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SAP Financial Services Tables FS

BWFS_CFM_DEALSEL - Selection Table for TR-TM Transaction Master Data
BWFS_CFM_SELEC - Selection Table for TR-TM Position Management
BWFS_CML_SELEC - Selection Table for FS-CML
BWFS_DATASRC_D - DataSources for Delta Position
BWFS_DATASRC_I - DataSources for Position Initialization
BWFS_SELECTION_T - Name of Selection Tables (BW Extraction for FS)
BWFS_SELECTION_V - Name of Selection Views (BW Extraction for FS)
BWFS_SETTINGS - Time Stamp Delta Extraction
BWFS_SETTINGS_0D - InfoSources for Delta Bestand
BWFS_SETTINGS_0I - InfoSources for Position Initialization

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SAP Business Partner Tables FS-BP

BAPIBP_TC_STR_MISC - Various Total Commitment Data
BAPIBUBUSISB990_BP001_X - FS-BP: BAPI Structure for TR Org. Attributes, Update Bar
BAPIBUSISB990_BP011 - FSBP: BAPI Structure for Business Partner Employment Data
BAPIBUSISB990_BP011_X - FSBP: BAPI Structure for Employment Data, Update Bar
BAPIBUSISB990_BP021 - FS-BP: BAPI Structure for BP Fiscal Year Information
BAPIBUSISB990_BP021_X - FS-BP: BAPI Structure for BP Fiscal Year Info., Update Bar
BAPIBUSISB990_BP1012 - FS-BP: BAPI Structure for Ratings
BAPIBUSISB990_BP1012_X - FS-BP: BAPI Structure for Ratings, Update Bar
BAPIBUSISB990_BP3010 - FS-BP: BAPI Structure for Additional BP Data (fr. Darwin BP)
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SAP Collections/Disbursements Tables FS-CD

ACCBAL_CONTRACT - Simplified Acct Bal. Display: Structure for Contract Grid
AGDETAIL_ITAGCY - Data for Agency Category
AUGL_AS_BLART_VK - Structure for Document Type for Clearing Oldest Debt
AUGL_AS_DUMMY_VK - Dummy Structure for Mass Activity V_AUGL_AS
BAPIBROKER_PERIOD - Broker Report. BAPI Structure Invoicing Period for BR
BAPIBROKER_RANGE_AMOUNT - Broker Report. BAPI Range Structure Amount for BRI
BAPIBROKER_RANGE_CRDATE - Broker Report. BAPI Range Structure Creation Data for BR
BAPIBROKER_RANGE_POSTSTATUS - Broker Report: BAPI Range Structure Posting Status for BRI
BAPIBROKER_RANGE_REPORT - Broker Report. BAPI Range Structure Identification for BR
BAPIBROKER_RANGE_SEARCHKEY - Broker Report - BAPI Range Structure Broker Rept Search Term

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SAP Claims Management Tables FS-CM

BSFC_ANSWER_SCREEN - Display of Answers in Maintenance
BSFC_APPL - Authorization for Question-Answer Tables
BSFC_IMP_QUESTION - Link Between Original and Imported Questions
BSFC_INCL_VER - Attributes for Versioning without Effect with Suspense
BSFC_INT_RESULT - Structured Facts Capture Internal Used Result Table
BSFC_PARAMETER_SCREEN - Parameters for Question/Answer Dialog
BSFC_QUESTION_SCREEN - Display of Questions in Maintenance
BSFC_QUESTSEQ - Structure For Question and Answer from Question Sequence
BSFC_RESULT - Structure for Input-Output Table
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SAP Loans Management Tables FS-CML

ADDBEPP - Additional information on VDBEPP
ADDBEPP_ADD - Additionl Information for VDBEPP
ADRS_AD - Agent address
ADRS_DN - Borrower address
ADRS_OR - Address of original agent
ADRS_SB - Clerk address
ADRS_VN - Address of policyholder
ADRS_VS - Address of insured person
ATRESERVATION - Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator

ATRESERVATIONT - Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator
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SAP Collateral Management System Tables FS-CMS

BAPICMS_STR_ASGMT_PLDG_GET - Assignment\Pledge specific data
BAPICMS_STR_ASMT_VAL_GET - Assesment value of Agreement
BAPICMS_STR_CAG_ASGMT_PLDG_GET - Assignment\Pledge specific data
BAPICMS_STR_DIST_CV_GET - Distributed collateral value
BAPICMS_STR_LENDLMT_GRT_GET - Lending limit for guarantees
BAPICMS_STR_LENDVAL_GRT_GET - Lending value for guarantees
BAPICMS_STR_LTOVRATIO_PR_GET - Loan to value ratio wrt prior charges
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SAP Value Adjustment Tables FS-RBD

VDARL_KEY_PWV - VDARL Key Structure with Current Dunning Level
/IBS/CRB_ARBBEST - RBD: Assignment of Conditions for Planned Record Creation
/IBS/CRB_BALANCE - RBD Balancing Rules
/IBS/CRB_BA_NRKR - RBD: Number Range Assignment
/IBS/CRB_BA_SRT - RBD: Obsolete
/IBS/CRB_BA_SRTP - RBD: Obsolete
/IBS/CRB_BA_SRTT - RBD: Obsolete
/IBS/CRB_BCRPBAL - RBD: Define Derivation of Risk Provision Positions (ECF)
/IBS/CRB_BENORD - RBD Authorization Employee Assignment
/IBS/CRB_BEWME_P - RBD Valuation Method
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SAP Regulatory reporting for insurance companies Tables FS-SR