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SAP BW Warehouse Management Tables (BW-WHM)

SAP Warehouse Management Tables BW-WHM

BAPI6100DARAW - Data - Data Record (Binary) with Update Indicator
BAPI6100FL - Fields - Detailed transfer structure
BAPI6100FLS - Fields - Short transfer structure
BAPI6100FLX - Fields - Change flags
BAPI6100SL - Description - selection criteria
BAPI6101 - Source system - Details
BAPI6101L - Source system - List
BAPI6101SL - Source system - selection criteria
BAPI6102 - Transaction data - Details on InfoSources
BAPI6102L - Transaction data - List of InfoSources
BAPI6102SL - Transaction data - selection criteria for InfoSources
BAPI6103 - Master data - Details on InfoSources
BAPI6103L - Master data - List of InfoSources
BAPI6103SL - Master data - selection criteria for InfoSources
BAPI6104 - Master data - Details on transfer InfoSources
BAPI6104L - Master data - List of transfer InfoSources
BAPI6105 - Hierarchies - Details
BAPI6105L - Hierarchies - List
BAPI6105SL - Hierarchies - selection criteria
BAPI6106 - Transaction data - Details on transfer InfoSources

BAPI6106L - Transaction data - List of transfer InfoSources
BAPI6107DA - Data request - Selection criteria
BAPI6107DP - Data request - Sender parameters for a data packet
BAPI6107DR - Data request - Details
BAPI6107HI - Data request - Hierarchy selection
BAPI6107HP - Data Request - F4 Help
BAPI6107HV - Data Request - F4 Help
BAPI6107LA - Data request - Language selection
BAPI6107MSG - Messages in XML Format
BAPI6107PA - Data request - Application-specific parameters
BAPI6107PD - Data request - Parameter definition
BAPI6108 - InfoObjects - Details
BAPI6108AD - InfoObjects - Details - Additions
BAPI6108AN - InfoObjects - Navigation Attributes
BAPI6108AT - InfoObjects - Attributes
BAPI6108CM - InfoObjects - Compound
BAPI6108HANA_MAP - Hana Field Mapping for InfoObject (in BAPI)
BAPI6108HC - Characteristics that occur in hierarchies
BAPI6108IE - Elimination of Internal Business Volume
BAPI6108IO - InfoObjects: List with InfoObjects
BAPI6108L - InfoObjects - Liste
BAPI6108NP - Navigation Attributes of the Characteristic as InfoProvider
BAPI6108SL - InfoObjects - selection criteria
BAPI6108_2 - InfoObjects - Details - Additions
BAPI6109DSSL - InfoPackages - Selection Criteria for DataSources
BAPI6109L - InfoPackage List
BAPI6112 - InfoCube - Details
BAPI6112DI - InfoCube - Dimensions
BAPI6112DIO - InfoCube: InfoObjects in the Dimensions
BAPI6112IO - InfoCube - InfoObjects
BAPI6112L - InfoCube - Details
BAPI6112SL - InfoCubes - Selection Criteria
BAPI6113 - InfoObject Catalog - Details
BAPI6113IO - InfoObject Catalog - Details
BAPI6113L - InfoObject Catalog - Details
BAPI6113SL - InfoObject Catalog - Selection Criteria
BAPI6114MSG - Messages with Severity and Next Flag
BAPI6116 - DataStore Object - Details
BAPI6116DALO - Layout of the InfoObjects in the Data-Table Structure

BAPI6116II - DataStore Object InfoObjects in Indexes
BAPI6116IN - Indexes for a DataStore Object
BAPI6116IO - InfoObjects in the DataStore Object
BAPI6116IOLS - Info Object List
BAPI6116L - DataStores - List
BAPI6116NA - Navigation Attributes of the DataStore Object
BAPI6116SL - DataStores - Selection Criteria
BAPI6116SLIO - SELECT-OPTION Structure on Info Object
BAPI6116XX - DataStore BAPI: Miscellaneous Data
BAPI6117 - MultiProvider - Details
BAPI6117DI - MultiProvider - Dimensions
BAPI6117DIO - MultiProvider - InfoObjects in the Dimensions
BAPI6117IO - MultiProvider - InfoObjects
BAPI6117PI - MultiProvider - InfoProvider Involved
BAPI6117PIO - MultiProvider - InfoObject Identification
BAPI6118DALO - Layout of Data Structure for Open Hub Destination
BAPI6120 - InfoSet: Details
BAPI6120FOBJ - InfoSet: Field Objects
BAPI6120FOBJX - InfoSet: Field Objects (Enhanced)
BAPI6120L - InfoSets: Lists
BAPI6120ON - InfoSet: ON Condition
BAPI6120ONX - InfoSet: ON Condition (Enhanced)
BAPI6120SEL - InfoSets: Selection Criteria
BAPI6120TMON - InfoSet: Temporal ON Condition
BAPI6120TMONX - InfoSet: Temporal ON Condition (Enhanced)
BAPI6120TOBJ - InfoSet: Table Objects
BAPI6120TOBJX - InfoSet: Table Objects (Enhanced)
BAPI6120WHERE - InfoSet: WHERE Condition
ROXBR90196 - Mapping of DTP Commands and Sub-Steps to Event IDs
RSACTION2EVID - Mapping of Action types to Event IDs
RSADMINREMOTEDYNP100 - Screen Structure AWB Remote
RSARC_RS_CHAVL - Range structure for RSARC_RT_CHAVL characteristics
RSARC_RS_FIELDVL - Range structure for fields
RSARC_SX_SELCS - Range table characteristics
RSARC_SX_SELTS - Range structure fields
RSARC_S_IOBJUSED - Comstru field cross reference for update/transfer rules
RSARC_S_RSIS - Structure same as RSIS
RSARC_S_RSIST - Structure same as RSIST
RSARC_S_RSKSFIELD - Matches rsksfield

RSARIOBJTYPE - Structure definition for table type
RSARR_S_IDOCSTATE - ALE IDoc Status (Subset of All IDoc Status Fields)
RSAUROUTINE - For testing of RSRV ROUTINE test
RSA_S_USEDIOBJ - Used InfoObjects
RSBAIPROV - Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider Data
RSBAIPROV - Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider Data
RSBAIPROV - Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider Data
RSBAIPROV - Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider Data
RSBAIPROV - Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider Data
RSCONTSTMP - Content Stamp
RSDDAGGRDIM_J10 - Dimension sizes of the aggregate
RSDDK_S_AGGR - Aggregate ID
RSDDK_S_AGGROBJ - Component of an Aggregate
RSDDK_S_AGGR_INFO - Information on an aggregate
RSDDSTAT - Statistics data BW for aggregate selection and accounting
RSDMDACTIVATE - Activate Master Data
RSDMD_S_SELOPT - Select Option
RSDUCONVOBJ - Lock Entries for Repartitioning
RSDVENQUEUE - Table for Lock Management of RSDV
RSENQMDCHAVL - Lock table for master data upload
RSENQMDREQU - Lock table for master data upload
RSENQSM21PROT - Log Table for Enqueue Traces
RSENQSTACK - Log Table for Caller Stack for Enqueue Trace
RSENQ_PROT - Header-table log for lock manager
RSENQ_PROT_DATA - Table log for lock manager (info table)
RSENQ_PROT_ENQ - Lock-table for generic lock module
RSFIELD - Interface: Field list with DDIC properties
RSFIELDADD - Enhancements field table SAP BW (staging)
RSHDB_PC_DYN_0100 - Dynpro 100 Structure
RSHDB_PC_DYN_0100_GRID - Dynpro 100 Structure for ALV
RSHDB_S_TLOGO - TLOGO Type of Process Step
RSKS - Communication structure
RSKSFIELD - Fields of the communication structure
RSMASD - Lock Table for Master Data Deletion
RSMDATASTATE - Status of the data in the Infocubes
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTAGGREG - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure for Aggregate
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTAPPL - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure for Appl. Comps
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTBWOBJCT - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Web Template
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTCOMSTRU - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure for Comm. Struct.
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTCURTRAN - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Struct. for Curr. Conv. Str.
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTDSOURC - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure for DataSource
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIFAREA - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure for InfoArea
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIFCUBE - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure for InfoCube
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIFSET - BW Metadata Repository: InfoSet Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIFSETQ - BW Metadata Repository: InfoSet Query Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIGRID - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure InfoPackageGroup
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIOBJCAT - BW Metadata Repository: InfoObject Catalog Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIOBJNM - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure for InfoObject
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTIPAKID - BW Metadata Repository: InfoPackage Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTISOURC - BW Metadata Repository: InfoSource Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTLPRO_ATTR - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Local Provider
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTLPRO_TEXT - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Local Provider text
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTMAPING - BW Metadata Repository: Transfer Rules Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTODS - BW Metadata Repository: ODS Object Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTOPENHUB - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Web Template
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTPRCSCHN - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Web Template
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTPRCSTYP_TEXT - BW MetaData: Process Type text extract structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTPRCSVAR - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Web Template
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTQUERID - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Query Elements
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTQUERY - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Query Elements
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTRAP - BW Metadata Repository: Rep.Agent Packet Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTRAS - BW Metadata Repository: Rep.Agent Setting Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTROLE - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Role
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTROUTINE - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure ABAP Routine
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTRRC - BW Metadata Repository: RRI InfoCube Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTRRQ - BW Metadata Repository: RRI Query Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTSOURSYS - BW Metadata Repository: Source System Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTSYSID - BW Metadata Repository: BW System Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTTRANSRV - BW Metadata Repository: Extr Struct Transformation Services
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTTRANSTR - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Transfer Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTUPDR - BW Metadata Repository: Update Rule Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTUSERNM - BW Metadata Repository: User Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTWEBITEM - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Web Template
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTWEBTEMP - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Web Template
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTWEBTMPL - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Web Template
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCTWORKBK - BW Metadata Repository: Excel Workbook Extract Structure
RSO_S_EXTR_0TCT_WSP - BW Metadata Repository: Extract Structure Work Space
RSO_S_EXTR_TEXT - BW Repository Metadata: Extract Structure for Texts
RSO_S_EXTR_WSP_TEXT - BW Repository Metadata: Extract Structure for WorkspaceTexts
RSRVAPPLLOGIX - Cluster Table for Detail Data from RSRV Application Log
RSRVCHECKLOG - Cross Table Check name/Log handle
RSRVPACKAGE - Directory of Contents of Test Packages of Test/Repair Tool
RSRVPACKAGEMEM - Components of a Test Package of Check and Repair Tool
RSRVPARAMETERSET - Parameter of Elementary Tests in Transaction RSRV
RSRVSETTING - Settings for Analysis and Repair Tools
RSRVTESTHIER - Hierarchical Storage for Tests of RSRV
RSRV_PACKAGE_DYNP - Structure for F4 Help for (Test) Package Names
RSRV_PARAMETER_DYNP - Screen Fields for Parameter Screen
RSRV_SX_CHA_INFO - (Conversion) Information about a Characteristic
RSRV_S_APPL_LOG_INSTANCE - Handle and Instance of the Application Log
RSRV_S_CMP_INFO - Information about InfoObjects in Compounding
RSRV_S_CNV_VALUES - Characteristic Value to Be Converted (Concatenated)
RSRV_S_CONVEXIT - Conversion Exit with Properties
RSRV_S_DIMENSION_F4 - Structure for F4 Help for Dimension Names
RSRV_S_DIMID - Structure with only DIMID as a field
RSRV_S_DYNP - Description of a Screen
RSRV_S_DYNPRO100 - Structure for Screen 100
RSRV_S_EXTRA_APPL_LOG_FIELDS - Additional Display Fields for the Application Log
RSRV_S_HIER - Structure for the Hierarchy of the Test in Transaction RSRV
RSRV_S_HIERARCHY_INFO - Information about a Hierarchy
RSRV_S_HIER_INFO - Information about a Hierarchy
RSRV_S_MAIL - For Maintaining E-mail Recipients
RSRV_S_NAME_VALUE - Name-Value Pair for Transferring Parameters
RSRV_S_NODE - Structure for the Hierarchy of the Test in Transaction RSRV
RSRV_S_PACKAGE_STATE - Status of Package in Test Environment
RSRV_S_REPO - Description of the Class that Implements a Test
RSRV_S_SID - Structure that contains only SID as a field
RSRV_S_STATE - Status of the Test Environment
RSRV_S_TEST - Structure for the Hierarchy of the Test in Transaction RSRV
RSSB_S_ISRCNEW - New InfoSource
RSSELECTION - Selectable Fields for Transfer Structure and Data Source
RSSUBSTEP2EVID - Mapping of DTP Command, Sub-step to Event IDs
RSTCDATACONFIG - report data availability definition/configuration
RSTCFIELDS - Screen fields for package RSTC
RSTCIMPDIR - Database table for storing importances
RSTCMASTERLOAD - Master data: Time of Last Load
RSTCTAPPLHIENODE - Application Component Hierarchy Nodes
RSTCTCBHIENODE - BI Object Hierarchy Nodes
RSTCTEXTRACT - Customizing table for Step Category
RSTCTIFAREAHIENODE - Infoarea Hierarchy Nodes
RSTCTPCHIENODE - Process Chain Hierarchy Nodes
RSTCT_S_BOSIZE - Size per BO (records / kByte)
RSTCT_S_EXTR_0TCT_C23 - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for InfoCube 0TCT_C23
RSTCT_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX26 - BWA Usage Status
RSTCT_S_EXTR_0TCT_LPRO - Local Provider Properties of Workspace
RSTCT_S_EXTR_0TCT_WSP - Workspace Properties
RSTCT_S_TABLES - List of tables (with maintable flag)
RSTC_BIRS_DM_DETAILED_EX - Extract structure detailed BI Runtime statistic data (DM)
RSTC_BIRS_OLAP_AGGR_EX - Extract structure aggregated BI Query Runtime statistic data
RSTC_BIRS_OLAP_DETAILED_EX - Extract structure detailed BI Query Runtime statistic data
RSTC_BIRS_OLAP_HAGGR_EX - Extract structure aggregated BI Query Runtime statistic data
RSTC_CALL_BIAC - URL to call the BI Adminstration Cockpit
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCTSUBSTEP - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for DTP cmd, substeps
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCTWHMACT - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for WHM Action Type
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX04 - OLAP Statistics: Extract structure for Aggregate Statistics
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX05 - OLAP Cache: Memory Consumption
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX06 - OLAP Cache: Cache Vs SHM
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX07 - OLAP Cache: Query memory consumption
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX11 - BW Statistics: Transaction Data Load Status
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX12 - BW Statistics: Process Chain Status
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX14 - Report Availability Status
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX15 - data-storages with inconsistent & not uptodate data
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX21 - BW Statistics: Transaction Data Process Chain Statistics
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX22 - BW Statistics: Transaction Data DTP Statistics
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX23 - BW Statistics: Transaction Data InfoPackages
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX24 - Real Time Daemon Statistics
RSTC_S_EXTR_0TCT_EX25 - Extract structure for the DB Statistics
RSTC_S_EXTR_BWOSTYP_TEXT - BW Object Sub Type Text structure
RSTC_S_EXTR_HANDLTP - Extract structure for Different Handle type text
RSTC_S_EXTR_STATEVT - Extract structure for Event ID text
RSTC_S_EXTR_STEPTP - Extract structure for Event ID text
RSTC_S_EXTR_SUBSTEP - BW Metadata: DTP Sub-Step text
RSTRAN_S_FIELD - Transformation - Structure Field
RSTRAN_S_RULE_PARAM - Rule Parameter Description

SAP Data Warehousing Workbench Tables BW-WHM-AWB

AWB_S_DATASOURCE - BW Admin WB: Transfer Structure Datasource and Properties
AWB_S_ICON_NET - BW Admin. WB: Comparison Structure Icon in Text Fields / BMP
AWB_S_LINKTAB - BW Admin. WB: Help Structure for Filling Graphic Containers
AWB_S_OBJECTS_ASC - BW Admin. WB: Transfer Structure for GFW Proxy Objects
AWB_S_RANGE - Admin. WB: Range Structure (Network Graphic)
INTABLE1 - Structure defined for Icube name
RSACFIELD - Help structure for field display customizing
RSACOBJ - Hierarchy keyID -> ObjID
RSACPAR - Hierarchies KEYID -> attributes
RSACTREE - Hierarchy tree
RSACTREE2 - Tree that goes to frontend
RSACTYP - Hierarchies type -> attr.
RSADMFIELD - Field list for list control
RSADMTXCOL - Tree item text column
RSADMTXCOL_U - Tree item column update
RSADMTXT - just a text
RSAWBD_S_CONTROL_VISIBLE - Visible Structure for AWB Controls
RSAWBNDFP_DF_CHA - Table for Logging Changes to Data Flow Pattern
RSAWBNDFP_DF_LIN - Links of a Data Flow
RSAWBNDFP_DF_NOD - Objects of a Data Flow
RSAWBNDFP_DF_TXT - Table for Label/Name of a Data Flow Pattern
RSAWBNDF_S_AWBOBJ_ALV - Structure for ALV Grid Format
RSAWBNDF_S_AWBOBJ_LINK - Contains Links by Specifying Source and Target Objects
RSAWBNDF_S_AWBOBJ_REF - Structure for Data Flow Diagram
RSAWBNDF_S_DATAFLOW_DYNPRO_100 - Screen Fields: Screen 0100 in FUGR rsawbndf
RSAWBNDF_S_DATAFLOW_DYNPRO_200 - Screen Fields: Screen 0100 in FUGR rsawbndf
RSAWBNDF_S_DATAFLOW_DYN_100_X - Screen Fields: Screen 0100 in FUGR rsawbndf
RSAWBNDF_S_DATAFLOW_DYN_200_X - Screen Fields: Screen 0100 in FUGR rsawbndf
RSAWBNDF_S_DOKU - Documentation for Data Flow Display of DWB
RSAWBNDF_S_DYN050 - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 100
RSAWBNDF_S_DYN051 - Screen Variable: Data Flow Display: Screen 51
RSAWBNDF_S_OBJ_CONTACT_COUNT - Object Reference and Number of Entries for a DWB Object
RSAWBNFOLDERTREE - Tools That Process a Specific AWB Requst
RSAWBNOBJCLASS - Object Classes for TLOGO Objects in the AWB
RSAWBNTOOLS - Tools That Process a Specific AWB Request
RSAWBNUTESTMTREE - Unit Tests for Model Trees of the Data Warehousing Workbench
RSAWBN_NAV_TRACE - Naviagation Stack at Termination of DWB Navigation
RSAWBN_REQ_TB_DYNPRO - Dynpro structure for the transport browser
RSAWBN_SER_S_DYN0100 - Dynpro 0100 FUGR RSAWBN_SER sort behavior of DWB trees
RSAWBN_SER_S_DYNPRO_0100 - Structure Dynpro 0100 DTP F4
RSAWBN_SX_ASC_AWBOBJ - Asc_type and Awb-Object References
RSAWBN_S_DYNPRO - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSAWBN_S_DYNPRO_0030 - Screen for Dummy Navigation Tool
RSAWBN_S_DYNPRO_0100 - Screen for Dummy Navigation Tool
RSAWBN_S_DYNPRO_0500 - Screen for Dummy Navigation Tool
RSAWBN_S_DYNPRO_1000 - Structure for Screen 1000 in Search Selection
RSAWBN_S_DYNPRO_1000_DWB - Dynpro 1000 DWB Modeling Start Screen
RSAWBN_S_DYNPRO_1000_X - Dynpro 1000 DWB Modeling Start Screen
RSAWBN_S_FAV_TREE - Tree Structure Favorites in the DWB
RSAWBN_S_FCODE - Structure with Fcode, Text and Icon
RSAWBN_S_ISOURCE - InfoSource Header
RSAWBN_S_LEGEND - Table for encapsulating help texts
RSAWBN_S_LOGSYS_DS - DataSources by Source System
RSAWBN_S_MAINAWBOBJ - Allows Main AWB Objects in an AWB Tree
RSAWBN_S_NODE_FE - Node AWB Tree Front End
RSAWBN_S_OBJ_INSTANCE - Instances of the AWB Objects
RSAWBN_S_OBJ_NODEID - Assignment of AWB Object and Node ID
RSAWBN_S_OBJ_PROPS - AWB Object Properties
RSAWBN_S_PROPOSAL - Suggestion (object name, text) for creating an object
RSAWBN_S_REQ - Data for a Request
RSAWBN_S_REQUEST - Tool Request Instance
RSAWBN_S_SSYS_FOLDER - Folder Nodes for the Source Sytem
RSAWBN_S_TREE - Tree Structure AWB
RSAWBN_S_TREEAWBOBJ - Allowed AWB Objects in an AWB Tree
RSAWBN_S_TREEORG - Original Structure of the AWB Trees
RSAWBN_S_VIEW - AWB View and Associated Instance (cl_rsawbn_drawer_nav)
RSAWBN_TOOLS_S_DYNPRO_0100 - Screen Fields Screen 0100 in FUGR rsawbn_tools
RSAWBN_TOOLS_S_DYNPRO_0200 - Screen Fields Screen 0100 in FUGR rsawbn_tools
RSAWBN_USR_TREE - User Settings for Start of DWB: Trees
RSAWBN_USR_VIEW - User Settings for Start of DWB: View
RSAWBN_USR_VIEWD - User Settings for Start of DWB: Fcode - drawsel
RSBWDCHIER - GFW: Data Storage in Standard Data Container for HIER
RSDFDMOD - Directory of Data Flows
RSDFDMODDOCU - Data flow description (string)
RSDFDMODT - Texts for the Data Models
RSDFDMOD_LOCAL - Local and version-dependent settings for data flows
RSDFLINKS - Links in the Data Models
RSDFNODEATTR - Attributes of a Node in Data Flow
RSDFNODEATTRLONG - Attributes of a Node in Data Flow
RSDFNODEDOCU - Description (string) of data flow node
RSDFNODES - Nodes in the Data Models
RSDFNODEST - Texts for the Data Models
RSDF_GUI_HTML_S_DYN0200 - fields for dynpro 0100
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0010 - Fields for Dynpro 0010 RSDF_GUI
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0020 - Fields for Dynpro 0020 RSDF_GUI
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0030 - Fields for Dynpro 0020 RSDF_GUI
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0040 - Fields for Dynpro 0010 RSDF_GUI
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0050 - Fields for Dynpro 0050 RSDF_GUI Data Flow Selection
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0060 - Fields for Dynpro 0060 rsdf_gui: Activate Which Objects?
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0100 - Fields for Dynpro 0100 RSDF_GUI Edit DMOD
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0110 - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0120 - Fields for Dynpro 0010 RSDF_GUI
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0130 - Fields for Dynpro 0010 RSDF_GUI
RSDF_GUI_S_DYN0140 - Complete Fields for Dynpro 00140 RSDF_GUI Data Flow
RSDF_SR_LINK - Link Reference
RSDF_SR_LINK_VIEW - Link Structure with Network Link
RSDF_SR_NODE - Reference to a node object
RSDF_SR_NODE_VIEW - Node Structure with Network Table
RSDF_S_DATA - Data structures of a data flow
RSDF_S_DATA_WOH - Data structures of a data flow (without headers)
RSDF_S_HASH_DOCU_KEY - Number sign for the documents of the data flow objects
RSDF_S_NODE - Internal Structure of Nodes
RSDF_S_OBJECTLIST - TLOGO Object with Additional Documentation
RSDF_S_SOURCE_TARGET - Source and target object for a copy process with copy wizard
RSDF_S_STATUS - Status information on data
RSDF_S_TEXT - Text for Text Controls
RSDF_S_TEXT256 - Text for Text Controls
RSEXT_ALV_INFOPROV - ALV Structure for InfoProvider
RSEXT_ALV_REFS - ALV Structure for Reference Characteristics
RSEXT_DSRC_FLD_INFO - Info Structure for a Datasource Field
RSEXT_DYNP_100 - Structure of RSEXT Screen 100
RSEXT_DYNP_101 - Structure of RSEXT Screen 101
RSEXT_DYNP_102 - Structure of RSEXT Screen 102
RSEXT_DYNP_200 - Structure of RSEXT Screen 200
RSEXT_DYNP_210 - Structure of RSEXT Screen 210
RSEXT_DYNP_300 - Structure of RSEXT Screen 300
RSEXT_IOBJNM_WITH_TXTLG - InfoObjects with Long Text
RSEXT_IOBJ_ALV_GRID - InfoObjects with Long Text
RSGMDDMOD - Directory for Data Model
RSGMDDMODIDS - Node IDs in the Data Models
RSGMDDMODLINKS - Links in the Data Models
RSGMDDMODNODES - Nodes in the Data Models
RSGMDDMODT - Texts for the Data Models
RSGMD_S_COMMENT - Structure for Text Edit Control in Network
RSGMD_S_DMODIDS - Node IDs in a Data Model
RSGMD_S_DMODLINKNODE - Information on Start or Target Node for a Link in Network
RSGMD_S_DMODLINKREFS - Link Table with Reference to Network
RSGMD_S_DMODLINKS - Links in a Data Model
RSGMD_S_DMODNODEREFS - Node Table with Reference to Network
RSGMD_S_DMODNODES - Node in a Data Model
RSGMD_S_DMOD_R - Data Model with Reference
RSGMD_S_DYNPRO_1000 - Structure for Screen 1000 in Function Group RSGMD
RSGMD_S_DYNPRO_200 - Structure for Graphic Modeling Screen 200, Package RSGMD
RSGMD_S_DYNPRO_202 - Structure for Graphic Modeling Screen 202, Package RSGMD
RSGMD_S_DYNPRO_203 - Structure for Graphic Modeling Screen 203, Package RSGMD
RSGMD_S_DYNPRO_300 - Structure for Graphic Modeling Screen 300, Package RSGMD
RSGMD_S_DYNPRO_400 - Structure for Graphic Modeling Screen 400, Package RSGMD
RSGM_S_ICONS - Structure with Icons for the Icon Bar in Network Nodes
RSGM_S_POS - Position of an Object in Network
RSHELPTYP - Help structure for F4
RSICONHELP - Table for encapsulating help texts
RSIWADFLOW - Listing of the Data Flow
RSIWADFLOWLINKS - Links in Data Flow
RSIWADFLOWNODES - Nodes in Data Flow
RSIWADFLOWT - Text Table defined for Water mark and Impact Analysis
RSIWA_CTRL - Impact and Water Level Display - Apollo
RSIWA_GUI_S_FIELD - Field list impact and water level
RSIWA_GUI_S_ROWICON - Row number tool tip and icon
RSIWA_S_DETAIL - Structure defined for table control
RSIWA_S_INFOAREA_F4 - F4 help for info area
RSIWA_S_IWA - Reference to net plan
RSIWA_S_LINKOBJ - Structure created for Linking object
RSIWA_S_OBJDATA - Structure defined for remembering object details
RSIWA_S_OBJNAM - structure defined for Object name
RSIWA_S_RNR - Structure for Request Number
RSIWA_S_TABLES_AND_PROP - Table with properties
RSIWA_S_TABOBJECT - Structure Defined for Table Object
RSNETGRAPHIC_S_LINK - Links network graphic
RSNETGRAPHIC_S_NODE - Structure for simple network nodes
RSNETGRAPHIC_S_NODESTYLE - Properties of a node in the network
RSNG_S_CTXMNUOBJ - Context menu object
RSNG_S_ICON - Icon and Icon ID
RSNG_S_LINK - Link in Network Graphic
RSNG_S_LINKEX - External Link Structure
RSNG_S_LINKID - Mapping Structure for Link Objects
RSNG_S_LINKS - Link objects
RSNG_S_METADATA - Metadata for Objects in BW Network
RSNG_S_NPTAB - Table Data for a Table in Network
RSNG_S_OBJECTS - Network Objects
RSNG_S_OBJID - Mapping Structure for Network Plan Object IDs
RSNG_S_OBJPOS - Position of an Object in Network
RSNG_S_OBJPOS2 - Position of an Object in Network
RSNG_S_POS - Position of an Object in Network
RSNG_S_STYLE - Style IDs Structure
RSNG_S_STYLEATTR - Style Attribute and Related Style ID
RSNG_S_TABLE - Tables or Row Object
RSNG_S_TABLEPOS - Table position
RSSHWD_S_CHAVT_SH - Characteristic Value with Short Description
RSSHWD_S_HIECHA_TXTSH - Hierarchy Characteristic + Short Description
RSSHWD_S_MSG - Message
RSTRAN_S_TLOGO - BW Repository: TLOGO Object, type and type of association
RSTRAN_S_TRFN - Transformations
RSTREEMUITEM - Serves for the selection of fields in TREEMBITEM (to 4.0c)
RSTREEMUNODE - Serves for the selection of fields in TREEMBNODE (to 4.0c)
RSTREEVUITEM - Serves for the selection of fields in TREEVBITEM (to 4.0c)
RSTREEVUNODE - Serves for the selection of fields in TREEVBNODE (to 4.0c)
RSTREEV_UITE - Structure for updating an item in the tree control (to 4.0c)
RSTREEV_UNODE - Structure for updating a node in the tree control (to 4.0c)
SHOW_DT_DETAILS - Structure defined for table control

