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BAPI1175_1 - BAPI Solution List
BAPI1175_SOLATTACHMENTE - BAPI solution attachment
BAPI1175_SOLATTACHMENTXTE - BAPI Solution attachment text
BAPI1175_SOLHDRE - BAPI Solution Header
BAPI1175_SOLLONGTEXTE - BAPI solution long text
BAPI1175_SOLTASKE - BAPI Solution Task
BAPI1175_SOLTXTE - BAPI Solution short text
BAPI1175_SOLVALCATE - BAPI solution validation category
DISADM - SDB: Administative Info for ISMS function group
DISLACT - SDB: Dialog Structure - Solution Activity
DISLATT - SDB: Structure for Attachments
DISLATTOCX - SDB: Structure for Attachments
DISLATTXT - SDB: Solution Attachment Text
DISLTK - SDB: Dialog Structure - Solution Task
DISLVALCAT - SDB: Dialog table for Solution Validation Category
DISMCR - SDB: Dialog Table Item Object part
DISMIT - SDB: Dialog Table for item
DISMITXT - SDB: Dialog text for symptom item
DISMOB - SDB: Symptom Objects
DISMOBOCX - SDB: Symptom Objects

DISMP - SDB: Dialog Table for Symptom
DISMPOCX - SDB: Dialog Table for Symptom
DISMPTREE - SDB: Structure for table control
DISMSL - SDB:Symptom solution link structure
DISMTXT - SDB: Dialog Text for Symptom
DISMVALCAT - SDB: Dialog table for Validation Category
DISOL - SDB: Dialog Table Solution
DISOLOCX - SDB: Dialog Table Solution
DISOPT - SDB: Dialog Structure for User Settings
DISOTXT - SDB: Dialog Text for Solution
DISQUERY - SDB: Structure for attribute query search
DISTAB - Header strip for describing tabstrips for a tabstrip control
DISTXTINX - SDB: Structure for text indexing report
DIS_SRCHTYP - SDB: Dialog Structure for Search Methods
DITCA - SDB: Dialog Table Item cause
DITOP - SDB: Dialog Table Item Problem Locations
DITPR - SDB: Dialog Table Item Problem
DITSL - SDB: Dialog Table Solution Linked to an Item
DITSM - SDB: Dialog Table for Symptom linked from solution
DITSSL - SDB: Dialog Table Solution Linked to an Item
DITSSM - SDB: Dialog Table for Symptom linked from solution
DNODE - SDB: An index structure used for tree OCX
DSDB_TEXT - SDB: Search text structure used for BAPI and RFC
DT0KBOB - SDB: Object lists
ISLACT - SDB: Solution Activity
ISLATT - SDB: Solution Attachment
ISLATTXT - SDB: Solution Attachment Text
ISLTK - SDB: Solution Task
ISLVALCAT - SDB: Solution Validation Category
ISMIT - SDB: Symptom Trigger
ISMITCA - SDB: Symptom Trigger Cause
ISMITOP - SDB: Symptom Trigger Object Part
ISMITPR - SDB: Symptom Trigger Problem
ISMITXT - SDB: Symptom Trigger Short Text
ISMOB - SDB: Symptom Object table
ISMP - SDB: Symptom table
ISMSL - SDB: Symptom Solution Link table
ISMTXT - SDB: Symptom short text
ISMVALCAT - SDB: Symptom Validation Category

ISOL - SDB: Solution table
ISOPT - SDB: Table for user settings
ISOTXT - SDB: Solution Short Text Table
ISUSR - SDB: Table for user recently edited symptoms/solutions
RFC_SLLGTXT - Solution long text
RISMP0 - SDB: Structure for Symptom Table
RISMP1 - SDB: Create and change
RISOL0 - SDB: Structure for Solution Table
T0KBA - SDB: Customizing Symptom Type
T0KBAT - SDB: Customizing Symptom Type Text
T0KBB - SDB: Customizing Solution Type
T0KBBT - SDB: Customizing Solution Type Text
T0KBC - SDB: Customizing Symptom Category
T0KBCT - SDB: Customizing Symptom Category Text
T0KBD - SDB: Customizing Application Area
T0KBDT - SDB: Customizing Application Area
T0KBE - SDB: Customizing Validation Category
T0KBET - SDB: Customizing Validation Category
T0KBF - SDB: Customizing Solution Category
T0KBFT - SDB: Customizing Solution Category Text
T0KBN - SDB: Customizing Number ranges
T0KBOB - SDB: Customizing Object table