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BAPIEABLUAMI - AMI Interface Structure for Upload
BBPLAN_CHANGEMODE_PARA - IC WC: Structure for Object Method SwitchProcessingMode
DEX_CONTROL_BULK_IN - Inbound Application Header Data for TIMESERSITMNO
DEX_CONTROL_ITEM_IN - Inbound application item data for TIMESERSITMNO
EABLC - Temporary Meter Reading Document in AMI Environment
EABLD_EL37_EL35_AMI - Structure for Displaying MR Data for EL37 with AMI
EABLGC - Temporary MR Reason of MR Document in AMI Environment
EABP_CHAM_PARAMS - Parameter Structure for ChangeAmount Method
EADRD - Screen Fields for Addresses in IS-U
EADZ_QD - Quantity Determination Procedure

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