SAP Data Basis Tables BW-WHM-DBA

BAPI6116DAUC - Data Record with Update Indicator (UC Enabled)
IWP_S_BORKEY - BOR-Keys for ArchiveLink access
MDE_BI_CONFIG_DATA - MDM: BI and Repository Configuration Data
MDE_BI_DATA_DDIC - MDM: DDIC Structure for Simple Read of API
MDE_BI_DS_CONFIG - MDM-BI: Data Source Configuration
MDE_BI_DS_GENERIC - MDM-BI: Generic Extraction Structure
MDE_BI_STATUS_DDIC - MDM: DDIC Structure for Creating Status
MDM_CS_FIELD_TAB - MDM: Field Table of SAP System
RRBANRIV - Client-independent number range intervals
RRRANGE - Range table in brain
RRRANGEC - Range Table in Brain with Compounding
RRRANGE_CHAVL60 - Range table in brain with CHAVL60 fields
RRRANGE_CHAVLMAXLEN - Range table in brain with CHAVL_MAXLEN fields
RSAHMENU - Table Delivered to Frontend for Dialog Box Menus
RSAPOADM - Management Table for Transactional Requests
RSAPOREQUEST - Table for Defining Lock Object
RSB2DYN01 - Screen Fields RSB2 Screen 100
RSBACTDPSIZE - ODS Changelo: Data Packet
RSBACTDPSIZE_S - ODS Changelo: Data Packet
RSBCHAINT - Process Chains for Third-Party Open Hub (Usage)
RSBDATAPID - Open Hub: Data Package Log for a Request
RSBDATAPIDMESS - Open Hub: Log for a Request
RSBDBTAB - Open Hub Destinations: DB Tables
RSBDBTABF_I - Include Structure: Fields of the Open Hub Dest. DB Table
RSBDBTABMAP - Mapping of Fields of an InfoSpoke on a DB Table
RSBDBTAB_I - Include Structure Open Hub Destination DB Table
RSBDESTHDR_I - Include Structure Open Hub Destination Header
RSBDETAILS - Open Hub Destination: Details for API
RSBDTPT - DTPs for Third-Party Open Hub (Usage)
RSBDYN01 - Screen Fields of RSB1 Screen 100
RSBDYN02 - Open Hub: Transformation Screen Fields
RSBFIELDS_I - Include Structure: Field Properties for an InfoSpoke
RSBFILE - Open Hub Destinations: Files
RSBFILEF_I - Field Information for csv File
RSBFILEMAP - Mapping of Fields of an InfoSpoke on a DB Table
RSBFILESTAT_I - Status of an Open Hub Destination of Type File
RSBFILE_I - Include Structure Open Hub Destination File
RSBGENFIELD_I - Include Structure for Structure Generation
RSBGUI_S_CONVEXIT - Conversion exit
RSBGUI_S_DESTINATION - Fields of the Destination
RSBGUI_S_DIALOG - Input and Output Fields for Open Hub Destination
RSBGUI_S_DIALOG_CREATE - Input and Output Fields for Creating Open Hub Destinations
RSBGUI_S_DYNP300 - Destination Fields
RSBGUI_S_DYNP300_XML - Fields of Radio Button Group for XML
RSBGUI_S_DYNP312 - Destination Fields
RSBGUI_S_FIELD - Structure for Fields of the Open Hub Destination
RSBGUI_S_GRID - Structure for ALV Grid
RSBGUI_S_GRID_DATA - Data Structure ALV Grid
RSBGUI_S_MAINTAIN_REF - Maintenance of Open Hub Destination with Reference
RSBGUI_S_MDM_TEXT - MDM is obsolete
RSBGUI_S_OHDESTSTAT - Editing the Open Hub Destination: Status
RSBGUI_S_OHD_TEXT - Open Hub Destination and Texts
RSBGUI_S_OH_HANA - Input and output fields for creation of HANA DSO as OH Dest
RSBGUI_S_TEMPLATE - Template of Open Hub Destination
RSBLOGSYS - Logical System for Open Hub
RSBLOGSYST - Texts for Logical Destinations for Open Hub
RSBMON - Monitor Variants for Open Hub Monitor
RSBMONDYNP200 - Screen Fields for Display Variants in Open Hub Monitor
RSBMSG_I - Open Hub: Messages (Include-Structure)
RSBODSLOG - Requests in ODS Changelog
RSBODSLOGSTATE - Changelog Status for ODS Object
RSBODYN100 - Screen Fields RSBO_GUI Screen 100
RSBODYN101 - Screen Fields Dialog Box: Create InfoSpoke
RSBODYN150 - Create Screen Fields for Open Hub Destination
RSBODYN200 - Screen Fields InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 200
RSBODYN2000 - Screen Fields InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 2000
RSBODYN2001 - Screen Fields InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 2001
RSBODYN2001A - InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 2001 (Template for Field List)
RSBODYN2002 - Screen Fields InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 2002
RSBODYN2002A - InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 2001 (Template for Field List)
RSBODYN2003 - Screen Fields InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 2003
RSBODYN2004 - Screen Fields InfoSpoke Maintenance Screen 2004
RSBODYN200STAT - InfoSpoke Maintenance: Status
RSBODYN300 - Screen Fields Dialog Box: Create InfoSpoke
RSBODYN500 - Create Screen Fields for Open Hub Destination
RSBODYNSTAT - Open Hub Destination Maintenance: Status
RSBOHDEST - Directory of Open Hub Destinations
RSBOHDESTS - Short Structure for Open Hub Destination
RSBOHDESTT - Directory of Open Hub Destinations
RSBOHDESTVAR - Directory of Parameters of Open Hub Destinations
RSBOHDIF - Table for Interface IF_RSB_OHD_ENH
RSBOHDYN01 - Screen Structure for SAPLRSBOH Screen 2000 (OH Destination)
RSBOHFIELDS - Fields of the Open Hub Destination
RSBOHFIELDST - Text Table for Fields of the Open Hub Destination
RSBOHFIELDS_S_EXT - Enhancement Structure for RSBOHFIELDS
RSBOHIPAK - InfoPackage for Destination
RSBOHSERVICETP - Open Hub: Service Types
RSBOHSERVICETPT - Open Hub: Service Types
RSBOH_S_DFIELD - Open Hub - Fields for Table Control TAB_FIELD Right
RSBOH_S_FIELD - Open Hub - Fields for Table Control TAB_FIELD
RSBOH_S_INST - Instances of Class CL_RSB_SPOK
RSBOH_S_SELSET - Open Hub - Fields for Table Control TAB_SEL
RSBOH_WORKAREA - Open Hub - Work Fields
RSBO_SX_SPOKE - Complex Structure for Internal Management of an InfoSpoke
RSBO_S_CUBE_R - Open Hub: Structure with Reference to InfoCube
RSBO_S_DATAPIDLOG_R - Structure with Pointers to Classes for Data Package Log
RSBO_S_DATAPID_BROKER - Open Hub: Structure with Rfrnce to Dtapckge Administrators
RSBO_S_DATASTATE - Open Hub: Delta Status of a Server
RSBO_S_DELTA_R - Pointer to Delta Instances
RSBO_S_DESTVAR - Structure of Parameters for Open Hub Destinations
RSBO_S_DEST_R - Reference to Instance of an Open Hub Destination
RSBO_S_DEST_SIMPLE - Simple Structure with Open Hub Destinations
RSBO_S_FIELDS - Fields of an InfoSpoke (DB View)
RSBO_S_FIELDS_R - Fields of a Request
RSBO_S_FILE - Open Hub Destination File: External View
RSBO_S_IOBJ_R - Open Hub: Structure with References to InfoObjects
RSBO_S_IPRO_R - Open Hub: Structure with Reference to InfoProvider
RSBO_S_MAP - InfoSpoke: Mapping (External View)
RSBO_S_MSG - Messages
RSBO_S_ODSO_R - Open Hub: Structure with Reference to ODS
RSBO_S_PARAM - Field Bar for Calling InfoSpoke Maintenance
RSBO_S_REQUESTLOG_R - Structure with Reference to Request Log
RSBO_S_REQUEST_R - Open Hub: Request ID with Reference
RSBO_S_REQUEST_SERVICE - Open Hub: Request for a Service
RSBO_S_REQUID - Open Hub: Request List
RSBO_S_REQUID_MON - Open Hub: Request List for Monitor
RSBO_S_RQDETAIL_MON - GUI Structure: Request Detail View
RSBO_S_RQRUN_R - Open Hub: References to Request Run Status Class
RSBO_S_RQSTAT - Type with Status Specifications for Request
RSBO_S_SELSET - Open Hub: InfoSpoke Selection (External Format)
RSBO_S_SELSET_R - Selection Options of a Request
RSBO_S_SOURCE - Open Hub: Server Description Header
RSBO_S_SPOKE - InfoSpoke (External View)
RSBO_S_SPOKESTAT - Open Hub: Output Structure for Delta Status of an InfoSpoke
RSBO_S_SPOKEV_R - Open Hub: References to InfoSpoke Versions
RSBO_S_SPOKE_R - Bar with Object Reference to an InfoSpoke
RSBO_S_SPOKE_SIMPLE - Simple List with InfoSpokes
RSBO_S_SPOKE_VERS - InfoSpoke- Version-Dependent Metadata
RSBO_S_SPOKE_VERS_ALL - External Structure for Version-Dependent Metadata InfoSpoke
RSBO_S_SPOKE_VERS_TRAN_ALL - External Structure for Version-Dependent Metadata InfoSpoke
RSBO_S_SPOKE_VERS_TRAN_I - Include Structure: Transformation InfoSpoke
RSBO_S_SRCFIELDS - Open Hub: Data Source Fields
RSBO_S_STEPIDLOG_R - Structure with Pointers to Classes for Substep Log
RSBO_S_STEPSTAT - Open Hub: Substep Status
RSBO_S_TASKS - Open Hub: Task
RSBO_S_TRANSFORM - Open Hub: Fields Needed for Transformation
RSBO_S_VARIABLES - Parameter Structure
RSBO_S_VDEST - View of an Open Hub Destination
RSBO_S_VFIELDS - Fields of an InfoSpoke (External View)
RSBO_S_WRITE_DATA_IF - Write to File: Data Structure
RSBO_S_WRITE_IF - Interface to Write to File
RSBPGMGEN - Generated routines for data extraction for data marts.
RSBREQUEST - List of Request Numbers
RSBREQUEST2 - List of Request Numbers
RSBREQUESTDELTA - Open Hub: Cross Reference Outbound/Inbound Requests
RSBREQUESTDIST - Distribution of InfoCube/ODS Object Requests
RSBREQUESTMESS - Open Hub: Log for a Request
RSBREQUID - Open Hub: Requests
RSBREQUID3RD - Open Hub: Status of 3rd Party Requests
RSBREQUIDFIELDS - Fields of a Request
RSBREQUIDRUN - Open Hub: Table with Status for a Request Run
RSBREQUIDSELSET - Selection Options of a Request
RSBREQUID_I - Include Strctre with Header Data for a Request (exc. Status)
RSBREQUID_STATUS_I - Include Structure with Status Fields for a Request
RSBSELOPT - Selection Option with InfoObject
RSBSELSET_I - Include-Structure: InfoSpoke Selections
RSBSERVERPROP - Server Types for the Data Transfer Process: Source Objects
RSBSERVERPROPT - Texts on Source Object Types for Data Transfer Process
RSBSPOKE - InfoSpokes Directory
RSBSPOKEDELTA - Requests for Delta Recording of an InfoSpoke
RSBSPOKEFIELDS - Fields Directory of an InfoSpoke
RSBSPOKESELSET - InfoSpokes Directory
RSBSPOKESTAT - Status of Delta Recording of a Spoke
RSBSPOKESTAT_A - Include Structure: Delta Status of an InfoSpoke
RSBSPOKET - InfoSpokes Directory
RSBSPOKEV - InfoSpoke Directory: Versions
RSBSPOKEVFIELDS - Fields Directory of an InfoSpoke
RSBSPOKEVSELSET - InfoSpokes Directory
RSBSPOKEVT - Directory for InfoSpoke Texts (Version-Dependent)
RSBSPOKE_I - InfoSpoke Include Structure
RSBSPOKE_VERS_I - Include-Structure - Version-Dependent Metadata
RSBSPOKE_VERS_TRAN_I - Include Structure: Transformation InfoSpoke
RSBSTEPIDLOG - Open Hub: Data Package Log for a Request
RSBSTEPIDMESS - Open Hub: Log for a Request
RSBSTRUCTURE - Open Hub: Generated Structures and Tables
RSBTRANSFIELD - Target Structure InfoObjects for Open Hub Transformation
RSBVAR_I - Include for Parameter Table
RSB_S_DMCHGRQ - Data Mart Delta Management: Critical Requests
RSB_S_DMDELTA - Data Mart Delta Management
RSB_S_DMDLTGLO - Data Mart Delta: Switch active/inactive
RSB_S_DMSTAT - DataMart Delta Update Status
RSB_S_FIELD - Fields
RSB_S_MAINTAIN - Maintenance Properties of Destination
RSB_S_OBJECT - Structure of Sources of an Embedded OHD
RSB_S_ODSLOG - Delta Slice in ODS Change Log
RSB_S_REQUIDIN - DTP: Req. ID on Server
RSB_S_UPDMODE - List of Possible Update Behaviors
RSCNVACTDATA - Copy of the INDX for Converting ODS Objects
RSCNVCG - Conversion Groups
RSCNVCGHEADER - Remodeling Rule header
RSCNVCGT - Remodeling Rule Texts
RSCNVMON - Table to store the general data for Monitor
RSCNVMONSTEPS - Steps of any operation on a BW Object
RSCNVOPTYPES - Operation type to class name mapping
RSCNVREQ - Conversion Requests
RSCNVSTEPOPS - Operations relevant for each step
RSCNVSTEPS - Conversion Request Steps
RSCNVTST - Remodeling Test
RSCNVTSTDATA - Remodeling test data
RSCNV_API_S_MSG - Remodeling API message
RSCNV_API_S_STEPSTAT - Remodeling Step status
RSCNV_R_IPRO - Reference to infoprovider class
RSCNV_R_MANAGER - Reference to manager class
RSCNV_R_OP - Reference to operation class
RSCNV_R_PERSIST_MGR - Reference to persistency manager
RSCNV_R_REPOSITORY - Reference to repository class
RSCNV_SID_BUFFER - SID buffer table for session-independent handling
RSCNV_S_STEP_OP_MAPPING - Step to operation mapping
RSCUBETYPESEL - Selection of InfoProvider Type
RSDCHABASDEL - Status Logging for Master Data Deletion
RSDCHABASDELCV - Transfer of CHAVLs from Function Module to Kernel Program
RSDCHABASDELLOG - Logging of DB Statements for Deleting Master Data
RSDCHABASDELMSG - Messages About Deletion of InfoObject Master Data
RSDCUBE - Directory of InfoCubes / InfoProvider
RSDCUBEIOBJ - Objects per InfoCube (where-used list)
RSDCUBELOC - Local Characteristics: InfoCubes (InfoProvider)
RSDCUBEMULTI - InfoCubes concerned with MultiCube
RSDCUBET - Texts for the InfoCubes
RSDDIME - Dimensions directory
RSDDIMEIOBJ - InfoObjects per dimension (where-used list)
RSDDIMELOC - Dimensions system-local properties (not transport.)
RSDDIMET - Dimension Texts
RSDDK_S_EXTR_0BWTC_C02 - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for IfoCube 0BWTC_C02
RSDDK_S_EXTR_0BWTC_C03 - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for InfoCube 0BWTC_C03
RSDDK_S_EXTR_0BWTC_C04 - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for InfoCube 0BWTC_C04
RSDDK_S_EXTR_0BWTC_C05 - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for InfoCube 0BWTC_C05
RSDDK_S_EXTR_0BWTC_C09 - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for InfoCube 0BWTC_C09
RSDDK_S_EXTR_0BWTC_C11 - BW Statistics: Extract Structure for InfoCube 0BWTC_C11
RSDD_DELTA_PKG - Delta Package Management for InfoCube Delta Write
RSDD_MIGRAT_PART - Table with Partitioning Information for the BW Migration
RSDD_PKG_ID - Unique Delta Package ID for Each InfoCube
RSDD_U_CUBE_100 - Screen Fields DTP InfoCube Update
RSDD_X_ISET_100 - Extraction Screen User Interface Structure
RSDD_X_MPRO_100 - Extraction Dynpro User Interface Structure for MPRO
RSDD_X_QPROV_100 - Extraction Dynpro User Interface Structure for QueryProvider
RSDGBCHATR - Data basis: Structure for master data attributes
RSDGGPAR - Data basis: Parameter string for generator call-up
RSDGSCATT - Data basis: Assignments with the definiton of an object
RSDGSCHYBR - Output Structure of HybridProvider
RSDGSCREFCOB - Reference object for characteristics
RSDGSCREFKYF - Reference object for key figures
RSDGSCREFOBJ - General Reference Object
RSDGSCREFTIM - Reference object for time characteristics
RSDG_DIAL_PAR - BW Meta Objects: Parameter String for Dialog Call
RSDG_DIAL_STATE - BW Meta-Objects: Dialog Status
RSDG_S_ALV_HANA_ATTR_PROPOSAL - ALV Structure: Propose SAP HANA Attributes
RSDG_S_ATTR_SEARCH_POPUP - Structure for Dynpro 4701 (Seach Using Attributes)
RSDG_S_CHECK - BI Data Basis: Checks
RSDG_S_CUBE_COMPARE - Comparing 2 InfoCube Versions
RSDG_S_CUBE_DIME - List of Dimensions in InfoCube
RSDG_S_DIME_DDHANDLE - Drag&Drop Handle Info for Dimensions
RSDG_S_DIME_SG - Dimension and Properties
RSDG_S_HANA_ATTR_MAPPING - Mapping: Hana-Attributes
RSDG_S_HNODE - Key-Figure Hierarchy Node
RSDG_S_INODE - Assignment: InfoObject to Hierarchy Node
RSDG_S_INTERVAL - Time Interval
RSDG_S_INTERVAL_CUT - Newly Formed Intervals
RSDG_S_IOBC_COMPARE - Comparison of 2 InfoObject Catalog Versions
RSDG_S_IOBJ_DET_STACK - Navigation Stack for InfoObejcts
RSDG_S_IOBJ_IDENT - Identification of InfoObjects in MultiProvider
RSDG_S_IPROV_MAPPING_ALV - Structure for HANA Mapping (for ALV Display)
RSDG_S_ODSO - DataStore: Properties for Maintenance Dialog
RSDG_S_ODSO_COMPARE - Comparison of 2 ODS Objects Versions
RSDICHAPRO - InfoCube-specific characteristic properties
RSDICMULTIIOBJ - MultiProvider: Selection/Identification of InfoObjects
RSDICVALIOBJ - InfoObjects in NC-value validity table for the InfoCube
RSDIKYFPRO - InfoCube-specific key figure properties
RSDIPROHIER - InfoProvider: Hierarchies (InfoObjects)
RSDIPROHNODE - InfoProvider: Hierarchy Nodes
RSDIPROHNODEIOBJ - InfoProvider: InfoObjects in Hierarchy Nodes
RSDIPROHNODET - InfoProvider: Hierarchy Nodes, Descriptions
RSDIPROIOBJRANGE - Partitioning Areas: InfoProvider
RSDIPROIOBJT - Texts for InfoObjects in InfoProvider
RSDIPRONCUMVIOBJ - InfoProvider: InfoObjects for NCUM Validity Table
RSDISXXPROP - InfoSource: Version-Dependent Properties
RSDMCHGRQ - Data Mart Delta Management: Critical Requests
RSDMDATSYS - Systems in Which Tests are Logged Automatically
RSDMDATTRDATE - Relation: Char. and Key Dates of Time-Dependent Attribute
RSDMDDTSTMP - Master Data Deletion Timestamp
RSDMDDUSAGEDETAIL - Detail from Where-Used List
RSDMDD_200 - DDIC structure for screen 200
RSDMDD_SID_CHAVL - Structure for SID - CHAVL mapping
RSDMDELTA - Data Mart Delta Management
RSDMDENQ - Locking of master data tables / text tables
RSDMDIMTAB - Model table: Dimensions table
RSDMDLTGLO - Data Mart Delta Management: Delta Active/Inactive
RSDMDRSRV - Communication with RSRV Jobs
RSDMDRSRVMSG - Messages Generated by RSRV Jobs
RSDMD_SX_CHECK_AND_REPAIR - Infos for Checking and Repairing Master Data Tables
RSDMD_SX_CHECK_RESULT - Result of Master Data Checks
RSDMD_S_ATR_ENH - Master Data Attribute (Enhanced Infos)
RSDMD_S_CURR - Replacement for Currency Fields
RSDMD_S_FILTER_CHAVLS - Filter for Characteristic Values
RSDMD_S_FNM - Field Name
RSDMD_S_LANGU_4 - replacement structure for template generation of TXTXLFL = X
RSDMD_S_PATH - Read Master Data within Hierarchy
RSDMD_S_PQS_FIELDNM - Field Name P/Q Table, Field Name SID Table
RSDMD_S_REORG_TABNAMES - Table Names for Reorganization
RSDMD_S_RSRV_REPAIR - Key of a Master Data Record to be Repaired
RSDMD_S_SEL_OPTIONS - Select Options for MD selection
RSDMD_U_MD_100 - Dynpr structure for master dtaa upload subscreen
RSDMFACTAB - Model table: Fact table
RSDMODSTAB - Model Table: ODS Table Active Records
RSDMODSTAB_IMACT - Model Table for DSO: In-Memory Activation
RSDMODSTAB_MPP - Model Table for DataStore Object: Table for MPP
RSDMODSTAB_NCUMV - Model Table for DSO: Non-Cumulative (NCUM): Validity Table
RSDMODSTAB_UPDOP - Model Table for DSO: Modification Rules for Fields
RSDMODSTAB_UR - Model Table for ODS Update and Rollback
RSDMSTAT - Datamart Status Table
RSDMVALTAB - Model table: Validity table
RSDODSO - Directory of all DataStores
RSDODSOATRNAV - Navigation Attributes in DataStore
RSDODSOINDX - Indexes for DataStores
RSDODSOIOBJ - InfoObject in DataStore
RSDODSOIOBJIND - InfoObjects in DS Indexes
RSDODSOIOBJPRO - InfoObject Properties within the DataStore
RSDODSOLOC - Local Properties of DataStores
RSDODSOREQUEST - DataStore: Flags for Request Handling
RSDODSOT - Texts of DataStores
RSDODSOTABL - Directory of all DataStore Tables
RSDO_S_CUBE_IOBJ_APPEND - InfoCube Append: InfoObjects
RSDO_S_CUBE_R - Toolbar with Reference to InfoCube Class
RSDO_S_DIME_IOBJ - InfoObjects in Dimensions
RSDO_S_DIME_IOBJ_APPEND - InfoProvider Append: InfoObjects, Dimension Assignment
RSDO_S_DIME_SG_R - Toolbar with Pointer for Dimension Class
RSDO_S_GUI_MDOB - InfoProvider String for GUI Maintenance
RSDO_S_HIE_IOBJ_APPEND - InfoProvider Append: Hierarchy Assignment of InfoObjects
RSDO_S_HIE_NODE_APPEND - InfoProvider Append: Hierarchy Nodes
RSDO_S_HYBR_R - Menu Bar with Reference to HybridProvider Class
RSDO_S_ICHA_PRO_APPEND - InfoProvider Append: Characteristic Properties
RSDO_S_IKYF_PRO_APPEND - InfoProvider Append: Key Figure Properties
RSDO_S_IOBC_R - Toolbar with Reference to InfoObject Catalog Class
RSDO_S_IOBJ_APPEND - InfoProvider Append: InfoObjects
RSDO_S_IOBJ_RANGE - InfoObject Area (Range)
RSDO_S_ISXX_R - Toolbar with Reference to InfoSource Class
RSDO_S_MDOB_R - Toolbar with Reference to InfoProvider Class
RSDO_S_MPRO_R - Bar with Reference to MultiProvider Class
RSDO_S_ODSO_ATR_NAV_R - Nav. attribute in ODS object with ref. to bearing char.
RSDO_S_ODSO_IOBJ_R - InfoObject in ODS object with reference to InfoObject
RSDO_S_ODSO_R - ODS Object with Reference
RSDO_S_ODSO_VERS_R - ODS Version Object with Reference
RSDRI_DS_TC - Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)
RSDRI_DS_TC_BACK - Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)
RSDRI_HDB_ABORT - Storage for Aborts / Breakpoints
RSDRI_HDB_CNV - Status Table for InfoCube Conversion
RSDRI_HDB_CNVDSO - Control Table for DataStore Conversion
RSDRI_HDB_SPO - Status Table for SAP HANA Conversion of SPOs
RSDRO_ACTREQ - Activation Request with Associated SID and Update Report
RSDRO_DBOPS - Number and Type of DB Operations per Request
RSDRO_REQUID - Request with Corresponding SID and Update Report
RSDRO_REQUPD - Request with Corresponding ODS-UPDATE Report
RSDRO_SID_ERROR - IO and value for which no SID could be established
RSDRO_S_IOBJMD - Structure for Saving the MetaData for an InfoObject
RSDRTCQUEUEARG - Argumemts for Test Case Queue
RSDSGIREF - InfoCube generation: Structure for InfoObjects (template)
RSDUPARTTC - Test Data for Automatic Tests
RSD_MAPPING_S_CLASSES - Structure: Class Name
RSD_MAPPING_S_DFIES_R - Dfies with Reference
RSD_MAPPING_S_DS_R - DataSource with Reference
RSD_MAPPING_S_FLD_DESCR - Field Description
RSD_MAPPING_S_IOBJ_DDIC - Mapping: ABAP Dictionary Properties
RSD_MAPPING_S_KYF_OBJV - Mapping: VCHA per object version
RSD_MAPPING_S_PROPOSAL - Assignment: Suggestion
RSD_MAPPING_S_PROPOSAL_RI - Assignment: Suggestion for Field Description
RSD_MAPPING_S_RANK_PROBABILITY - Match Probability of a Search Strategy
RSD_MAPPING_S_STRATEGY_RI - Collection for possible mapping strategy
RSD_MAPPING_S_UNI_OBJV - Mapping: UNI per object version
RSD_MAPPING_S_VCHA_OBJV - Mapping: VCHA per object version
RSD_SX_CUBE_APPEND_DATA - Metadata of InfoCube Enhancement
RSD_SX_MDOB_APPEND_DATA - Metadata of InfoProvider Enhancement
RSD_S_HYBR - HybridProvider Menu Bar
RSD_S_HYBR_API - API: HybridProvider Structure
RSD_S_HYBR_DIME_API - API: HybridProvider Dimensions
RSD_S_HYBR_DIME_IOBJ_API - API: HybridProvider: Dimensions InfoObjects
RSD_S_HYBR_IOBJ_API - API: HybridProvider InfoObjects
RSD_S_HYBR_LIST_API - API: HybridProvider Structure
RSD_S_HYBR_SEL - HybridProvider - Selection Criteria
RSD_S_IPRO_APPEND - InfoProvider Append
RSD_S_PROV_DIME - Buffer: InfoProvider - Dimensions with InfoObjects
RSD_S_PROV_IOBJ - Buffer: InfoProvider - Header + InfoObjects
RSD_S_PROV_REQ - Buffer: InfoProvider, Request Toolbar
RSD_S_PROV_STAT - Buffer: InfoProvider, Request Toolbar
RSD_S_RENAME - Assignment: Old Name - New Name
RSD_S_REQUESTED - Menu Bar for "Requested" Indicators
RSEHIERNODE - Master Data: Hierarchy Nodes that Cannot Be Posted To
RSEURO - Conversion Table for Euro Conversion
RSGENERAL_4 - Cross-'warehouse' structure
RSHIEDIR - Hierarchy Catalog
