FMFMSU1 - FM: Internal Reporting Structure
FMFMSU2 - FM: Internal Reporting Structure
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