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SAP Service Tables SV

DVS1CHKF - KW: File Name of Last Check-out
DVS1CHKO - KW: Physical Information Object Check-out Data
DVS1IDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB1
DVS1LOIO - KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LOIOT - KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LOPR - KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LORE - KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LORI - KW: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects
DVS1NODE - Node Table for General Structure Storage
DVS1NODER - General Structure Storage References

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SAP ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) Tables SV-ASA

ASAPBCSETS - Status Structure with Text
BMNOBJTYPE - Texts for Objects
BMOBJTYPE - Structure for Translation
BMTAB0064 - Structure 64 Byte
BMTAB0256 - Structure 256 Byte
BMTAB1024 - Structure 1024 Byte
CDILEICHE - Structure of Output List of Report CDI_Leichen
CHAPTERNUM - Chapter Numbers for Table of Contents
HIER_BCSET - Display BC Set in Q&Adb
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SAP Back Office Service Delivery Tables SV-BO

SLCHE070 - R/3 Command File
SLCHE070B - R/3 Command File
SLCHE070L - Number Range for Transport and Correction System
SLCHE070R - Structure for RFC Download Software Logistic Check
SLCHE071 - Objects in a Request or Task (E070)
SLCHGSUGI - Parameter Description for Function Group SUGI
SLCHRDDM2 - System Structure Screen
SLCHSR1T3X - Communications Structure for T000 Infos in 3.x Systems
SLCHTADIR - Directory of R/3 Repository Objects
SLCHTASM31 - Software Logistic Check SM31

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SAP Interface to SAP; record feedback Tables SV-FDB

BCOS_APPX - Appendices (External Files) Header Information
BCOS_ATTRI - Attributes (Name - Value)
BCOS_CUST - Create Messages: Customizing
BCOS_PROT - Create Messages: Log File
BCOS_TEXTH - Text Header Information
BCOS_TEXTL - Text Header Information
BCOS_TYPES - Create OSS Messages: Field Types

SAP Solution Manager Tables SV-SMG

UACC_BATCH - Table to hold the Batch Execution Content
UACC_BATCH_DATA - Structure to hold the Batch Execution Data Portion Content
UACC_BATCH_DATA2 - Structure to hold the Batch Execution Data Portion Content
UACC_BATCH_STEP_RELATION_LINK - Describes link betw. UACC batch step <-> application GUID
UACC_JOB_DATA - Structure containging Batch Job Scheduling Paramters
UACC_LOG - Table to hold unique log names
UACC_RESTART - Table for restart logic of steps
UACC_RFC - UACC RFC Destinations
UACC_RFCDES - Table to maintain RFC destination to the relavant clients
UACC_RFC_SCR - Screen structure for UACC RFC maintenance
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