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AGSSEA_OL_ACH_NAME_LINE - SEA OL: line of the table getting with ACH comp name
AGSSEA_OL_LINE - SEA OL: line of the object list table getting SW/ACH comp

SAP SAP Tutor Tables KM-ITU

WPBHELP_URL - URL Maintenance for context.html

SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables KM-KW

ACLACENTR - ACL: Entry for Authorized Users
ACLACTGRP - ACL: Structure with Role
ACLACTVTY - ACL: Structure with Activity
ACLERROR - ACL: Object Error
ACLID - ACL Structure with ACL IDs
ACLIDERR - ACL: Structure with ACL ID and Error Object
ACLOBJTY - ACL: Structure with Object Types

ACLSTAMPS - ACL: Timestamp and User Stamp
ACLUSRGRP - ACL: User or User Group
ACL_ACE - ACL: Entry for Authorized Users
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