RSHIEDIRCOM - Communications Structure Hierarchy Header
RSHIEDIRT - Hierarchy directory texts
RSHIEIO - In/output fields for RSHIEDIR
RSHIELVT - Levels Table for Hierarchies in BW
RSHIERINTVL - Interface Structure of Hierarchy Ranges
RSHIERREAD - Interface structure for reading hierarchy data
RSHIERSTRUC - Interface Structure of Hierarchy Nodes
RSHYBRTYPESEL - Selection of HybridProvider Type
RSICRESET - Reset Cube Administration
RSIPRORANGE - Semantic Partitioning: Data Distribution
RSIWP_ASSIGN - Assignment of of infoojects per Work Package and Tablefield
RSIWP_CALLBACK - Callback destinations
RSIWP_DIRTRANS - Infoobjects for direct transfer
RSIWP_IPROV - Directory of the infoprovides of a Work Package
RSIWP_KEY - Document Keys for ArchivLink access
RSIWP_OBJECT - Objects for ArchivLink access
RSIWP_PARA - Application Parameters
RSIWP_S_ARCHLNK_DATA - ArchiveLink Interface
RSIWP_S_ARCHLNK_DATA_IF - ArchiveLink Interface
RSIWP_S_QUERY_MAPPING - Structure to contain query mapping
RSIWP_S_SELOPT - Selection option
RSIWP_S_WP - Work Packages
RSIWP_S_WP_ATTR - Work Packages
RSIWP_TABASS - Tables included in an extended virtual provider
RSIWP_VPROV_ASS - Assignment of the Virtual Providers to database tables
RSIWP_VPROV_DEF - Definition ot the Virtual Providers
RSIWP_WP_ASS - assignment of a work package to a user
RSLPO - Logical Partitioning: Directory of LPOs
RSLPOCOMP - Logical Partitioning: Components of a LPO
RSLPOCOMPPROP - Semantic Partitioning: Properties of SPO Components
RSLPOCOMPTEXT - Logichal Partitioning: Texts for Components of LPO
RSLPODBPART - Semantic Partitioning: Criteria for DB Partitioning
RSLPOPART - Logical Partitioning: Partitions of a LPO
RSLPOPARTRANGE - Logical Partitioning: Partitioning Criteria
RSLPOSCHED - Logical Partitioning: Scheduling Options for BTC Jobs
RSLPOT - Logical Partitioning: Texts for LPOs
RSLPO_BADI_S_PART - Semantic Partitioning: BAdI: Partition
RSLPO_BADI_S_PART_CRIT - Semantic Partitioning: BAdI: Partitioning Criterion
RSLPO_BADI_S_PART_DTP - Semantic Partitioning: BAdI: Data Transfer Process
RSLPO_BADI_S_PART_PROP - Semantic Partitioning: BAdI: Partition Specific Property
RSLPO_BADI_S_PART_TEXT - Semantic Partitioning: BAdI: Name for Partition
RSLPO_DFG_DTPFOL - Table for Managing Folders for DTP Templates
RSLPO_DFG_DTPGEN - Table of Generated DTPs
RSLPO_DFG_DTPTPL - Table of DTP Templates
RSLPO_DFG_GENTGT - Pseudo Table for Lock Requests at Target TLOGO
RSLPO_DFG_S_DATAPATH_GUI - Visualization of Data Path on UI
RSLPO_DFG_S_DTPTEMPLATE - Structure of DTP Template
RSLPO_DFG_S_DTPTPLPARAMS - Structure of DTP Template Parameter
RSLPO_DFG_S_DTP_LIST - List of DTPs with Text and DFG Status
RSLPO_DFG_S_RANGE - Selection Condition for InfoObject
RSLPO_DFG_TPL - Template Dynpro User Interface Structure
RSLPO_GUI_S_DYNPRO100 - Dynpro Variables Screen 100
RSLPO_GUI_S_DYNPRO_0010 - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSLPO_LOCKS - Persistent Locks
RSLPO_LOCKS_S_CALL_IF - Unit Test - Call Interface
RSLPO_LOCKS_S_COMP - Components of an SPO (TLOGO)
RSLPO_LOCKS_S_METHOD_INFO - Unit Test - Method Info
RSLPO_LOCKS_S_TASK_INFO - Unit Test - Task Info
RSLPO_LOCKS_S_TEST_RESULT - Unit Test - Test Result
RSLPO_PC_S_DTP - DTP Selection
RSLPO_PC_THREAD - Process Chain Generation - Threads
RSLPO_PC_TPL_THREAD - SPO Process Chain Generation - Thread
RSLPO_PC_TPL_THREAD_GUI - SPO Process Chain Generation - Thread
RSLPO_SX_CHECK_RESULT - Logical Partitioning: Result of Consistency Check
RSLPO_SX_TASK_RESULT - Logical Partitioning: Result After Process Execution
RSLPO_S_ATTRIBUTE - Semantic Partitioning: Attribute
RSLPO_S_BADI_SPO - SPOs Supplied by BAdI
RSLPO_S_BADI_SPO_GUI - Dynpro Structure
RSLPO_S_CHECK_OBJECT - Logical Partitioning: Object To Be Checked
RSLPO_S_COMP - LPO Component
RSLPO_S_COMPPROP - Semantic Partitioning: Property of an SPO Component
RSLPO_S_COMPTEXT - Text for Component of LPO
RSLPO_S_COMP_STATUS - Semantic Partitioning: Component Status
RSLPO_S_DBPART - Semantic Partitioning: Criteria for DB Partitioning
RSLPO_S_DDIC_INFO - DDIC Information for a Field/InfoObject
RSLPO_S_DELTA_COMP - Logical Partitioning: Pairs of Components to Be Compared
RSLPO_S_DELTA_PART - Logical Partitioning: Pairs of Partitions to Be Compared
RSLPO_S_DELTA_VERS - Logical Partitioning: Pairs of Versions to Be Compared
RSLPO_S_DYNPRO - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSLPO_S_FOCUS - Saves Focus within an AVL Grid
RSLPO_S_GEN_CHANGE - Semantic Partitioning: Type of Change to Component
RSLPO_S_GEN_OBJECT - Logical Partitioning: Generation Object
RSLPO_S_GEN_TASK_COMP - Semantic Partitioning: Generation Process for Component
RSLPO_S_GRID_SEL - Selection in ALV Grid for Partition Criteria
RSLPO_S_GUI_FIELDCATALOG - Field Catalog for Selecting Partitioning Criteria
RSLPO_S_GUI_PARTCRITERION - Partitioning Criterion for LPO Partition
RSLPO_S_GUI_SELNUMB - Popup: Request partitions that are to be created
RSLPO_S_GUI_TRCS_SELECT - Screen Structure for InfoSource Selection
RSLPO_S_GUI_TRFN_SELECT - Interface Structure
RSLPO_S_ITAB_INDEX - Semantic Partitioning: Index Range for Internal Table
RSLPO_S_LPOA_R - Logical Partitioning: Name and TLOGO Instance of LPO
RSLPO_S_NAME - LPO Name as structure
RSLPO_S_PART - LPO Partition
RSLPO_S_PARTCRITERION - Partitioning Criterion for LPO Partition
RSLPO_S_PARTGUI_DYN100 - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 150 Subscreen for Header
RSLPO_S_PARTRANGE - Partitioning Criteria for LPO Partition
RSLPO_S_PART_TMPL - Template of a Partitioning Scenario
RSLPO_S_PHY_PART_INFO - Physical partitioning Information for the SPO
RSLPO_S_PICK - Structure for InfoObject Selection
RSLPO_S_PICK_GRID - ALV Table for InfoObject Selection
RSLPO_S_RANGE - Range table in brain
RSLPO_S_REQ_STATE - Request Status
RSLPO_S_R_PARTITION - Logical Partitioning: ID and Reference to LPO Partition
RSLPO_S_STATUS - Object List
RSLPO_S_TEXT - Logical Partitioning: Data Record from Table RSLPOT
RSLPO_S_TLOGO - T-Logo Type of LPO
RSLPO_S_TRFN - Transformations of an SPO
RSLPO_S_TRFN_SELECT - Grid Description for Selecting Transformations
RSMASLE - Lock Table for Master Data Deletion
RSMAXHIETAB - Hierarchy Node Table with Maximum Possible Structure
RSMDDELTAEX - Table of Active Master Data Extractors
RSMDHIERATTR - Attribute Table Metadata Hierarchies
RSMDP_S_CHECK_ISSUE - Master Data: Inconsistency / Redundancy
RSMDP_S_JOIN - Master Data: Pair of Field Names for Join Condition
RSMDP_S_MAPPING - Master Data: Source Field and Assigned Target Field
RSMDP_S_PAIR_FIELDNM - Master Data: Pair of Field Names
RSMDP_S_PAIR_INT - Master Data: Pair of Integer Values
RSMDP_S_RANGE - Master Data: Filter Criteria
RSMDP_S_R_OBJECT - Master Data: Name and Reference to (Abstract) Object
RSMDUCMUKAGGR - UT Aggregates: Identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKATTR - UT Attributes: Identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKCMP - UT Compound Cha: Identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKCUBE - UT InfoCube: identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKDOC - UT Documents: Identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKHIER - UT Hierarchy: Identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKMETA - UT MetaData: identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKNLS - UT Nearline Infoproviders: identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUKODSO - UT DataStore Objects: identifying attributes for MUKs
RSMDUCMUT - Metadata of Master Data Usage Type (for Usage Check)
RSMDUCMUTT - Text for Metadata of Master Data Usage Type(for Usage Check)
RSMDUC_DTEMPLATE - Template table for 'D' Temprary table (MD Where-Used Check)
RSMDUC_TEMPTABNM - Names of Temporary tables used in MD Where-Used Check
RSMDUC_TTEMPLATE - Template table for 'T' Temprary table (MD Where-Used Check)
RSMD_UC_S_DATA - Master Data to be deleted
RSMD_UC_S_FIELDMAP - Where-Used Check : Field Mapping
RSMD_UC_S_SELOPT - Select option for attribute of a master data usage type
RSMD_UC_S_TEMPTABDEF - Definition of each field of Temporary table in where used ck
RSMD_UC_S_USINGOBJ - Structure describing the Using objects in MD Where-used chk
RSMD_UC_S_WHERE - Where clause for MUT tables (MD Where used check)
RSMHIERNODE - Master data: Hierarchy nodes that cannot be posted to
RSMIGROBJ - Lock Entries for Object Migration
RSMRT_COLTREE - Structure of Column Tree item used in Monitor
RSMRT_LOGTREE - RSCNV : Logtree node table structure.
RSMRT_MONTREE - RSCNV sturcture for item node in the coltree.
RSMRT_S_ALVROW - For the ALV Grid of Designtime UI of remodeling tool
RSMRT_S_VALUEHELP_CG - Structure for F4 help for CG name
RSNDI_S_CHAVL_INDEX - Characteristic Values
RSNDI_S_HIEDIR - Hierarchy Header Information NDI
RSNDI_S_HIEDIR2 - Hierarchy Header Information NDI
RSNDI_S_HIEKEY - Hierarchy ID (Unique ID)
RSNDI_S_HIERUPDATE - Hierarchy Header for Update
RSNDI_S_HIESEL - Hierarchy Selection
RSNDI_S_HTAB - Basis Structure Hierarchies (Node Name Length 60)
RSNDI_S_JTAB - New Structure 3.0A: Hierarchy Intervals of a Characteristic
RSNDI_S_NODENM - Node Name and Interval (Compounding Expanded)
RSNDI_S_NODENMSTR - Node Name and Interval (Compounding Expanded)
RSODSACTDATA - Copy of INDX for ODS Activation
RSODSACTREQMPP - Activation table of M-requests to change-log requests
RSODSACTSETTING - Settings for Activating Requests
RSODSACTSIDTYPE - SID Status of Fields at Time of Update
RSODSMPPSQLLOG - Copy of INDX for ODS Activation
RSODSMPPVERIFY - Log for Data Verification
RSODSODELFS - Requests (in Faststores) that are regarded as deleted
RSODSOFSREORGGUI - Dynpro Fields for Faststore Reorganization
RSODSOIMOSETTING - Configuration of Runtime Behavior for SAP HANA-Optim. DSO
RSODSOMPPSWTCH - Activation of DataStore Objects on MPP Platforms
RSODSORT_S_MSRMT - Table with Current Runtime Measurements
RSODSORT_S_SUBSTEP - Substeps of Runtime Measurement
RSODSOSIDSTATETS - Status of SID Scan (Access Method: Full Table Scan)
RSODSOUSECASE - Specification of Application Type for DataStore Objects
RSODSO_BRKPNT - Breakpoint Maintenance for DataStore Objects
RSODSO_CONTEXT - Control of Runtime Measurements
RSODSO_GENPRG - Management of Generated Programs from DataStore Objects
RSODSO_IMOACT_T - DSO: In-Memory-Optimized Activation (Template Table)
RSODSO_IMOLOG - Monitor Information for IMO DataStore Activation
RSODSO_IMOMSG - Monitor Information for IMO DataStore Activation
RSODSO_LOGGUID - Management of LOG-GUIDS that Belong to Request GUIDS
RSODSO_MPP_S_FIELDNAMES - Field Names for MPP Activation
RSODSO_REQUCPY - Assigning Requests to Template Copies (DataStore Relevant)
RSODSO_ROLLBACK - Table for Temporary Storage of Data during Rollback
RSODSO_RUNTIME - Results of Runtime Measurement
RSODSO_SETTING - Configuration for Runtime Behavior of the DataStore Object
RSODSO_S_CLASS - Structure for Search Help
RSODSO_S_CONTEXT - Control of Runtime Measurements
RSODSO_S_DBOPS - Executed Operations
RSODSO_S_DBTABLES - Database Tables of a DataStore Object
RSODSO_S_DTP_UPDATE_GUI - Screen Structure for Update GUI
RSODSO_S_F4_DATASTORE - Structure for F4 Search Help
RSODSO_S_GENPRG - Generated Program for DataStore Objects
RSODSO_S_HDB_LOCK - Lock Management for HDB/DSO
RSODSO_S_IOBJ_AGGR - Aggregation Behavior of InfoObjects
RSODSO_S_LOGGUID - Assignment of Requests for LOG Identifiers
RSODSO_S_MSG - Message Structure
RSODSO_S_REQUEST_HEADER - Header of a Request
RSODSO_S_REQUID - List with Requests
RSODSO_S_ROLLBACK_OBJECTS - Saving objects during rollback (command transfer)
RSODSO_S_SEL_LOG - List with Requests
RSODSO_S_SETTING_GUI_DSOLIST - List of DataStore Objects
RSODSO_S_SETTING_PARAM - Parameter for DataStore settings
RSODSO_S_SIDGEN - Distribution of Test Data
RSODSO_S_TASK - Management Information for Proceses Started in Parallel
RSODSO_S_UPD_MSG - Message Structure for Loading DataStore Objects
RSODSO_S_VERI_AT - Data Verification for MPP Activation: Active Table
RSODSO_S_VERI_CL - Data Verification for MPP Activation: Change Log
RSODSO_TMPLCPY - Management of Valid Template Copies for DataStore Objects
RSODSREQTSTMP - Sorting of ODS Requests
RSORSORT_S_MSRMT - Table with Current Runtime Measurements
RSQDIM - Dimensions in the InfoSet
RSQDIMT - Texts for Dimensions in the InfoSet
RSQFOBJT - Texts for Field Objects in the InfoSet
RSQIMPACT - Log for Impact-Analysis
RSQISETLOC - Local Properties InfoSets
RSQISETX - Directory of all InfoSets (Technical Enhancements)
RSQONCOND - ON Condition in InfoSet
RSQRDB - SAP Query: Runtime Objects for Query Reports
RSQRFOBJ - InfoSet: Include Structure for Field Objects (DB View)
RSQRTOBJ - InfoSet: Include Structure for Table Objects (DB View)
RSQTOBJT - Texts for Table Objects in the InfoSet
RSQWCOND - Standard WHERE Conditions in the InfoSet
RSQ_DIAL_STATE - InfoSets Structure for AWB
RSQ_SX_ISET_APPEND_DATA - Metadata for InfoSet Enhancement
RSQ_S_ALIAS - Aliases
RSQ_S_AMB_ALL_TABLES - Ambiguous Join - All Tables
RSQ_S_AMB_GROUP - Ambiguity: Groups
RSQ_S_AMB_GROUP_ALIASES - InfoSet: Boundary Aliases of a Group
RSQ_S_AMB_JOIN - InfoSet: Ambiguous Joins
RSQ_S_APPEND - Infoset: Append
RSQ_S_AWB - Read for Adminstrator Workbench
RSQ_S_BAPI_CUBE - BAPI: Search Help InfoCube
RSQ_S_BAPI_IOBJ - BAPI: Search Help InfoObject
RSQ_S_BAPI_ODSO - BAPI: Search Help DataStore
RSQ_S_F4_FOBJ - Structure for F4
RSQ_S_FOBJT - Texts for Field Objects in the InfoSet
RSQ_S_FOBJ_JOIN - InfoSet: Field Objects for Join Control
RSQ_S_FOBJ_META - InfoSet: Field Objects for Join Control (Metadata)
RSQ_S_FOBJ_RUNT - InfoSet Field Objects (Runtime)
RSQ_S_IMPACT - Log for Impact-Analysis
RSQ_S_INTFIELD_TEMPLATE - InfoSet: Template Structure for Internal Fields (Runtime)
RSQ_S_ISCAT - SAP Query(BW): Transfer Structure for ALV Grid
RSQ_S_ISET - InfoSet: InfoSet Name as Structure
RSQ_S_ISET_R - InfoSet with Reference
RSQ_S_ISET_VERS_R - InfoSet with Reference (Version)
RSQ_S_ISSUBTYPE_BITS - Subtype: Structure for Bit String
RSQ_S_JOIN - Ambiguity: Join
RSQ_S_LINKS_JOIN - InfoSet: Link Objects for Join Control
RSQ_S_ON_EXTENDED - InfoSet: Advanced ON-Condition
RSQ_S_ON_UI - ON Conditions in InfoSet - Append
RSQ_S_SCOPE - Link: Scope/Append
RSQ_S_TALIAS - Aliases
RSQ_S_TOBJT - Texts for Table Objects in the InfoSet
RSQ_S_TOBJ_JOIN - InfoSet: Table Object for Join Control
RSQ_S_TOBJ_R - InfoSet: Table Object with Reference
RSQ_S_TOBJ_RUNT - InfoSet Table Objects (Runtime)
RSQ_S_USER_DATA - InfoSet: User Settings
RSQ_S_VI_MAP_FIELDS - Assignment: VI Fields
RSREQUESTSTEP - Open Hub: Substep for a Request
RSR_PE_LOG - Log for Planning Engine
RSR_PE_LOG_CS - Log for Planning Engine (Extract of Call Stack)
RSR_REL_STATUS - Status of Generation of Time Relations
RSR_REL_TIME - Time Relations for Planning
RSR_REL_TIME_FIS - Time Relations for Planning
RSSEM1000 - Generated Classes by InfoCube
RSSEM1001 - Generated Classes by Characteristic
RSSEMDMR_S_SELOPT - Selection option
RSSEMRX_VAR - Transfer structure for variables
RSSEM_CONS_QUERYINFO - BCS UT: meta data of the query that is being executed
RSSEM_REQUESTCOP - InfoCube Assignment
RSSEM_RFCPACK - Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider Data
RSSEM_RFC_MDF - Callback Destination to Dependent MDF/SEM-BCS/BA Clients
RSSEM_S_BAPI_STRUCT - BAPI and API Structures Used by UGBW
RSSEM_S_CHAVL - Characteristic Value
RSSEM_S_CHAVLINFO - Value, Exist and Text Structure
RSSEM_S_DATA_HIENODE - Selected Hierarchy Node
RSSEM_S_DEP - Values of compounded characteristics
RSSEM_S_HIENODE - Hierarchy Node to be Selected
RSSEM_S_HIENODENAME - Char.Values of Nodes to be Selected
RSSEM_S_HTAB - Basis Structure Hierarchies (Node Name Length 60)
RSSEM_S_IOBJ_TIMESTMP - Time Stamp for Each InfoObject
RSSEM_S_JTAB - Hierarchy Intervals of a Characteristic
RSSEM_S_NODENM - Text and ext. name for nodes
RSSEM_S_QUERY - Info about a query
RSSEM_S_QUERY_TXT - Info about a query with text
RSSEM_S_QUERY_VARIABLES - Variables in a BW Query
RSSEM_S_RANGE - Structure for a BW range table
RSSEM_S_RFC_IPROV_IPROV_RANGE - Range for Selection of a Data Package by InfoProvider
RSSEM_S_RFC_IPROV_PACKHEADER - Information for Temporarily Saved InfoProvider Data
RSSEM_S_RFC_IPROV_PCK_DISP - Structure to Display Package Info for a Selection Run
RSSEM_S_RFC_IPROV_UNAME_RANGE - Range for Selection of a Data Package by User
RSSEM_S_RSHIEDIRTXT - Hierarchy Interface - Structure Hierarchy Infos with Text
RSSEM_S_SHFC - Characteristic with Hierarchy Node Selection
RSSEM_S_ULIST_ATR - Master Data as Navigation Attribute
RSSEM_S_ULIST_DIM - Master Data in Dimensions
RSSEM_S_ULIST_HIE - Master Data in Hierarchies
RSSEM_S_ULIST_HIE_NODE - Master Data in Hierarchy Nodes
RSSEM_S_ULIST_ODSO - Master Data in ODS Objects
RSSEM_S_ULIST_QUERY - Master Data in Queries
RSSEM_UCR0_IPD - SEM BCS Destination Registration For an InfoProvider
RSSEM_UI_YS_CHANMS_TXT - SEM-BIC: Info on Characteristic with Texts
RSSEM_UI_YS_CHAS - Characteristic/Characteristic Value (Internal Display)
RSSEM_UI_YS_CHAS_TXT - Characteristic/Characteristic Value with Texts (Ext. Format)
RSSEM_UI_YS_CM - Fields with DDIC Description for the CM Attributes
RSSEM_UI_YS_CM_IOBJ_PROPNM - Interface for CM: Document Attribute Name for an InfoObject
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_ASSIGNED_CHAS - Assigned Chars/Char. Values (Documents SEM-BIC Data Basis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_ASSIGNED_KYFS - Assigned Key Figures (Documents of SEM-BIC Data Basis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_BDS_PROP - BDS Attributes (Documents of SEM-BIC Databasis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_CHASEL - Line Type for Sel.Tab. Chars (Documents SEM-BIC Data Basis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_CONTENT - Line Type Content for a Document (SEM-BIC Data Basis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_FIX_PROP - Other Fixed Attributes (Documents of SEM-BIC Data Basis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_KEY_INFO - Structure for Conv. Table SEM-BIC Doc.-IDs <-> BDS-IDs
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_KYFSEL - Line Type Sel. Table for Key Fig.(Docs of SEM-BIC Databasis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_PROP - Documents in the SEM-BIC Databasis: Assignment Attributes
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_SHORTINFO - Short Info on Document (SEM-BIC Databasis)
RSSEM_UI_YS_DOC_SIZE - BDS: Document Size (SEM-BIC Databasis)
RSSEM_YS_ATR - Attributes
RSSEM_YS_CHAVL - Characteristic Values
RSSEM_YS_COBPRO - InfoObject Properties (in Context of InfoCube)
RSSEM_YS_IOBJCMP - Compound (Dependencies) of InfoObjects
RSSHMT_S_DYN010 - Structure for Screen 200 in Fugr Rssmt
RSSHMT_S_DYN030 - Structure of Screen 030 RSSHMT Header Information
RSSHMT_S_DYN040 - Structure for Screen 040 in RSSHMT Function Group
RSSHMT_S_DYN200 - Structure for Screen 200 in Fugr Rssmt
RSSHMT_S_DYN250 - Structure Dynpro 250 RSSHMT
RSSH_DTP_S_U_DYN0100 - Structure of Subscreen 0100: DTP Hierarchy Update
RSSH_SX_HTABS - Structure Hierarchy Tables
RSSH_SX_SUBTREEHTABS - Structure Subtree Hierarchy Tables
RSSH_S_AWBNAV_HIER - Parameters for Connection to DWB
RSSH_S_CHANGEDFLGS - Changed Flags Hierarchy Basis Object
RSSH_S_DFHIESEL - Hierarchy Selection Including Date from
RSSH_S_DFIOBJHIESEL - Hierarchy Selection for Known InfoObject with datefrom
RSSH_S_DFTXTHIESEL - Hierarchy Selection Including Date from
RSSH_S_DRAGDROP - Drag&Drop Properties for Hierarchies
RSSH_S_FCODE - Function Code
RSSH_S_FIELDINDEX - ModelTree Fields
RSSH_S_FIELDNM - Table Field Name
RSSH_S_HIEDIRTXT - Hierarchie Header with Text
RSSH_S_HIEKEY - Key BW Hierarchies
RSSH_S_HIEKEY_FOR_HASHID - Key Fields to Determine HEID (Hash Value)
RSSH_S_HIEPROPS - Hierarchy properties
RSSH_S_HIERSTRUC - Hierarchy Structure
RSSH_S_HIESEL - Hierarchy Selection
RSSH_S_HIETXT - Hierarchy Header Text
RSSH_S_HIETYPE - Structure Hierarchy Type
RSSH_S_HTAB - Basis Structure Hierarchies (Node Name Length 60)
RSSH_S_INDEXTAB - Index Structure
RSSH_S_INTERVAL - Hierarchy Interval
RSSH_S_INTSORT - Structure for Hierarchy Intervals in Consistency Check
RSSH_S_IOBCHABAS - iobjnm and chabasnm Structure
RSSH_S_IOBJFIELD - Assignment of InfoObject Field Name
RSSH_S_IOBJHIESEL - Hierarchy Selection
RSSH_S_IOBJICON - Icons for InfoObjects
RSSH_S_JTAB - New Structure 3.0A: Hierarchy Intervals of a Characteristic
RSSH_S_LEV - Level of a Hierarchy
RSSH_S_LEVNODE - Node-Structure Hierarchies Using Level and Sorting
RSSH_S_LOOPTAB - Loop Tab for Consistency Check
RSSH_S_MAXHTAB - Max. Struct.Hierarchies without Attribs (with rsshnodename)
RSSH_S_MINHTAB - Minimal Structure Hierarchies
RSSH_S_MSG - Message Structure Hierarchies
RSSH_S_MSGEH - Message Structure Hierarchies for Error Handler
RSSH_S_NODE - Hierarchy Nodes Without IDs
RSSH_S_NODEATTR - Node Attributes (cha 60 do not change )
RSSH_S_NODEATTR_STR - Node Attributes (String)
RSSH_S_NODEBYNAME - Node Identification above Name
RSSH_S_NODEBYNAMEPAR - Node Identification above Name and Parent
RSSH_S_NODEBYNAMEWOL - Node Identification Using Name Without Link (CHAR 60)
RSSH_S_NODEID_MAP - Mapping Table of Old and New Node ID
RSSH_S_NODEKEY - Alternative Key Fields Hierarchy Structure
RSSH_S_NODENMIOBJ - Node Name and InfoObject
RSSH_S_NODESORT - Structure for Hierarchy Nodes during Consistency Check
RSSH_S_OBJS - ALV Table for InfoObject Selection
RSSH_S_STATUSFLGS - Status Flags Hierarchy Basis Object
RSSH_S_TEXT - Language-specific Text
RSSH_S_THIERNODE - Texts for Text Nodes (0HIER_NODE)
RSSZTDIR - Directory of the customer master data table
RSTHIERNODE - Texts of Non-Postable Hierarchy Nodes
RSWODSODELGUI - Table Control Structure for Deletion From woDSOs

