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SAP Controlling Tables CO

ACADMIN - AC diagnosis tool: Administration record
ACDIAGSHOW - AC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC Document
ACGLRET - Error Messages for HR/CO Account Verification
ACT_ASPECT - AC Diagnosis Tool: Definition of Views for AC Interface
BAPI1138_GEN - Interface Structure: General Fields
BAPI1138_KFLIST - Interface Structure: Stat. Key Figure Key and Text
BAPI1138_KFOUTPUTLIST - Interface Structure: Stat. Key Figure Output List
BAPICOBL_AAT - Assignment Types for CO Account Assignments
BAPIDOCHDRU12 - Document header: get costs/revenues - BAPI's actual postings
BAPI_COAS_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES - For Exchanging Attributes Across Systems

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SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables CO-OM

A132 - Price per Cost Center
A136 - Price per Controlling Area
A137 - Price per Country/Region
ACTV - Change Pointer for Cost Center/Activity Type or Price
ADD_OMIS - Additional Info Objects CO-OM
ALESETS - Change Pointer for Sets
ARCU_COIT1 - Residence Times for CO Line Items
ASACCESS01 - Activate Automatic Archive Access via SAP AS
AUFK_WU - Structure for Where-Used List: Cost Centers in Orders
BAPI0012_3 - BUS0012 (Cost Center): Address Data Structure
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SAP Profitability Analysis Tables CO-PA

ACCCR_PA - FI/CO document: CO-PA segment
ACCIT_PA - FI/CO document: CO-PA segment
ACEDTF7300085 - Derivation rule:Determine Document type
ACEDTF7300086 - Derivation rule:Accrual Types, Acc. Principle, Process in A
ACEDTF7300087 - Derivation rule:Posting Rule to GL Accounts
ACEID38000034 -
ACEID38000035 -
ACEID38000036 -
ACEID38000040 -
ACEID38000041 -

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SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables CO-PC

CATDE - CATT Test Data Memory, Attributes
CATDH - CATT Test Data Memory, History
CATDO - CATT Test Data Memory, Test Objects
CATDOS - CATT Test Data Memory
CKAPP01PERS_WAO - Personalization MiniApp: New Materials To Be Calculated
CKAPP_MAT_TO_COST_WAO - Material To Be Costed
CKAPP_SDPOS_TO_COST_WAO - MiniApp: Sales Order Items to be Processed
CKINVACC_MLKEY - Material ledger data display: Selection fields
CKINVACC_TOP_PRICE_DIFF2_WAO - Materials: Largest Diff. in Moving Price (Valuation Type)
CKINVACC_TOP_PRICE_DIFF3_WAO - Materials: Largest Difference in Moving Price (Sales Orders)
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