SAP Data Staging Tables BW-WHM-DST

AUNIT_PSA_MD_CP - Communication of Parallel Processes in Test
AUNIT_PSA_MD_ST - Table for Locking to Avoid Parallel Tests
BAPI6109 - Scheduler: General Data
BAPI6109BTCH - Scheduler: Scheduling Selections
BAPI6109DEST - Scheduler: Data Target
BAPI6109FILE - Scheduler: File Selections
BAPI6109HIE - Scheduler: Hierarchy Transfer Structure
BAPI6109IC - Scheduler: InfoCube Table
BAPI6109SEL - Scheduler: Selection Structure
BAPI6109TCP - Scheduler: TCPIP External Data Selections
BAPIDSCHARSTRING - Data - Data Record (Binary)
BAPIDSFIELD - DataSource Fields
BAPIDSHEADER - DataSource (RSDS) - Header Attributes
BAPIDSHEADERATTR - DataSource (RSDS) - Header Attributes
BAPIDSHIER - DataSource (RSDS) - Hierarchy Attributes
BAPIDSLIST - List of DataSource
BAPIDSRAWSTRING - Data - Data Record (Binary)
BAPIDSSEL - Selection Criteria for DataSources
BAPIDSTYPESEL - Selection Criteria for DataSource Data Types
GTABL_DATA - table data
GTAB_CONTROL - table type
MCH_SELECT - Interface: Generalized Selection Criteria
MCH_SELECT_CMD - Selection Table for DTP; Processing with Commands
MCH_SELFIELDS - Selection fields
MCH_S_FIELD - Field List for a DTP Data Source with Additional Details
MCH_S_PART - Like g_t_part in Function Group RSM1
MCH_S_SOURCECODE - Source Code from DTP Routines (See RSLDPRULE)
MCH_VAR_SELECT - Variable Selection in DTP, for Example, with BEX Variables
PSA_SEARCH_STRUCT - Search Structure for F4 Search Help in PSAs
RMSGPARAM - Parameters for finding messages in T100
RODPS_REPL_SDATA_COLUMN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH_COLUM1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH_COLUMN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH_RAW - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH_RAW_RE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH_XML - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH_XML_RE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SXML_FORMAT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_SXSTRING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_TDATA_COLUMNS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_TDATA_SET - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_TXML_FORMAT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODPS_REPL_TXSTRING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RODSVAL - F4 Value Transfer to Scheduler
ROFDF4 - F4 Help Structure
RS3DREL - Possible 3rd Party Source System Types and Releases
RS3DRELT - Text Table for Permitted 3rd Party Source System Releases
RS3RDFLD - Variable fields of the 3rd party source system
RS3RDFLDNEW - Variable Fields of Third Party Source System - New
RS3RDFLDNEWT - Text Table for Var. Fields of Third Party Source Sys.- New
RS3RDFLDT - Text table for variable fields of the 3rd party source sys.
RSAABAP - ABAP routine - source code
RSAABAPINV - ABAP Routine - Source Code for Inverse Routines
RSAC2_S_COPY_DESTINATION - Target: Copy Transfer Rules
RSAC2_S_FILE_UNICODE - Unicode Settings for the File Upload
RSAC_FILE_S_FIELD - Column of a Read Table
RSAC_FILE_S_FIELDS - Field Parsed from File
RSAC_FILE_S_PROPERTIES - Field Parsed from File
RSAC_FILE_S_UNICODE - Unicode Settings for the File Upload
RSAC_S_SCREEN_7200 - Fields in Screen 7200, Program SAPLRSAC
RSAD2_IS_CONTROL - Control Structure: InfoSource Front End
RSAD2_S_ISOSMAP - InfoSource DataSource Mapping
RSAD2_S_IS_CONTROL - Control Structure: InfoSource Front End
RSAD2_S_IS_FIELD - InfoSource Field Description (Display Format)
RSAD2_S_OSFIELDMAP - Mapping DataSource Field InfoObject
RSAD2_S_OSSEGFIEMAP - Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments (Fields)
RSAD2_S_OSSEGMAP - Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments
RSADMINDAT - Data element assignment for table RSADMIN
RSAD_CSHEADER - Dialog Structure Communications Structure Header
RSAD_FORMULA - Interface Elements Formula Builder
RSAD_FORMULA_FIELDS - Formula Builder- Field Table Structure
RSAD_FORMULA_FUNCTIONS - Formula Builder - Function Table Structure
RSAD_LOADMETHOD - Transfer structure for determining the load method
RSAD_SX_CONVROUTSEGMENT - Transfer Routines for a Segment
RSAD_SX_CSSEGMENT - Comm. structure segments for generic hierarchy upload
RSAD_SX_FORMULASEGMENT - Formulas in Segment
RSAD_SX_OSSEGMENT - DataSource Segments (in Display Format)
RSAD_SX_RULSEGMENT - Transfer Rules Segment for Generic Hierarchy Upload
RSAD_SX_TSSEGMENT - Transfer Structure Segments for Generic Hierarchy Upload
RSAD_S_CONVROUT_IOBJ - Transfer Routine
RSAD_S_CS_IOBJ_USAGE - Where-used List for InfoObjects in Communication Structure
RSAD_S_CS_IOBJ_USAGE_TR - Where-used List: Transfer Rules
RSAD_S_CS_IOBJ_USAGE_UR - Where-used List: Update Rules
RSAD_S_FORMULA_IOBJ - Formula for an InfoObject
RSAD_S_IOBJ_AS_DTA - Popup Window - Insert InfoObject as Data Target
RSAD_S_IS_CREATE_DIALOG - InfoSource Creation Dialog
RSAD_S_ROUTINE_BY_PROP - Transfer Routine By Its Properties
RSAD_TSHEADER - Dialog structure transfer rules header
RSAFORM - BW Formulas - Check Table
RSAFORMMAP - Mapping Formula External/Internal GUID
RSAFORMT - BW Formulas - Text Table
RSAGGRHLP - Help structure for aggregation tabstrip F4 on partition
RSAGUIDMAP - Mapping GUID M/A Version for Update Rules
RSAOLTP_S_ISFS_R - Structure with References to DataSource
RSAOS_CONTENT_CHECK_S_DYNP100 - Entry Structure for Transfer Rules Check
RSAOS_CS_APS - Complex Structure for Application Components
RSAOS_CS_DS - Complex Structure for DataSources
RSAOS_CS_F4STRUC - F4 Transfer
RSAOS_SX_OSSEGMAP - Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments
RSAOS_SX_SEGMENT - Segment of a DataSource
RSAOS_S_CONTENT_DS_RS - DataSource, Release, Source System
RSAOS_S_DSF4VAL - Structure for F4 Value Transfer
RSAOS_S_DYNP100 - Entries for Metadata Upload
RSAOS_S_ISOFIELD - OLTP Source Fields in old Format (RSIS....)
RSAOS_S_ISOSMAP - Mapping Between InfoSources and OLTP Sources
RSAOS_S_ISOSMAPSH - Shadow Mapping
RSAOS_S_MESSAGE - Message in OLTP Source Environment
RSAOS_S_OLTPSOURCE - Replicate Table for OLTP Sources in BW
RSAOS_S_OLTPSOURCEHIECOM - Compounding Information for Hierarchies
RSAOS_S_OLTPSOURCESH_HEADER - Header Entries for Shadow OLTP Sources
RSAOS_S_OLTPSOURCE_EXT - Auxiliary Structure of Old DataSource with Additional Fields
RSAOS_S_OSFIELDMAP - Mapping InfoObjects <-> OLTP Source Fields
RSAOS_S_OSFIELDMAPSH - Technical Properties of Fields
RSAOS_S_OSGENMAP - Interface Structure of rsosgenmap
RSAOS_S_OSGENMAPB - B Segment of Mapping Generation
RSAOS_S_OSOFIELD - OLTP Source Fields in Old Format (RSOS....)
RSAOS_S_OSOURCEFIELD - OLTP Source Fields in New Format
RSAOS_S_OSOURCEFIELDT - Texts for OLTP Source Fields
RSAOS_S_OSSEGFIELDTEXT_TR - Text for the Segment Field of a DataSource (RFC Structure)
RSAOS_S_OSSEGFIELD_TR - Segment Field of a DataSource (RFC Structure)
RSAOS_S_OSSEGMENT_TR - Segment of a DataSource (RFC Structure)
RSAOS_S_OSSEGTEXT_TR - Segment Text of a DataSource (RFC Structure)
RSAOS_S_PATTERN - F4 Structure
RSAOS_S_RSDS - Enhancement DataSource (RSDS)
RSAOS_S_RSOSAPPL - Application Component of Source System
RSAOS_S_RSOSAPPLT - Application component texts of source system
RSAOS_S_RSOSGENMAPB - Mapping Fields <-> Field Names for Generating Applications
RSAOS_S_TS - Interface: Header Information for Transfer Structure
RSAOT_S_PATTERN - Low High for F4
RSAPPLSH - Shadow table: Directory of the application components
RSAPPLTSH - Shadow table: Texts of the application components
RSARAW - Structure for function module TABLE_COMPRESS
RSARCHIPRO - BW Archiving: General Archiving Properties
RSARCHIPROIOBJ - BW Archiving: General Archiving Properties
RSARCHIPROLOC - BW ARchiving: General Local Properties
RSARCHIPROLOCSEL - BW Archiving: Archived Data Area
RSARCHIPROPID - BW Archiving: Program References of InfoProvider
RSARCHREQ - BW Archiving: Archiving Request
RSARCHREQFILES - BW Archiving: Verfified Archive Files
RSARCHREQSEL - BW Archiving: Request-Selections
RSARCHSELOPT - BW Archiving: Selection Properties
RSARCH_RS_CALDAY - BW Archiving: Calendar Day Range
RSARCH_RS_CALMONTH - BW Archiving: Range for Calendar Year/Month
RSARCH_RS_CALQUARTER - Bw Archiving: Calendar Year/ Quarter Range
RSARCH_RS_CALWEEK - BW Archiving: Calender Week Range
RSARCH_RS_CALYEAR - BW Archiving: Calendar Year Range
RSARCH_RS_DATE - BW Archiving: Data Range
RSARCH_RS_FILE_SELECTION - BW Archiving: Ranges Condition for an Archive File
RSARCH_RS_FISCPER - BW Archiving: Range for Posting Period
RSARCH_RS_FISCVARNT - BW Archiving: Range for Fiscal Year Variant
RSARCH_RS_FISCYEAR - BW Archiving: Range for Fiscal Year
RSARCH_S_CHASEL - BW Archiving: Characteristic Selection
RSARCH_S_CLUSTKEY - BW Archiving: Cluster Key InfoObject
RSARCH_S_FIELD_SELECTION - BW Archiving: Ranges condition for a field
RSARCH_S_IOBJPRO - BW Archiving: InfoObject properties in InfoProv
RSARCH_S_IOBJSEL - BW Archiving: Characteristic Selection
RSARCH_S_IPRO - BW Archiving: Characteristics of an InfoProvider
RSARCH_S_IPROIOBJ - BW Archiving: InfoObject Properties
RSARCH_S_PID - BW Archiving: Program References of InfoProvider
RSARCH_S_RANGE - BW Archiving: Range Condition for a Characteristic
RSARCH_S_REQFILE - BW Archiving: Request File
RSARCH_S_SCREEN_IPRO - BW Archiving: Screen Fields for InfoProviders
RSARCH_S_SOPTPRO - BW Archiving: Selection Properties
RSARCH_S_TIMEUNIT - BW Archiving: Time Unit With Text
RSARCH_S_TIMNM - BW Archiving: Time Characteristic with Description
RSARC_SX_REFERENCE_SEGMENT - Reference Fields (Depend on Segment)
RSARC_SX_RSTSSEGMENT - Transfer Structure Segment
RSARC_S_CODEID - CodeID (25 Characters)
RSARC_S_CODEID_32C - Formula ID (32 Characters)
RSARC_S_OBJECT - BW Object with Text and Type
RSARC_S_RSFIELDTXT - General Field Structure with Text
RSARC_S_RSKSMULTI - Help Structure for Comm. Structure with Fields Table
RSARC_S_RSOLTPMULTI - Help Structure for Data Source with Fields Table
RSARC_S_RSOSOHIE - Hierarchy Header & Texts
RSARC_S_RSRULMULTI - Help Structure for Transfer Structure with Rules Table
RSARC_S_RSTSMULTI - Help Structure for Transfer Structure with Fields Table
RSARC_S_RSTSRULES - Transfer Rules of a Transfer Structure
RSARC_S_SYS - Log Sys. with Text and Type
RSARDATATRFC - Interface: Segment name & generic data
RSAREACUBE - Cube InfoAreas
RSARFIELDS - ABAP Routine - Check Table
RSAROUT - ABAP routine - check table
RSAROUTT - ABAP routine - text table
RSAR_AUNIT_MST_P1 - First Part of a Structure for Testing Multi-Segment PSAs
RSAR_AUNIT_MST_P2 - Second Part of a Structure for Testing Multi-Segment PSAs
RSAR_AUNIT_MST_WOP - Structure for Testing Unpartitioned Multi-Segment PSAs
RSAR_AUNIT_MST_WP - Structure for Testing Partitioned Multi-Segment PSAs
RSAR_BUFFER - Generic Buffer for Error Stack Records
RSAR_SX_SEG_GEN - Structure Information for a Segment
RSAR_S_ERROR - Error record
RSAR_S_FIELDTXT - Text for table fields
RSAR_S_HIE_IOBJS - Bracketing for a Hierarchy InfoObject
RSAR_S_IOBJNM - Communications Structure (only InfoObjects)
RSAR_S_IOBJ_R - InfoSource - InfoObject
RSAR_S_IOBJ_SG_R - InfoSource - InfoObject
RSAR_S_ISCS_R - Bar with Reference to Communications Structure Class
RSAR_S_ISTD_R - Bar with Reference to InfoSource (Transaction Data) Class
RSAR_S_ISTS_R - Bar with Reference to Transfer Structure Class
RSAR_S_LOCK_REQUEST - Dummy for Lock Object on Request
RSAR_S_LOCK_REQUEST_USER - Dummy for Lock Object on Request
RSAR_S_LOGSYS_ADDON - AddOns per Source System
RSAR_S_LOGSYS_CHECK_MSG - Check Messages to Source System at Source System
RSAR_S_LOGSYS_COMPONENT - Components per Source System
RSAR_S_LOGSYS_COMP_PATCH - Component Patches per Source System
RSAR_S_LOGSYS_PATCH - Patches per Source System
RSAR_S_LSYS - List of Source Systems to be Checked
RSAR_S_PSANAME - PSA Name with class structure: For clas CL_RSAR_PSA
RSAR_S_PSAREQUEST - PSA-Request Instance values
RSAR_S_REF_TO_DATA - Reference to data tables
RSAR_S_TCC_BASIDOC - RSBASIDOC (copied without includes or appends)
RSAR_S_TCC_IDOCPRMS - ROIDOCPRMS (copied without append)
RSAR_S_TS_MAP - Conversion Transfer Structure Different Formats (A D SH)
RSAR_S_TXTSML - InfoSource - Texts (Language-Dependent)
RSASSI - Monitor Wizard
RSAUCONT - In/Output fields for Business Content
RSAU_S_UPDR_R - Update Rules with Reference
RSAWBDOKU - Documentation for F1 help in the AWB
RSA_RS_CHAVL - Range Structure on General Characteristic Value (RSCHAVL)
RSA_SX_CHASL - Ranges Selection for a Characteristic
RSA_S_CHAVL - Characteristic Name/Characteristic Value
RSA_S_PSA_HIER_FILE - Load PSA Hierarchies from Flat File
RSA_S_REL_IS_CS - Dependents: InfoSource (ISTD) for Comm. Structure (ISCS)
RSA_S_REL_TS_FORM - Dependencies: Trans. Struct (ISTs) for Formulas (FORM)
RSA_S_REL_TS_ROUT - Dependents: Transfer Strctre (ISTs) for Routines (ROUT)
RSBASIDOC3X - RSBASIDOC in 3.x Systems (for RFC)
RSBATCHADM - Administration Settings for Batch Mananger
RSBATCHCTRL - BW Batch Management - Control Table
RSBATCHCTRL_PAR - BW Batch Management - Control Table
RSBATCHDATA - Copy of INDX for Batch and Enqueue Runtime Data
RSBATCHDEBUG - Debugging of Batch Processes for the Batch Manager
RSBATCHDEBUGTYPE - Process Types for which Batch and Debug Manager is Active
RSBATCHDEBUGVAL - Debugging of Batch Processes - Variable List
RSBATCHDEBUGWAIT - Waiting Processes for Batch Manager to Be Caught
RSBATCHDELDATA - Scheduled Deletions for Automatic Deletion of Messages....
RSBATCHENQ - Pure Enqueue Table for the Batch Manager
RSBATCHHEADER - BW Batch Management - Header Table for the Start Process
RSBATCHLOGSTAT - Store Statistics for Analyze Table on rsbatchdata
RSBATCHLOGWRITE - Store Log Handle for slg1 Write in Batch
RSBATCHPARALLEL - Control Parallel Batch Processes
RSBATCHPROT - BW Batch Management - Log Table
RSBATCHSERVER - Server Selection for Parallel Batch Processes
RSBATCHSTACK - BW Batch Management - Caller Stack of Start Process
RSBATCHSTRING_S - Output Structure
RSBATCHVALUES - Field/Values Structure for the Batch Debugger
RSBATCHWAITVAL - Debugging of Batch Processes - Variable List
RSBATCH_S_DEBUG_VAL_CHECK - Debug Value Check for Batch Process Catch
RSBATCH_S_EXECUTE - Parallel Batch Process Splitting
RSBATCH_S_PSAPROCESS - Debug and Parallel Batch Process Splitting
RSBCFILTER100 - Screen Fields DTP Filter
RSBCFILTERDYNP100 - Screen Fields DTP Filter
RSBCUDESTDYNP100 - Screen Fields Update Command Template OH Destination
RSBCXPSADYNP100 - Screen Fields Extraction InfoCube
RSBERRORCHANGED - Log of Changed Records
RSBERRORCROSS - Cross Reference Record Numbers
RSBERRORCROSSREQ - Cross References, Record Numbers, Requests and Packages
RSBERRORLOG - Logs for Incorrect Records
RSBKADMIN - DTP: System-Specific Attributes
RSBKBP - Breakpoints
RSBKBUFFER_I - Include: Settings to Delete the Temporary Storage
RSBKCMD - DTP Command Template in XML Format
RSBKCMDH - DTP Command Template in XML Format
RSBKCMDPROP - Data Transfer Process: Commands
RSBKCMDPROPT - Data Transfer Process: Texts for Commands
RSBKCMD_I - Include Structure: Command Templates in XML Format
RSBKDATA - Copy of INDX for DTP: Runtime Buffer
RSBKDATADYNP100 - Screen Fields DTP Temporary Storage Display
RSBKDATAINFO - Information on DTP Runtime Buffers
RSBKDATAPAKID - DTP: Status Table for Data Packages
RSBKDATAPAKSEL - DTP: Data Package Selections
RSBKDATA_KEY - DTP Cluster for Runtime Buffer: Key
RSBKDTP - BW: Data Transfer Process Header Data
RSBKDTPH - DTP: Historic Versions
RSBKDTPSTAT - Status Information on Data Transfer Process
RSBKDTPT - Texts on Data Transfer Processes
RSBKDTPTH - Texts on Data Transfer Processes
RSBKDTP_I - Include Structure: Data Transfer Process Header Data
RSBKDYNP100 - Fields of Initial View in DTP Maintenance
RSBKDYNP101 - Dynpro Fields Dynpro 101 / RSBK_GUI
RSBKDYNP102 - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 100
RSBKDYNP200 - Fields of Initial View in DTP Maintenance
RSBKDYNP201 - Dynpro Fields: DTP Maintenance Tab1 (Substeps)
RSBKDYNP201_TAB - Table Fields: DTP Maintenance Tab1 (Transformations)
RSBKDYNP202 - Dynpro Fields: DTP Maintenance Tab1 (Substeps)
RSBKDYNP203 - Dynpro Structure: General Extraction Parameters
RSBKDYNP204 - Dynpro Structure: General Update Parameters
RSBKDYNP205 - Screen Fields Screen 205 / RSBK_DTP_GUI
RSBKDYNP205_TAB - Table Structure for Temporary Storage GUI
RSBKDYNP206 - Dynpro Fields: DTP Maintenance Tab 'Execute'
RSBKMON100 - Dynpro Fields: Monitor List
RSBKMONITORALL - Structure for DTP-Request Monitor List
RSBKPATH - Properties Path
RSBKSELECT - Selections for DTP Request (Summary)
RSBKSUBSTEP - Properties of Substeps in a DTP
RSBKSUBSTEPT - Texts for DTP Substeps
RSBK_OLD_TRANSFER - Old Transfer Methodes for DTP
RSBK_RS_STEPID - Range of Steps
RSBK_SX_FIELDS_KEYFL - Segment List with Fields and Key Flag
RSBK_S_BP - DTP: Breakpoints
RSBK_S_BP_LIST - Structure with Breakpoints and Explanatory Text
RSBK_S_BREAKPOINT - Breakpoint Structure for ALV
RSBK_S_BUFFER - Structure
RSBK_S_CMD_MEMENTO - Structure for DTP-Command Mementos
RSBK_S_CMD_R - Structure with Command Template for DTP
RSBK_S_CMP - Compunding Information for DTP Data Target
RSBK_S_DATAPAKID - DTP: Structure with Data Package
RSBK_S_DATASTATE - Open Hub: Delta Status of a Server
RSBK_S_DP_R - Data Packages with OO Reference
RSBK_S_DP_SELECTIONS - Data Package and Selections
RSBK_S_DTP_D - DTP: Structure for Factory D Version
RSBK_S_DTP_DETAIL - Details for DTP (with Text)
RSBK_S_DTP_R - Structure for DTP Factory
RSBK_S_DVERSKEY - DTP: Structure of DTPs/D Verison Key
RSBK_S_FIELD - Field List for a Data Source of a Data Transfer Process
RSBK_S_FIELDS_KEYFL - Field List with Key Indicator
RSBK_S_FIELDS_KEYFL_GUI - Field List with Key Indicator for GUI
RSBK_S_FIELDS_KEYOPT - Field with Key Option
RSBK_S_FIELD_RT - DTP: Field Structure for Runtime
RSBK_S_FIELD_SEL - Field List for a Data Source of a Data Transfer Process
RSBK_S_ICON - Mapping Icons / Icons with Text
RSBK_S_PROCESS - Data for DTP Runtime
RSBK_S_PSTYPE - Structure with Processing-Step Type
RSBK_S_RANGE - DTP: Selection for Source
RSBK_S_REQUID - DTP Request Structure
RSBK_S_SEGFIELD - Field Name and Segment
RSBK_S_SEGTXT - Segment and Description
RSBK_S_SELECT - Selections in DTP (Summary)
RSBK_S_SEQUENCE_GUI - Structure for Displaying DTP Program Flow
RSBK_S_SIDINFO - SID Information for DTP Fields
RSBK_S_SRC_FIELDS_MAP - Mapping Structure for Copying
RSBK_S_STEPID - Sequential Step List
RSBK_S_TECHKEY - Technical Key Fields
RSBK_S_TEXT - General Text Structure
RSBK_S_TPL_R - Structure with Command Template for DTP
RSBK_S_UBREAKPOINT - Update for Breakpoints
RSBK_S_UPDINFO - Update Information in DTP
RSBMDYNP100 - Screen Field RSBM_REQUEST_GUI, Screen 100
RSBMDYNP102 - Screen Fields: DTP Monitor Node Hierarchy
RSBMDYNP103 - Screen Field Subscreen for Log Details in the DTP Monitor
RSBMDYNP104 - DTP Request: Structure for Subscreen with Process Data
RSBMDYNP200 - Screen Field RSBM_REQUEST_GUI, Screen 200
RSBMDYNP300 - Dynpro Fields Dynpro 300 (Status Change DTP)
RSBMLOG - Hierarchical Log: Header
RSBMLOGPAR - Hierarchical Log: Field/Value Pair
RSBMLOGPAR_DTP - DTP Log: Field/Value Pairs
RSBMNODES - Hierarchical Log: Nodes
RSBMNODES_I - Include Structure: DTP Log
RSBMNODETYPES - Hierarchical Log: Node Types
RSBMONMESS - Hierarchical Log: Table with Messages
RSBMONMESS_DTP - DTP Log: Table With Messages
RSBMREQ_DTP - DTP Log: Status of Header Table
RSBM_SX_CROSSTAB - Cross Record of All Steps
RSBM_SX_CROSSTAB_INV - Cross Record of All Steps
RSBM_S_CMDLIST - Detailed Command List for New DTP Monitor
RSBM_S_COUNT - Record Count Error Handling
RSBM_S_CROSSTAB - Cross Record Table
RSBM_S_CROSSTAB_REQ - Cross-Record Table incl. Request and Package (for Extractor)
RSBM_S_ERRORCOUNTER - Number of Runs by Error Handling
RSBM_S_ERRORLOG - Error Handling Error List
RSBM_S_ERRORLOG_INT - Error Handling: Transfer of Record Errors
RSBM_S_ITEM_GUI - Tree Structure for DTP Monitor
RSBM_S_ITEM_RQ_WHERE_USED - Item Structure for UI of Where-Used List for Request
RSBM_S_MSG - T100 with Numerical Status and Time Stamp
RSBM_S_NODE - Structure with Log Nodes
RSBM_S_PAR - Counter and Field/Value Pair
RSBM_S_POSIT - Position Determination of DTP Log
RSBM_S_PSA - List of PSAs
RSBM_S_RECORDS - Records for Source
RSBM_S_RECORD_IN - Inbound Record Numbers
RSBM_S_RECORD_OUT - Outbound Record Numbers
RSBM_S_REQUEST - Request List
RSBM_S_RSBMREQ_ENH - Enhanced Structure for RSBMREQ_DTP
RSBM_S_STORAGE - Memory Type and Name
RSBM_S_TSTMPL - Structure with Time Stamp
RSBOBJDS_FLOWS - Created Data Flows (Change Log)
RSBOBJDS_LOGSYS - Source System for Business Objects Data Services
RSBOBJDS_SX_BW_TARGET_STORE - Structure for Storing the BW Target System
RSBOBJDS_SX_DATASOURCE_STORE - Structure for Storing the DataSource
RSBOBJDS_S_BROWSE_F4 - F4 Help for Browsing
RSBOBJDS_S_DATASTORE - List of Data Services Data Stores
RSBOBJDS_S_ITEM - Item from DataStore
RSBOBJDS_S_JOBSERVER - Data Services Job Server
RSBOBJDS_S_OBJECTS - List of Source Objects/Tables
RSBOBJDS_S_REPOSITORIES - List of Repositories
RSBOBJDS_S_SOURCE_OBJECT_TYPE - Source Object Type/Table Type
RSBOBJDS_S_SYSTEMCONFIG - System Configuration of Data Services
RSBOBJDS_S_TEXTLONG - Messages in Long Format
RSBOBJDS_S_VALUES - Parameter List
RSBOBJDS_S_XML - Object XML (Line, Random Line Breaks)
RSBOBJDS_S_XMLS - XML File Row for Multiple Files
RSBOOK - Processing of IDocs in the batch
RSBOOKDOKU - Documentation for update information for ICs
RSBSOURCEPROP - Server Types for the Data Transfer Process: Source Objects
RSBSOURCEPROPT - Texts on Source Object Types for Data Transfer Process
RSBTARGETPROP - Server Types for Data Transfer Process: Target Objects
RSBTARGETPROPT - Texts on Target Object Types for Data Transfer Process
RSCHARTAB_TYPE - Transfer table
RSCLGDELGUI - Line in Selection Table (GUI)
RSCLGDEL_PATTERN - Patterns of a Variant
RSCOMPTLOGO - Grouping Components for TLOGO Objects
RSCOMPTLOGOT - Grouping Components for TLOGO Objects
RSCOPY_FLD - Mapping Between Original Fields and Target Fields
RSCOPY_MAP - Mapping between original and copy
RSCOPY_OBJ - Start Objects for a Copy Process
RSCOPY_RPL - Replacements in object name for 1:N copy
RSCOPY_RUN - Copy Process (Run for Copy Tool)
RSCOPY_SX_CAND - Buffer for all candidates of a type
RSCOPY_S_CAND - Candidate for target object
RSCOPY_S_COPY - Target object for copy
RSCOPY_S_FIELD - Mapping Between Original Field and Target Field
RSCOPY_S_GROUP - Object group for data flow copy with description
RSCOPY_S_MAP - Mapping between original and copy
RSCOPY_S_MAPPING - Mapping between original and copy
RSCOPY_S_MODE - Supported type of copy
RSCOPY_S_NAMING - Mapping between original and copy
RSCOPY_S_NODE - Original object with dependencies
RSCOPY_S_ORIG - Original object for copy
RSCOPY_S_ORIG_EXTENDED - Information about an Original Object
RSCOPY_S_RUN_DESCRIPTION - Description of a copy process
RSCOPY_S_RUN_EXTENDED - Information on copy process
RSCRTBDIDOCSTAT - Test IDoc Status Fields for ALE (4.0B)
RSCRTDONE - CRT Packages Enhancements for Apollo
RSCRTMONDATA - Copy of INDX for CRT Runtime Data
RSCRTRSDATATRSP - Test Interface: Segment Name & Generic Data (4.0B)
RSCRTURFCDATA - Copy of RFC Data Container
RSCRT_CTRL - Control Information for Active (Near)-Real-Time InfoPackages
RSCRT_DEMONS - Daemons for (Near)-Real-Time Data Transfer into BW
RSCRT_DEMON_LOG - Log Table for Daemon
RSCRT_DEMON_MONITOR - Output Table for the Daemon Monitor
RSCRT_DEMON_TRAC - Storage for Performance/Trace Data for Real-Time Data Acqui.
RSCRT_DTA_DS_LG - Lock Table for Near Real-Time in 3.X BW (Obsolete from 4.X)
RSCRT_HELPINFO - Help Info Popup for Monitor
RSCRT_ON_OFF - Activate/Deactivate Schedule (Near)-Real-Time InfoPackage
RSCRT_RDA_ASSIGN - Assigned Daemons for RDA
RSCRT_RDA_DATAPAK1 - Structure of Intention Lock for DataPackage Lock
RSCRT_RDA_DATAPAK2 - Structure of Data Package Lock
RSCRT_RDA_DEMON - Daemons with Characterics and IPak Settings (_demons, _ctrl)
RSCRT_RDA_DEMON2 - Structure for Daemon Lock
RSCRT_RDA_DEMOND - Deleted Entries: Daemons with Characteristic and IPak Sett.
RSCRT_RDA_ERROR - Error in Real-Time Data Acquisition
RSCRT_RDA_FUPC - Subsequent Processes When Closing RDA Requests
RSCRT_RDA_IBC - Information Broadcasting Triggered by RDA
RSCRT_RDA_LOG - Effective Utilization of RDA Daemons
RSCRT_RDA_MONDAT - Copy of INDX for CRT Runtime Data
RSCRT_RDA_REPAIR - Repair Process Chain for a DTP for RDA
RSCRT_RDA_REQ - Requests and Data Packages with Characteristics
RSCRT_RDA_REQUEST1 - Structure for Intention Lock for Request Lock
RSCRT_RDA_REQUEST2 - Structure for Request Lock
RSCRT_RDA_S_CONDITIONS - Conditions for Closing an RDA Request
RSCRT_RDA_S_DEMON_R - Structure for Daemon Factory
RSCRT_RDA_S_DTA - Data Target
RSCRT_RDA_S_DTP - DTP Assigned to Real-Time InfoPackage
RSCRT_RDA_S_DTP_R - DTP Factory (Copy with longer Name Field)
RSCRT_RDA_S_ERROR - Enhanced Structure for Errors in RDA
RSCRT_RDA_S_EXCEPTION - Exception in Context of RDA InfoPackage
RSCRT_RDA_S_INFORM_BROADCAST - Auxiliary Structure for Information Broadcasting
RSCRT_RDA_S_IPAK - Infopackage List
RSCRT_RDA_S_MONITOR - Row Type for RDA Monitor
RSCRT_RDA_S_NDS_R - Structure for Name and Reference of Source
RSCRT_RDA_S_STATUS - Substructure of DB Table rscrt_rda_req
RSCRT_RDA_S_THRESHOLD - Substructure of DB Table rscrt_rda_demon
RSCRT_RDA_S_TREE_ITEM - Row in a Tree Structure (Text with 72 Characters)
RSCRT_RDA_TID - Real-time: TIDs from the Upload
RSCRT_RDA_TRAC - Store Performance Trace Data for Real-Time Data Acquisition
RSCRT_S_DEMON_R - Structure for Daemon Factory
RSCRT_S_DTA - DTA Processing for CRT
RSCRT_S_IPACK - Statics for Process of a Daemon
RSCRT_S_IP_CTRL - Internal Control Structure for Daemon
RSCRT_S_IP_ON_OFF - InfoPackage Control Object with On/Off Information
RSCRT_S_MON - PSA Processing for CRT
RSCRT_S_PSA - PSA Processing for CRT
RSCSTRU - Help table for structure change
RSCSTRU2 - Help table for structure change
RSD1 - Hierarchy for packet/groups scheduler (old)
RSDAADDARCHIVE - BW Archiving: Select Initial Loading for Archive
RSDAARCHREQ - BW Archiving: Archiving Request
RSDAARCHREQCREF - Assignment of Archiving Request to Source Request
RSDAARCHREQSEL - BW Archiving: Absolute Selections of the Archive Request
RSDAARCHREQSPO - BW Archiving: Assignment of Reload Request for PartProvider
RSDAARESREQ - BW Archiving: Archiving Request
RSDADAP - BW: Data Archiving Process Header Data
RSDADAPDOK - BW Archiving: Data Object Key
RSDADAPIDX - BW Archiving: Archive Index
RSDADAPIDXOBJ - BW Archiving: Further Index Characteristics
RSDADAPLOC - BW Archiving: Data Archiving Process (Local Properties)
RSDADAPPART - BW Archiving: Data Archiving Process (Local Properties)
RSDADAPPID - BW Archiving: Program ID
RSDADAPSEL - BW Archiving: Selection Parameters
RSDADAPT - BW: Data Archiving Process Header Data
RSDAI_S_COMPONENT_VERSION_INFO - Version Information of Installed Near-Line Components
RSDAI_S_DATA_LOAD - Load Run Properties in Nearline Storage
RSDAI_S_FIELD_SELECTION - Description of a Selected Field
RSDAI_S_MAGE - BW Near-Line Interface: Object for DDIC Mass Activation
RSDAI_S_REQUEST_HEADER - Nearline Request Header Information
RSDAI_S_TABLE_FIELD - Enh. Column Definition of a Table in Nearline Storage
RSDAI_S_TABLE_HEADER - BW Near-Line Interface: Tables
RSDAI_S_TABLE_VERSION_HEADER - BW Near-Line Interface: Table Header
RSDANLCON - BW Archiving: Connection to a Nearline Storage
RSDANLOBJ - BW Archiving: Nearline Object
RSDANLREFTABL - BW Nearline Interface: Template Table for Nearline Table
RSDANLREQ - BW Archiving: Nearline Object
RSDANLREQDPAKSEG - BW Archiving: Segment in Nearline Request Data Package
RSDANLSEG - BW Archiving: Segment of a Nearline Object
RSDANLSEGI - BW Archiving: Fields of a Segment Index
RSDANLSEGIF - BW Archiving: Segment Index of a Nearline Object
RSDANLSEGV - BW Archiving: Errors for a Segment Version
RSDANLSEGVF - BW Archiving: Segment Version of a Nearline Object
RSDANLSEGVI - BW Archiving: Errors for a Segment Version
RSDANLTABLES - BW Nearline Interface: Transl. of Structure Name -> DB Name
RSDAREFTAB - Reference Table for Nearline Storage
RSDAREFTABSDB_ON - BW Archiving: Template for Request Management Table
RSDAREFTABSDB_OR - BW Archiving: Template for Nearline Table for MaxDB
RSDAREFTAB_ON - BW Archiving: Tempate for Archive Structure
RSDAREQ - BW Archiving: Archiving Request
RSDAREQDPAK - BW Archiving: Archiving Request
RSDAREQSTATHIST - BW Archiving: Log of Request Status Transitions
RSDASYBREFTAB_ON - BW Archiving: Template for Request Management Table
RSDASYBREFTAB_OR - Reference Structure for Request Control Table
RSDASYB_S_OBJECT - Object in Sybase IQ (Table, View, Index, ...)
RSDASYB_S_OBJECT_ASPIRANT - Object in Sybase IQ (Table, View, Index, ...)
RSDASYB_S_PARTITION_MONITOR - Table Partitioning Statistics
RSDAW_S_ALTER_COLUMN_DEF - BW Nearline Interface: Change to Column Definition
RSDAW_S_COLUMN_DEFINITION - BW Nearline Interface: Column Definition
RSDAW_S_DATA_STREAM - BW Nearline Interfaces: Properties of Data Stream
RSDAW_S_INDEX_COLUMN_DEF - BW Nearline Interface: Definition of Index Column
RSDAW_S_INDEX_DEFINITION - BW Nearline Interface: Index Definition (Header Information)
RSDAW_S_QUERY_COLUMN_DEF - BW Nearline Interface: Table-Specific Column Definition
RSDAW_S_TABLE_DEFINITION - BW Nearline Interface: Table Definition
RSDAW_S_UNION_COLUMN_DEF - BW Nearline Interface: Table-Specific Column Definition
RSDAW_S_UNION_TABLE_DEF - BW Nearline Interface: Table-Specific Column Definition
RSDAW_S_VIEW_COLUMN_DEF - BW Nearline Interface: View-Column Definition
RSDA_RS_OWNER - BW Archiving: Range Structure for Table Owner
RSDA_RS_TABNAME - BW Archiving: Range Structure of Table Name
RSDA_S_ADKPROP - ADK-Specific Properties of an InfoProvider
RSDA_S_ARCHREQ_SHOW - Display Archiving Requests for a Source Request
RSDA_S_COLDEF - Column Definition of a Table in Nearline Storage
RSDA_S_COLSEL - Column Selection
RSDA_S_DAPDEL - BW Archiving: Parameters for Selective Deletion
RSDA_S_DAPIOBJ - Property of an InfoObject in the Data Archiving Process
RSDA_S_DAPIOBJ_ALV - Property of an InfoObject in the Data Archiving Process
RSDA_S_DAPPART - Partition Properties of a Data Archiving Process
RSDA_S_DAPPID - BW Archiving: ID for Generated Program
RSDA_S_DAP_EXECUTE - Request Data Package
RSDA_S_DATA_LOAD - Load Run Properties in Nearline Storage
RSDA_S_ENTRYFIELD - Field of a 'FOR ALL ENTRIES' Table with Selection Options
RSDA_S_INDEXCOL - Index Definition of a Table in Nearline Storage
RSDA_S_INDEXFIELD - BW Archiving: Index Field
RSDA_S_MODFIELD - Change of Column Definition of a Table in Nearline Storage
RSDA_S_MSG - Message
RSDA_S_NLPROP - BW Archiving: Nearline Properties
RSDA_S_PARAM - BW Archiving: Parameter of an Archiving Request
RSDA_S_PARAMDEF - BW Archiving: Parameter Definition for Selection Screen
RSDA_S_PARAMREF - BW Archiving: Parameter of an Archiving Request
RSDA_S_PARTPROV - BW Archiving: Structure for SPO PartProvider
RSDA_S_REQDPAK - Request Data Package
RSDA_S_REQHEADER - Nearline Request Header Information
RSDA_S_REQINFO - Status Information for Request
RSDA_S_REQUID - Structure for Request
RSDA_S_SCREEN_ARCHMODE_TIMESL - BW Archiving: Selection Screen for Time Slice Archiving
RSDA_S_SCREEN_CREATE_REQUEST - BW Archiving: Parameters for Relative Time Selections
RSDA_S_SCREEN_DAP - BW Archiving: Main Screen for SAP Modeling
RSDA_S_SCREEN_DAP_CREATE - BW Archiving: Main Screen for SAP Modeling
RSDA_S_SCREEN_DAP_SCHEDULE_REQ - Execute/Schedule an Archiving Request
RSDA_S_SCREEN_DAP_TECHINFO - Technical Information for Data Archiving Process
RSDA_S_SCREEN_OTS - BW Archiving: Parameters for Relative Time Selections
RSDA_S_SCREEN_PTYPE_ARCHIVE - BW Archiving: Parameters for Relative Time Selections
RSDA_S_SCREEN_RTS - BW Archiving: Parameters for Relative Time Selections
RSDA_S_STATISTIC - Statistic Data for Writing to and Reading from Archive
RSDA_S_SUBSCREEN_DAP_ADK - ADK-Specific Properties
RSDA_S_SUBSCREEN_DAP_DATAOBJ - Definition of Semantic Grouping/ the Data Object
RSDA_S_SUBSCREEN_DAP_DELETION - BW Archiving: Main Screen for SAP Modeling
RSDA_S_SUBSCREEN_DAP_GENERAL - BW Archiving: Main Screen for SAP Modeling
RSDA_S_SUBSCREEN_DAP_NEARLINE - BW Archiving: Main Screen for SAP Modeling
RSDA_S_SUBSCREEN_DAP_SELECTION - BW Archiving: Main Screen for SAP Modeling
RSDA_S_SUBSCREEN_PTYPE_ARCHIVE - BW Archiving: Parameters for Relative Time Selections
RSDA_S_TABDESCR - BW Archiving: Table Definition
RSDA_S_TABFIELD - Column Definition of a Table in Nearline Storage
RSDA_S_TABHEADER - BW Near-Line Interface: Table Header
RSDA_S_TABVERSHEADER - BW Near-Line Interface: Table Header
RSDA_S_TECHDATA - BW Nearline Interface: Template Structure of Nearline Table
RSDA_S_TECHKEY - BW Nearline Interface: Template Structure of Nearline Table
RSDA_S_TECHKEY_DOBJ - BW Nearline Interface: Template Structure of Nearline Table
RSDA_S_VARDEF - BW Archiving: Definition of a Variables
RSDA_S_VIEWFIELD - BW Archiving: View Fields
RSDA_S_VIEWTABFIELD - BW Archiving: Table Field in View
RSDA_S_VIEWTABLE - BW Archiving: Table in a View
RSDA_S_VRMVL - Value and Description for Value Request Manager
RSDBSESPAR - LOCAL Database Parameters for BW that
RSDB_FIELDS - Description of a DB Field
RSDB_INDEX - Description of a DB Index Field
RSDB_INDEX_INFO - Info about a DB Index
RSDB_TABLES - Description of the Table Name
RSDDICDTEL - Generated structures for function mod. RSAR_POPUP_GET_VALUES
RSDDICSTRUCT - Generated structures for function mod. RSAR_POPUP_GET_VALUES
RSDELDONE - BW: Selection Table for Deletion with Full Update Scheduler
RSDELPART - Aggregation management of the IC for the Monitor
RSDF2_S_GUIDSSELE - GUI: Selection and Copy
RSDF_S_FIELDMAP - Field - InfoObject
RSDF_S_GUIDSSELE - GUI: Wizard DataSource Selection and Copy
RSDF_S_INFOOBJECTS - List of InfoObjects
RSDF_S_INFOOBJECTS_CUBE - List of InfoObjects for Cube
RSDF_S_INFOOBJECTS_TGT - List of target-specific InfoObjects
RSDF_S_INFOOBJECTS_TYPES - List of InfoObjects with source data types
RSDLTABLES - Database Table Selected for DB Link in BW
RSDQM_S_GROUPS - Data, grouped by patterns
RSDQM_S_NUMBERCOUNT - Counter per Value
RSDQM_S_VALUECOUNT - Counter per Value
RSDS - DataSource in BW
RSDSACCESSACTLOG - Activation Time Methods with Exit
RSDSACCESSATTR - DataSource - Attribute Access Method
RSDSACCESSATTRSH - DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Attribute Access Method
RSDSACCESSTYPES - Data Access Methods DataSource
RSDSACCESSTYPEST - Text Table Data Access Methods DataSource
RSDSESRMAP - Mapping DataSource ESR (serialized object)
RSDSEXPORT - DataSource Metadata (Migration)
RSDSGENDELTA - Last Delta State
RSDSGENDELTADP - Last Delta State by Data Package (for Numeric Pointer)
RSDSPXRSAOS_T_LANGU - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPXRSDS_S_WSLANGU - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPXRSDS_S_WSREQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPXRSDS_T_WSLANGU - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPXZRSDSWS_DETAIL - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPXZRSDSWS_LIST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPXZRSDSWS_LISTRESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPXZRSDSWS_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_CLOSE_CURSOR_CONF - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_CLOSE_CURSOR_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_CLOSE_SUBSCRPTN_C - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_CLOSE_SUBSCRPTN_R - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_CONTEXT_LIST_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_FETCH_DIRECT_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_FETCH_DIRECT_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_FETCH_PACKAGE_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_FETCH_PACKAGE_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_GET_CURSOR_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_GET_CURSOR_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_GET_DETAILS_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_GET_DETAILS_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_GET_LIST_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_GET_LIST_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_OPEN_CURSOR_CONF - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_OPEN_CURSOR_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_ADDITIONAL_INFO - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_AGGREGATION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_CLOSE_CURSOR_CONF - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_CLOSE_CURSOR_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_CLOSE_SUBSCRPTN_C - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_CLOSE_SUBSCRPTN_R - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_CONTEXT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_CURSOR_LIST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_DELTA_MODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_FETCH_DIRECT_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_FETCH_DIRECT_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_FETCH_PACKAGE_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_FETCH_PACKAGE_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_FIELD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_CTX_LIST_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_CTX_LIST_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_CURSOR_LST_RQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_CURSOR_LST_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_DETAILS_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_DETAILS_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_LIST_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_GET_LIST_RES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_MESSAGE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_NODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_OPEN_CURSOR_CONF - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_OPEN_CURSOR_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_PROJECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_ODP_S_SELECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSEXTOBJHD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSEXTOBJHDT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSEXTOBJSEG - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSEXTOBJSEGFD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSEXTOBJSEGFDT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSEXTOBJSEGT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSPROPLIST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_S_WSSELECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_EXTMSG - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_WSEXTOBJHDT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_WSEXTOBJSEG - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_WSEXTOBJSEGFD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_WSEXTOBJSEGFDT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_WSEXTOBJSEGT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_WSPROPLIST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSPX_T_WSSELECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDSRTCOUNT - DataSource: Object ID Counter
RSDSRTSEGCOUNT - DataSource: Data Package ID Counter, Record
RSDSRUNTIMETRACE - Runtime Measurement for DataSource
RSDSSEG - DataSource - Segments
RSDSSEGFD - DataSource - Segment Fields
RSDSSEGFDSH - DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Fields
RSDSSEGFDT - DataSource - Texts for Segment Fields
RSDSSEGFDTSH - DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Field Texts
RSDSSEGSH - DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Segments
RSDSSEGT - DataSource - Segment Texts
RSDSSEGTSH - DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Segment Texts
RSDSSH - DataSource in BW - Shadow Table
RSDST - DataSource - Texts
RSDSTRANSTRU - DataSource: Transfer Structures
RSDSTSH - DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Texts
RSDSWSPARAMS - Parameter for DataSource of Web Service (GUI)
RSDS_BAPIRET2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_BAPIRET21 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_BAPIRETTAB - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_BAPIRETTAB1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_POINTER_GET_LIST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_POINTER_GET_LIST_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_QUEUE_DATA - DataSource Queue: Data (Binary)
RSDS_QUEUE_EXSTRU - Structure for Queue
RSDS_QUEUE_HEAD - DataSource Queue; Header Table of Active Delta Processes
RSDS_QUEUE_RAW - Structure of Generic Queue (RAW 255)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_CLOSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_CLOSE_R - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_FETCH_R - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_OPEN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_OPEN_RE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_RESET - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_RESET_R - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SPROCESS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SPROJECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SSELECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_SXDATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_TPROCESS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_TPROJECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_TSELECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_RODPS_REPL_TXDATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
RSDS_SR_OBJ_MIGRATION - Object to Be Edited in DS Migration
RSDS_SX_DB_OBJECT - Database Object - Table or View
RSDS_SX_DS - DataSource (Deep Structure)
RSDS_SX_EXC_AD - DataSource Normalized - Adapter
RSDS_SX_EXC_ATTR - Attribute
RSDS_SX_EXC_DATASOURCE - DataSource (Normalized)
RSDS_SX_EXC_FD - DataSource (Normalized) - Field
RSDS_SX_EXC_HD - DataSource (Normalized) - Header
RSDS_SX_EXC_SG - DataSource (Normalized) - Segment
RSDS_SX_EXC_TEXT - DataSource (Normalized) - Description
RSDS_SX_FIELD - Segment Fields
RSDS_SX_FILE_ROUTINE - File Routine Structure
RSDS_SX_SEGMENTS - Segments with Fields
RSDS_SX_UD_OBJECT - UD Connect Object
RSDS_S_ACCESSATTR - Access Method Include
RSDS_S_ACCESSMETHOD - Access Method and Basis Include
RSDS_S_APPLICATION_STRUCTURES - Names of the Application Structures
RSDS_S_CHARACTER_STRUCTURES - Name of Character Structures
RSDS_S_DATA - Table of Data Strings
RSDS_S_DATASOURCE - DataSource / Logsys / Type
RSDS_S_DATA_PROPOSE - Data structure for file proposal
RSDS_S_DELTASEL - Delta Selection of DataSource
RSDS_S_DOCULINK - DataSource Documentation Link
RSDS_S_DSHEAD - DataSource: Header (Old/New)
RSDS_S_ESRFDMAP - Field Mapping DataSource - ESR
RSDS_S_ESRHDMAP - Header Mapping DataSource - ESR
RSDS_S_EXC_ATTR - DataSource (Normalized) - Attribute
RSDS_S_EXTRACT_FIELDS - Fields for Extraction
RSDS_S_FDTXT - Field Name and Description for F4
RSDS_S_FIELD - Field Attributes
RSDS_S_FIELDINFO - Field information
RSDS_S_FIELDS - Field Properties with Position
RSDS_S_FIELD_MAINTAINABLE - Field Properties Maintainable?
RSDS_S_FIELD_MAP - Map between Datasource and Database Fields
RSDS_S_GENDELTA - Settings for Generic BI Delta
RSDS_S_GUIDSDOCU - GUI: DataSource Documentation
RSDS_S_GUIDSEXTR - GUI: Maintainable Properties Extractor
RSDS_S_GUIDSFIELD - GUI: DataSource Fields
RSDS_S_GUIDSHEAD - GUI: DataSource Header
RSDS_S_GUIDSSELE - GUI: DataSource Selection and Copy
RSDS_S_GUIWSFDPROP - GUI: Web Service DataSource Proposal, Fields
RSDS_S_GUIWSLOGSYS - GUI: Web Service DataSource Source System
RSDS_S_GUIWSSGPROP - GUI: Web Service DataSource Proposal, Segments
RSDS_S_HEAD - Header Properties DataSource (for RSDS and RSDSSH)
RSDS_S_HIERARCHY_F4 - Hierarchy Selection
RSDS_S_MAINTENANCE - Maintainable Fields of DataSource
RSDS_S_OBJNM - TLOGO Object Name w. Source Sys., Content Rel. Type and Vers
RSDS_S_OBJVERS - Object Versions of a DataSource
RSDS_S_PROPOSALSCREEN - Screens to Determine Proposal
RSDS_S_RECORDCOUNT - Data Records per Segment
RSDS_S_RELTYPE - Relation Type
RSDS_S_RUNTIME - Runtime Measurement for DataSource
RSDS_S_R_ACCESSATTR - Instances of Access Methods
RSDS_S_SEGFD_INT - DataSource - Segment Fields with Internal Type and Length
RSDS_S_SELECT - Select option for DBC
RSDS_S_SELFD - Selection Fields of a DataSource with Texts
RSDS_S_STRUCTURES - Name of Application and Characteristic Structures
RSDS_S_TPL - DataSource: Storage of DTP Template Attributes
RSDS_S_UD_FIELD_MAP - Map between Datasource and UD Connect Fields
RSDS_S_VARIABLES - Available Variables
RSDS_S_VIEWHEADER - Header of a DataSource with Texts
RSDS_S_WSEXTOBJHD - External Extraction Object: Header
RSDS_S_WSEXTOBJHDT - External Extraction Object: Header Texts
RSDS_S_WSEXTOBJSEG - External Extraction Object: Segment
RSDS_S_WSEXTOBJSEGFD - External Extraction Object : Fields
RSDS_S_WSEXTOBJSEGFDT - External Extraction Object: Field Texts
RSDS_S_WSEXTOBJSEGT - External Extraction Object: Segment Texts
RSDS_S_WSPKSEND - Package Description (Web Service Pull)
RSDS_S_WSPROPLIST - Web Service Proposal: List of (External) Extraction Objects
RSDS_S_WSREQUEST - Web Service Request
RSDS_S_WSSELECTION - Web Service: Data Selection
RSDTA_PERF_ADM - Performance Improvement for PSA Load, etc.
RSDTPREQDEL - Fast deletion of DTP requests
RSEDIDS3X - EDIDS in Releases 3.xx
RSENQ_S_ACTION_RANGE - Range of lock actions
RSENQ_S_PROT - Display structure: Header-table log for lock manager
RSENQ_S_PROT_DATA_DISPLAY - Lock-manager log: Info table (display structure)
RSENQ_S_PROT_DISPLAY - Display structure: Header-table log for lock manager
RSENQ_S_PROT_INT - Internal structure: Header-table log for lock manager
RSENQ_S_UNAME_RANGE - Range of user names
RSEROUTINE - Structure for lock object ABAP routine
RSERRORHEAD - Incorrect Records (Header Table)
RSERRORLOC - Location of Check
RSERRORLOG - Logs for Incorrect Records (Header RSERRORHEAD)
RSEVENTCHAIN - Event Chain Processing Event Table
RSEVENTHEAD - Header for the event chain
RSEVENTHEADT - Header for the event chain
RSEVENTPCPROT - Scratch Table for Event Processing
RSEVENTSCRATCH - Scratch Table for Event Processing
RSF4SERVLIST - System List Structure
RSFIELDNEW - Interface: Field list with DDIC properties
RSFILENAMEDONE - File Names Calculated in Routine
RSFLD - Fields of rsit2
RSFLDINT - Transfer structure for fields
RSFOBUEV000 - BW - FoBuEv: Header Data of a Formula
RSFOBUEV001 - BW - FoBuEv: Line (Token) of a Formula
RSFOB_S_AFORM - BW Formulas - Check Table Structure
RSFOB_S_AFORMT - BW Formulas - Long Text
RSFOB_S_FIELDS - Fields from Transfer/Communications Structure
RSFOB_S_FORMEX_REF - Assignment of Old Formula ID <-> New Formula ID
RSFOB_S_FORMID - Range for Formula-ID
RSFOB_S_FORMULA - BW Formulas - Objects
RSFOB_S_FORMULA_IOBJ - Formula ID Assignment with Target InfoObject
RSFOB_S_FORMULA_MAP - Mapping Two Formulas
RSFOB_S_MAPPING - Mapping Transfer/Communications Structure
RSFOB_S_RSFOBU000 - BW Formulas - Formula Header
RSFOB_S_RSFOBU001 - BW Formulas - Formula Contents
RSFOB_S_RSSFBEID - UUID in character form
RSFOB_S_SFOBU000 - FoBuEv: Header Data of a Formula
RSFOB_S_SFOBU001 - FoBuEv: Rows (Token) of a Formula
RSGENEXIT - Create Exit Management for Generating Applications for IOBJ
RSGENFIELDMAP - IOBJ Field Mapping for Generating Applications
RSGENISOSMAP - Header Mapping for Generating Applications
RSGN_CONV_RETSTRU - Transfer Structure for InfoObject Values Conversion
RSGPRVAL - Pres.Graphic Function Module/Row Texts+Values+Colors
RSHASHCTRL - Control Table Before Hash Key for rs*done Tables
RSHASHDATA - Data for Hash Encryption
RSHASHDATAKEY - Auxiliary Structure for RSHASHDATA-INDX Table
RSHASHMAP - Mapping Hash Keys to InfoPackage ID
RSHASHTYP - Types of Hash Key
RSHASH_LDTDONE_001 - Compress and Decompress Structure for Hashed IPackage Texts
RSHASH_METADONE_001 - Other Metaselections for Request
RSHASH_RULEDONE_001 - Compress and Decompress Structure for Hashed Routines
RSHASH_SELDONE_001 - Compress and Decompress Structure for Hashed Selections
RSHASH_TCPDONE_001 - Compress and Decompress Structure for Hashed 3rd Party Sel.
RSHASH_UICDONE_001 - Compress and Decompress Structure for Hashed DTA Selections
RSHEADER - Transfer structure time stamp infos for screen
RSHIEDONE - Selection table for Fields Scheduler
RSHIEFOLTTMP - Help Table for Packaged Loading of Hierarchies
RSHIEINTVLTMP - Help Table for Packaged Loading of Hierarchies
RSHIENODETMP - Help Table for Packaged Loading of Hierarchies
RSHIETXTTMP - Help Table for Loading Packaged Hierarchies
RSICAGGR - Aggregation management of the IC for the Monitor
RSICAGGR2 - Aggregation administration for aggregates from ICs (sgle pr)
RSICCOMP - Compression management of the IC for the Monitor
RSICCOMPPLAN - Scheduling InfoCube compression
RSICCONT - Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSICCONTDEL - Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSICCONT_SAVE - Requests Deleted from Administration Stored Here
RSICCONT_SAVE2 - Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSICCONT_SEACH_STRUCT - Search Structure for F4 Search Help in RSICCONT
RSICENQ - Enqueue table for InfoCubes
RSICNEW - Aggregation management of the IC for the Monitor
RSICNEWREQ - Requests for the reconstruction of an IC
RSICODS_SAVE - Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSICPROT - Logs for Processed Jobs
RSICSDELSTAT - Statistics on Records in Requests After Selective Deletion
RSICSDELSTATCTRL - Control Table for RSICSDELSTAT for Selective Deletion
RSICSETTINGS - Settings for an InfoCube
RSICSTAT - InfoCube settings for aggregating from the monitor
RSIDOCSAVE - IDoc table of the monitor for requests
RSIMPORTMODES - Modes for import of Customizing tables and currencies
RSINSP - Inspection Plan
RSINSPCHECK - Checks in Inspection Plan
RSINSPCHECKT - Checks for Inspection Plan - Texts
RSINSPSRC - Source Objects of Inspection Plan
RSINSPT - Inspection Plan - Texts
RSINSP_FIELDINFO_S - Field Information
RSINSP_INSPECTION_S - Inspection Plan and Version
RSINSP_INSP_OBJECT_S - Reference to Inspection Plan
RSINSP_INSP_S - Inspection Plan (All Data)
RSINSP_MAINTENANCE_S - Fields of Inspection Plan that can be Maintained
RSINSP_OBJVERS_TXT_S - Object Versions of an Inspection Plan
RSINSP_RSDS_KEY_S - Key Structure for a DataSource
RSINSP_SOURCE_REF_S - Source Object with Reference
RSINSP_SOURCE_S - Source Object of an Inspection Plan
RSINSP_S_GUICHECK - GUI: Display of Check Sequence
RSINSP_S_GUIHEAD - GUI: Header Data of Inspection Plan
RSINSP_S_GUISOURCE - GUI: Source Object of Inspection Plan
RSINSP_S_GUISOURCE_DS - GUI: Source Object of Inspection Plan
RSINSP_TRANS_REF_S - Source Object with Transformation
RSINSP_VERS_REF_S - References to Inspection Plans (Versions)
RSIQMX_CHECK - Checks - Extraction Structure (Information Quality)
RSIQMX_CHECKT - Check - Texts - Extraction Structure (Information Quality)
RSIQMX_DTP - DTPs - Extraction Structure (Information Quality)
RSIQMX_DTPT - Process from DTP - Texts (Information Quality)
RSIQMX_INSPT - Inspection Plan - Texts (Extraction Structure)
RSIQMX_REQUEST - Inspection from Request (Information Quality)
RSIQMX_SRCTYPET - Source Object Type - Text (Information Quality)
RSIQMX_TRANSTEPTYPET - Checking Technology (Information Quality)
RSIS - InfoSource (transaction data)
RSISFIELD - InfoSource fields (provider structure of all systems)
RSISFIELDSH - Shadow table: InfoSource fields
RSISIPTVERS - Cross-Reference Table for InfoPackage Names at Import
RSISN - InfoSource - Header Table
RSISNFIELD - InfoSource - Field Table
RSISNPROP - InfoSource - Properties of a Version
RSISNT - InfoSource - Texts
RSISOFIELD - InfoSource fields (provider structure of a source system)
RSISOLTP - InfoSources (tranascation data) in source system
RSISOSELFD - InfoSource selection fields of a source system
RSISOSIBUSH - The OLTPSource is suited for which IBUs?
RSISOSMAP - Mapping Between InfoSources and OLTP Sources
RSISOSMAPSH - Shadow Table: Mapping between InfoSources and OLTPSource
RSISOSNDPSH - The OLTPSource is suited to which NDP?
RSISOU - Structure for ISource
RSISRANGE - Range structure for Isource
RSISSELFDSH - Shadow table: InfoSource fields
RSISSH - Shadow table: InfoSource
RSIST - InfoSource texts
RSISTSH - Shadow table: InfoSource texts
RSIT - Fields with entry values
RSIT2 - Ref. Isource to fields
RSKSDIALOG - In- and Output Fields
RSKSDIALOGCREATE - Input and Output Fields for Create
RSKSFIELDNEW - Fields for New InfoSource
RSKSFIELDSH - Shadow table: Communication structure fields
RSKSHEADER - Header Data InfoSource
RSKSISINCL - Include: Field name with DDIC attributes and unit fields
RSKSISINCLDD - Include: DDIC attributes
RSKSNEW - New InfoSource - TLOGO: TRCS
RSKSNEWT - New InfoSource Texts
RSKSSEGTXT - Texts for Segments
RSKSSH - Shadow table: Communication structure fields
RSKS_SX_TRCS_APPEND_DATA - Metadata for InfoSource Appends
RSKS_S_DYNP_ODSO_LIKE - InfoSource Behavior (ODSO-Like Aggregation)
RSKS_S_FIELD - New InfoSource
RSKS_S_FIELD_APPEND - Field Structure with Append Name
RSKS_S_GRID - Structure for ALV Grid
RSKS_S_GRID_APPEND - Structure for ALV Grid
RSKS_S_GRID_DATA - Data Structure ALV Grid
RSKS_S_INFOSOURCE - InfoSource Name as Structure
RSKS_S_MAIN_R - Maintain InfoSource with Reference
RSKS_S_SEGMENT_APPEND - Segments for Append
RSKS_S_TRCS_APPEND - InfoSource Append
RSKS_S_TRCS_R - New InfoSource with Reference
RSLDPACCESS - Access Methods for New DataSource
RSLDPACCESSSH - Access Methods for New DataSource (Shadow Table)
RSLDPCRT - CRT Enhancement Apollo
RSLDPCRTCP - Real-Time Sett. Ipack; Copy for Fields Maintained in Monitor
RSLDPCRTSH - CRT Enhancement Apollo
RSLDPDEL - BW: Selection Table for Deleting with Full Update Scheduler
RSLDPDELSH - BW: Selection Table for Deletion with Full Update Scheduler
RSLDPIO - packet: No.
RSLDPIOSH - packet: No.
RSLDPIOT - Texts about variants logdpid
RSLDPIOTSH - Texts about variants logdpid
RSLDPRULE - ABAP Code for Scheduler Selections
RSLDPRULESH - ABAP Code for Scheduler Selections
RSLDPSEL - Selection table for fields scheduler
RSLDPSELCP - Selection Tab. Ipack; Copy for Fields Maintained in Monitor
RSLDPSELHIST - Selection Table for Fields of Scheduler - Changes/History
RSLDPSELSH - Selection table for fields scheduler
RSLDPSTACK - Log Table for Caller Stack for InfoPackage Changes
RSLDPUSEDHIST - Change History Use of InfoPackage
RSLDTDONE - Texts on the requested InfoPackages and groups
RSLGRHIE - Hierarchy of the InfoPackage groups of the Scheduler
RSLGRHIESH - Hierarchy of the InfoPackage groups of the Scheduler
RSLGRHIET - Texts about the logical data groups
RSLGRHIETSH - Texts about the logical data groups
RSLGRPAK - InfoPackage assignment to group in hierarchy Scheduler
RSLGRPAKSH - InfoPackage assignment to group in hierarchy Scheduler
RSLISTDEF - User-dependent list output monitor start
RSLOGS - Structure for logical system
RSLOGSYSCOMP - Assigned 3rd Party Source System Releases
RSLOGSYSCONTENT - Source Systems Irrelevant for Content ("Practice Systems")
RSLOGSYSDB - Extras for RSBASIDOC with DB Connect Source Systems
RSLOGSYSDEST - Destination for Logical System (Note: Comp. EDIPOA ! )
RSLOGSYSMAP - Mapping of logical systems fir transport of InfoSources
RSLOGSYSODP - Source System Parameter for ODP
RSLOGSYSTAB - Source System Information for Source Systems Transport
RSLOGSYSUDC - UDC-Connector for Source System
RSLOGSYSVIRT - Virtual Source Systems
RSLOGSYSWS - Source System Parameter: Web Service Source System
RSM1_S_TEXTPOOL - Text pool
RSM3_S_RECORDS - Number of Records
RSM3_S_RECORDS_IOBJ - Number of Records
RSM3_S_RNRATTR - Attributes of a request (description)
RSM3_S_RNRLIST - List of requests incl. most important attributes
RSMAILMON - Mail Addresses for Monitor Assistant
RSMDATASTATELOGS - Status of the Data in the Infocubes
RSMDATASTATE_DMI - Last delta requests loaded in data target (per source)
RSMDATASTATE_DMO - Last delta requests loaded from data source (per target)
RSMDATASTATE_DUAL - Status of the data in the Infocubes (Dual)
RSMDATASTATE_EXT - Additional Summation Status of Data in Data Targets
RSMDATASTATE_PSA - PSA Status Management
RSMDATASTATE_S - Structure for Data Status in InfoCubes
RSMIGRATEPR - Migration: Project
RSMIGRATEPRCTO - Migration: Objects to be transported
RSMIGRATEPREX - Migration: Execute
RSMIGRATEPREXM - Migration: Execution - result with messages
RSMIGRATEPRITM - Migration: Original Objects in Project
RSMIGRATEPRSTA - Migration: Edited Objects
RSMIGRATEPRXML - Migration: Exported Objects
RSMIGRATE_SX_DEP - Migration: Dependent objects
RSMIGRATE_SX_STATUS - Migration: Status with Messages
RSMIGRATE_S_DTP_TGT - DTP Name for Data Target
RSMIGRATE_S_ISOURCE - Migration: InfoSource
RSMIGRATE_S_OBJ_PC - TLOGO Object in Process Chains
RSMIGRATE_S_SCOPE - Migration: Areas
RSMIGRATE_S_TLOGO_RES - Mapping of Two TLOGOs with Result Field
RSMIME - Table with mime data (pictures)
RSMIMEATTR - Attributes of Files in RSMIME
RSMINFOHEAD - Header Minfo
RSMINFOICUBE - Minfo InfoCubes
RSMIOBJSTATE - Load timestamp for data of InfoObjects
RSMOCALLER - Caller master data
RSMONDOKU - Struckture for docu. data elements
RSMONENQ - Enqueue table for scheduler
RSMONEXT - Service Table for Extractor for Selection Cube (for Delta)
RSMONFACT - Fact table monitor
RSMONICDP - Monitor Request Data Packet Table
RSMONICDP_SAVE - Requests Deleted from Administration Stored Here
RSMONICDP_SAVE2 - Monitor Request Data Packet Table
RSMONICTAB - Monitor IC table
RSMONIPTAB - InfoPackage for the monitor
RSMONITOR - User-Defined Monitor Entry
RSMONITORS - User-Defined Monitor Entry with Record Number
RSMONJUDGE - Monitor: Evaluating a Request
RSMONMESS - Messages for the monitor
RSMONNEWPROT - Log Requests for Reconstruction and Cancellation Request
RSMONOUT - Output from RSMONIC when reading.
RSMONOUT_NEW - Output from RSMONIC when reading.
RSMONPC - Load-Monitor Connection of Process Runs
RSMONPROCESS - Processes that have worked with requests
RSMONREQEXT - Extraction Structure Monitor Request
RSMONRQTAB - Monitor table for request IDocs
RSMONSELEXT - Selection Cube Extractor Structure
RSMONSTACK - Call Stack Monitor with Error Messages
RSMPROREQMAP - Map Source Request to MPRO Request
RSMREALTIMESTATE - Current Real-Time Request
RSOACUBE - BW OLTP Direct Access: List of Virtual InfoCubes
RSOACUBE_DSOURCE - BW OLTP Direct Access: Not Assigned DataSources
RSOACUBE_DTP - BW: OLTP Direct Access: Directory of Assigned Remote DTPs
RSOACUBE_LOGSYS - BW OLTP Direct Access: List of Assigned Source Systems
RSOACUBE_SSYST - BW OLTP Direct Access: List of Assigned Source Systems
RSOAPPL - Application Components of
RSOAPPLT - Texts on Source System Application Components
RSOA_S_DSOURCE_GENINFO - BW Direct Access: DataSource Infos on Generation
RSOA_S_SCREEN_0100 - BEx to OTLP: Screen Fields for InfoCube Generation
RSOA_S_SCREEN_0110 - BEx to OTLP: Screen Fields for InfoCube Generation
RSOA_S_SCREEN_0120 - BEx to OTLP: Screen Fields for InfoCube Generation
RSODP - Operational Data Provider: Header
RSODPACTIVEVERS - Operational Data Provider: Active Versions of Indexes
RSODPLOAD - Operational Data Provider: Loading
RSODPLOADSEL - Operational Data Provider: Load Selections
RSODPQUERYSEL - Operational Data Provider: Query Selections
RSODPSEL - Operational Data Provider: Query and Load Selections
RSODPSELHASH - Operational Data Provider: Hashed Query Selections
RSODPSTAT - Operational Data Provider: Status
RSODP_BWA_INDEX - ODP: Information on Generated Logical Indexes
RSODSACT - Activation of ODS M Records
RSODSACTREQ - Activation table of M-requests to change-log requests
RSODSACTREQSAVE2 - Activation table of M-requests to change-log requests
RSODSACTREQ_SAVE - Requests Deleted from Administration Stored Here
RSODSACTSEL - Activation of ODS M Records
RSODSACTUPDTYPE - Field Aggregation at Time of Update
RSODSSETTINGS - Settings for an ODS
RSODSZIEL - Help structure for data elements for sel.screen (Scheduler)
RSOLTPHIECOM - Replicate of Compounding Info. for Hier.-DataSource in BW
RSOLTPIBU - Which IBUs are Supported by the Source System?
RSOLTPNDP - Which NDPs are Supported by the Source System?
RSOLTPSOURCE - Replicate Table for OLTP Sources in BW
RSOLTPSOURCEFDSH - Shadow Table: OLTP Source Fields
RSOLTPSOURCEFIET - Texts for OLTP Source Fields
RSOLTPSOURCEFTSH - Texts for OLTP Source Fields
RSOLTPSOURCESEG - Segments of a DataSource
RSOLTPSOURCESEGT - Segment Texts for DataSource
RSOLTPSOURCESFI - Segment Fields of a DataSource
RSOLTPSOURCESFIT - Texts for the Segment Fields of a DataSource
RSOLTPSOURCESH - Shadow Table: Replica Table for OLTP Sources in BW
RSOLTPSOURCET - Segment Texts for a DataSource
RSOLTPSOURCETSH - Shadow Table: Texts for OLTP Sources
RSOS - InfoSource (master data, texts, hierarchies)
RSOSATTFD - InfoSource attributes using all source systems
RSOSATTFDSH - Shadow table: InfoSource attributes
RSOSFIELD - InfoSource fields using all source systems
RSOSFIELDMAP - Mapping Between OLTP Source Fields and InfoObjects
RSOSFIELDMAPSH - Shadow Table: Mapping between OLTPs, Fields and IOBJs
RSOSFIELDSH - Shadow table: InfoSource fields
RSOSGENMAP - Information on Mapping Generation: IS OLTP Source
RSOSGENMAPB - InfoObject <-> Field Mapping for Generating Applications
RSOSOATTFD - InfoSource attributes of a source system
RSOSOFIELD - InfoSource fields of a source system
RSOSOHIE - Directory for Master Data Hierarchies
RSOSOHIESH - Shadow Table: Hierarchy Information in BW
RSOSOHIET - Directory for Master Data Hierarchies - Texts
RSOSOHIETSH - Shadow Table: Hierarchy Information in BW
RSOSOLTP - InfoSources (master data, ...) in the source system
RSOSOSELFD - InfoSource selection fields of a source system
RSOSSEGFIEMAP - Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments (Fields)
RSOSSEGFIEMAPSH - Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments (Fields)
RSOSSEGMAP - Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments
RSOSSEGMAPSH - Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments
RSOSSELFDSH - Shadow table: InfoSource fields
RSOSSH - Shadow table: InfoSources (master data, ...)
RSOST - InfoSources (master data, ...) texts
RSOSTSH - Shadow table: InfoSources (master data, ...) texts
RSPAKPOS - Process position of the InfoPackages in InfoPackage groups
RSPATTERNMAP - Pattern Assignment
RSPCABAPASYNC - Logging for ABAP Processes(Synchronously and Asynchronously)
RSPCACTIVECHECK - Results of Active Check with PC_ACTIVE Process Type
RSPCCATEGORY - Process Type Categories
RSPCCATEGORYT - Texts for Category
RSPCCHAIN - Process chain
RSPCCHAINATTR - Attributes for a Process Chain
RSPCCHAINEVENTS - Multiple Events with Process Chains
RSPCCHAINT - Texts for Chain
RSPCCOMMANDLOG - System Command Execution Logs (Process Chains)
RSPCCONTENTSTART - Process Chains To Be Scheduled Autom. When Content Activated
RSPCENQUEUE - Dummy Table for Runtime Locks of a Process
RSPCEXOR - Excluding Or: Log Table
RSPCINFO - Special Values for Communication between Processes
RSPCINFOT - Special Values for Communication between Processes
RSPCINSTANCE - Generic Instance Storage
RSPCINSTANCET - Texts for Generic Instance-Storage
RSPCINTERRUPT - Variants for the Trigger Processes
RSPCINTERRUPTLOG - Table for Interrupt Processes
RSPCINTERRUPTT - Texts for Interrupt Variants
RSPCKILL - Runs to be Terminated
RSPCLOGCHAIN - Cross-Table Log ID / Chain ID
RSPCLOGCROSS - Cross-Table Log ID Old / Log ID New
RSPCLOGS - Application Logs for the Process Chains (Generic Service)
RSPCLOGTIMECACHE - Cache for Runtime Statistics
RSPCPROCESSLOG - Logs for the Chain Runs
RSPCRUNVARIABLES - Variables for Process Chains for Runtime
RSPCSYNCLOCK - Dummy Table for Locks for Synchronous Execution
RSPCTRIGGER - Variants for the Trigger Processes
RSPCTRIGGERT - Texts for the Trigger Variants
RSPCTYPESDEP - Dependencies for Processes
RSPCTYPESPROC - Attributes of BW processes (RSSM)
RSPCVARIANT - Generic Variant Storage
RSPCVARIANTATTR - Attributes of a Process Variant
RSPCVARIANTT - Texts for Generic Variant Storage
RSPC_ALERT_CAT - Alert Categories for Process Types
RSPC_BUFFER - Shared Buffer for Processes (Esp. Customer Programs)
RSPC_MONITOR - Monitor individual process chains
RSPC_MONITOR_SET - User-Dependent Setting RSPCM
RSPC_SX_OLDNEW - Replacement of a Process by Other Processes
RSPC_S_ACTIVE - Chain Active
RSPC_S_APPL_LOG - Statics of Appl. Log Services for Process Chains
RSPC_S_CHAIN - Process Chain for Time of Scheduling
RSPC_S_CHAINID_TXT - Chain IDs with Description
RSPC_S_CHAINREF - References to Chains
RSPC_S_CHAINTEXT - Process Chain and Description
RSPC_S_CONFLICTS - List of Processes causing Problems during Scheduling
RSPC_S_COPYMAP - Mapping: Old -> New TLOGO Object
RSPC_S_DECISION - Decision: Maintenance Table
RSPC_S_EVENTS - Possible Events for Process Variant
RSPC_S_EVENTS_INC - Multi Events with Process Chains (Include Structure)
RSPC_S_EVENTS_SEL - List of Events for Selection
RSPC_S_EVENTTEXT_F4 - F4 Help Structure for Event Selection
RSPC_S_F4_COMPTLOGO - Objects by Grouping Component
RSPC_S_FNAM - Field Properties for Selection
RSPC_S_FRONTEND - Frontend Structure for Maintenance of Process Chains
RSPC_S_FRONTEND_POS - Position of Table Objects in Process Chain Frontend
RSPC_S_FUNCTION - Context Menu
RSPC_S_INFOPARMS - Runtime Parameters of General Interest
RSPC_S_INSTANCE - Instance of a Process
RSPC_S_INSTANCE_F4 - Structure for F4 Help (Generic Instance Storage)
RSPC_S_JOB - Jobs for Processes
RSPC_S_JOBDISPLAY - Structure for ALV Job List Display
RSPC_S_JOBSEL - Jobs per Selection
RSPC_S_LOG_F4 - F4 Structure for Logs
RSPC_S_MSG - Message (ONLY message without anything else)
RSPC_S_MULTIEVENT - Possible Events (Decisions)
RSPC_S_NAVISTACK - Process Chain Maintenance Navigation Stack
RSPC_S_PATHLIST - Paths between Processes of a Chain
RSPC_S_PLANNED - Process in Chain (Successor Events)
RSPC_S_PROCESS - Process in Chain (Key)
RSPC_S_PROCESSLIST - Predecessor and Successor Processes (Process Chain Maint.)
RSPC_S_PROCESSTYPES - Possible Process Types
RSPC_S_PROCESSTYPES_SEL - List for Selecting Process Types
RSPC_S_RSCEDST - Transfer structure
RSPC_S_RUNTIME - Maturity periods
RSPC_S_RUNTIMES - Runtimes on Time Axis
RSPC_S_SCHEDULED - Scheduled Chains
RSPC_S_SEARCH - table data
RSPC_S_STARTSTAT - Start Statistics
RSPC_S_STARTTIMES - Start Times on Time Axis
RSPC_S_TYPE_VARIANT_F4 - Structure for F4 Help Type and Variant
RSPC_S_VARIABLES - Process Chain Variables
RSPC_S_VARIANTE - Type and Variant
RSPC_S_VARIANT_F4 - Structure for F4 Help (Generic Variant Maintenance)
RSPC_S_VARIANT_R - Structure with References to Variants
RSPROCESSTYPES - Possible Process Types
RSPROCESSTYPEST - Descriptions of Possible Process Types
RSPROCESS_S_AGGREGAT_F4 - Output structure for F4 of process chains for loading
RSPROCESS_S_DTPLOAD_F4 - Output Structure for F4 for Process Chains in DTPLOAD
RSPROCESS_S_INFOPROV_F4 - Output structure for F4 of process chains for loading
RSPROCESS_S_LOADING_F4 - Output structure for F4 of process chains for loading
RSPROCESS_S_PSADELETE_F4 - Output structure for F4 of process chains for loading
RSPROCESS_S_REQUEST_F4 - Output structure for F4 of process chains for loading
RSPROCESS_S_SELFD_F4 - Output Structure for F4 for Process Chains in DTPLOAD
RSPSADEL - Delete PSA request in batch
RSPSADELGUI - Line in Selection Table (GUI)
RSPSADELRANGE - Variant Attributes
RSPSADELSEL - Selection - Delete PSA
RSPSADEL_COMBINED_SEL_PATTERN - Combined selection (with patterns - not resolved)
RSPSADEL_PATTERN - Patterns of a Variant
RSRADIOMON - User-specific Settings (Radio Buttons)
RSRDATEST100 - slg
RSREQARCH - Request Archiving
RSREQARCHCTRL - Archiving for Request Control Records
RSREQARCHDATA - Data for Hash Encryption
RSREQARCHDEL - Archiving for Request Control Records
RSREQARCHDISP - Request Archiving: Display of Tx RSREQARCH
RSREQARCHKEY - Auxiliary Structure for RSHASHDATA-INDX Table
RSREQARCHMON - Totals Record of Monitor Tables after Archiving
RSREQARCHREORG - Request Archiving
RSREQARCHSTRUCT - Request Archiving - Auxiliary Structure
RSREQARCH_STRUC - Request Archiving
RSREQDELSTRUC - Structure Template for Deletion of Requests from InfoCubes
RSREQDONE - Monitor: Saving of the QM entries
RSREQDPTID - Note TID for Request and Data Package
RSREQHIER - Data Request Hierarchy
RSREQICODS - Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSREQICODS_SAVE - Requests Deleted from Administration Stored Here
RSREQICODS_SAVE2 - Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSREQPROGS - Generated Programs for Each Request
RSREQREDUCE - Reduction of very large request lists in cubes and DSOs
RSREQSTORNO - Reversal of requests in IC
RSREQ_CHAVL_S - Req_chavl
RSRNR - Request table
RSRULEDONE - ABAP Code for Scheduler Selections
RSRULEPARAM - Rule Parameters
RSS1_DTP_F4 - DTA Selection for Scheduler
RSS2_DSO_UNIQUE_RECS - Uniqueness Setting for DSO Activation
RSS2_S_DTP - Metadata for DTP
RSS2_S_RSICSDELSTAT - Transfer Structure for Statistics on Selective Deletion
RSSCREEN0201 - In/output fields on screen 0201 - Overview screen
RSSCREEN0210 - In/output fields screen 210 - start screen rule maintenance
RSSCREEN0211 - Fields on the screen 0211 - Update rules for key figures
RSSCREEN0212 - In/output fields on screen 0212 - Characteristics
RSSCREEN0300 - Input/Output Fields in Screen 300 (Methods)
RSSCREENUNITS0201 - Input/Output Fields for Update/Units
RSSDBATCH - Table for batch run scheduler (new)
RSSDBATCHHIST - Table for Background Run of Scheduler - Changes/History
RSSDBATCHSH - Table for Batch Run Scheduler (New)
RSSDLCONVEXIT1 - Saving conversion exits in/output
RSSDLDOKU - Docu. for scheduler
RSSDLINIT - Last Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSSDLINIT2MAP - Mapping-table for second init. from an ODS object
RSSDLINIT2ODS - Set receiver ODS to OK after second init.
RSSDLINITDEL - Last Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSSDLINITSEL - Last Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSSDLRANGE - Transfer Structure
RSSEARCHLOGS - Lock Table for Parallel Dev Trace Searching
RSSELDONE - Monitor: Selections for executed request
RSSELDTP - Selection Conditions for Output in Administration
RSSELMON - Monitor: Selection Variants
RSSELMONT - Reference to Selection Variant
RSSHIERMULTI - Help Structure for InfoSource Hierarchies
RSSHIPDVERS - After D Vers. of Shadow Packages, Rename and Note
RSSIMUDAT - Transfer table for simulation of IDocs
RSSISHELP - Help Structure for InfoSource Maintenance
RSSIS_CONTROL - Control Structure: InfoSource Front End
RSSKSFIELD - Transfer structure field definition comms. structure
RSSMALVGRIDODS1 - ALV Grid Output Structure for Displaying All ODS Objects
RSSMPARTSCRATCH1 - Temporary Data for Join
RSSMPCATTR - Process attributes
RSSMPCATTRT - Process attributes
RSSMREQUSTATE - Status and Existence of Request in a Data Target
RSSMSHAREMDT - Master Data/Texts
RSSMWPDPSAVE - Save work process and data packet ID for editing
RSSM_API_S_REQUDELSELECTIONS - Deletion Selections for New InfoPackage API
RSSM_S_CROSSTAB - Cross Record Table
RSSM_S_CROSSTAB_INT - Cross-Record Table (with Marker: Error)
RSSM_S_DETAIL - Detail Structure for Monitor (g_t_detail)
RSSM_S_DETAILLIST - Description - Value
RSSM_S_DETAIL_TREE - Monitor Detail Tree (2,.0)
RSSM_S_ERRORLOG_EXT - Log for Incorrect Records (output)
RSSM_S_ERRORLOG_INT - Logs for Incorrect Records (Internal Tables)
RSSM_S_ERRORLOG_LNR - Highest sequential number per record
RSSM_S_ERROR_HANDLER_INSTANCE - Error Handler Object Instance
RSSM_S_ERROR_HANDLER_OBJECT - Error Handler Instance
RSSM_S_EVENTCHAIN_AND_EXOR - Cross Reference Event Chain - And - Exor
RSSM_S_FCODE - Structure with FCODE
RSSM_S_HEADER - Header of a Request
RSSM_S_MON_LIST - Monitor List
RSSM_S_ODSHEAD - Key Structure for ODS Table
RSSM_S_PROCESS_DTA - Process (InfoPackage/DTP) and Data Target
RSSM_S_RDA_IPAK_R - Structure for InfoPackage Factory
RSSM_S_REPAIRFULL_F4 - F4 Help for Setting Repair-Full Indicator
RSSM_S_RNR_IN_ODS_OUT - Request Mapping: Inbound - ODS - Outbound
RSSM_S_STATMANDTA - Status Manager
RSSM_S_TREE_DOKU - Help Structure for Help on the Monitor Detail Tree Nodes
RSSOSHIER - DataSource/InfoSource Hierarchy
RSSRCCHK - Temporary Storge of Source System Check for Communication
RSSRCSYS - Source Systems for System Landscape
RSSRCTYPE_ACCESS - Permitted Access Types by Source System Type
RSSRCTYPE_MAP - Behavior of Source System Types
RSSTART - Admin.Workbench start table
RSSTATMANPART - Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANPARTT - Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANPSA - Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANPSAT - Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANREQMAP - Mapping of Higher- to Lower-Level Status Manager Request
RSSTATMANREQMDEL - Mapping of Higher- to Lower-Level Status Manager Request
RSSTATMANSTATDEL - Status Manager Table of Deleted Request Status
RSSTATMANSTATUS - Apollo Status Manager Management Table of Request Status
RSSTATMANT_SAVE2 - Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMAN_SAVE2 - Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMAN_S_PSA - Debug and Parallel Batch Process Splitting
RSSTMPLICUBE - Template for InfoSource: InfoCube
RSSTMPLIOBC - Template for InfoSource: InfoObject Catalog
RSSTMPLIOBJ - Template for InfoSource: InfoObject
RSSTMPLISRC - Templater for InfoSource: InfoSource
RSSTMPLOBJ - Transfer Structure acc. to IS Template
RSSTRUTMPL - Structure template
RSSTSFIELD - Transfer structure field definition transfer structure
RSSTSMAPPING - Transfer Structure Commun. Structure/Transfer Structure
RSTCPDONE - Selection table for 3rd party; Scheduler
RSTMONITOR - User-defined monitor entry
RSTPARAM - Table for Parameter Transfer with Rules
RSTPRFC - Destinations in Clients
RSTRAN - Transformation
RSTRANCLUST - Table Cluster: Save Data Flow Comparisons
RSTRANCLUSTINFO - Information for a data flow comparison
RSTRANENQ - Lock Entries for Transformation
RSTRANFIELD - Mapping of Rule Parameters - Structure Fields
RSTRANFIELDPROP - Field Properties Within Transformation (obsolete?)
RSTRANGROUPFIELD - Selected Grouping Fields of Transformation (Source)
RSTRANGROUPT - Transformation Texts
RSTRANHEAD - Header Information for Transformation (Source/Target)
RSTRANHEADIF - Header Information for IF IF_RSTRAN
RSTRANIF - Table for Source/Target Interface
RSTRANINFO - Header Information for Transformation
RSTRANROUTMAP - Rule Type: Routine
RSTRANRULE - Transformation Rule
RSTRANRULESTEP - Rule Steps for a Transformation Rule
RSTRANRULET - Texts for a Transformation Rule
RSTRANRULE_TEST - Mapping Table for Single Rule Simulation
RSTRANSEG - Used segments
RSTRANSTEPCNST - Rule Type: Constant
RSTRANSTEPIOBJ - Rule Step: InfoObject Assignment
RSTRANSTEPMAP - Mapping for Rule Step Within a Rule
RSTRANSTEPMASTER - Rule Type: Read Master Data
RSTRANSTEPMOVE - Rule Type: Direct or MOVE
RSTRANSTEPODSO - Rule Type: Read DataStore Object
RSTRANSTEPROUT - Rule Type: Routine
RSTRANSTEPTIME - Rule Type: Direct or MOVE
RSTRANSTEPUNIT - Rule Type: Direct or MOVE
RSTRANT - Transformation Texts
RSTRAN_GUI_S_CALLHELP - Data Elements for I Pushbuttons for the Help
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN050 - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 100
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN100 - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 100
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN100_X - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 100
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN150 - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 150 Subscreen for Header
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN200 - Dynpro Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 200 Rule Detail
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN200_X - Complex Variable Screen 200
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN350 - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 100
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYN350_X - Screen Variable RSTRAN_GUI Screen 100
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYNPRO_0005 - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYNPRO_0007 - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYNPRO_0010 - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYNPRO_0020 - Template Structure for Screen Structures
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYNPRO_1100 - Screen 1100 HTML Overview Transformation
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYNPRO_1100_X - Screen 1100 Complex Data Types
RSTRAN_GUI_S_DYNPRO_5000 - Screen for Dummy Navigation Tool
RSTRAN_GUI_S_FIELD - Field List for Target/Source Segment
RSTRAN_GUI_S_GROUPTAB - Structure of Front-End Group Table
RSTRAN_GUI_S_GROUPTXT - Group Description
RSTRAN_GUI_S_LINK - Information for GUI LInk
RSTRAN_GUI_S_POSIT_ROWNR - Mapping Between Position and Row Number
RSTRAN_GUI_S_ROWCHECKBOX - Row Number and Column for Checkbox
RSTRAN_GUI_S_ROWICON - Row Number and Icon
RSTRAN_MASTER - Read Input/Output Structure of Master Data
RSTRAN_RTO - Runtime Object of Transformation
RSTRAN_RTO_HDR - Header Information for Transformation Runtime Object
RSTRAN_R_CURR - Currency Translations for Transformation Runtime Unit Test
RSTRAN_R_IOBJ - InfoObjects for UnitTest Transformation Runtime
RSTRAN_R_TEST - Unit Test Transformation Runtime
RSTRAN_R_UNIT - Unit Conversions for Transformation Runtime Unit Test
RSTRAN_STEPTPL_R - Runtime: Template STEP Type Relations
RSTRAN_STEPTYP_R - Runtime: Sections for STEP Type
RSTRAN_SX_APPEND - Structure for Transformation Appends
RSTRAN_SX_GROUP_INFO - Properties of a Transformation Group
RSTRAN_SX_INFO - Properties of a Transformation
RSTRAN_SX_MAPPED_FIELD - Mapping for a Rule Parameter
RSTRAN_SX_RULE_INFO - Properties of a Single Rule
RSTRAN_SX_SEGMENT_INFO - Properties of a Transformation Segment
RSTRAN_SX_STEP_FIELD - Fields for a Rule Step
RSTRAN_SX_STEP_FIELD_PARAM - Parameters for Rule Step Field
RSTRAN_SX_TRFN_APPEND_DATA - Metadata for InfoSource Appends
RSTRAN_S_AGGR - Aggregation
RSTRAN_S_AGGREGATION - Aggregation with Text
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_AABAP - ABAP Routine - Source Code with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_AABAPINV - ABAP Routine: Source Code for Inverse Routines with App.Info
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_AROUT - Routine Header with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_DATA - Metadata for InfoSource Appends
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_FIELD - Rule Fields with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_GROUPT - Group Texts with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_ROUTMAP - Rule Type: Routine with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_RULE - Rule with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_RULESTEP - Rule Steps with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_RULET - Rule Texts with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPCNST - Rule Step: Constant with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPIOBJ - Rule Step: InfoObject Assignment with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPMAP - Rule Step Mapping with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPMASTER - Rule Step: Master Data with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPMOVE - Rule Step: Direct with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPODSO - Rule Step: DataStore Object With Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPROUT - Rule Type: Routine with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPTIME - Rule Step: Time Characteristic with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_APPEND_STEPUNIT - Rule Step: Units and Currency with Append Information
RSTRAN_S_CONVERSION - Name of Conversion Type
RSTRAN_S_CURR - Name of currency translation type
RSTRAN_S_DP_CONTENT - InfoObject - Content Mapping for Data Package
RSTRAN_S_FIELD_APPEND - Transformation - Structure Field with Appends
RSTRAN_S_FIELD_SEL - Selected Fields
RSTRAN_S_GROUP - Transformation Group
RSTRAN_S_GROUPING - Selected Grouping Fields
RSTRAN_S_HASH - Structure for Generating Transformation ID (Hash)
RSTRAN_S_IOBJ - InfoObject Name and Field Name
RSTRAN_S_MODEL - Reference to Transformation Object (Model)
RSTRAN_S_OBJECT - Object for Transformation
RSTRAN_S_ODSO - Read Input/Output Structure ODSO
RSTRAN_S_PARAMMAP - Mapping for Rule Step
RSTRAN_S_POSIT - Mapping of Parameters and Structure Position
RSTRAN_S_POSIT_MAP - Mapping Between Source Field and Target Field
RSTRAN_S_POSIT_MAPPING - Mapping Between Structure Position and Rule Position
RSTRAN_S_PROG - Reference to Transformation Object Using Program ID
RSTRAN_S_PROG_MODEL - Reference to Transformation Object (Model) Using Program ID
RSTRAN_S_RULESTEP - Rule Steps for a Transformation Rule
RSTRAN_S_RULE_REF - Rule References
RSTRAN_S_SEGMENT - Transformation Segments
RSTRAN_S_STEP - Rule Steps
RSTRAN_S_STEP_FIELD - Rule Step Parameter
RSTRAN_S_TIMECONV - Possible Time Conversions
RSTRAN_S_TIMEZONE - Time Zones with Text
RSTRAN_S_TRAN - Reference to Transformation Object
RSTRAN_S_TRFN_APPEND - Transformation Append
RSTRAN_S_UT_CHARDESCR - Description of Characteristics
RSTRAN_S_UT_COPYTRFN_SCENDESCR - Description of Scenario for Source and Target Objects
RSTRAN_S_UT_IOBJDESCR - Description of InfoObjects
RSTRAN_S_UT_KEYFDESCR - Description of Key Figures
RSTRAN_S_UT_RULEDESCR - Description of Rules
RSTRAN_TIMESTAMP - Input and Output Structure for Time Stamp Maintenance
RSTRAN_TMPL_CLUST_INFO_KEY - Key Structure for Comparison Information Table
RSTRAN_TMPL_CLUST_KEY - Key Structure of Table Cluster RSTRANCLUST
RSTRAN_TMPL_COMPARE_GUI_DYN110 - Dynpro Variables 'Create Comparison' Screen 110
RSTRAN_TMPL_COMPARE_GUI_SHORT - Dynpro variables' Create comparison' screen 110 w/o
RSTRAN_TMPL_COMPONENT - Component Structure for Serializing Field Lists
RSTRAN_TMPL_COMP_TECH_KEY - Technical Key of Comparison Data
RSTRAN_TMPL_DYN100 - Communication Structure for Dynpro 0100
RSTRAN_TMPL_S_COMP_MOD - Structure for Comparison Information Between Data Flows
RSTRAN_TMPL_S_MOD_FIELD - Structure for Field Number in the Modification Table
RSTRAN_UT_IOBJ_DELETE - Delete Structure for InfoObjects
RSTREECUSMON - User-Specific Tree Display Monitor
RSTREEHIER - Help Structure for AWB Tree
RSTREEMON - Tree Structure for Monitor Tree
RSTRFIELDSH - Shadow table: Transfer Structure Fields
RSTRRULESSH - Shadow table: Transfer Structure Transfer Rules
RSTRSH - Shadow table: Transfer Structure
RSTS - Transfer structure
RSTSABAPSH - Shadow table: ABAP routine - source code
RSTSDOMA - General domains for transfer structure
RSTSDTEL - Data element for transfer structure per logical system
RSTSDTELNEW - Data element for transfer structure per logical system
RSTSFIELD - Transfer structure fields
RSTSFIELDSH - Shadow table: Transfer structure fields
RSTSIDOC - IDoc Operational Data Store for the transfer structure
RSTSIDOCFIELD - Fields for the IDoc Operational Data Store
RSTSODS - Operational Data Store for the transfer structure
RSTSODSFIELD - Fields for the Operational Data Store
RSTSODSPART - Partitioning Information
RSTSODSREQUEST - Request directory ODS; which request is in which ODS
RSTSODSREQUESTPG - Request-/packet directory
RSTSRULES - Transfer structure transfer rules
RSTSRULESSH - Shadow table: Transfer structure transfer rules
RSTSRULESTSH - Shadow table: ABAP routine - source code
RSTSRULES_INCL - Transfer structure of possible rules (include)
RSTSSH - Shadow table: Transfer structure
RSUICDONE - BIW: Selection table for user-selection update ICs
RSUIDEPENDENCIES - Possible Specifications for a Field
RSUIFIELDS - Fields for Generated User Interfaces
RSUIFIELDST - Fields for Generated User Interfaces
RSUIVALUES - Dependencies Between Ui Fields
RSUPDCOPYS - Structure for Copy Flag Table
RSUPDDAT - Update rules key figures
RSUPDEA - In/output fields InfoCube update
RSUPDENQ - Removal of locks in the update rules
RSUPDFORM - BW: Update Rules - Formulas - Checking Table
RSUPDHEADINFO - Header information in check tables
RSUPDINFO - Update info (status and program)
RSUPDKEY - Update rule: Key per key figure
RSUPDROUT - Update rules - ABAP routine - check table
RSUPDSIMULD - Table for saving simulation data update
RSUPDSIMULH - Table for saving simulation data header information
RSVARI - Variants of the Scheduler
RSXSD2GUI_F4 - Input Help
RSZIELPICMON - Screen Name for Data Target
STRU_RSTRAN_T - Structure for Single Rule Test in BI
TESTDATRNRPART0 - Request Join Table 0
TESTDATRNRPART1 - Temprary RNR Table 1
TESTDATRNRPART2 - Request Join Table 2
TESTDATRNRPART3 - Request Join Table 3
TESTDATRNRPART4 - Request Join Table 4
TESTDATRNRPART5 - Request Join Table 5
TESTDATRNRPART6 - Request Join Table 6
TESTDATRNRPART7 - Request Join Table 7
TESTDATRNRPART8 - Request Join Table 8
TESTDATRNRPART9 - Request Join Table 9
TESTDATRNRPARTA - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTB - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTC - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTD - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTE - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTF - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTG - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTH - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTI - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTJ - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTK - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTL - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTM - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTN - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTO - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTP - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTQ - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTR - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTS - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTT - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTU - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTV - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTW - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTX - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTY - Request Join Table
TESTDATRNRPARTZ - Request Join Table

SAP Enterprise Search Hub Tables BW-WHM-ESH

ESH_BI_USER_EXTR - Table for checking if BI user for extraction is defined
ESH_CNT_PROC_CHN - Generated process chains by content generation
ESH_DS_FIELDS - Field of data source to be indexed
ESH_LOGSYS - Dummy-Table for Lock object for source system
ESH_LOGSYS_DS_FOR_GEN_CONTENT - logical system and list of DS for content generation
ESH_S_APPL_COMP_NAME - Name of application component
ESH_S_DS_FOR_APPL - BI data sources associated to applic. component
ESH_S_DS_WITH_DESCR - BI Data source with description
ESH_S_RSOAPPLT - Application component with text

SAP Metadata (Repository) Tables BW-WHM-MTD

BAPI6117L - MultiProvider - Details
BAPI6117SL - MultiProvider - Selection Criteria
BDSCHKF10 - SDOK: File name of last checkout
BDSCHKF8 - BW: File Name for Last Check-Out
BDSCHKO10 - SDOK: Checkout data for physical information object
BDSCHKO8 - BW: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Object
BDSCONT10 - BW Transaction Data: Table for Doc. Contents (Import/Export)
BDSCONT8 - BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
BDSCONT9 - Obsolete BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
BDSIDXSTA10 - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents
BDSIDXSTA8 - BW:: Status Table for Indexing Documents
BDSLOIO10 - BW Transaction Data: Instances of Log. Information Objects
BDSLOIO8 - BW Metadata: Instances of Logical Information Objects
BDSLOIOT10 - BW Transaction Data: Descriptions of LOIOs
BDSLOIOT8 - BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
BDSLOPR10 - BW Transaction Data: Attribute Values of LOIOs
BDSLOPR8 - BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
BDSLORE10 - BW Transaction Data: Outgoing Relationships of LOIOs
BDSLORE8 - BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects
BDSLOREPR10 - 10: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships of LOIOs
BDSLOREPR8 - Probably obsolete. Not in SBEL
BDSLORI10 - BW Transaction Data: Incoming Relationships of LOIOs
BDSLORI8 - BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects
BDSLORIPR10 - 10: Attributes of Incoming Relationships of LOIOs
BDSLORIPR8 - Probably obsolete. Not in SBEL
BDSPHF10 - SDOK: Files of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHF8 - BW: Files of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHHR10 - SDOK: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objects
BDSPHHR8 - BW: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
BDSPHIO10 - SDOK: Physical information object instances
BDSPHIO8 - BW: Instances of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHNM10 - SDOK: Use of target anchors in physical objects
BDSPHNM8 - BW: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
BDSPHPR10 - SDOK: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHPR8 - BW: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHRE10 - SDOK: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHRE8 - BW: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHRI10 - SDOK: Physical information object incoming relationships
BDSPHRI8 - BW: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information Objects
BDSRE8 - BDS: Relationship Instances
BDSREPR8 - BDS: Relationship Attributes
BWCONTHIER - Table for Document Content BW Hierarchies
BWCONTMAST - Table for Document Content BW Master Data
BWCONTTMPL - Table for Document Content BW Web Templates
RS0_S_SEL_OBJNM - Selection Conditions for OBJNM
RSBWLA - Dummy Table for TLOGO Object BWLA (Language Import)
RSCUBESV - Generic Remote InfoCube: Settings
RSDAGGRTECHSTOR - Aggregate: Storage Parameter
RSDAREA - Directory of InfoAreas
RSDAREAT - InfoArea texts
RSDATRNAV - Navigation Attributes
RSDATRNAVPRO - Navigation Attribute Additional Properties
RSDATRNAVSID - Assignment: Navigation attribute -> SID field name
RSDATRNAVT - Navigation Attributes
RSDATRNAVT_TXV - Navigation Attributes - Text Verticalization
RSDBCHATR - Master data attributes
RSDBEXMAP - BEX-MAP Basic Characteristic Properties
RSDCHA - Characteristic Catalog
RSDCHABAS - Basic characteristics (for chars, time-chars and units)
RSDCHABASLOC - Basic chars system-local properties (not transport.)
RSDCHADDIC - DDIC Properties of a (Basic) Characteristic
RSDCHATHJ - Characteristics for Temporal Hierarchy Join
RSDCOBPRO - InfoObject Properties (Context of InfoProvider/Data Target)
RSDCOBPROTSTMPL - Time Stamp for Buffer Management Class CL_RSD_DTA
RSDCUBEBWSTAT - InfoCube: BW Statistics
RSDCUBEDATASTATE - InfoCube: Data Flow/Status/Control
RSDCUBEDBFLAGS - InfoProvider: DB Performance Flags
RSDCUBEDBSTAT - InfoCube: DB Performance Parameter
RSDCUBEPROP - InfoCube: Version-dependent Properties
RSDCUBEQUERYPROP - InfoCube: Default Query Properties
RSDCUBEREQUEST - InfoCube: Request treatment
RSDCUBETECH - InfoCube: Technical Properties
RSDCUBETMP - Temporary Properties: InfoCubes (InfoProviders)
RSDCUBETNAMES - InfoCube: Names of Tables, Structures and Views
RSDCUBEV - View of InfoCubes with texts
RSDCUBEV_DTA - InfoProvider: Attributes
RSDDOMA - DDIC interface: Structure for domains
RSDDPA - Data package characteristics
RSDDSTATBCACT - BW Statistics: Activate Business Content
RSDDTALOC - Local directory of all InfoProviders
RSDDTEL - DDIC Interface: Structure for data elements
RSDFILTER - Filter Properties of a Characteristic
RSDGADMIN - Data basis: Generation structure, flow managament
RSDGDBPAR - Par.string for DB-specific control: Cube generation
RSDGIOBJ - Data basis: General InfoObject structure for dialog
RSDGPARAM - Data basis: Parameter string
RSDGSCATR - Data basis: Structure for output from attributes
RSDGSCCMP - BW Databasis: Structure for output of compounding
RSDGSCCUBE - Structure for the output of InfoCubes
RSDGSCICE - IBV Elminiation for Key Figures Display Structure
RSDGSCINFO - Structure for output of texts etc. in structure maintenance
RSDGSCIOBC - Structure for the output of InfoObject catalogs
RSDGSCIOBJ - Data basis: Structure for output from InfoObjects
RSDGSCMPRO - Structure for Outputting a MultiProvider
RSDGSCSEL - Data basis: Structure for selection of processing
RSDGSCTAB - Status bar for master data tables
RSDGSCTABL - Status Description of a Table
RSDGUSAGEHEADER - Header structure for where-used list
RSDGUSAGEITEM - Header structure for where-used list
RSDG_S_AFI - Attribute with Navigation Attribute (Dialog)
RSDG_S_CUBE - InfoCube: Properties for Maintanance Dialog
RSDG_S_HIE_IOBJ - Assignment: InfoObject to Hierarchy Node
RSDG_S_HIE_NODE - Key-Figure Hierarchy Node
RSDG_S_HNODE_TXT - Hierarchy Node Description
RSDG_S_ICON_TLOGO - Structure with Icon TLogo Object and Text
RSDG_S_IOBJ_COMPARE - Comparison of 2 InfoObject Versions
RSDG_S_IOBJ_SCPROP - InfoObject Properties that can be displayed
RSDG_S_IPRO_SEL - Selection Bar for InfoProvider (Main Object / Append)
RSDG_S_PICK - Structure for InfoObject Selection
RSDG_S_SBSC_NAME - Help Table with InfoObject Maintenance Screen Fields
RSDG_S_TLOGO_POPUP - Toolbar for Selecting TLOGO Types
RSDHIE - Hierarchy information on basic characteristics
RSDHIECHA - Characteristics that occur in hierarchies
RSDIAGGR - Attributes Special Aggregation Regarding Multiple Charact.
RSDICE - Elimination of Internal Business Volume for Key Figures
RSDICHA - Properties of a characteristic
RSDICHA_MAIN - Main Properties of a characteristic
RSDICHA_OUTPUT - Properties of a characteristic for output (origin: RSDICHA)
RSDIDDIC - DDIC Properties of a Table Field
RSDIICE - Attributes for Elimination of Internal Business Volume
RSDIKYF - DDIC Interface: Properties of a key figure
RSDINFHINT - Table Used to Append Remarks on Informix Queries
RSDINFOPROVDATA - Time of Last Data Change in an InfoProvider
RSDIOBC - InfoObject catalogs
RSDIOBCIOBJ - InfoObjects in InfoObject catalogs
RSDIOBCPROP - InfoObjectCatalog: Version-dependent Properties
RSDIOBCT - Texts of the InfoObject catalog
RSDIOBJ - Directory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJCMP - Compound (dependencies) of InfoObjects
RSDIOBJESR - InfoObject Reference to ESR Object (BON / CCTS)
RSDIOBJFIX - Delivered Fixed System InfoObjects
RSDIOBJGEN - Generated objects of an InfoObject (routines, numRrange no.)
RSDIOBJHIE - Hierarchy Attributes for InfoObject
RSDIOBJT - InfoObject texts
RSDIOBJT_TXV - Texts of InfoObjects - Text Verticalization
RSDIPROPROP - InfoProvider: Properties, Flags
RSDIPROV_MAPPING - Mapping of InfoProvider fields to HANA View / ODP fields
RSDIX - BW: Cluster table info. system
RSDKYF - Key figures
RSDM5_SELSUBTYPE - Allowed Selection (Subgroup)
RSDM5_SELTYPES - Allowed Selection with F4
RSDM5_SORTING - Sorting with F4
RSDMASISTR - Model Structure for the A/M Attribute SID Table
RSDMASITAB - Model Table: Attributes SID Table (Non-time-dependent)
RSDMASITAB_NOSID - Model Table: Sidless Attr. SID Table (Non-time-dependent)
RSDMASTTAB - Model Table: Attributes SID Table (Non-time-dependent)
RSDMASTTAB_NOSID - Model Table: Sidless Attr. SID Table (Non-time-dependent)
RSDMCHAPRSNT - BW: Characteristic, Node, Attribute and Display
RSDMCHNTAB - Model Table: Master Data Table (Time-dependent)
RSDMCHTTAB - Model Table: Master Data Table (Time-dependent)
RSDMHIERKEY - External key of a hierarchy
RSDMHIETAB740 - Model Table: Hierarchies of a Characteristic (from 3.0B)
RSDMHIETABNEW - Model Table: Hierarchies of a Characteristic (from 3.0B)
RSDMHINTAB740 - Model table: Hierarchy intervals of a characteristic
RSDMHINTABNEW - Model table: Hierarchy intervals of a characteristic
RSDMHSITAB740 - Model table: Conversion of hierarchy nodes - SID
RSDMHSITABNEW - Model table: Conversion of hierarchy nodes - SID
RSDMHSITABTHJ - Model Table: Conversion Hierarchy Nodes - SID (THJ)
RSDMINCTAB - Model table: SID structure of the hierarchies of a charact.
RSDMMD_FIELDCAT - Field Catalog Template
RSDMODSVIEW - Model for View on Fields and Attributes of an ODS Object
RSDMR_S_ATTRINM - BW: Attribute Name
RSDMR_S_HIERNODE - Node Information
RSDMR_S_NODEKEY - Structure of Keys
RSDMR_S_RETURN - BW: Result of a Selection of Master Data
RSDMR_S_SELOPT - Selection option
RSDMR_X_S_SELOPT - Selection option
RSDMSIDTAB - Model table: Master data IDs of a characteristic
RSDMSIDTABTHJ - Model Table: Master Data IDs of a Characteristic (THJ)
RSDMSTESTR - Model Structure for the Text SID Tables Structure
RSDMTXTCHANGES - Last change to the text table of an InfoObject
RSDMTXTTAB - Model table: Texts of a characteristic
RSDM_SX_SELOPT_EXT - Selection Options for an InfoObject
RSDM_S_CHANMID - Chanmid -> Reader and ChaNM
RSDM_S_CHAVL_DATETO - Help Structure for Buffering Time-Dependent Master Data
RSDM_S_CNTL_NODE - Hierarchy Node
RSDM_S_RANGE - Field Name and Range with Characteristic Value
RSDM_S_RANGE_EXT - Line for Selection Option in External Format
RSDNAIP - Navigation Attributes of Characteristics as InfoProvider
RSDODSOAUTO - DataStore: Automation Flags
RSDODSOPRO - Additional Properties of an InfoObject in DataStore
RSDODSOPRO_DTA - Additional Properties of an InfoObject in DataStore
RSDODSOTECH - DataStore: Technical Properties
RSDODSOV_DTA - ODSO Attributes for InfoProvider
RSDO_S_ADJPROV_R - Structure with Reference to Adjoint InfoProvider
RSDO_S_ATR - Master data attrib.
RSDO_S_ATRNAVT - Text of a Navigation Attribute
RSDO_S_ATR_NAV - View of navigation attributes and texts
RSDO_S_CHA - Characteristic: Internal Structure
RSDO_S_CMP - Compound (dependencies) of InfoObjects
RSDO_S_DIME - Dimension and Properties
RSDO_S_DIME_LOC - Dimension and Properties
RSDO_S_DTA - Bar for InfoProvider (Data Target)
RSDO_S_DTA_R - Bar with Reference to InfoProvider (Data Target)
RSDO_S_IOBJ_NA_R - Toolbar with Pointer for InfoObject Class
RSDO_S_IOBJ_R - InfoObject with Reference
RSDO_S_IOBJ_SG - Toolbar for InfoObjects (Str.Gen.)
RSDO_S_IOBJ_SG_R - Toolbar with Pointer for InfoObject Class
RSDO_S_KYF - Properties Key Figure (with Outflow and Inflow)
RSDO_S_MDC_IOBJ - InfoObjects for MD Clustering
RSDO_S_ODSO_ATR_NAV - Navigation Attribute in ODS Object
RSDO_S_ODSO_IOBJ - InfoObject in ODS Object
RSDO_S_ODSO_IOBJ_PRO - InfoObject Properties within the ODS object
RSDO_S_ODSO_IOBJ_PRO_R - InfoObject Properties within the ODS Object
RSDO_S_UNI - Unit - Internal Structure
RSDPARTVALUES - InfoCubes: Value Range for Partitioning Criterion
RSDPROVADDI - InfoProvider: Supplementary Properties
RSDPROVDATA - Data Handling of an InfoProvider
RSDPROVDELTA - Delta Capability of an InfoProvider
RSDPROVGENE - InfoProvider: General Attributes
RSDPROVMODE - "Modes" of an InfoProvider
RSDPROVTECH - InfoProvider: Technical Parameters
RSDPROVTECHPART - InfoProvider: Partitioning Parameters
RSDPROVTECHSTOR - InfoProvider: Storage Parameters
RSDPROVTYPE - InfoProvider: Type Attribute
RSDRECHA - BEx attributes characteristic
RSDRECUB - Reporting attributes InfoCube
RSDREFOBJ - Reference Objects for InfoObjects
RSDREKYF - Reporting attributes key figure
RSDSGCHA - InfoCube generation: Substructure for characteristics
RSDSGFLAG - Metadata Generation: Flags
RSDSGIOBJ - InfoCube generation: Structurd for InfoObjects
RSDSGKYF - InfoCube generation: Substructure for key figures
RSDSGPAR - BW Meta Objects: Parameter String for Dialog Call
RSDSHBUFID - Key Structure for Shared Buffer
RSDSIDATTR - Attributes part of the SID table
RSDSTXV_CHANGE_INFO - Texts of InfoObjects - Text Verticalization
RSDTBFD - DDIC interface: Table fields
RSDTBHD - DDIC interface: Structure for table header
RSDTIM - Time characteristics
RSDUNI - Units
RSDUUID - Characteristic as UUID
RSDVIRTHIERPARAM - Parameter for Class which implements a hierarchie
RSD_MT_TABLES - Mega Tenancy Evaluation of Tables
RSD_SGPAR_IOBC - InfoObjectCatalog Dialog: Parameter Toolbar
RSD_SGPAR_ISXX - InfoSource Dialog: Parameter Bar
RSD_SGPAR_MPRO - MultiProvider: Parameter String
RSD_SGPAR_ODSO - ODS Object Dialog: Parameter Toolbar
RSD_SX_DTAT_BUF - Buffer of Texts for the Data Target
RSD_SX_DTA_BUF - Header for Data Target Buffer
RSD_SX_DTA_DIME_BUF - Buffer Table of Dimensions
RSD_SX_DTA_DIME_IOBJ_BUF - Buffer of InfoObjects in Dimensions of the Data Target
RSD_SX_DTA_IOBJ_BUF - Buffer InfoObjects in the Data Target
RSD_SX_DTA_IOBJ_IDENT_BUF - Buffer of Identification of InfoObjects (MPRO)
RSD_SX_DTA_PART_BUF - Buffer of Involved InfoProviders
RSD_SX_IC_VAL_IO - InfoObjects in the Validity Table of a Cube
RSD_SX_IC_VAL_IO_BUF - Buffer of InfoObjects in the Validity Table
RSD_SX_IOBJ_APPEND_DATA - Metadata of InfoObject Enhancement
RSD_SX_IOBJ_CMP_BUF - Buffer of Compounding (InfoObjects)
RSD_S_AGGR - Special Aggregation for Multiple Charact. (Internal Struct.)
RSD_S_AGGRINFO - Information About Aggregation
RSD_S_ATR - Master data attrib.
RSD_S_ATRNAVT - Navigation Attribute Texts
RSD_S_ATRNAV_TXV - Transfer Structure: Nav. Attribute - Text Verticalization
RSD_S_ATR_NAV - View on Navigation Attributes and Texts
RSD_S_CHATHJ - Characteristics for Temporal Hierarchy Join
RSD_S_COB_PRO - InfoObject Properties (in Context of InfoCube / ODS Object)
RSD_S_CUBE_IOBJ - InfoObjects in InfoCubes
RSD_S_CUBE_PART - MultiProvider: Involved InfoProvider
RSD_S_DATA_LOAD - InfoProvider: Flags for Loading Data
RSD_S_DDSTAT - Status Bar for Drag and Drop Operations
RSD_S_DELTAPAIR - List of Delta Pairs of this MultiProvider
RSD_S_DIME - Dimension and Properties
RSD_S_DIMENSION - BW MetaData: Dimension Toolbar
RSD_S_DIME_DTA - Dimension and Properties
RSD_S_DIME_IOBJ - Relation: Dimension - InfoObject
RSD_S_DTA - Properties InfoProvider
RSD_S_DTAT - Text Data Target
RSD_S_DTA_CHANGE - Composite for InfoProvider Information
RSD_S_DTA_COMP - Composite for InfoProvider Information
RSD_S_DTA_COMP_CHANGE - Change List (InfoProvider Impact Analysis)
RSD_S_DTA_DIME - Data Target: Dimension and Properties
RSD_S_DTA_DIME_IOBJ - Data Target Relation: Dimension - InfoObject
RSD_S_DTA_HEAD_BUF - Buffer for Data Target Header
RSD_S_DTA_IOBJ - InfoObject in Data Target
RSD_S_DTA_PRO - InfoObject Properties in Data Target
RSD_S_DTA_REQ - Structure for Mapping the Requested Parameter Groups
RSD_S_DTA_SHOB - InfoProvider: Shared Object Representation
RSD_S_HIECHA - Hierarchy Characteristic
RSD_S_HIE_CAPABILITIES - Capabilities of Remote Hierarchy Class
RSD_S_ICE - Elim. of Int. Business Volume for Key Figures (Int. Str.)
RSD_S_ICHA_PRO - Data Target-Specific Characteristic Properties
RSD_S_IC_VAL_IOBJ - InfoObjects in Non-Cumulative Validity Table for InfoCube
RSD_S_ID_TXT - Object Name + Text
RSD_S_IKYF_PRO - Data Target-specific Key Figure Properties
RSD_S_INFOPROV - List of InfoProviders
RSD_S_INFOPROV_LOC - Local Characteristics of an InfoProvider
RSD_S_IOBJNM - InfoObjects List
RSD_S_IOBJTP - Structure with InfoObject Type
RSD_S_IOBJ_APPEND - InfoObject Append
RSD_S_IOBJ_CHANGED - Changed Properties with InfoObject
RSD_S_IOBJ_CMP - Compound (dependencies) of InfoObjects
RSD_S_IOBJ_COMMON - InfoObjects and Texts
RSD_S_IOBJ_ESR - Reference of InfoObject to ESR Object
RSD_S_IOBJ_ESR_UI - InfoObject Reference to an ESR Object (Dialog)
RSD_S_IOBJ_OBN - OBN Metadata of InfoObject
RSD_S_IOBJ_SHOB - InfoObject Components: Shared Object Representation
RSD_S_IOBJ_TXV - Transfer Structure: IOBJ - Text Verticalization
RSD_S_IPROV - InfoProviders: Buffer Info
RSD_S_IPRO_IOBJT - Text for InfoObject in the InfoProvider
RSD_S_KYF_BAD_CHA_INFO - Chars per Key Figure That Cannot Be Used for Aggregation
RSD_S_KYF_BAS - Properties of a Basic Key Figure
RSD_S_LPO - GUI Elements
RSD_S_MPRO - MultiProvider Bar
RSD_S_MPRO_IOBJ - InfoObjects in InfoProvider
RSD_S_MPRO_IOBJ_IDENT - Identification of InfoObjects in MultiProvider
RSD_S_MPRO_PART - InfoProviders Involved in the MultiProvider
RSD_S_MPRO_PART_IOBJ - InfoObject in the InfoProvider Involved in the MultiProvider
RSD_S_MPRO_SH - Bar: MultiProvider with Text
RSD_S_MULTI_IOBJ - Selection/Identification of InfoObjects in MultiProvider
RSD_S_NAIP - Navigation Attr. Chars. as InfoProvider (Internal Structure)
RSD_S_NCUMV_FIELD - InfoProvider: Field for NCUM Validity Table
RSD_S_NCUMV_IOBJ - InfoProvider: InfoObject for NCUM Validity Table
RSD_S_OBJNM - Object List
RSD_S_OBJVERS - Toolbar: Version with Text (for Dialog)
RSD_S_ODSO - Header: Data Store Object
RSD_S_ODSOBJECT - ODS Object Name as Structure
RSD_S_ODSO_INDX - Index on ODS Object
RSD_S_ODSO_INDX_IOBJ - InfoObjects in ODS Index
RSD_S_ODSO_IOBJ - InfoObject in ODS (with Properties Navigation Attribute)
RSD_S_ODSO_PRO - InfoObject Properties in ODS Object
RSD_S_PROV - InfoProvider
RSD_S_PROV_SC - Bar: MultiProvider with Text
RSD_S_REFNM - General Reference Object Description for DD Maintenance
RSD_S_REFOBJ - Reference Objects for InfoObjects
RSD_S_REQUESTED_HLP - Menu Bar for "Requested" Indicators
RSD_S_STAT - Object Status Bar
RSD_S_TAB_IDX - Bar for Table Numbers
RSD_S_TAB_STATE - DDIC Table with Status Info
RSD_S_TSTMPL - InfoProvider with Time Stamp
RSD_S_VAL_IOBJ - InfoObjects in Validity Table
RSD_S_VIOBJ - View of all properties of an InfoObject
RSD_S_VIOBJ_CHACONST - View for Characteristic Constant Properties of an InfoObject
RSD_S_VIOBJ_FLAT - View on all Properties of an InfoObject (without Tab.)
RSESH_RELOBJ - Relationships Between Searchable Objects
RSESH_RELOBJMAP - Relationships Between Searchable Object Attributes
RSESH_RELOBJT - Relationship Texts Between Searchable Objects
RSESH_S_OBJ_ATTR_VAL - Object with Attributes and Values
RSESH_S_SEARCH_ATTR - Attribute of an Object Type
RSIM_HC - Health Check Registration table
RSIM_HCT - Text table for HC properties
RSIM_HC_HEADER - HC header table.Technical names and responsible Classes
RSIM_HC_INCIDENT - Maintenance of Incidents raised by BI HealthChecks
RSIM_HC_RESOLVER - Health Check Resolver Registration
RSIM_IPROV_INFO - InfoProvider information
RSIM_PERIOD_UNIT - RContains Periodicity information for HC
RSIM_S_DATA_UPTODATE - HealthCheck Name, and its data-availability status
RSIM_S_DEMON_EXEC - Demon overload executions and the associated datasource exec
RSIM_S_DS_INFO - Datasource Execution time information
RSIM_S_ELEM_OUTPUT - Query Element's tech name and the output in the query
RSIM_S_HC_BAPIRET2 - Bapiret2 along with the long text
RSIM_S_HC_INCIDENT - HealthCheck's Incident key and context information
RSIM_S_INCI_CONTEXT - Incident's context information in name-value pairs
RSIM_S_KPI - KPI value and its unit
RSIM_S_PC_EXEC - Process Chain Execution times and other details.
RSIM_S_QUERY_ELEM - Query and its elements
RSIM_S_QUERY_EXEC - Query executions and infoproviders involved.
RSIM_S_TUPLE_VALUE - Tuple and its value
RSLTIP - Directory Transient Providers
RSLTIPBASE - Directory of Transient Providers
RSLTIPLOC - Local Properties: TransientProviders
RSLTIPT - Texts for TransientProviders
RSLTIPXREF - TransientProvider: Cross References
RSL_S_CLASSNAMES - TransientProvider: Names of Concrete Classes
RSL_S_INFO_GUI - Info for GUI Display
RSL_S_LTIP - TransientProvider: Structure
RSL_S_LTIPNAME - TransientProvider: Name Bar
RSL_S_LTIPT - TransientProvider: Texts
RSL_S_LTIP_ATTR - TransientProvider: Attributes in the Header
RSL_S_LTIP_BODY - TransientProvider: Structure, Body
RSL_S_LTIP_XREF - Transient Providers: Cross References
RSL_S_OBJECT_F4_LIST - BW Repository: List Format for F4, Get_All
RSL_S_OBJECT_PROP - BW Repository: Properties Transient Providers
RSL_S_PROP_LOC - Local Properties
RSL_S_PROV - InfoProvider Toolbar
RSL_S_RETMSG - TLOGO Framework Message Structure
RSL_S_TLOGO_R - String with Reference to Transient InfoProvider Class
RSL_S_TLOGO_R_WRAPPER - String with Reference to Transient InfoProvider Class
RSL_S_XML - TransientProvider: XML Description
RSMDCONVEXIT - Conversion Exit with Properties
RSOA1SUPGBUFFER - BW Upgrade Buffer for BYD Systems
RSOASCGUID - BW Metadata Repository: GUI für Association Classes (XML)
RSOBCINSTALL - BW Repository: Objects to be transferred from Business Cont
RSOBCTRANSPORT - BW Repository: Objects to be transferred from Business Cont
RSOBEXREQUEST - BEx Requests for Special Development Classes
RSOBIXP - Header Data for BIXP Conversion Objects
RSOBIXPSTATUS - Status Table for BIXP Conversion Objects
RSOBIXPT - Text Table for Table RSOBIXP
RSOBI_EXT_FIELDDEF - SOBI Model Factory: Description of Enhancing Field
RSOBI_EXT_FSIP_GFSV - SOBI Model Factory: FSI Provider and FSI View
RSOBI_EXT_GFSV - SOBI Model Factory: FSI View
RSOBI_EXT_S_BO_BONODE - SOBI Model Factory: BusinessObject and BusinessObject Node
RSOBI_EXT_TEXT - Text and Language
RSOBI_MF_MODEL - SOBI Model Factory: Configuration Model Store
RSOBI_MF_S_IPRO_TYPE - SOBI Model Factory: Type of an InfoProvider for API
RSOBI_MF_S_MAP - SOBI Model Factory: Mapping Source and Target Model Entities
RSOBI_MF_S_TRACE_MSG - SOBI Model Factory: Messages for Automatic Tests
RSOBI_MF_S_TRACE_OBJECT_LIST - SOBI Model Factory: Objects with Properties
RSOBI_MF_UI_S_FIELDMAP - SOBI Model Factory Dialog: Mapping Field to InfoObject
RSOBI_MF_UI_S_MAIN - SOBI Model Factory Dialog: General Structure
RSOBI_MF_UI_S_PARAM - SOBI Model Factory Dialog: Parameters for Dialog
RSOBI_MF_UI_S_STACK - SOBI Model Factory Dialog: Stack for Commands
RSOBI_MF_VERI - SOBI Model Factory: Test Objects for Verfication
RSOBJS_DISP_PARS - Object Services: Display Parameter
RSOBJS_INIT_PRMS - Object Services: Init Parameters
RSOBJS_INIT_TEXT - Object Services: Texts for the Objects
RSOBJS_OBJ_TYPES - Object Services: Object Types
RSOBJS_OBJ_TYPET - Object Services: Texts of Object Types
RSOBJS_OBJ_VIEWS - Object Services: Views of the Individual Object Types
RSOBJS_OBJ_VIEWT - Object Services: Text Table for Object Types
RSOBJS_S_ALTER_NODE_REFS_RFC - Object Services: Transfer Structure Node Manipulations
RSOBJS_S_CHECK_RFC - Object Services: Structure for Check
RSOBJS_S_DELETE_OPTIONS - Object Services: Options during Deletion
RSOBJS_S_DELETE_RFC - Object Services: Delete
RSOBJS_S_DISP_VALUES_RFC - Object Services Display Values
RSOBJS_S_INIT_PARAMS_RFC - Object Services: Transfer Input INIT
RSOBJS_S_INIT_VALUES_RFC - Object Services: Parameter for the Dialogs
RSOBJS_S_INPUT_PARAMS - Object Services: Input Parameters
RSOBJS_S_NAME_VALUES_RFC - Object Services: Transfer Structure for Name-Value Pairs
RSOBJS_S_NODES_RFC - Transfer Structure Node Table Object Services
RSOBJS_S_NODE_INFO - Node Information
RSOBJS_S_NODE_PROPERTIES - Object Services: Transfer Structure Properties of a Node
RSOBJS_S_NODE_PROPERTIES_EXT - Obj. Services: Transfer Struc. Properties of Multiple Nodes
RSOBJS_S_OBJECT_TYPE - Object Services: Properties of an Object Type
RSOBJS_S_OBJECT_WHERE_USED - Where-Used List for Object (Without References, like Roles)
RSOBJS_S_OBJ_PARAMS - Object Parameters
RSOBJS_S_SEARCH_ATTR - Object Services: Attributes for the Search
RSOBJS_S_SEARCH_PARAMS - Object Services: Search Parameters
RSOBJS_S_TYPE_RFC - Object type
RSOBJS_S_UNION - Object Servces: Unions (Combin. of individual OBJ_TYPES)
RSOBJS_S_WHERE_USED_LIST - Object Services: Where-Used List
RSOBJS_UNION - Object Servces: Unions (Combin. of individual OBJ_TYPES)
RSOCLASS - BW Metadata Repository: Class
RSOCLASSATTR - BW Metadata Repository: Attributes for a Class
RSOCLASSINH - BW Metadata Repository: (Multiple) Inheritance from Classes
RSOCLASSREF - BW Metadata Repository: References for a Class
RSOCOLLECTGRP - BW Repository: Object Type Grouping
RSOCOMP - Obsolete - Replaced by Switches - Do not Delete because Used
RSOCOMPT - Obsolete - Replaced by Switches - Do not Delete because Used
RSOCONTCHNGABLE - Changeable Objects in Customer/ Partner Content System
RSODADMIN - Document Administration
RSODADMIN_INT - Indexing/Search Administration - MetaData Search
RSODCHKFMA - BW Master Data: File Name of Last Checkout
RSODCHKFTM - rsod: File Name of Last Checkout
RSODCHKOMA - BW Master Data: Checkout Data for Physical Information
RSODCHKOTM - rsod: Check-Out Data for Physical Information Object
RSODCONTENT - BW: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
RSODDOCGENLIST - List of objects to be indexed
RSODDOCGENQUEUE - Queue of Changed TLOGO Objects (for Reindexing)
RSODESCRREF - BW Metadata Repository: References to Descriptions
RSODGENERAL - Fields with DDIC Description for the CM Attributes
RSODIDXSTAMA - BW Master Data: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RSODIDXSTATM - rsod: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RSODLOIOFO - BW Folder: Instances of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOIOMA - BW Master Data: Instances of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOIOTFO - BW Folder: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOIOTM - RSOD: Instances of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOIOTMA - BW Master Data: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOIOTTM - RSOD: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOPRFO - BW Folder: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOPRMA - BW Master Data: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objs
RSODLOPRTM - RSOD: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RSODLOREFO - BW Folder: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Inform. Objects
RSODLOREMA - BW Master Data: Outgoing Relationships of Log. Info. Objects
RSODLOREPRFO - SDOK: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for LOIOs
RSODLOREPRMA - SDOK: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for LOIOs
RSODLOREPRTM - TM: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships of LOIOs
RSODLORETM - RSOD: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects
RSODLORIFO - BW Folder: Incoming Relationships of Log. Information Objs
RSODLORIMA - BW Master Data: Incoming Relationships of Log. Infor. Objs.
RSODLORIPRFO - SDOK: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for LOIOs
RSODLORIPRMA - SDOK: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for LOIOs
RSODLORIPRTM - TM: Attributes of Incoming Relationships of LOIOs
RSODLORITM - RSOD: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects
RSODMETACTOID - Document IDs still to be Transported
RSODMETADOCSTATE - Status of Generated Documentation
RSODPHFMA - BW Master Data: Files of Physical Information Objects
RSODPHFTM - rsod: Files of Physical Information Objects
RSODPHHRMA - BW Master Data: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
RSODPHHRTM - rsod: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
RSODPHIOMA - BW Master Data: Instances of Physical Information Objects
RSODPHIOTM - rsod: Instances of Physical Information Objects
RSODPHNMMA - BW Master Data: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
RSODPHNMTM - rsod: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
RSODPHPRMA - BW Master Data: Attributes of PHIOs
RSODPHPRTM - rsod: Attributes of PHIOs
RSODPHREMA - BW Master Data: Outgoing Relationsh. of Phys. Info. Objects
RSODPHRETM - RSOD: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Informatio Objects
RSODPHRIMA - BW Master Data: Incoming Relationships of Phys. Info. Objs
RSODPHRITM - RSOD: Incoming Relationships of Phys. Information Objects
RSODSCADMIN - Screen-Output for the Administration of Documents
RSODSCGENPROP - Administration Documents: Generated Properties in TC
RSODUSERSETTINGS - BW Documents: User Settings
RSOD_MIGRATION - Log for Migration of Documents to Portal
RSOD_SX_PROP_RANGE - Document Property with Range Table
RSOD_SX_SEARCH_OUT - Display Bar for ALV Output of Search
RSOD_SX_SELID_PROP_RANGE - Assignment of SELID Document Properties Selection
RSOD_SX_SHUFF_OUT - Display-List for the ALV Display of the Shuffler
RSOD_S_CHANM_CHAVL - Characteristic/value
RSOD_S_CHANM_CHAVL_X - Characteristic / Value with Flag
RSOD_S_CHAVL_TXTLG - Characteristic Value and Text
RSOD_S_CONTENT_INFO - API Documents: Content Info
RSOD_S_DOC_LIST - Entry in the List of Documents
RSOD_S_DOC_R - BW Document with Reference and Search Results
RSOD_S_HIER - Hierarchy (Representation for Documents)
RSOD_S_HIER_X - Hierarchy with Flag (Representation for Documents)
RSOD_S_HTML_1COL - Structure with a Field for HTML Coding
RSOD_S_HTML_2COL - Structure with 2 Fields for HTML Coding
RSOD_S_IOBJ_PROP - InfoObject and Generated Document Property
RSOD_S_IOBJ_PROP_CMP - InfoObject and Generated Document Property + Compounded
RSOD_S_IO_SEARCH - BW Document with Such Results
RSOD_S_IO_URL - SKWF InfoObject with URL and Name
RSOD_S_PROP_DEP - Doc. Property with Dep. (that Use This Prop. in Compounding)
RSOD_S_PROP_TEXT - Document Property with Text
RSOD_S_PROP_USER_SETTINGS - Documents: Structure for the Display of User-Settings
RSOD_S_RANGE - Range Structure for Document Attribute Values
RSOD_S_SEARCH - Search Results
RSOD_S_TLOGO_TEXT_QUERY - TLOGO Object with Degree of Concordance (Text Search)
RSOD_S_TLOGO_VERS - BW Repository: TLOGO Object and Version
RSOD_S_USER_SETTINGS - User-Settings for the Document Connection
RSOD_S_VALUE - Values of a Property as a Structure
RSOGUICONTEXT - Web Dynpro Context Data Exchange
RSOHTML - BW Repository: Intermediate Memory for Generated HTML Pages
RSOHTMLLINKS - BW Repository: Hyperlinks for Saved HTML Pages
RSOHTMLOBJ - BW Repository: Intermediate Memory; W3 Objects of HTML Pages
RSOOBJXREF - TLOGO Framework, Where-Used Lists
RSOPROPERTIES - BW Repository: Properties Per User
RSOPROPERTIESTAB - BW Repository: Data for Properties With More Than One Value
RSOQRFCAT - SAP Query (L): Functional area catalog
RSOQRQCAT - SAP Query (L): Query catalog
RSOSCCONTENTADMIN - UI View for Administration of a Content System
RSOSCHNOBJLIST - List of TLOGO Objcts whose details Must be Indexed
RSOSCHNOBJQUEUE - Queue for changed Objects (Search)
RSOSC_CONFIG - Scoping Configuration
RSOSC_SWT_REPL - Switches replicated in BI (Texts)
RSOSC_SW_REPL - Switch replicated into BI (including Status)
RSOSC_S_ALL_BF_SYS - table with all BFs and Systems
RSOSC_S_BFUNCTION - Business Function
RSOSC_S_BI_ACT_BF - for the alv grid of business functions on/off UI
RSOSC_S_IOBJ_APPEND - InfoObject and the append it belongs to
RSOSC_S_LOGSYS_STATUS - Source system and switch status
RSOSC_S_OBJ_SCOPE_R - Object with reference to scope
RSOSC_S_SCOPENM - Scope name
RSOSC_S_SCOPE_R - Scope with reference
RSOSC_S_SRCSYS_SCOPE_R - Scope with reference
RSOSC_S_SWITCH - BI Switch and Properties
RSOSC_S_SW_ALV - View for displaying Switches in the ALV Grid
RSOSC_S_SW_REPL - Switch replicated into BI (including Status)
RSOSINDXADMIN - Screen Output for the administration of Metadata Indexing
RSOSS_SEARCH_RESULT - Structure of search result
RSOS_CHG_LST_ALL - Table to hold the list of all objects to be delta indexed
RSOS_COMMON_SRCH_ATTR - Common search attributes for display
RSOS_ES_ASSO_ATR - Association attributes
RSOS_ES_ATRPRP - Enterprise Search specific attribute properties
RSOS_ES_AUTH_ATR - Attribute mapping for authorization object
RSOS_ES_OBJTYPE - Object types in Enterprise Search
RSOS_ES_OBJ_ASSO - Associations between object types
RSOS_ES_OBJ_ATR - Attributes of an object type
RSOS_ES_OBJ_AUTH - Authorization objects for object type
RSOS_ES_REGISTRY - Registry for object types
RSOS_ES_REQUESTT - Text of Object Types for Enterprise Search
RSOS_ES_S_OBJTXT - Object Text
RSOS_ES_S_TLOGO - rsos es tlogo objects
RSOS_OBJT_CONF - Configuration of Object Types for search
RSOS_SEARCH_LOCK - Used for Locking/Unlocking during metadata indexing
RSOS_SX_SEATR_ATR - Enhanced Search: Search Attribute with Values
RSOS_S_ATR_LIST - Structure of attribute list
RSOS_S_LANGU_OPTION - Languages Available
RSOS_S_OBJTYPELIST - For storing search/index active object types
RSOS_S_OBJ_TYPE - Structure Of Object Type
RSOS_S_OBJ_TYPE_DESCLIST - List to store Object types and their description
RSOS_S_OPTION - Structure used in option button popup for dropdown boxes
RSOS_S_RESULT_LIST - Result List of generic attributes
RSOS_S_SEARCH_ATR - Search attribute with properties
RSOS_S_SEATR_VALUES - Enhanced Search: Single Value of a Search Attribute
RSOS_S_SEL_ATTRNAME - Selection condition for attribute name
RSOS_S_SEL_OBJS_PROP - Stores properties of selected object in result list
RSOS_S_SRCHATTR - Structure of TLOGO Search Attribute
RSOS_S_SRCHTYPE_OPTION - Search type options
RSOS_S_TLOGO - Structure of TLOGO type
RSOS_S_TLOGO_DESCLIST - List to store TLOGO names and their description
RSOS_S_VERS_OPTION - Versions available
RSOTLOGOCOPY - Copying TLOGO Objects (Old and New Names)
RSOTLOGOEXEC - Automatic Execution of TLOGO Objects
RSOTLOGOHISTORY - Table of Metadata Object Versions
RSOTLOGOIMPACT - TLOGO Object Relationships for Impact Analysis
RSOTLOGONSPDEL - Delivery and Customer Namespaces for BW Content
RSOTLOGOSEARATR - Searchable attributes for Object Types
RSOTLOGOXMLALIAS - Aliases for better readability of TLOGO XML
RSOTLOGOXREFCFG - Relationships of BI TLOGO Objs for Generic Where-Used List
RSOXMIID - BW Metadata Repository: ID for XMI Data Exchange Model
RSOXMLIMP - BW Metadata Repository: Import of XML (CWM) Data
RSOXMLIMPCONT - BW Repository: XML (CWM) Import: File Contents
RSOXMLIMPPROC - BW Metadata Repository: Import of XML (CWM) Data
RSO_BOIS_S_FIELD - BO Information Steward: Field
RSO_BOIS_S_FIELD_RELATION - BO Information Steward: Field Relationship
RSO_BOIS_S_RULE_PARAM - BO Information Steward: Rule Attribute
RSO_CNT_STATE_A - TLOGO Framework Status of Active Content Objects
RSO_CNT_STATE_D - TLOGO Framework Status of Delivered Objects
RSO_MMR_MIMES - BI Metadata Repository: Documents Calculated in Background
RSO_MMR_S_ASSOCIATION - BW Repository MMR Connection: Association Structure for RFC
RSO_MMR_S_ASSOCID - BW Repository MMR Connection: Associations and Direction
RSO_MMR_S_ESR_NAME - BW Repository MMR Connection: ESR Name
RSO_MMR_S_OBJECT - BW Repository MMR Connection: Object Key Structure for RFC
RSO_MMR_S_OBJREF - BW Repository MMR Connection: Reference to Object Handler
RSO_MMR_S_PARAM - BW Repository MMR Connection: Parameter Structure for RFC
RSO_MMR_S_TLOGO_QUALNAME - BW Repositoy MMR Connect.: TLOGO Ty. and MOF Qualified Name
RSO_MMR_S_VALUE - BW Repository MMR Connection: Values
RSO_RES_S_IPROV_SEARCH - Search InfoProvider
RSO_RES_S_NODES - Tree NodeStructure
RSO_SR_DEVCLASS - Ranges Line for a Package (DEVCLASS)
RSO_SX_AUTHS - Authorization Dimension and Texts
RSO_SX_COPY - Copying TLOGO Objects: One Old and its New Objects
RSO_SX_SEATR_ATR - Enhanced Search: Search Attribute with Values
RSO_SX_SEATR_OBJ - Enhanced Search: Object with Search Attributes and Values
RSO_SX_SEATR_VALUES - Enhanced Search: Single Value of a Search Attribute
RSO_SX_TLOGO_AFTER_IMPORT - After Import Info for a TLOGO Typ
RSO_SX_TLOGO_GROUP - Tlogo Type with Table of Objects
RSO_SX_TLOGO_OBJECT_DOCU - Documentation Info for a BW Meta Object
RSO_SX_USED - List of Uses for a TLOGO Type
RSO_S_APPENDNM - Structure with Append Name
RSO_S_APPEND_R - Append Name and Reference
RSO_S_APPEND_TEXT - Structure with Append Texts
RSO_S_ASCREF - BW Repository: Reference to Association Instance
RSO_S_ASC_LIST - List Structure for Association Output in BW Repository
RSO_S_ASC_TEXT - BW Repository: Association Texts
RSO_S_ASC_TYPE - BW Repository: Associations
RSO_S_ASSOCIATION - BW Repository: Association Between Objects
RSO_S_ATTRIBUTE_DETAIL - InfoObject - Attribute Details
RSO_S_BAPI6104_WITH_FIELDS - Meta Data Repository:BAPI6104 with Transfer Structure Fields
RSO_S_BAPI6106_WITH_FIELDS - Meta Data Repository:BAPI6106 with Transfer Structure Fields
RSO_S_BIXP - Header for BI Conversion Object with Text and Status
RSO_S_BIXP_ID - Structure with BIXP ID
RSO_S_BIXP_INFO - Only for Dynpro -> Use RSO_S_BIXP
RSO_S_BIXP_ITEM_UI - Tree Structure BIXP Dependencies
RSO_S_BIXP_STATUS - Status of a BXIP Object with Additional Information
RSO_S_COLLECTGRP - BW Repository: Grouping Object Type (like DB Table)
RSO_S_COPY_NEW - Copying TLOGO Objects: New Object
RSO_S_CTO_ADDITIONAL - Additional Transport Objects for a (BW) TLOGO Object
RSO_S_CTO_OBJECT - BW: Transport Object
RSO_S_CTO_TARGET_REQUEST - Request and Target
RSO_S_CTO_TLOGO_PROP - BW CTS API: TLOGO Object with Further Properties
RSO_S_CUBE_DETAIL - Detailed Information about an InfoCube
RSO_S_CWM_ASC_REF - BW Metadata Repository: Reference to Association Class
RSO_S_CWM_IMPORT - BW Metadata Repository: List of CWM Imports
RSO_S_CWM_OBJECT_REF - BW Metadata Repository: List of CWM and Reference Objects
RSO_S_DIMENSIONS - Dimension in an InfoCube or Multiprovider
RSO_S_DIM_INFOOBJECTS - InfoObject in a Dimension
RSO_S_DOCID - BW Repository: Documents ID for Full Text Searches
RSO_S_DOC_ENQ - Structure for Locking Documents of BW Metaobjects
RSO_S_DRAGDROP - BW Repository: Reference to Drag&Drop Object
RSO_S_GRAPHICS - BW Metadata Repository: Graphics
RSO_S_HCPR_R - CompositeProvider with Reference
RSO_S_HTML_PAGE - BW Metadata Repository: URL and HTML Page
RSO_S_HYPERLINK - BW Repository: List of Hyperlinks
RSO_S_INFOOBJECTS - InfoObject in an Infoprovider
RSO_S_IOBJ_ATTRIBUTES - InfoObject Attribute
RSO_S_IOBJ_COMPOUNDS - Infoobjects - Compounding
RSO_S_IOBJ_DETAIL - Details about an InfoObject
RSO_S_IOBJ_ELIMINATION - InfoObject - Internal Business Volume Elimination
RSO_S_IOBJ_NAVATTRIBUTES - InfoObject - Navigation Attribute
RSO_S_IOBJ_TXT - Text for an InfoObject with Language
RSO_S_MAIN - Main Object of Append
RSO_S_METADATA_OBJECT - BW Repository: Metadata Object for Extraction
RSO_S_METAOBJECT_AUTHORIZATION - Authorizations for a Metadata Object
RSO_S_METAOBJECT_DETAIL - Details about a Metadata Object
RSO_S_METAOBJECT_DETAIL_SELECT - Specification of Selection Details for a Metadata Object
RSO_S_METAOBJECT_LIST - Infoprovider List Entry
RSO_S_METAOBJECT_SELECT - Select Options for a BW Infoprovider
RSO_S_MPRO_DETAIL - Multiprovider Details
RSO_S_MPRO_MAPPINGS - Partprovider Mapping for a Multiprovider InfoObject
RSO_S_MPRO_PARTPROVIDERS - Infoprovider as Partprovider in a Multiprovider
RSO_S_MPRO_PARTPROVIDER_DETAIL - Partprovider Details in a Multiprovider
RSO_S_NODE - BW Repository: Nodes in Tree
RSO_S_NODE_OBJECT - BW Repository: Nodes in the Tree with Reference to Object
RSO_S_NODE_REF - BW Repository: Nodes in Tree with Copies
RSO_S_NODE_REL - BW Repository: Relation of Nodes in Tree
RSO_S_NODE_REL_TABLE - BW Repository: Relation of Nodes in Tree
RSO_S_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE - BW Metadata Repository: Attributes of an Object
RSO_S_OBJECT_F4_LIST - BW Repository: List Format (ALV) for F4 Help
RSO_S_OBJECT_IN_NET - BW Repository: Object with Properties (Use: Network)
RSO_S_OBJECT_LIST - BW Repository: List Output Format Object
RSO_S_OBJECT_NET_COMPONENT - BW Repository: Components in the Network
RSO_S_OBJECT_PROPERTIES - BW Repository: Object Properties with Version
RSO_S_OBJECT_REFERENCE - BW Metadata Repository: References for an Object
RSO_S_OBJNM_R - Object Name and TLOGO Reference
RSO_S_OBJNM_TXT - Text for BI Object with Language
RSO_S_OBJTYPEMAP - BW Repository: Object Type -> TLOGO Object Alias Relation
RSO_S_OBJXREF - BW Repository, Where-Used Lists
RSO_S_ODSO_DETAIL - DataStore Object Details
RSO_S_ODSO_INDEXES - DataStore Index
RSO_S_ODSO_INDEXINFOOBJECTS - InfoObject in a DataStore Index
RSO_S_ODSO_INFOOBJECTS - InfoObject in DataStore
RSO_S_ODSO_NAVATTRIBUTE - DataStore - Navigation Attribute
RSO_S_PARTPROVIDER_INFOOBJECTS - Partprovider Mapping for a Multiprovider InfoObject
RSO_S_PROPERTY - BW Repository: User-Specific Property
RSO_S_PROPERTY_TABLE - BW Repository: Property with Table of Values
RSO_S_PROV_MERGE - Merge two objects (same TLOGO)
RSO_S_RESOURCES - BW Metadata Repository: Resource-Strings (Java)
RSO_S_RESOURCES_MULTI - BW Metadata Repository: Several Resource Bundles (Java)
RSO_S_SEARCH_HIT_LIST - BW Repository: Hit List from the Full Text Search
RSO_S_SEARCH_PATH - BW Repository: Search Path for Object Collector
RSO_S_SEARCH_STRING - BW Repository: Search String for Full Text Search
RSO_S_TABLE_OF_PROPTABS - BW Repository: Table of Property Tables
RSO_S_TEXT_TABLE - BW Repository: Table with Texts (HTML Table, for example)
RSO_S_TLOGO - BW Repository: TLOGO Object and Type
RSO_S_TLOGO1 - BW Repository: TLOGO Object and Type
RSO_S_TLOGO2 - BW Repository: TLOGO Object and Type
RSO_S_TLOGOPROP - TLOGO Object and Properties
RSO_S_TLOGO_ASC - BW Repository: TLOGO Object, Type and Type of Association
RSO_S_TLOGO_COLL - TLOGO Object (for Collection)
RSO_S_TLOGO_COLLECTION - Structure with TLOGO Type and Class Collection
RSO_S_TLOGO_CONTENT_INSTALL - BW Repository: Install TLOGO Objects (D Version)
RSO_S_TLOGO_D - Delivery TLOGO Object: Type and Name (of Shadow Object)
RSO_S_TLOGO_DEL - TLOGO Object with Delete Flag
RSO_S_TLOGO_EXEC - Automatic Execution of TLOGO Objects
RSO_S_TLOGO_FUNC - BW Repository: TLOGO Type, Object and Object Functionality
RSO_S_TLOGO_LEVEL - BW Repository: Objects with Level in Tree
RSO_S_TLOGO_MAIN - BW: Main Object Type and Name
RSO_S_TLOGO_MAP - Mapping Double TLOGO
RSO_S_TLOGO_NSP - Delivery and Customer Namespaces for BW Content
RSO_S_TLOGO_OBJECT_PROPERTIES - Generic Properties of a TLOGO object
RSO_S_TLOGO_OBJECT_PROPERTIES2 - BI Repository: TLOGO Object, Type, and Properties
RSO_S_TLOGO_OBJREF_PROXY - BW Repository: Reference to Instance Object (Proxy)
RSO_S_TLOGO_OPERATION - BW Repository: Impact Analysis - Changing an object
RSO_S_TLOGO_OWNED_BY - Parent TLOGO Object (which current object belongs to)
RSO_S_TLOGO_PROPERTIES - TLOGO Object and Properties (Basis for XDP/XML Docu)
RSO_S_TLOGO_R - TLOGO Object with Interface Reference
RSO_S_TLOGO_REACTION - BW Repository: Impact Analysis - Follow Operation on Object
RSO_S_TLOGO_REL - BW Repository: Relation Between 2 TLOGO Objects
RSO_S_TLOGO_SELOPT - Selection Options for TLOGO Objects
RSO_S_TLOGO_STATE - BW Repository: TLOGO Object and Content Object Status
RSO_S_TLOGO_SUBTYPE - BW Repository: TLOGO Object, type and type of association
RSO_S_TLOGO_TXTLG - BW Repository: TLOGO Object and Long Text
RSO_S_TLOGO_VERS - BW Repository: TLOGO Object and Version
RSO_S_TLOGO_X - TLOGO Object with Flag
RSO_S_TMAIN - BW: TLOGO and Main Object
RSO_S_TRACTIVE - Internal Display of Objects
RSO_S_TREE_CHECKBOX_DEFAULT - BW Repository: Default Setting for Checkbox in the Tree
RSO_S_TREE_CHECKBOX_SELECTED - BW Repository: Chosen Checkbox for a Node
RSO_S_TREE_ITEMNM_BY_STRING - BW Repository: Conversion String -> Item in Tree Control
RSO_S_TREE_ITEM_OC - BW Repository: Object Collector Item in Tree Control
RSO_S_TREE_NODE - BW Repository: Nodes in the Tree (Tree Control + Extras)
RSO_S_TREE_NODE_BY_STRING - BW Repository: Conversion String -> Nodes Tree Control
RSO_S_TREE_STRING_BY_ITEMNM - BW Repository: Conversion Item in Tree Control -> String
RSO_S_TREE_STRING_BY_NODE - BW Repository: Conversion Nodes Tree Control -> String
RSO_S_TXT - Text for an Object with Language
RSO_S_URL_DESCRIPTION - URL and Its Description
RSO_S_URL_STACK - BW Repository: Lot of URL Addresses
RSO_S_W3OBJID - BW Repository: Object Name in Web Repository
RSO_S_XMI_CLASSES - BW Metadata Repository: Classes in BW for XMI Export
RSO_S_XML_DISPLAY - Display Structure for TLOGO Versioning XML
RSO_S_XML_ELEMENT - BW Metadata Repository: List of XML Elements
RSO_S_XML_TLOGO - BW Metadata Repository: Transformation TLOGO <-> CWM Tag
RSO_TECH_CONTENT - Technical Content: Changeability...
RSO_TLOGO_S_WB_INT_ALV_WHERE_U - WB Integration: Where-Used List
RSO_TLOGO_WB_INT_USER_DATA - WB: Integration - User Settings
RSPSPACE - Partner Namespace for BW Objects
RSQFLDRANGES - SAP Query(BW): Transfer Structure RANGES
RSQFOBJ - Field Objects in the InfoSet
RSQISET - Directory of all InfoSets
RSQISETT - Texts for InfoSets
RSQSDIM - InfoSet: Include Structure for Dimensions (DB View)
RSQSFDIM - InfoSet: Include Structure of Dimensions for Fields
RSQSFOBJ - InfoSet: Include Structure for Field Objects
RSQSISETX - InfoSet: Include Structure for Technical Enhancements
RSQSTOBJ - InfoSet: Include Structure for Table Objects
RSQTOBJ - Table Objects in the InfoSet
RSQ_S_DIM - InfoSet Dimension
RSQ_S_FOBJ - InfoSet Field Object
RSQ_S_ISETX_APP - InfoSet: Append Include Structure for Technical Enhancements
RSQ_S_ISET_CAT - InfoSet Catalog with Texts
RSQ_S_ISET_RANGE - InfoSet: Range Structure
RSQ_S_ISSUBTYPE_BITS_CORE - Subtype: Structure for Bit String
RSQ_S_ON - ON Condition in InfoSet
RSQ_S_TMON - Temporal ON Conditions in InfoSet
RSQ_S_TMOP - Operand for Temporal ON Condition
RSQ_S_TOBJ - InfoSet: Table Object
RSQ_S_WHERE - Standard WHERE Condition in InfoSet
RSRA_S_LANGU - Languages
RSRV_S_FIELDNAME_COL_COUNT - Table Field Name and Various Column Entries
RSSCRSOURSYSTEM - Output structure master data maintenance 0SOURSYSTEM
RSSSY_SWCLA - System Classes and Releases
RSSSY_SWCLAT - System Classes and Releases, Texts
RSTCO_LIST - List of Technical content objects in a table
RSTLOGOHISTCUST - Automatic Historical TLOGO Versions
RSTLOGOPROP - BW TLOGO Objects Properties
RSTLOGO_A - Properties TLOGO object (only available in A version)
RSTLOGO_AM - Properties TLOGO object (available in A and M versions)
RSTLOGO_HISTORY_HEADER - Transparent Header of an Historical TLOGO Object Version
RSTLOGO_HISTORY_HEADER_GUI - Metadata object versions for GUI display
RSTLOGO_HISTORY_KEY - Metadata: Key of Historical Object Version
RSTLOGO_HISTORY_PROPS - Transparent Properties of Historical TLOGO Versions
RSTPCHECKEXC - Exception Table: Before Export Check
RSTPCHECKEXEMPT - Exemption Table for IMPORT ALL Termination Handling
RSTRACTIVE - BW CTO Status - Content Can Not Be Changed
RSVHS_S_ATRLIST - Attributelist for the value help service user settings
RSY_S_TLOGO - Structure with TLOG Type